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    Side Notes

    1. Update on Dream Goals

      by , 08-27-2019 at 11:16 PM
      Wow I have learned a lot the last couple of days by reading many of Sageous' posts on the forums. I feel like enough has changed that I need to update my dream goals.

      Rather than forming persistent realities and meeting recurring dream characters, I would rather practice having waking life meta self-awareness in my lucid dreams. I want to meet and talk to my DC's and learn to interpret from them what I can learn about myself.

      In addition to maintaining dream recall I would like to add the goal of turning on memory when in my dreams. Sageous talks about 3 legs to the lucid dreaming stool. Self-awareness, memory, and sleeping (not sure about last one hmm). I realize I have never tried to access or turn on memory in my dreams, which changes everything. One specific thing I want to "notice" and change about my dreams is that I almost never remember who my dream DC's are representing in the dream from waking life.

      Complete Task of the Month is fine.

      Lol I only was able to practice gravity RC for 2 days from 8-25-2019 to 8-27-2019. I am switching up this goal more towards the practice of the reverse reality check. To practice being self-aware in the present throughout the day, focusing on a non-dual perspective. I would like to do this for 90 days starting 8-27-2019.

      And finally to have fun and enjoy dreaming!

      updated Dream Goals:
      - Meet and talk to my DC's and learn to interpret from them what I can learn about myself. Identify dream archetypes that are present and what I can learn through them about myself.
      - Maintain my dream recall (DJ and remembering in morning)
      - Practice "turning on" memory in dream. "My body is sleeping (here), this is not my waking body, I am dreaming". Practice remembering "who I am" in dream.
      - Complete the Task of the Month (become a pirate lol)
      - Practice Reverse Reality Check, meta self-awareness, non-dual perspective, for 90 days starting 8-27-2019
      - Enjoy dreaming and have fun!

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    2. Lucid Dreaming Goals

      by , 08-26-2019 at 04:54 AM
      These were my dream goals in 2013

      "My Dream Goals
      - Form persistent realities (Meet a recurring dream character)
      - Improve my dream recall
      - Complete the Task of the Month
      - Have Fun! And enjoy learning to dream again!"

      As I review them I was able to actually complete 3 of them. My dream recall was actually very good then, and in the 6 years since it has persisted very well. Right now I am able to remember 5 good dreams on any given night when trying, and when not specifically trying to remember dreams I always expect to be able to remember at least one or two.

      I was able to complete several task of the month challenges. I looked at the TOTM challenge thread yesterday and was disappointed that it seemed a little dead. There were still challenges posted but no one had responded to it at all. I liked the posted challenge to take over a ship with a pirate crew, so for now that will be one of my dream goals.

      I always enjoy practicing lucid dreaming techniques, and of course the dreams themselves are freaking amazing! I recently read a forum post by Hukif talking about what a natural process it is that we dream, and that just like I would like to know more about myself in waking life it is just as natural to want to explore and know my dreaming life, as the two are intimately connected!

      Unfortunately I have not been able up to this point to have the kind of consistent lucidity necessary to form persistent realities. They are still my major long term goal though. I have decided that for now to help progress towards that goal I am just going to imagine that all of my dreams are happening in the same reality, even if that reality is that they in some way relate to me. I am sort of hoping this attitude will help create persistent dream characters and plot lines. Maybe those characters are some sort of janitorial or spiritual staff tasked with the maintenance of my dreams behind the scenes or something?

      I would like to add a fifth goal of performing the gravity RC for 60 days. As I get more experience with my own lucid dreams I hope to be able to customize this RC to me more, but for now I am practicing it as explained by Hukif.

      So my Dream Goals:
      - Form persistent realities (Meet a recurring dream character)
      - Maintain my dream recall (DJ and remembering in morning)
      - Complete the Task of the Month (become a pirate lol)
      - Practice gravity RC for 60 days starting 8-25-2019
      - Enjoy dreaming and have fun!
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    3. Reviewing previous work and a brief look at whats ahead of me

      by , 08-24-2019 at 06:21 AM
      It has been several years since I posted on Dreamviews, and I have missed it. Maybe once a year I will get on to re-read several of my favorite dreams that I would never have remembered if I hadn't taken the time to record them here, and I love it!

