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    Weird Plants

    by , 02-24-2021 at 05:15 AM (59 Views)
    This is an example of dream images caused by a real life conversation earlier in the day. A cousin had called from a state where weed is legal. He had been talking about the virtues of either keeping the plant one large stalk or cutting it so it makes many small branches. that night in my dream he had a big bag and pulled out a plant that he had caused to branch into many small branches. I looked closely and could see that the dream was not rendering the plant correctly. Maybe I am not familiar enough with how the plant look to have a good stored image to draw from. I know the stalks are not broad like a tomatoe vine but this plant was like that. It looked a bit like a Christmas tree in shape. The branches were broad like a the base of a tomato plant and there were no leaves. It was lime green and each branch had a small bud about an inch long. I thought it was all out of proportion but could not get it to look more like I imagine it should have looked.
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