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    The White Tardis

    by , 01-27-2013 at 05:44 PM (620 Views)
    I watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie last night which inspired a Doctor Who dream. Wait, what?

    Since Sherlock Holmes in the new Doctor Who series is a lesbian lizard woman, and Doctor Who is my favorite show, sherlock holmes has a strong connection to Doctor who. It's elementary!

    Dragon Doctor
    Recall: 4/10
    Sleep: Good
    Sleep Position: Unknown
    I enter into this strange old man's apartment. He acts really strange, he's not human, only posing as a human.

    There is a white lazyboy chair in the middle of the room, but it's not really a chair, it's a camouflaged Tardis! The old man is trying to find this tardis and gain entry to it. He begins demanding that I let him in the tardis, threatening violence, so I retreat inside the Tardis chair. It's bigger on the inside than the chair would have been, but still only the size of a police box on the inside.

    The old man begins pounding on the outside of the tardis demanding I let him in. My tiny little box shudders under the fury of his onslaught, and the whole house shakes as he pounds on the walls of my white Tardis.

    Then I'm outside in the hallway with the Doctor and a few of his companions. We knock on the door and the old man answers. Suddenly everyone becomes a dragon. The Doctor is a 5 headed hydra, his companions single headed adult dragons, and the old man is a tiny little pygmy dragon. He's so cute! Looking at him, you just know he's harmless.

    Turns out the old man was just a stranded alien who was lost and confused and desperately wanted to go home, which is why he wanted in the Tardis so bad. The Doctor gives him a lift and all is well.

    -At some point I realize I'm the new companion in the TV show. I find it a little odd that I'm a male companion, but it's not the first time it's happened. I also find it odd they picked me to be on TV. But then I look at myself in the mirror and realize I'm pretty good looking.

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