      For one year 2012-2013 I was determined and dedicated to lucid dreaming. In the 6 years since then I have continued to practice many of the dreaming techniques I learned, but I want more.

      I still would like to have the kind of on demand lucidity that people like Hukif seem to have.

      As I look at again taking up the kind of focus and commitment I believe it will take to improve my dreaming skills I realize that I will want to record these efforts again for future re-reading, so I'm back.

      One big reason that I stopped posting a daily dream journal last time was because it was taking me to long to post everyday, like upwards of an hour. So this time my efforts are going to be much more shorthand with only a quick daily log with breakthroughs more thoroughly explored.

      It feels good to be back.

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    4. 11-29-13 Dream Journal

      by , 11-30-2013 at 05:23 AM
      Welp, I have noticed that since I stopped posting in my DJ my recall has gotten a lot worse. I can remember the dreams when I first wake up, but then 10 or 15 minutes later they are all gone. I am going to have to start taking dream notes throughout the night again until my recall goes back up. Dream notes through the night have helped me a lot in the past, but it is really difficult to keep up the motivation to wake up and take notes when I am really sleepy.

      Also, last night I did an experiment with diphenhydramine to try to have some really vivid dreams. While I did have some really vivid dreams, i think, I can't remember any of them since it made me SOO sleepy. So nothing to record here today :-)
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    5. 8-1-13 Goal Update

      by , 08-02-2013 at 12:04 AM
      It has been a while since I have done an update so I figure I will give one now. I have been averaging 2 or 3 lucids a month now for about 3 months. I am really not happy with that number but neither do I have the time to do anything about it. I have been practicing a variation of the SSILD technique during that time and I really like the technique even though it has not been producing results. To be fair during that time I haven't been doing regular WBTBs so I haven't really been giving the technique a fair chance.

      I feel like with every lucid I have I learn a little bit more. Like how it feels to transition and what kinds of dream control are possible. I hope that with time and more lucids I will continue to improve to the point where I am lucid multiple times per week with great stability.

      One thing I am hoping to get a chance to try this month is to use a lucid to relax my body further and enter a deeper sleep. You know that feeling you get as your are coming out of the void and the dream is forming around you? I guess there are many different ways to describe this feeling but the one I am talking about is the moment when you are really trying to relax and let go of your real body and then you finally feel it slip away and it feels like it relaxes out of your consciousness. At this point I always try to engage the dream and stabilize it. But I am wondering what would happen if instead of engaging the dream if you like, lay down again in the dream, and relax yourself further, if you could put yourself into a deeper sleep and re enter a super stable, vivid, and long lucid. Maybe I am just being crazy.

      To try to explain it further... I feel like I catch my lucids at the end of a REM cycle when my mind is coming back awake. Sometimes I am able to "put it back to sleep" for a second and have a short lucid. What I am talking about is starting another REM cycle but being lucid from the beginning of it which I have never managed to do. It's like when I am in a deep REM cycle my mind is to asleep for my consciousness to realize I am dreaming. I only realize I am dreaming when my mind is naturally waking up, but then I only have a moment before my body actually wakes up so my lucid is short.

      Anyway, if you actually managed to read all that I would love to hear your opinion... Hope to hear from you about your experiences :-)
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    6. 5-30-13 Dream Journal Part 2

      by , 05-30-2013 at 10:24 PM
      Continued from 5-30-13 Dream Journal Part 1


      Dream One: Star Trek Agent

      I am an agent working for the CIA/Starfleet. I am undercover as a smuggler smuggling some parts for the Enterprise.

      Dream Two: Helicopter Chase

      I am piloting one helicopter chasing another. They are faster but my copter has better shielding. To catch up to them I fly through a huge tree and cut them off right as they fly down and hover to start landing troops.

