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    Update on Dream Goals

    by , 08-27-2019 at 11:16 PM (134 Views)
    Wow I have learned a lot the last couple of days by reading many of Sageous' posts on the forums. I feel like enough has changed that I need to update my dream goals.

    Rather than forming persistent realities and meeting recurring dream characters, I would rather practice having waking life meta self-awareness in my lucid dreams. I want to meet and talk to my DC's and learn to interpret from them what I can learn about myself.

    In addition to maintaining dream recall I would like to add the goal of turning on memory when in my dreams. Sageous talks about 3 legs to the lucid dreaming stool. Self-awareness, memory, and sleeping (not sure about last one hmm). I realize I have never tried to access or turn on memory in my dreams, which changes everything. One specific thing I want to "notice" and change about my dreams is that I almost never remember who my dream DC's are representing in the dream from waking life.

    Complete Task of the Month is fine.

    Lol I only was able to practice gravity RC for 2 days from 8-25-2019 to 8-27-2019. I am switching up this goal more towards the practice of the reverse reality check. To practice being self-aware in the present throughout the day, focusing on a non-dual perspective. I would like to do this for 90 days starting 8-27-2019.

    And finally to have fun and enjoy dreaming!

    updated Dream Goals:
    - Meet and talk to my DC's and learn to interpret from them what I can learn about myself. Identify dream archetypes that are present and what I can learn through them about myself.
    - Maintain my dream recall (DJ and remembering in morning)
    - Practice "turning on" memory in dream. "My body is sleeping (here), this is not my waking body, I am dreaming". Practice remembering "who I am" in dream.
    - Complete the Task of the Month (become a pirate lol)
    - Practice Reverse Reality Check, meta self-awareness, non-dual perspective, for 90 days starting 8-27-2019
    - Enjoy dreaming and have fun!

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