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    Cities in the Astral


    by , 04-19-2017 at 04:19 AM (296 Views)
    04-18-17 Sorry team mates. My dreams have been off the wall weird other world stuff. It is beyond my understanding or ability to translate into a proper dream journal entry. On day three I had at least 5 distinct vivid bizarre and confusing epic dreams, but at only one point could I swear it was traditionally lucid. Day 4 I had at least 7 dreams which were pretty normal aboutr something I had been doing in real life. The most lucid I got was simply realizing I was stuck in a dream loop and telling my mind to stop [email protected]$king around and let me sleep.

    The lucid part of day 3 was cool, because the dream control was new and interesting. IRL I had seen a show about oceans and how this weird creature could shoot out this branching tongue like thing almost instantly to catch things. I was able to create the same effect but instead like a Spiderman web shooter. I was able to shoot it out and grab hold of a very large object (cabinet/fridge?) and then fling the object out of my way. I guess that is unspecified power and super strength.

    Day 4's only lucid stuff was just knowing I was in a dream loop, but I did not remember I was in a contest, so I did nothing interesting; Ijust calmed my mind into a better state for sleeping.
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