      I realize there is a second friendly copter in my convoy and I think of a plan. I let them tailgate me in my drag as we approach the enemy copter landing troops, then I slam on the brakes and turn slingshoting the copter tailgating me towards the enemy at great speeds.

      Then, just before they hit they pull up sharply resulting in them hovering just over the enemy copter. This results in a huge gust of downward wind which forces the enemy copter to crash into the ground squishing the soldiers it was unloading.

      I land with my soldiers to clean up the mess as the dream fades...

      Dream Three: Med Evac Team

      We have been taking heavy losses in the war, not as great as our enemy but still...

      I am training a med evac chopper team that should be able to fly in, grab our wounded and get out before the enemy can respond to try and cut our losses.

      Dream Four: Golf

      I am playing golf with Hector from the BBC show "Monarch of the Glen"

      Dream Five: Helping an Angel

      This is a supper long dream and even though its good I have more important dreams that I want to give space to so I am going to bullet point this one. - Witness Wall mart employee being bullied - Fight off the bullies - The guy I helped had a football so.... flag football time! - (side note it is raining) We receive kick off first. I realize the game is Good vs. Evil. When we receive kick off the rain picks up and clears a path to the end zone by wiping away the opposing team in a flood like the parting of the Red Sea. When they receive kick off zombies come out of the ground and hold us up so the can score. - The game is getting out of hand so a time out is called. - two diplomatic teams are sent to neutral territory to discuss game rules. - Now each team has a spiritual diplomat. An Angel and a Demon. - The Demon looks like a Kraken and I don't get a good look at the Angel but it looks like... one of the monsters from Final Fantasy The Spirits Within except blue and glowy... - The Demons betray and attack us (of course) - Our Angel diplomat needs to escape to warn the others and get reinforcements - The Angel is being attacked by the Kraken whose legs are wrapping around it and keeping it here. Now things are very desperate, there is no way me or the other good side diplomats can fight the Kraken on our own. In a burst of desperation I put all my energy, and all my life force into one electric attack to try and dislodge the Kraken's arm long enough for the Angel to get free. It works and the Angel gets free, but the Kraken reaches out another arm and snares it again. Another good side diplomat comes and duplicates my kamikaze attack. Then this happens a third time. Finally the Angel is able to escape the Kraken's reach and flies away. - At the end of the dream I am shocked to discover that I am still alive, I fully expected I would be, and I should be, dead... - I am taken captive and forced to live with Dread Lord Goon. - Its not so bad we just watch football on TV and argue a lot... The dream fades

      Side Note: Yeah it was a heck of a dream. I am so disappointed that I didn't get a better look at the Angel!

      Dream Six: CIA Agent

      Oh My Gosh! Again this is a heck of a dream but I am just going to bullet point it.

      - I am a kid again playing at a park. Somehow I climb up on top of a water tower. It is really cool but gets boring eventually and I don't know how to get down. I jump and grab an electric line which breaks and swings me towards the ground. I am swinging towards a tree with very large thorns... I let go of the electric line and fall another thirty feet to the ground. I expect it to hurt very badly, maybe some broken bones. But I am okay?

      - My radio goes off, I am being recalled? - Apparently I was working undercover and since I jumped off a water tower my cover has been blown. - I get to CIA headquarters and am debriefed with six other agents. - This part is hazy, I go on another mission and then I'm back being debriefed again? - Some prisoner has escaped. - He is a very bad person (in the dream it was like a demon), we have had him locked up since his youth (I am guessing we've had him locked up for 80ish years). Somehow he has escaped. - I am watching the security cams investigating how he escaped. I realize one of the agents came by a weird path to the debriefing, they must have helped him escape! I get VERY angry, how could she betray me, the agency, like this!?! I confront her and can see that she is guilty. I give her no mercy and begin attacking her. She defends herself but hand to hand combat is my thing. Eventually I beat her until she is nearly un-conscience and then throat slam her to the ground, twice. Then they come arrest her and the dream fades...

      Side Note: YIKES! That got a little violent! I guess I feel bad about it because she was a women and I don't think it's ever appropriate for a man to attack a women like that! Not even if she committed treason and a heinous crime breaking oaths to the agency...

