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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Woman Car Salesperson

      by , 11-09-2012 at 02:11 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Woman Car Salesperson

      I was lying down holding a sexy, long dark-haired woman in a read dress with stringy fringes. Her hair was in her face. This was not a sexual thing; she was helping me select a car (?), but I ended up telling her she was beautiful, and my words changed the meaning of me holding her. Because of this, I had to move away from her to respect her.

      I did the right thing, and then she started acting very nice to me, so I started sucking on her breasts hard. Over time she turned into someone with not such a nice figure, and black instead of white. She was wearing panties, and the skin above her panty line up front looked a little flabby. My chick dream had gone sour. Then it turned into a ghetto black guy.

      While I had chosen a car, I don't remember it and never saw it. Eventually, I saw a land rover that I wished I had chosen. It was a light metallic blue. It looked so pretty. Then one side had little dents in it and I wasn't convinced after all.

      That sucked.
    2. Triglycerides

      by , 11-07-2012 at 06:08 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was at a restaurant at the bar or at a high table. I saw a guy with a book about 8" thick, maybe more. It was ridiculous. The spine of the book said, "Triglycerides." There were other words, but I couldn't make them out. That really didn't matter.

      I study diet IWL. I'm no more interested in triglycerides than anything else, but I figured in my dream that this guy obviously is studying them in depth, and it is something I'm interested in, so this was a great opportunity.

      I asked him to tell me about triglycerides. He said, "OK..." It was as though he was going to say something, but he wrote it on a napkin instead. When I read it, it was in cursive and said, "I" "I have" "I have" and kept going with similar stuff. It looked much the same from one pair of words to the next. I Mentioned how odd it seemed.

      The guy said, "Well, there are thousands of definitions for 'trigycerides." I thought to myself, "Well! I'm not about to work out thousands of definitions." I turned and looked at a lady beside me who was possible a friend of the guy I was talking to. I turned to her and her bare breast was right there. Her nipple was shiny with some kind of grease or water or something. It was pink and lovely.

      I don't attribute this to precognition by any means, but it is very interesting that today IWL, I was reading a new book I got on synergies and came across triglycerides and why they are bad. They come from animal fat and they reduce the effectiveness of leprin, a hormone that tells you when you are getting full.
    3. Toboggan; Almost with J-Lo; False Arrest; I'm not Pretty

      by , 11-06-2012 at 06:26 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was watching 5 or 6 people go down a snowy or icy hill. I was viewing it as though I were going backwards, but it was more like a movie. I or a DC commented that two of the people on one toboggan were very small people.

      Then I was going down the hill with them. I was listening to a song that I've only heard one or two times IWL. I would call it speed metal. I think it's funny that my mind recalled a song that I can't remember now that I'm awake.

      Anyway, I was going about 50 miles per hour. It was very fast, and there were cars around. I started getting scared, but the music was awesome and I tried to feel like I would have when I was younger and more likely to get into such a position anyway--brave!

      I relaxed a little, but I was going to hit a car. Then I found that there was someone who would wait until the last second and then hit any car that someone was going to hit. This person who hit them on purpose would knock them clean out of our way like on Sonic the Hedge Hog. It would be physically impossible in waking life, but it would clear the street for the tobogganers.

      Now that I log this dream, this may have been induced by an accident that I saw yesterday. I heard a loud crash and then a red car spinning out of control. It got slammed!

      In my dream, the guy cleared the way for me two times. I watched the cars clear my view in two frames. The car would be turned in another position instantly, then it was gone.


      Almost with J-Lo

      I was ready to do her. I asked if I could do her or something and she said "It's your penis, not mine."

      I stroked it a couple times and as I was ready, the dream ended. Yes, disappointing.

      False Arrest

      I was in a room. Someone from AstralSoft I think, was in another room. We were being held against our will. My brother was one of the people keeping me in the room I think.

      The floor had an inch of water, and there were snakes on the ground and on the walls. That didn't really bother me because I like snakes, but the entire scene was discomforting.

      Snakes would fall from the wall from time to time and pop on the ground and die. Then there was a snake with different segments. I had a false memory of this snake as also being harmless. I started to pet it and maybe pop it by section.

      Someone asked what I thought. I said, "False arrest is what I call it!" From there, I started getting more freedom. I was talking to someone explaining the situation. The floor became dry, and eventually I was out of the room.

