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    9-8-19 wahoo!!

    by , 09-08-2019 at 04:30 PM (119 Views)
    Yes! Finally a lucid dream! I am so excited right now I woke up 2 hours early just to write this dream down!

    Last night I was following my usual routine according to my dream goals and thread "Bedtime Priorities". I have been doing to same thing for 2 1/2 weeks now and was starting to become a little disappointed thinking it wouldn't work. I know this is silly as many of the techniques I am trying say they need at least 90 days of consistency, but without having any lucids I admit I was starting to doubt.

    I woke up after a natural REM cycle, rolled over like I usually do and according to my plan tried to WILD MILD. My previous dream was very strong so I was committing it to memory and reviewing it while I started counting my breaths. My mind was not very awake, my self-awareness did not "feel" strong and my memory was definitely not turned on. I remember loosing count around 10 which was very fast, I snapped back to myself and re affirmed that I wanted to count my breaths and remain aware. I remember getting to 10 again before I found myself in a dream.

    I have no idea how I became lucid. I don't think it was a true WILD, if it was I would remember entering the dream? My consciousness was just not very turned on, I mean I was falling asleep to the count of 10! I don't think it was a DILD, I don't remember any dream sign that sparked me to question lucidity, I just knew I was in a dream, darn I didn't even do any RC, which I am actually really bummed about because I have several I have wanted to experiment with! I want to test gravity to see if I can notice any difference, and I wanted to practice the reverse reality check I do as part of my waking self awareness.

    Here is the dream, it was by far the longest lucid dream I have ever had! Felt like maybe 15 minutes of real time. As I analyzed it I realize my lucidity was not very strong, I didn't remember to do my RC, or try to "turn on" my memory. But it was a VERY interesting dream.

    Dream One: I realize that I am dreaming, I am very excited but I don't get that pounding heart beat adrenalin rush I have gotten before that wakes me up. I just KNOW I am dreaming. The dream feels very stable, and I am curious to see how long it will last.

    I am in this white concrete dorm room with two beds in it and a window covered with bars. It is the setting of my last dream. I have this intense feeling of almost claustrophobia and I really don't want to be here in this room anymore. My friend from college, TP, is still in the room from the last dream.

    We are on the second story so I head to the hallway to try and go downstairs and leave. In the hallway I notice these pictures that were made in my last dream. There where three pictures, each one centered around one of the DC's from my last dream. I take a moment to look at each of them because I think they are so cool, and I stand there just so impressed at what the brain can do. Each of the pictures was made by taking a snapshot of my field of vision centered on one of the DC's and compressing my whole field of vision down to picture size, then making it black and white. I stayed in the hall for a while looking at all three of them thinking about how my brain takes pictures of my whole field of vision not just what I am focused on.

    The feeling of claustrophobia returns and I realize there are no stairs to exit. I go over to the window in the room but it is covered in this thick iron mesh. I affirm to myself that it cannot keep me in here and push myself forward to phase through the mesh and be outside. It worked really well I find myself hanging from the bars on the other side on the second story of a house. My friend TP rushes over and is amazed at what I have done like he has become lucid and asks for my advice so I tell him to stabilize the dream by rubbing his hands together.

    I drop down to the street and look around the neighborhood. I don't recognize any of the houses and I want to get back to my house to find my bed and see if my body is there because my dream goal is to talk to myself.

    I start stomping my foot down and willing that the houses will change and I will be in my own neighborhood. It didn't work but I did get some crazy visuals of houses morphing into other houses. I started running down the block and found myself in a more urban setting like I was walking between sky scrappers.

    It's not what I wanted but it's cool and there should be some DC's around here. I start looking for some to talk to and see what they are like. I see a group of 4 or 5 but none of them look very friendly so I move on.

    I see these two girls walking and move towards them down an ally. They are sisters, one looks 25 and the other 9 or 10. As I move towards them I get a feeling like they are important, and they will talk with me.

    I go up to them and ask "can I ask you a question?" the younger one nods her head but before she can answer I look up and see this shadow void person moving towards us down the ally.