      Dream Seven: Fighting Satan

      Yes! Finally I get to my lucid Dream!

      I am surrounded by blackness. I realize that I am dreaming. I see a light and a forest scene begins to form.

      I walk towards the light and enter the dream, it is so easy and natural.

      My first thought is to stabilize. I focus my senses. I visually take in the woods, I hear the animals, and I try to smell the freshness... but I can't smell anything, oh well.

      I see a path and I walk out of the trees towards the path.

      When I set a foot on a the path I hear a voice and I look up to see a giant black evil bear across the path.

      For a moment I am not looking at the bear. But at it's spirit.

      Inside the bear is an evil spirit that looks like the bad guy from The Hunchback of Notre Dome expect more black and shadowy and... evilish.

      I only see him for a moment then the bear is back and talking to me.

      "Head down the path ***** (my name). Your friends are waiting for you at the end of the path down by the river."

      "They are waiting for you, go to them"

      Then he roars at me and it is a great and terrible sound.

      The funny thing is, I am not afraid of him for even one moment.

      He is not lying to me, my friends are waiting for me.

      But he wants to see me afraid, he wants to chase me down the path to them.

      As he roars at me again.

      I do not feel the fear he wants me to, I feel anger! I get angry at him, very angry, how dare he think to terrorize me!

      Somehow I steal his voice and I roar back at him! My roar is very long and loud! It begins to shake the trees and make the earth rumble!

      He tries to roar back but realizes I have stolen his voice!

      He charges at me.

      I start climbing trees and stabbing at him with sharp branches. I am piercing his skin, but I am not nearly strong enough to do any real damage.

      I start making a tactical retreat towards my friends. Keeping out of his reach in the trees.

      Then... when we get to the bottom... there is a dream transition and the bear is more like Winnie The Pooh now and I sit down and have a nice snack with him and my friends... Everything tastes like cream cheese. The dream fades back to blackness and I wake up.

      Analysis: I was so happy when I had this lucid at the end of the night! It wasn't all that great in that I didn't get to accomplish any of my dream goals, but it was good because I clearly remember the transition into the dream. Go me picking up one more lucid for May!

      Side Note: Ugh... It took me and hour and a half to write this dream journal. That is to long, what am I going to do?
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    7. 5-30-13 Dream Journal Part 1

      by , 05-30-2013 at 09:19 PM
      Technique:Total sleep time = 8 hours.

      Last night I gave a lot of effort towards WBTB to become lucid. I was reading a new WILD tips guide KINGYOSHI made and he talked about making multiple WBTB techniques in one night! For some reason I had never thought of this!

      Normally I will try one WBTB after 5-6 hours of sleep. Last night a drastically changed up my technique. I set an alarm for 2 hours after I fell asleep, then 2 hours after that, then every hour after that. In all I made 3 serious WBTB attempts and 2 not so serious ones. For the 3 serious ones I got up out of bed and stayed awake for at least five minutes to make sure that I would not fall asleep to quickly. For the others I just turned of the alarm, made some quick dream notes, and went back to sleep.

      First off let me say that overall I really enjoyed the experience and if nothing else I think it will help me by giving me more... experience. I will continue to try and do at least 3 serious WBTB WILD attempts for 1 week.

      Now to analyze me results. My problems with WILD are the standard 2 problems. Either I fall asleep to quickly and lose conscience or I concentrate to much and can't fall asleep at all... until I give up and therefore fall asleep regular style

      The WILD technique is a tricky thing. If you stay awake until you are very tired you will fall asleep to quickly. If you concentrate very hard and are determined not to give up then you fail because you can't fall asleep! Then, if you try to combine the two, and wait until you are tired then determine to try very hard and do the technique properly then at least for me I start to become very anxious and I just toss and turn throughout the night getting very poor sleep...

      Then to make matters worse, when I determine to take the night off and just relax, I will become lucid!!

      How do you win!?!?!?