      The other guy was going to start getting more freedom.


      I'm not Pretty

      A girl was telling me she wasn't pretty. She had leaves in her hair as part of her attire. I told her to look at a Pin Oak leaf in her hair. I pulled it out and showed it to her. It was a dead leaf. I told her it was because the leaf was dead, not because she wasn't pretty.
    4. AME; Graveyard Seance; Vote

      by , 11-03-2012 at 03:23 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      Two nights ago I dreamed of AME. She had on shiny, thin-framed, black-rimmed glasses which she did not wear IWL. She also had on another...something, that had the same type of frame as the glasses, but it was worn below her glasses. It was clearly a dream apparatus.

      Her hair was just as I remember it--silky, short, and black. She was beautiful.

      Graveyard Seance

      OK, so it was a false memory, but I was looking at a plot in a graveyard and remembering that I had done some kind of seance there.

      I don't think that I really conjured anything, but it was odd that I was then asleep, woke to hear someone come in the house, and I couldn't open my eyes because I was...sleeping. I used my dream hands to open my eyes.

      As I opened my eyes, they were extremely open. It was like a cartoon. They were SUPER open. I was afraid of what the person was doing there because nobody was supposed to be able to get in.

      It was then actually, that I woke up to see the grave site that I remembered doing something in. Time kind of wrapped around itself. Very odd.


      I dreamed that I missed my opportunity to vote. Someone told me they had voted for Gary Johnson and I started thinking about if I could still vote or not.

      BTW, yes, I am voting Gary Johnson IWL.
    5. Job Interview Lady

      by , 10-30-2012 at 05:53 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Job Interview Lady

      I went to apply for a job. I drove into a dirt parking lot. I was going a bit fast and was a little out of control; at the same time, I maneuvered obstacles quite in control.

      I fine lady was going to interview me. As we introduce ourselves, I see I am not dressed right. My shirt is wrinkled and the buttons are not buttoned correctly, but she is OK with me, and I just tried to act like I'm the kind of guy she'd want working at the company.

      A guy comes up and he is not as happy with me. All of a sudden we are in the lobby of a building. It is a large lobby with off-white marble flooring. There is glass all along the walls. It was a very clean look.

      The man sees my belt which is not my dress belt. It is the style with two holes instead of one. The man doesn't like it. He asks if it is the name brand of a brand of sun glasses. If it were from that manufacturer, it would be a cheap and inappropriate style of belt.

      I was again very self-conscious about my dress and started trying to tuck in my shirt better and try to tidy up my disheveled look.

      This delicious woman takes me around a corner and she seems very personable to me, so I feel like everything will be OK. Then she was going to leave with the guy, maybe her boss. As they were leaving, I see little craft eyes on the floor. There were two, then four, then 6.

      I wanted to pick them up to show initiative, but then there were like 100 of the little eyes. I started trying to sweep them up with my hands, but static electricity is making them stick to the floor. I decided I needed a brook.

      Someone else starts sweeping them up with their hands, but I'm going to get a broom. A lady, acknowledging it was ridiculous, told me I had to go down the elevator to get to the broom closet to get the broom.

      Then I see this lady again. I see her more vividly now. She trips to the floor and I'm looking at her face. She was so-o-o cute. She had short, brown hair. It fell loosely below her ears. She had a classic look but modern at the same time.

      She was wearing a skirt, but then she only had see-through stockings. I looked and could kind of see her vag area, but I helped her up quickly. I felt very close to her, so I pulled her in and she gave me a kiss.

      I couldn't believe I was with this woman. I walked away with my hand over my mouth in disbelief. Her friends told her to look at my reaction, and I knew it, but I couldn't stop. I was beside myself.

      Great dream.
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    6. Losing My Job; Airplane Crashing; Meteor EOTW; Selling Cable

      by , 10-30-2012 at 02:48 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was crying because I was going to lose my job. I found myself in a strange office. I was about to throw up because of my situation. I was going to throw up behind my chair, but I looked out a window to see if I was being watched on camera. There were cameras lined up every 6 or 8 inches at the crown molding of the office, so I didn't throw up.

      I went down stairs never having found out if I lost my job. Down stairs I saw several people wearing special Swat type uniforms. There were 3 different types of uniform, all of a similar but different type of riot police type uniform.

