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    1. 7-8-13 Dream Journal Basic TOTM I

      by , 07-08-2013 at 10:32 PM
      I had two good lucids last night. I have been using the SSILD technique and the more I practice it the more I enjoy it. I use it as I am falling asleep to help me relax and sleep well. Then in the morning the same technique sometimes leads to WILDs or really vivid non lucid dreams.

      This morning I woke up and was very relaxed. I new that if I stayed still and cycled I could probably get a lucid dream so I gave it a shot. In less than a minute I was in a dream.

      The transition was very natural and extremely easy, I did not force anything.

      I am hovering over a large city. There are many skyscrapers on the horizon, and they all have red tile roofs. I realize that the dream is unstable and I don't have a dream body yet.

      I try to stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands together and focusing on my senses.

      Immediately I am teleported to the ground. I guess getting my dream body meant that I wasn't supposed to be hovering anymore.

      I am standing on a red tile roof. It is not a skyscraper though, it is just a regular house in a neighborhood.

      The dream feels pretty stable now so I start running along the roof. When I reach the edge I matrix jump to the next house. I realize that there are no DCs at all in this city. I am completely alone.

      I keep jumping from rooftop to rooftop looking for some people. I try to remember one of the TOTM, I might be able to earn my wings if I can remember what they are.

      All of a sudden one of the houses that I am about to land on slides out of the way as if it is trying to avoid me and I land in a crowded alley full of DCs! Just then I remember that I was supposed to hug a DC and describe their reaction.

      I see a women walking to me through the crowd. She is tall and very fit. She is wearing a red Star Trek uniform and has three small horns coming out of her forehead arranged in a vertical line like the girl Naomi Wildman from Star Trek Voyager.

      She notices that I am watching her. It was kind of obvious because the crowd has started to part and flow around me because I was standing still just starring at her.

      I realize she would be a great person to hug

      Stupid dream control or powers or whatever but right when I thought to run and try to hug her she knew what I was about to try and starting shaking her head no. I looked at her smiling and started shaking my head yes...

      Then I started quickly walking towards her. The crowd was parting around me (thankfully not getting in my way and blocking my goals). She was still shaking her head no but was not making any movement to try to get away.

      As I draw near to her I slow down and approach her very cautiously. Then I slowly raise my arms out to my sides and make the last step to bring her into an embrace.

      She is no longer shaking her head no but she raises her arms up and folds them across her chest as a reach my arms around her.

      I just give her a quick friendly hug and then release her.

      She shrugs her shoulders as if to say that wasn't really that bad and then turns around and walks away.

      As I watch her go the dream fades.

      Yay Basic TOTM I Done!

      Then I had another lucid but I am running out of time so I am just going to short hand this one.

      As I wake up from my last lucid I still feel tired so again I lay still and start to cycle. Within a minute I see another city scape start to form in front of me.

      As I try to form my dream body I am teleported to a beach. I run into the water imagining that it is very cold and that I can feel it clearly. It works and the dream stabilizes.

      I start walking the beach people watching. There are a lot of sexy women out on the beach sunbathing and I am not shy about enjoying the scenery.

      I go back into the water and am playing in the waves. They get bigger and bigger until one is large enough to hit me in the face.

      In anticipation I close my eyes, big mistake. That is the first time I have ever closed my dream eyes before, a very trippy experience!

      I am now in a black void and I don't know how to get out. I am not afraid at all. I just am disappointed that I lost the dream.

      I try to visualize the beach were I just was and start cycling using the SSILD technique.

      It works and I am back on the beach. I am underwater being rolled against the sandy bottom by the big wave that just came in.

      I stand up and want to try to complete another task. But I can't remember any more of the TOTMs. I do remember a task of the year though about going to the Colosseum in Rome.

      The dream is starting to get foggy now and my recall is crap so I'm not sure what happens after that.

      Oh yeah and this.

      I have a lucid fragment, I'm not sure what dream its from.

      I am walking down a street and notice that a building is on fire. I can see the flames through the broken front window.

      I decide to try and use a dream power so I throw my hand up and imagine a swirling blizzard coming out to put the fires out.

      It works! I see like a tornado of cold wind and snow come out of my hand and slam into the building. It puts the fire out very quickly.

      I walk up after to inspect my handy work but now the building looks brand new like nothing has happened at all... Hmmm disappointing.

      I just wanted to mention that because it is the first time I have tried to use a dream power like that.

      Also, Dang I could have so easily done basic TOTM II! I was on the beach and everything! Oh well...
    2. 5-10-13 Dream Journal Basic TOTM I and II and Advanced TOTM I

      by , 05-10-2013 at 07:50 PM
      Technique: Total sleep time = 8 hours. I was woken up unusually by my Dad coming and asking me if I wanted to play golf. I went back to sleep for a ten minute snooze before waking up to play and had an amazing lucid! I seem to have most of my lucids late in the morning, especially when I am snoozing before I actually get up.

      Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid - Lucid

      Dream One: Humpty Dumpty

      I am in a car driving down town. I remember my Dad had just come over to ask me to golf. How did I get into the car already?