      I think that the answer is that it just takes lots of time and experience to learn your sleeping patterns, learn more about dreaming, improve your recall, and then learn what works for you. Time and Experience

      Last night instead of really focusing on just becoming lucid I changed my goals to include learning more about how I fall asleep. How long does it take? Do I naturally toss and turn? How long is my REM cycle? If I wake myself up five times will I be able to keep falling asleep? What will that do to my sleep quality? These are the type of questions I am trying to get answers to because I think that they will lead me further down the road of the WBTB WILD.

      My mantra last night when waking and when falling asleep was "RC ... did I have a dream? (record dream notes)" repeat mantra "Stay calm... stay relaxed ... now fall asleep naturally (with a calm intention to try and remain conscience)" repeat

      This allowed me to wake and fall asleep many times throughout the night without completely ruining my sleep quality. And it resulted in a TON of dream notes... to be continued in part 2
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    8. 5-22-13 Dream Journal

      by , 05-22-2013 at 08:45 PM
      Technique: Total sleep time = 10 hours! Wohoo!

      I am out of town on a minny vacation. I got to sleep in and it was great.

      I remember having a bunch of dreams but I didn't bring a notepad with me and plus I didn't really care to remember them unless they were lucid. Then I got woken up in the middle of a REM cycle and since I slept to long I feel all groggy and crappy now. It always surprises me that sleeping to long makes you more tired... silly

      Dream One: Call Of Duty

      Playing a Call Of Duty match. I run and get a sniper first, sweet! I LOVE sniping in dreams, head shot every time baby!

      I snipe every member of the opposing team... they re-spawn and I kill them all again.

      The dream goes on for a long time, eventually I start using an assault rifle and grenades which is also fun.

      Analysis: I have been staying up to late recently. I was having huge improvements in both recall and lucidity when I was getting on a regular sleep schedule. I don't know why I changed my schedule...

      I am going to try to start going to bed around 11:00 and waking up around 8:00. Which is a ton of sleep and will give me good morning dreams
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    9. 5/20/13 Dream Journal

      by , 05-21-2013 at 01:12 AM
      Technique: So... I decided that I don't like my new DJing style. Looking back and only seeing the number of dreams does not give me any since of satisfaction. I want to know what the dreams were about!

      But, I still don't want to take the time to write out each of my non-lucid dreams. I am going to compromise with myself and instead of writing each dream out, and rather than just recording the # of dreams, I will give each dream a title and a short description.

      Dream One: FBI Ice Skating

      I am on an FBI sting and sneak up and steal from some people by ice skating.

      Dream Two: Power Puff Girls

      I wasn't actually a PPG. I was however a female super hero and my environment felt kind of corny, but still cool like the PPG's.

      Technique Update: As I was waking up I felt the tail end of the last dream and became lucid for just a moment. I am starting to really recognize the "feeling" you get from becoming lucid and realizing your dreaming.

      I felt all feeling from my RL body kind of fade away, and I start to feel instead what my dream body is feeling. I can kind of feel my awareness sink into my head if that makes any since. Then I can really engage the dream with my logical mind active.

      This morning, because I am starting to recognize the feeling, I was able to hold onto it for a while after I had actually woken up. I stayed perfectly still and really I was trying to DEILD, but I was to awake to fall back asleep so I was awake but still "very in my head".

      I was reviewing my dreams while in this state for recall purposes, and it was fantastic. It was like being on the cusp of DEILDing and running through my dreams again so that I could remember them.

      My Dream Goals
      - Learn to DILD or DEILD three to four times per week
      - Form persistent realities (Meet a recurring dream character)
      - Improve my dream recall
      - Complete the Task of the Month
      - Have Fun! And enjoy learning to dream again!

      Dream Goal Update: Become more familiar with the "lucid feeling" because I think that it will help me become lucid more frequently both in DILD and DEILD efforts.
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    10. 5-16-13 Dream Journal

      by , 05-18-2013 at 05:44 AM
      I am considering changing my DJing habits. I will continue to take notes throughout the night to promote recall. But I may not take the time to right out the dreams in my DJ anymore. Unless of course it happens to be an amazing dream

      This is only for the standard non-lucid dreams, I will right out every lucid dream!