      One of the head people was a lady. She was outside in a car, and when she pulled off, she took part of the building with her. It was attached to, and part of her car. It made it so that there was no trace that the building had ever been there.


      I was in an airplane. We were crashing. People were sliding all over as there was no conventional seating.


      I was outside. There was a meteor going across the sky. I moved to a clearing in the trees to see it better. The sky was full of like 10 meteors. It seemed as though the sky was on fire. It was the end of the world. That was a wild visual.


      I was selling some time of Cable service with M. S. I was looking for a certain apartment. The apartments didn't have numbers, but I had a hand held device that told me the address of each apartment as I passed the door.

      I was trying to sell to a blond lady. I tried 3 times over a couple days to sell her. I finally told her that I would sell someone else. "I'm not going to keep selling you if you don't want it."

      I then went to another job. I was nervous I wouldn't be able to sell the next person either. I drove and had a false memory that I'd been to a house where I might have turned left, but I was turning right.

      As I was trying to sell at the next apartment, M. S. asked if I had a calculator. I told him I did. He said he had about a hundred, and that some people had more than two hundred. He said that his were all the same--they simply broke up numbers differently.
    7. High w/B.K.; Girls Breasts; Driving Bus High;

      by , 10-23-2012 at 03:28 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I was confronted by B.K. about some notes I'd written. I was afraid I would be kicked out of the C.S. I was so high. I read the last sentence and it was really weird, though something I might write IWL.

      I laughed. B.K. asked why I laughed. I explained it looked like something I would write.

      Girls chest, tank-top, cleavage with goose bumps.
      Then puffy brown areola were showing.
      My feet were pointing backward trying to touch her breasts.
      She moved close enough to barely graze a foot.
      I tried to get on the computer and bring up the camera to take video, but I couldn't get to the camera.


      I was driving my bus very high. I couldn't turn the bus, so I stopped.

      Then I was in my truck. I parked it and left it, but then was trying to find it again.

      I realized I was dreaming, I was in a building trying to get out. I ran down the steps and had a false memory of how to get out.

      Outside, I flew to find my truck. My truck appeared up in the air. It was blue, not black, which I found weird, but it was mine. I got in the truck and Bobby Cox was in it. He was the mechanic.

      He questioned me about finding my way out of the building, so I said, "I flew up here, didn't I?"

      Then the mechanic was Pat C. I went to kiss him (?), then I bit his mouth. I tried to bite clean through his lips. Then I went to bite his whole face/head, and I did.

      I started driving down the road trying to find my bus. I was lost, and trying to get somewhere where I at least recognized how to get home.

      I saw some people walking down the street. I saw a pretty girl, but I had to pass them. This part was not so lucid.

      I was more lucid when I came to a room with white, metal bunk beds. It was about 10 bunk beds high. I saw a deformed child. I flew up the beds, half climbing them. All the beds had deformed, crying children in them.

      I couldn't find anyone my age, so I left them.

      Then I was with R, my FGF. She gave me ten dollars but I didn't want it. I just wanted to be with her. She turned out to be J. I told her I loved her.
    8. Can wild success

      by , 10-13-2012 at 02:08 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      So, this is a lucid failure, but a success for technique. The DV CAN WILD technique uses the Easy MP3 alarm. You can set it to play only once, so you can hear it, but not have to turn it off. Instead of a sound which is discussed in the CAN WILD tutorial, I talk to myself.

      I track dreams where the morning news infiltrates my dreams, so for this technique, I run an alarm like a news cast stating that I was seen flying all over town, and I have other suggestions.

      At one point I say, "So do a reality check...reality check...reality check... ...reality check."

      I figure three times will really let it sink in, and the fourth takes longer to say it, so I throw myself off, but it's the same word, and that should really hit me.

      Well, last night, I heard the word in my sleep. I counted my fingers. True to form, I see five fingers, but really count them up, and now there are six and they are kind of deformed.

      I got so excited in my dream, I started trying to tell someone that my technique worked.

      I very quickly lost lucidity, but the fact that the technique worked is awesome.

      My dream continued and Percy Lucid was making fun of the rest of what I was saying in my alarm. "He was seen flying all over town." As he was saying it, I saw his little heart icon.