    I don't know how to describe him, he was very weird. He had the shape of an adult man, but there was nothing to him, but not like a shadow, like a translucent void. Like he was from another place and couldn't appear as anything else here but a ripple across the background.

    He starts walking toward me and reaches out an arm to start pushing me. I feel my lucidity start slipping away. The really weird part is that when he was around I got this strong feeling like I had seen him many times before. Like his appearance and presence was not a shock to me at all.

    But right when I was about to lose the dream the little girl grabbed onto my arm real quick and said "Stop, you know he is allowed to ask one question first" and my lucidity snapped back and it felt like I was in the ally again, and I remembered that I wanted to ask a question.

    So I turned to her and asked "how can I become lucid more often" and she answered me in what felt like a profound way and a remember repeating it to myself over and over throughout the rest of the dream, but I just can't remember it now!!

    After answering she releases my arm and I immediately lose lucidity, but I don't wake up.

    The dream transitions and I am back in a college setting. This part of the dream feels very vivid but I am not lucid. I remember seeing my sister A.S and talking with her and telling her something to continue our experiment with shared dreaming. As I am leaving the college campus my other sister A.B comes up to me and I realize I am dreaming and lucidity snaps back to me like it was happening for the first time in this dream. I feel like I have just done a DILD but have no idea what sparked my lucidity. I tell A.B that we are dreaming and she doesn't seem surprised at all. I leave the campus and the dream transitions.

    I remember asking my question to the sisters at this point and having accomplished that dream goal I just start feeling really horny. I want to find a willing DC and have some sexy time. For the next several minutes I am wondering the streets looking for a willing woman. Every one I meet seems angry at the world, and is not very attractive. I remember feeling very disappointed with this situation. Eventually I accept that it's just not going to happen, and then I start feeling the dream end and start waking up.

    I remember that I want to try to DEILD when I wake up so I start laying very still and affirm that I am not going to move. I start having the most crazy hypnagogic imagery I have ever seen! I see a central very bright light that looks like the effect from star trek when they fire a proton torpedo, except instead of red it was shifting green and blue all wavy like. Then I start to see an extremely bright white light overlapped on top. I start to think that it must be daytime and my sleep mask has slipped and I am seeing sunlight. I hang on and eventually feel my body back in my bed, but I later realize I was in a different position that I was really sleeping and this was a FA, I lay still and slip back into a dream.

    I know that I am dreaming again and am amazed the the DEILD worked. The dream isn't very stable and the visuals are cartoonish. The whole world looks like a cheap farm simulator game. There are pairs of barnyard animals roaming over a green fenced in field.

    I see a pair of chickens that I realize are the twin sisters from my last dream and start to hover over to them. I don't have a body in this dream and I am just kind of hovering, and I realize I cant hear anything either. So on my way over to them I try to stabilize the dream and start hearing something. My ears pop loudly and I start hearing some chickens clucking or something.

    Right when I am about to get to the sisters the dream void man returns. He is rushing towards me with his arm extended and I feel him pushing me out of the dream again. I rush towards the sisters and yell out asking "can I ask another question?" and the void man replies "You are only allowed one question per dream!"

    As he starts shoving me out of the dream I hold up my hand and yell "wait!, what if I don't ask a new question but the same one again?" He pauses and this and during this moment one of the twin sister chickens comes over and she tells me to ask my question. So I turn to her and repeat "what can I do to be lucid more often?"

    Again she answers me in what feels like a profound way. At this time I can still remember her answer from last time and I remember feeling amazed that she could answer using such different language and analogy but coming to the same point. Her second answer felt very useful and I felt like I was understanding more of the point she was trying to convey the first time.

    Then before I could react the void man rushed up behind me and the dream ended.

    I woke up and started replaying the dream immediately to try and commit it to memory. I was shocked that I could not remember the twin sisters answers to my question. In the dream it felt so clear and I even repeated it to myself several times in the dream. I really wish I could remember her answers! I have to get ready to leave now, but I am going to be analyzing this dream all day!

    So thankful to have had such a nice lucid dream! I hope this is the first of many to come!

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