      For the sake of tracking my recall I will start updating only the number of dreams that I remember, and any technique that I used for that night.

      # of dreams and Technique: Total sleep time = 8.5 hours. I remember 5 dreams.

      I have been focusing on being calm and focusing on remembering any dreams when I wake up. I have been training myself to think as I wake up "remain still can I DEILD?, what was I dreaming about?, good now be calm and aware as you fall back asleep, affirming that I am dreaming and I will become lucid"
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    11. 5-14-13 Dream Journal

      by , 05-14-2013 at 04:53 PM
      Technique: Ugh last night was a disappointing night. Total sleep time = 9 hours, which is good, but didn't help.

      I was trying to WILD all throughout the night, which made my dreams feel very rushed. I felt very anxious, like I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing but I couldn't quite do it. I kept waking up and rolling around, it wasn't pleasant.

      I guess I was pleased with my intent to become lucid which was very high. But, instead of letting that make me rushed and anxious I need to be calm and relaxed. When I wake up in the night I will "remain calm and still, what was your last dream about?, can you DEILD into it?, if not then calmly go back to sleep affirming that I am dreaming and I will become lucid"

      Because of the rushed anxious feeling my recall is total crap. All I can remember is a bunch of crappy fragments not even worth mentioning.
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    12. One Month Review

      by , 04-16-2013 at 01:37 AM
      Well it has officially been one month since I joined Dream Views!

      I thought that now would be a good oppertunity to reflect on the last month to see how I have grown and to re-orient my goals. One month ago I posted:

      I would like to get to the place where I can consistently DILD and DEILD atleast three or four times per week. And I also need to improve upon my dream recall, no use in being able to lucid dream if I can not remember them!

      I plan on using this dream journal as a tool to help me improve dream recall, recognize dream signs, and keep track of my progress as I become more proficient in lucid dreaming.

      My Dream Goals
      - Learn to DILD or DEILD three to four times per week
      - Form persistent realities
      - Improve my dream recall
      - Complete the Task of the Month
      - Have Fun! And enjoy learning to dream again!

      Right away I can tell that my dream recall has really improved. When I have time to actually try, I can usually remember five or six dreams per night which I am really happy with! And I did manage to complete a Task of The Month in one of my two lucids!

      As for learning to DILD or DEILD three to four times per week... yeah we are not there yet. In the last month I have had two DILD induced dreams and one DEILD. All three of these dreams where quite short, I would like to see a lot of growth in this area in the next month. With my lucids being so short and spotty I haven't been able to make any progress on forming persistent dream worlds or anything like that

      Even though my lucid abilities are not coming along as quickly as I would like I am still very pleased with the last month. It is so cool to look back and see just how much I actually dream! I love that I have so many memories recorded that would have normally just been forgotten after 24 hours.

      Re-oriented goals:
      • Keep doing what I'm doing
      • Keep practicing ADA
      • Meet a permanent dream character
      • Complete an Advanced Task of The Month
      • Keep having fun!

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    13. 3-20-13 Dream Journal, Nap WILD

      by , 03-20-2013 at 06:04 PM
      Technique: I woke up really early this morning, probably because I went to bed so early last night. Around 10:00 a.m I realized that I was probably tired enough to try a nap WILD :-) I did start to feel a little guilty about trying to nap at 10 in the morning... but I don't have anything to do this afternoon so meh whatever.

      I picked a spot in bed and got comfortable. I chose to use my fan as an auditory anchor to keep my mind awake, and I tried to passively observe any visual hypnagogia as they came.

      Results: This worked really well! Normally my mind is kind of racing and wonders around from day dream to day dream. But the auditory anchor really helped to calm me down and focus.

      Normally with visual hypnagogia a try to take whatever it gives me and then force a vision onto it and forcefully enter a dream. This time I decided to passively observe whatever was going on, and see if I would naturally eventually be pulled into a dream. And it worked! I had three short visions from the hypnagogia, I didn't have to force anything, it happened really naturally if I just waited and passively observed.