      I didn't really mind he was making fun of it. It was really all in good fun.
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    9. Man in the Canoe; Pictures in the Fog

      by , 10-12-2012 at 04:14 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Man in the Canoe

      I was on the computer. I saw a page of images with a girl. I selected the one I wanted and watched a video. It was of the girl masterbating.

      Pictures in the Fog

      It was night time. I was in the army or something--at least some commander type was ordering me to come with him. I told him I would be there in a minute as I had to get my shoes. He kept urging me. I finally convinced him I needed literally one minute to get my shoes. He said OK.

      Dream Skip

      It was still very dark. I walked along a path to a small bridge over a creek that led to a small lake. It was very foggy. The scene made a great picture, and I took a few.

      I was then at another such bridge and took similar pictures feeling fortunate that I had the opportunity to take these pictures.

      I started walking along the path when up from behind us came a Mustang. I identified it as such, then a DC identified it more specifically, I think as a Spitfire, which I realize is not a Mustang.

      I agreed that it was that, but then asked how he could tell. Before he could answer, the Mustang started coming up the trail towards us, but now it was a motorcycle. As it came up to us, I noticed that the front was built out as a motorcycle, but the back had a bicycle tire.

      The End
    10. Lucid; Lucid

      by , 10-10-2012 at 01:58 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lucid; Lucid

      I was dreaming about a wet, green field bordered by a creek. I was on the field and kind of needed to get back on the other side of the creek.

      For no apparent reason, I realized I was dreaming. I started to fly, but became very heavy very quickly. I saw a design of swirling lines in the air and thought to myself, "Yea, I'm dreaming." I watched it for a moment and tried to relax and drift in my dream to where something more substantial happened. I tried to look at my hand to verify that I was dreaming, but I couldn't find it. I thought I might be awake, but I just relaxed.

      I wasn't in a room, but I flew up through a ceiling. I do this to escape a bad area or a pointless place. As I was going through, I decided to enter my childhood nightmare which is a dream goal of mine. I imagined the basement and passed the rest of the way through. It didn't work.

      I then was trying to go through a ceiling at my mothers. I couldn't make it. I was destroying the ceiling trying to get through and she was getting mad at me, but I just couldn't get through.

      I woke up then. I know because I moved my body in bed. I was upset because I didn't want to move a muscle so that I might go back into a lucid. It didn't matter. I relaxed to go back to sleep and pretended I was dreaming. I pretended I was floating. I let myself slip back into a dream.

      This time I started using telekinesis. I moved something successfully so I tried again. I saw an attractive glass bowl. Would have been a shame to break it. I would try to move it with my hands and mind. It wouldn't move until after a moment. I realized that it moved based on my intention, but delayed. I tried to move the bowl again, moving my hand to the side, but knowing the bowl would move in just a moment. With a delayed reaction, it did move. I tried again, and it moved when I predicted. Basically, I was gaining control within the parameters of my limited ability.

      Last night was important because I made strides in my cognitive thinking.
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    11. Dad

      by , 10-08-2012 at 05:13 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      Yesterday I dreamed that I was with my dad. I told him how happy I was that he was alive. I told him I must have dreamed he had died, and there was so much I had wanted to tell him, and now I had the chance.

      I told him about what I've been studying in nutrition. IWL, I often think about how I wish I could have shared diet tips with him to fight his prostate cancer. He was into diet and would have listened.

      Today I dreamed of him again. I told him I had dreamed of him the night before. I don't remember more, but I feel as though I hugged him and told him about the dream the night before, and that it turned out he really did die, so I was glad that he was alive.
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    12. Getting Some; Theft

      by , 09-30-2012 at 01:54 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Getting Some

      I was with a young lady in a house. She wasn't really naked, but she needed some underwear and I gave her my briefs. I still wasn't missing my underwear.

      There were other people in the room, but I touched her leg near her vag. She lifted up her underwear and I touched the outer part of it. I was afraid to get in trouble for doing this with people in the house, so I quit, but I did this again. She lifted her underwear again and I touched her again. It was nice.


      I was with someone, walking down an outdoor corridor at what appeared to be a school. We were breaking in. I had my Falcons hat on. I ended up stealing a pair of prescription glasses. The were typical glasses from the 50's and 60's with thick, black rims. the prescription was so weak that I could see fine with them on. I don't wear glasses IWL. Why I wanted them is beyond me. I took nothing else from this place.

