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    1. 3-20-13 Dream Journal

      by , 03-20-2013 at 03:11 PM
      Technique: I am trying to get myself onto a more regular sleep schedule. I went to bed last night at 10:30, which is EXTREMELY early for me. It was a frustrating experience. I had a very difficult time falling asleep, I wasn't able to fall asleep until after 1:00 a.m (the last time I actually looked at my clock).

      I have been meaning to get on a better sleep schedule for a long time now, I am going to continue going to bed at 10:30 and hopefully things will get easier as my body gets used to it :-)

      Let me just say that spending three hours trying to fall asleep did crazy things to my mind. "Forget dreaming techniques! I just want to sleeeeeeep!!" Anyway -_-

      Results: My dream recall is horrible, just horrible. I only remember two dreams from last night when I know that I woke up and tried to remember at least six or seven. I think that for a while I am going to start focusing purely on dream recall techniques and forget about trying to WILD of DILD. As things are now my recall is so poor that even if I did manage to become lucid I probably wouldn't remember it -_-

      Dream One: My family and I are exploring a new huge mansion that we just bought. We must be rich!! I'm not going to spend to much time with this one but I can remember quite a bit of detail about the house.

      Dream Two: Yay! This is one of my favorite recurring dreams! It may not sound very exciting to some of you but was just a fantastic experience.

      Side Note: A little back story to help explain things: When I was young we had a brindle female boxer, Katy. She lived to be sixteen and I slept with her every night, I stinking loved that dog. I moved out of state to go to college and she died my freshman year. Ever since then I have dreams were she will come and sleep with me :-)

      Kind of weird I know but I love seeing her anyway so... fooeee on you naysayers!

      That is pretty much all the dream is, Katy comes and sleeps with me. But it was so nice to have her at my feet again! I slept so well and it was a great dream.

      This must have been a very long dream because I feel like I can remember a whole nights worth of sleep with Katy. I would keep waking up and she would be there so I would go back to sleep.

      Analysis: I really need to be focusing on dream recall. It is frustrating to know that there are dreams that I am forgetting!

      Side Note: The new mattress pad and pillow that I bought are great! They have really improved my morning back and joint soreness. I would highly recommend the forty dollar investment to anyone that wakes up with back or joint soreness.
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    2. 3-19-13 Dream Journal

      by , 03-19-2013 at 08:16 PM
      Technique: I realized that I have not been sleeping very well lately. I have been tossing and turning a lot during the night, and I wake up with back and joint soreness. Yesterday I went and picked up a mattress foam topper and a new pillow to go with it :-) It is amazing! I slept so well last night!

      Other than trying to improve the quality of my sleep and did not introduce any new techniques.

      Results: Dream Color Code: Side Notes - Non Lucid - Lucid

      Dream One: I am in Colorado with my Dad. We are staying at a very nice hotel, but we seem to be sharing our room with a bunch of other people. As I am trying to get ready for bed a bunch of strangers keep walking in and asking me stupid questions. They are all just standard DC's, which should have been a dream sign to me -_-, and they are really annoying!

      The main focus of this dream was around me trying to brush off the random DC's and get ready for bed, which I finally manage to do. Grrrr but the dream isn't over yet. I wake up the next morning and I realize that I have somewhere important to be so I need to get dressed quickly. The DC's are trying to "help" me get dressed by playing monkey in the middle with each piece of my clothing.

      To make matters worse once I do manage to get dress I have to show my Dad what I am wearing for him to approve it. He keeps telling me that I need to go change which makes me have to go through the process with the DC"s again and again.

      My sub conscience must be pissed at me for something. This was a frustrating dream. I guess it could have all been prevented if I had remembered to RC or picked up on a dream sign :-)

      Dream Two: I am at the lake with my sister and one of her friends. It is a beautiful day and the water feels great. We are playing with a rubber boat, which keeps changing size on us.

      Sometimes it is big enough for all three of us to sit and sunbath in, which feels amazing.