      I new that I was supposed to wait until the vision felt really vivid before I tried to "transition" into a dream. I was just a little bit to patient, I should have jumped on the third vision but I didn't really know what to expect. I think that if I would have engaged the third vision I could of had a successful WILD!

      Vision One: I observe some kid handing his grade report to his parents. He knows that it is bad and is expecting them to get angry with him. The mom takes it, but before she can respond the kid starts trying to explain himself and justify why the grades are so bad. I remember thinking this was funny because he was trying to blame some fruit for his bad grades?

      Vision Two: This vision was really funny, I was laughing so hard that I nearly woke myself up.

      I observe a mob boss trying to teach his goons how to fight. Today they are working on what he calls

      "A supper effective, supper awesome, supper sneaky... SNEAK ATTACK!"

      At this point he punches one of them in the gut and they congratulate him on a successful sneak attack. He goes on to explain that an effective sneak attack is all about miss direction,

      "You got to draw their attention somewhere else! like say "hey, look at that!" then sucker punch em in the mouth!"

      Now it was the goons turn to practice. They are in my kitchen. One goon looks around and points at my fridge,

      "uhhh, something to distract em.... uhhh. "Hey look at that (pointing at a picture on my fridge)""

      He then tries to sucker punch the other goon but his distraction technique was so bad that the other goon clearly sees it coming, and uses the opportunity to sucker punch goon1 in the face!

      At this point I am laughing so hard I almost wake myself up.

      Vision Three: I am at Quik Shop with my Grandpa. I fill up a 32oz Diet Coke and go to see if they have any good hot dogs cooking. They have a jalepeno cheese dog cooking that looks pretty tasty. I reach to get a plastic container to put it in, but the sticker says they cost 99$? What?

      I think that I kind of realized this was a dream. I remembered that I wasn't trying to engage a dream, just passively observe the visual hypnagogia. So I "pulled back"

      Analysis: I had it! That third vision was so realistic, I should have engaged it. I had been keeping track at this point and knew that this was the third vision I had from the hypnagogia. I didn't know how many I should expect before I tried to engage, so I let it pass. It looks like three was the magic number this time.

      When I "pulled back" from the third one my body became completely awake. I knew that I had missed my opportunity, and gone right through a sleep cycle. Next time I will choose to engage the third vision, or maybe even the second if it feels realistic.

      Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I would love to hear some feedback to see if I am on the right track towards lucid dreams!
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    14. 3-18-13 Dream Journal 5 a.m WILD

      by , 03-19-2013 at 07:07 AM
      Technique: I did all the usual: remained still, counted my breaths "1 I am dreaming", and visualized entering a dream.

      *Sigh* This is where this attempt differs from my previous 6 or 7 attempts. This was the first time that I experienced any type of hypnogogia... I hate hypnogogia... What I read about it is nothing like what I experience during hypnogogia. I used to have what I now know is hypnogogia all the time as a child, I would sometimes even experience it when awake (has anyone else had this experience?). It would happen whenever I would daydream "to deeply" and I learned how to think differently to avoid this sensation. In essence, I have pretty much spent the last 8 or 9 years training myself to think and dream in ways that did not make me experience hypnogogia. I think that this may be why during the same period I lost my ability to lucid dream, and now have very poor dream recall also.

      I have spent all day thinking about this, I was very afraid that this would end my lucid dreaming career before it ever even had a chance to get off of the ground.

      After thinking about it some more though I think that I am actually very encouraged to find out that there are others who experience hypnogogia also! As a child I always felt weird because I never heard anyone else talking about it, and so I tried to avoid it as much as I could.

      Analysis: It feels good to be tackling something that I have always been afraid of. I am going to continue in my lucid dreaming efforts and try to learn to enjoy the hypnogogia, it means I am just that much closer to lucid dreams!

      After reading my experience if you can relate, I would love to hear about your experience in overcoming your fear! :-) Please Share!
      side notes