      I start to think maybe this could be a dream but I’m not sure. I look around... everything is so realistic and I just can't tell if I am dreaming or not. (I need to remember to RC in these situations!)

      I decide that this MUST be a dream because in real life it wouldn't be so difficult for me to tell if I was awake or not. I accept that I am dreaming.

      OH NO I think, this is just going to be another short FA so I will probably just wake up in another minute, not really enough time to do anything…

      NOOO I WILL NOT WAKE UP! I remembered my technique to engage my senses in the dream to stabilize. I focused everything on the dream, I tried to deny that there was any reality outside of what I was experiencing. I was not afraid of waking up because there was nothing to wake up to, what I am experiencing is RL now. It worked!

      The dream stabilized, it became so vivid!

      I stop the car and get out in the middle of the road. I was going to yell at someone to see if they were real or not but was afraid I would look stupid (For some reason I am afraid of my DC's judging me. Like they will see me doing something silly and think I am acting foolishly. I need to get over this). Oh well! This is a dream!

      I remember I wanted to do the TOTM!!! And I am finally having a stable enough lucid to try them!

      I remember the one about telling a DC that this is a dream.

      I raise my arms and stop a car, it is a man on his way to work in a suit. I yell at him:

      "Your in my dream, this isn’t real!"

      He looks at me like I’ve lost my mind.

      Oh well... did the task don’t really care about his response.

      A man walking across the road grabs my attention. I decide to follow him to keep the plot moving while I am trying to remember the other tasks... I cant remember the other tasks…

      He goes into a breakfast dinner. There are some other people in there. I still couldn’t remember the other tasks. This is such a good lucid I could have done an advanced task!

      I remember something like I wanted to turn a DC into Humpty Dumbty? And have an adventure with him, was that a TOTM?

      Oh yeah! I have to lay an egg! I remember I was going to lay an egg, and then pretend it was Humpty Dumpty and go on an adventure with him!

      I reach around me and act like I am wiping my butt and pull out an egg!

      I am now holding in my hand an egg I just pulled out of my butt... everyone in the store is looking at me, did you just pull an egg out of your butt?

      I decide the egg isn't good enough to turn into Humpty, I look at the DC I followed into the restaurant and yell:

      "Bam! you are Humpty Dumpty! ... Nothing changes... BAM!!! You are Humpty Dumbty!"

      Oh well not working…

      I decide that the egg is going to have to suffice for my Humpty Dumpty and because I am getting board because my dream control isn't working I am going to keep our adventure nice and short.

      I hold Humpty up and throw him at the DC who refused to change. It cracks on his face and he falls to the ground wiping egg off of his face.

      I decide that is adventure enough. Yay TOTM DONE!!!

      Moving on

      As I was leaving the dinner I did a restabilize attempt because I wasn’t sure what would happen when I left the building. When I refocused my senses on the dream again I started to have one of those moments when everything because SUPPER HYPER FOCUSED and you spend a bunch of time looking at something that seems amazing in the dream but is just stupid in real life. The grout in the tile started to glow orange and the whole room started to almost, glow, with vividness. I didn’t want to get stuck looking at the dinner, I was ready to move on, so I ran out

      I run through the door to get back outside,

      I want to try to get to a “real world!” like Hyu!

      I wanted to try his teleportation technique of imagining your leaving the world you are in, and going to a new one that is “real”. One of my dream goals is to have a persistent realm with recurring DC characters.

      I try to fly upwards to leave this world, nothing. I am firmly planted to the ground.

      Oh wait! His technique does not actually involve flying, you just see your conciseness rise out of your body, like an OBE, and fly away.

      So I start looking down like I am going to float upwards and see my body bellow me.

      It doesn’t work… but I do start flying upwards really fast!

      I fly all around for a couple minutes, I am trying to gain altitude to leave this world. I still am trying to teleport.

      But I realize I can’t gain any more altitude without a point of reference, so I start expecting to see the whole world bellow me like I was in space.

      Dream transition

      I don’t know how I got down but I am back outside the dinner still trying to teleport. All I managed to do by trying to concentrate on leaving the dream is to destabilize the plot and I can tell the dream is starting to fade. I try to restabilize again but it doesn’t work.

      It kind of felt like I was about to teleport for a while, but I was unsure and my doubt was causing it to fail.

      I remember my most important dream goal! I want to meet my dream guide!

      I can feel the dream fading quickly now, I yell out:


      And right when the dream is failing I here someone in a car across the parking lot shout back:


      I want to see her! It was a women! I want to see her so bad! But it is dark around her car and she is taken by the instability and the dream fades.

      I wake up and can’t believe I just had such a good lucid. I immediately right it down! That stability technique was amazing! This was going to be one of those thirty second FA experiences but I was able to turn it into a full dream!! Go me!

      Analysis: Expectations play such a strong roll in dream control for me. Next time I am trying to teleport, rather than focusing on what I am trying to leave I am going to focus on actually going where I am trying to get. Also, after reflecting on it I am sure that if I had been able to meet the "dream guide" that answered me in the parking lot it would have been just another boring DC. I need to change my expectations that when I meet my dream guide they will be smart and act like a "normal" person would!

      I am SOOOOO happy that I finally managed to have a decent lucid!