      Sometimes it is so small that I step on it like a ski and ride it around the lake. Even though this sounds really fun I like it when it is bigger better because when it is small only one person can play with it at a time.

      Dream Three: This was a doozy of a dream. I am still at the lake from my previous dream but I am no longer in the water. I am at a cook out in a jungle beach cabin with my extended family (Don't ask me were the jungle came from, but it was nice to have some shade during the cook out).

      All of a sudden the jungle turns dark on us and all the nocturnal creatures that hunt at night start to come out. I bunch of insects start to crawl out of the crevasses of the trees, and some come out of the ground where they had been hiding through the day. At first I was intrigued by the bugs because they were very colorful and vibrant. Even though I knew that this probably meant that they were poisonous this did not worry me.

      But during the next couple minutes the bugs just keep pouring out and soon it becomes very difficult to avoid stepping on one, which would certainly mean death. I make a mistake and brush up against one. It is a ghostly blue caterpillar that is about a foot and a half long. Its main body is very slim, like a pipe cleaner, and it has 6 inch hairy needles that come out of its body on all sides.

      I look down and see that I have three or four of those needles in my ankle! I don't feel the affects of any poison yet so I wonder what is going on?
      (Enter Dream Memory) OH NO! No wonder I am not feeling the affects of a poison, that is a quantum energy sucking caterpillar! the worst kind! (lol) They do not kill you with poison. They stick you with their quantum needles and then use those needles to track you and steal your energy until you are dead.

      Dream Transition. It is the same dream but now the scene has changed. I have been carried into the cabin and my family has all gathered around me. I am holding the quantum caterpillar on my chest like a baby, and people are coming by to tell me that they love me and say their goodbyes. I can slowly feel my energy being drained away, and even though I know that my death is eminent I feel very peaceful and I have accepted it. I am actually really enjoying the attention that my family is giving me, and I feel very loved :-) My uncle gives me a shot of ***** (can't remember what he called it but it tasted like lemonade vodka! it was fantastic!) It seems to help with the pain and I enjoy sipping on it.

      Some people from my church show up to say their goodbyes. They brought some Papa Johns Hawaiian pizza for me as a last meal! Sweet! I sit their and sip on my lemonade vodka, enjoying my Hawaiian Papa Johns, and listen to people tell me how much they love me. Maybe this dieing thing isn't so bad after all!

      Eventually my vodka is gone, and so is my pizza. The caterpillar has taken almost all of my energy now. I start to cry and tell everyone how much I loved them, and how much I will miss them. Then everything fades to black.

      That was a crazy, but enjoyable dream! :-)

      Analysis: I have got to get better at recognizing dream signs! A quantum caterpillar! really! Come on Sangfoot!

      I think that my new mattress pad and pillow will really start to show results soon. As I catch up on my sleep I am looking forward to increased dream recall and maybe even some lucid dreams!
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    3. 3-18-13 Dream Journal

      by , 03-19-2013 at 06:38 AM
      Technique: I have been performing RC checks throughout the day. I have been incubating a dream so that if I do manage to become lucid in a dream I will have somewhere to go, or who knows, I may even get lucky and transition into the dream I have incubated :-) I am going to try to DILD as I fall asleep, and I have set an alarm to wake me up after 5 hours of sleep for a WBTB WILD attempt.

      Results: Dream Notes - Non Lucid - LucidI had five non-lucid dreams. Even though I did not manage to become lucid in them I still found them very enjoyable :-) I am not going to elaborate on them because that would be way to much work. But for the sake of improving dream recall I have spent a fair amount of time going over the content of each.

      One: I am in a mansion with my buddy MC. It is built on a bluff and has a very nice stone fire pit area built out over the bluff. There is no railing or anything to protect me from falling over the edge, and while this would terrify me in real life it somehow makes me feel very connected to nature in the dream, and very relaxed. I have a nice long conversation with MC, we aren't talking about anything really meaningful but it feels good to connect again and just share about whatever comes to mind. This was a very relaxing and enjoyable dream.

