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    The Cusp

    Saving the world (again)

    by , 01-23-2013 at 04:38 PM (394 Views)
    Three Showdowns
    Recall: 5/10
    Sleep: OK
    Sleep Position: Left Side (right brain)
    I'm standing with some people when a zombie Frankenstein's monster grabs me and throws me violently against the wall. Then it begins to choke me, still pushing me against the wall. I punch it in the head and manage to knock it back a step and evade it's clutches. But the frankenstein monster is not alone, there is also a zombie, and a zombie werewolf.

    The people with me have weapons like swords, so I just evade the monsters and leave the killing to those better equipped to deal with it. Once they've dispatched their monsters, I'm still left with my three attackers. They tell me that I have to defeat them myself.

    I run around dodging and landing big hay makers when I can. It takes a long time, but eventually I kill one of them. Then another. With only one monster left, I can focus on my assault more and finish him off more quickly than the others.

    Victorious, we discover this is the first of three monster encounters we have to defeat for some reason that is unclear. The second fight occurs on the river in my home town on a set of rapids known as "Lovers". We're able to work together to defeat this single creature. Once it falls, huge banks of stone rise up out of the water, changing how the water flows and sending a violent torrent of water rushing towards us. I lead my part to safety, narrowly avoiding being washed away.

    Now, on to the third fight! But I notice we are all unarmed, so I take everyone to my house to gear up. I pull out a sword, a machetee, throwing knives, a fire poke, a large crow bar and some metal pipes. Armed and ready, we hop on a school bus to our third fight, but on the bus I notice our weapons are gone again.

    On the bus, a young Bevan is sitting across from us acting like a retard, and I lose patience and call him one. His face changes into a monkey monster, somehow tied to the evil we are fighting, and I get up and sit at the front of the bus next to some friends. Chris sees some guy on the street eating some kind of chocolate bar he's never seen before and exclaims "OMG! [name of chocolate bar]". Next thing I know they are outside the bus in front of a store eating one.

    We arrive at our final location, a large hotel. As we walk towards it, large structures and statues rise up from the ground changing our immediate landscape into something like an ancient temple. Again, I'm annoyed with our lack of weapons, but it's too late now. The final showdown is about to begin!

    Dammit, I woke up before the final battle!

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