      Later, we went back. I thought about how dumb it was to be stealing anything in the first place. I thought about video surveillance, and then saw the video of me walking in to steal the glasses on the first trip. My Falcons hat wasn't much of a disguise. I think I had the glasses as part of my disguise already.

      I didn't quite look like myself, but for the most part, yeah. You could tell it was me. This time, I was there, again, with some DC, and the DC wanted to get some checks from the person I stole the glasses from.

      I saw the DC pretty well. After waking up, I don't remember him perfectly, but he looked like Richard from Damion Omen II, only younger.

      He was explaining that he just wanted to take a few checks. He wanted to get just a little money from this person. It was no vendetta. This target was already hit, and so he was also the current target. I felt really bad for the victim, and thought that taking his checks was not right.

      Then someone pulled into the parking lot. We decided to split up and leave the area. I walked away and there was now a street fair going on. I saw lots of food and different crafts. I can't remember them well, but it was pretty cool.

      I talked to a vendor giving change and helping many customers. I commented on how I should have gotten some food at the fair.

      Dream Skip

      I was at a yoga class or some other type of soulful self-help class. I was really into this class. The leader was rapping up the class and did her closing thing by saying, "On three, say bye. One...Bye!"

      I don't remember her counting off completely, but I knew I had to say "Bye" with the teacher, but I got lost in the count, and she said it, but I missed it.

      I put my forehead in my hands and complained that I always missed her saying good-bye. I got some attention and sympathy from a female DC for wanting to participate. I went on in detail about how it always happened one way, then another, then the first way again. I explained it in detail. I liked the attention, but I did want to participate in the "Good-bye" ritual, and it was a mentally healthful exercise, so it wasn't as stupid as it sounds.
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    13. Waking Life Lucid Alarm

      by , 09-28-2012 at 03:43 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Waking Life Lucid Alarm

      I use the Easy MP3 Alarm per the DV Crazy Insane CAN WILD method. I made a custom alarm of myself stating that I was seen flying around the city...

      My idea is that the news from my radio often infiltrates my dreams; I therefore use lengthy speech rather than a short sound to spur a lucid. I log dreams infiltrated by the morning news and file them in a separate log.

      This morning, I woke up to the alarm rather than having the alarm infiltrate my dream, which is what I hope to happen, but this morning, I closed the lid of my computer to shut the alarm off, and then began to dream that I was flying.

      I thought I was away, but I was totally dreaming. I saw 3 power lines. I tried to fly above them, but I started getting heavy. I thought I was trying to use my alarm to become lucid. I was talking to myself or something, "showing" how I was awake, but understood why I was listening to that alarm. I was explaining how I could fly in my imagination because I could just imagine it, but it didn't mean that I was dreaming.


      Still, this is progress for me and my use of the Easy MP3 Alarm.

      I also believed that last night was going to be more successful with the Easy MP3 alarm. I am becoming more and more convinced that intention has a tremendous effect on your dreams.

      Updated 09-29-2012 at 02:03 AM by 41873

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    14. Maggots; Demon House

      by , 09-14-2012 at 02:37 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I think I was in my Dad's old house. It had been neglected. IWL I feel this has something to do with my father having passed. That's not based on dream interpretation formula, but my general sense and emotion.

      There were some kind of worms and or maggots on a wet floor. I didn't want to think about cleaning it up, but this was disgusting, so I resigned myself to clean the mess, but at that point the dream ended.

      Demon House

      I might call this the Haunted house, the house I dreamed of has become a recurring house in my "nightmares." The scariest dream was the first time I dreamed it. There is a big house and inside it's trashed. It makes leaving hard when it comes time to escape the demon. The house is also huge, so you have a long way to go when it's time to run away.

      This night I approached a different door, but I knew it went to this demon house. I was trying to explain to a DC that this house really WAS haunted, stressing there was a demon in the house.

      I don't mind this kind of nightmare now, but this house is peculiarly scary. As with my childhood monster, the demon never shows himself. He is simply waking up very slowly--but once he sees you, you are (would be) screwed.

      Link to other dreams with this house:

      Haunted House

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    15. Naughty!

      by , 09-09-2012 at 02:37 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was with several ladies. I was close to one. We were watching T.V. and the show was sexual. I decided to make a move on the person I was with. She was in a one-piece bathing suit. She had way too much bush, but I still enjoyed feeling her up.

      Great dream
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