      Two: My recall of this dream is very poor. I am on a pirate ship that looks just like the Black pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean. We are sailing through very heavy ice flows. I am not the captain of the ship but I have control of the ruder and I am finding it very amusing to use the ship as an ice breaker which of course does not work very well. I think a sank the ship... Whoever the captain was sucks at his job, should have never given me control of the rudder :-)

      Three: I am in Colorado with my old time college buddy AV and his wife KV. I tell them that I know of a great restaurant in Denver and we should all go have a nice meal and catch up. I have never been to Denver... Somehow my dream self knows this and even though I feel like I should know the restaurant we just keep driving in circles looking for it. AV and KV are starting to get frustrated. The dream ends. This was a very frustrating dream!

      Four & Five: Dang. Should have written this down right when I woke up. I can't remember either of these dreams at all, even though I know that I could when I woke up.

      Analysis: Well I learned an important lesson in dream journalism. Even though it is inconvenient I am going to make an effort to journal right when I wake up. Even though I did not become lucid by remembering to RC or recognizing any dream signs I am loving remembering my dreams again! I haven't been able to remember them at all recently, and it doesn't do me any good to lucid dream without any recall! I was reading some posts by WakingNomad and he was saying that recall is the most important skill to develop when attempting to lucid dream. In the off chance that he checks this out, I hope that I am quoting him correctly :-)
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    4. 3-16-13 Dream Journal - Nap WILD Attempt

      by , 03-17-2013 at 12:12 AM
      Technique: After reading about "the holy grail of lucid dreaming" techniques I just had to try it. I have tried to WILD 4 times now, this is what I did and these are my experiences. My first two attempts were like grasping at the wind. I was trying to WILD before bed which I have since learned is a big no no. I would lie still counting my breaths and trying to induce sleep paralysis (SP). I lied perfectly still for at least 400 breath counts. My body got tingly but I did not experience any real sleep paralysis nor did I have any auditory or visual hallucinations. I then tried a WBTB WILD but had similar experiences. I think my problem is that my mind is way to active. I just get way to excited! whenever I do feel a hint of body vibrations or any other hallucination I think "Holy crap here we go!" which of course wakes me right back up.

      Results: While attempting to fall asleep I did meet someone that I found very interesting in one of my pre-sleep daydreams.

      I am walking trying to engage each of my senses in a daydream trying to "transition" into a dream. I must have fallen asleep for a moment because the following has a type of dream fog in my memory

      As I am walking a women appears about twenty feet in front of me, she is cute and she is smiling at me. I wave to her but she ignores me and continues to smile at me. I approach her and am going to ask what her name is. All I get out is "Hi wha...." because as I get within range she b**ch slaps me really hard! I look at her with accusatory eyes as if to say

      "what the heck!!"

      She apparently finds this hilarious and begins to laugh! She says,

      Hello I am your sense of humor :-)

      "What the heck!"

      I am your sense of humor. I am trying to help you transition into a dream. When I slapped you this dream felt more real right? Hmmmm?

      I found her very amusing (of course lol). I really wanted to know her name so that I could find her in the future! So I asked her again

      "What is your name?"

      She looked at me and her lips started to move like she was going to answer my question but I couldn't hear anything. The dream started to fade and as I was becoming more aware of my body I realized that she wasn't trying to answer my question at all! She new that the dream was going to fade and was just taunting me... she found it very amusing!! Dang her if she wasn't so funny I would be really angry!

      Analysis:I am going to stick with it and am hoping that with experience I will find a method that works for me. I am especially going to focus on WBTB techniques. To try and keep my mind still I am going to need to develop great dream exit awareness. When I feel myself coming out of a dream I am going to remind myself to lie still and not open my eyes. I am hoping that this will quite my mind and help me to "transition" into a dream.
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