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    This is why I incubate dreams. ★★★★★

    by , 08-30-2013 at 07:40 AM (2472 Views)
    Starts out as a normal dream, I am sitting in a restaurant with my wife and eating. As with most dreams, things are a little off, but when you start noticing that things are off, that is when dreams get interesting, whether or not you become lucid. Green confetti starts flying out of the air vents when you pass by it. I start taking notice of it. I stare at it and realize that there isn't a way to explain it. I have a pretty good idea of physics, mechanics, electronics, and all work, so not even being able to come up with an idea of what it could be, I get a great idea! "This is a dream!" JK. That isn't what I thought. I actually thought "It has to come from a different dimension!"

    I run across all the vents and cause all of the vents to go across the dimensions. I try to think about how it works and I come across a hypothesis of crossing the dimensions and decide to try it. I jump to a different dimension and look around. Everything is just a little bit different. The styles, the ideas, the restaurant has different colors and a different menu. different people working there.

    Rules for dimensions somehow pop in my head at this point
    1- each person exists in each different dimension
    2- each person shares DNA with their "doppelganger"
    3- each person shares a soul with their "doppelganger"
    4- each person has the same relatives and will make similar life decisions (marriage, amount of kids, jobs will be similar)
    5- each person is different from the other because of the experience, but will likely pick the same choices in most situations
    6- death in each dimension is different than the other (could live to 60 in one 100 in another) unless it is by genetic diseases
    7- people understand the dimensions really easy when presented with someone from a different dimension. Don't know why.
    8- all time flows equally
    9- A killers soul is a killer soul. This can only change if they die earlier than the killing. Same for the soul of an adulterer, liar, or any others. Just one cannot turn from it since they share souls. If you kill someone in one area you will kill them in the previous
    10- each soul has a choice, but it is translated in different ways through different bodies through different dimensions.

    I jump back to my dimension and immediately decide a way to best utilize this. I take my sister and a kid to his deceased grandmother from a different dimension to say goodbye. It is in a foundry and she is living in a tent near it. In this dimension it seems like everyone lives in a tent. I tell him and my sister that I will be back in a bit. I walk around the back of the tent. What I see next freaks me out. Different dimension me! With a twist, same DNA, same soul, but it is a girl.
    "Hey!" I say, she doesn't respond but she grabs my arm and tears me to a different dimension.

    "I had to take you somewhere where only we can talk together." She says as she looks around points.
    "This is 'our dimension' isn't it?" I say as I look at the dream scene that can change at only our whim.
    "Our dream realm, we can meet here with no one else seeing, and since you have learned to jump dimensions, we can jump here without missing a beat.”
    “I've been doing it the hard way!” I say smiling, we are in a small cottage. She seems more solemn than me. Maybe something happened to her in the past. She grabs my hand and pulls me through a wall to the outside. After about 15 feet it turns into dream mush, which is weird for my normal vivid dreams.
    “What is your name?” She says.
    “Brandon ******* you know that already though. Different dimensions share names, male or female and you are obviously me, I can feel your soul better than anyone's.”
    “That isn't my name!” She says, exasperated “Every dimensions that I have found has had a dead 'Brandon ******* and I know it is me, but not my name. They have all been killed by their adopted family except me. In only my dimension I was able to live with my parents because their death switched around to some others. You have only one real sister and the two that you know are going to kill you soon.”
    “This is crazy, I grew up in a great household, they loved me, but I can't doubt myself. Can I run from them, or is it inevitable?”
    “They died early in my realm, if you can stage that in your realm without dying it could break that, or cause them to be caught and taken away, or just leave them and never see them.”

    “This is hard, what should I do?” The dream fades and she jumps from dimensions before my sister walks around the tent. I shudder.

    Awake, asleep

    I am at the zoo with my family. A zoo I saw in a movie. My sister's go ahead to a different place and I am talking to someone about taking them to see their child in a different dimension. I take them away and show them to the jungle with their child. She is still there, DD me. We jump into dream dimension and are back at the cabin.
    The same dream cabin, same weird messed up colors. This is a very stable place though.
    “I am going to run, find my younger sister. They can't find out the dimension jumping calculations without me, and I am the only one in my dimension that can do it.” I say “They won't go after you from a different dimension will they?”
    “I am the only one as well in the multiverse, what makes us different?”
    “If I knew, you would as well.” I look at her one last time and the dream fades.

    I wake up.
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    1. NyxCC's Avatar
      Very interesting dreams! Love multidimentional travel!
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    2. Sensei's Avatar
      Thanks. It freaked the crap out of me when I woke up and realized that I couldn't just jump into a dream at a whim. Might be something to create DILDs in the future. glad you liked it! I try to only put the awesome ones in this DJ.
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    3. NyxCC's Avatar
      It freaked the crap out of me when I woke up and realized that I couldn't just jump into a dream at a whim.
      It seems to me that you can!

      I'm quite happy that the competition requires ld posting, so that I can read those awesome entries. Very impressive dream control and creativity all along!
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    4. Sensei's Avatar
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