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    1st Lucid of Comp! WBTB Night of Friday 3/10/23

    by , 03-11-2023 at 04:44 PM (833 Views)
    Pre WBTB - Winter Neighborhood

    There is some muggy jungle scene but I can't recall much else.

    I'm at a neighborhood street in the winter time. It reminds me of one I used to run as part of a route in college. Unlike how I remember, there are homeless people struggling to stay warm all across the street. The group I'm with don't have anything to give them so we feel bad.

    Post WBTB - Zoomin' Through Space and Fun at the Sand Shrine

    I take the Yuschak primary trigger supplement combo and get back to bed within about 10 minutes after reviewing WILD entry techniques. I lay down for sometime and wait for the vibrations. They eventually come and are fairly intense. I feel two waves of them, but no images ever form. I eventually slip off into normal sleep.

    I'm back at the same neighborhood but this time it is a warm summer scene with a thriving community. I'm living with some friends of S and I. Three couples. SP is sort of the mom of the group and we're following her. We are coming home from driving somewhere and get into the house. The inside reminds me of my Grandma M's house. Specifically the bar we sit down at is reminiscent. We start unloading bags and everybody gets something. I get a giant jelly candy brick. I get up to look around the house and use the bathroom. SP or one of the other girls nearly walks in on me while I'm using the toilet, but luckily I'm standing and facing away from the door. When I go back into the hallway, I do a nose reality check out of habit. I'm lucid now.

    Since a house isn't the most exciting place in the world, I decide to go outside. I leave the front door and the green grass is super vivid. I decide I should stabilize, so I rub my barefeet on the grass and the dirt. I lick the dirt for good measure and rub my hands. I do a few more nose RCs just in case. Well, if that check failed I would have looked really stupid. Oh well. Good thing I can breathe through my nose. I decided I want to fly, so I took off superman style. I hit a set of tree branches above me like a total chump immediately but it didn't hurt too bad.

    Flyin' high. Made with a combination of Bing and Nightcafe image generator AIs.

    I rose up into the sky and enjoyed the view of the neighborhood. I wanted to go explore more, but the world started to zoom out. Oh shit. It feels like I'm moving super fast. The world zooms out so far that I'm now in space looking at Earth. I think about the Outer Wilds Travelers' Theme song and laugh while saying the first few notes of acoustic guitar out loud. Naturally, the song starts to play. Zooming through space with music.

    Outer Wilds Travelers' Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR_wIb_n4ZU

    The vacuum of space. Made with Nightcafe AI.

    Into the universe I say "So, where are we goin'?" like Pippen at the council of Elrond from Lord of the Rings.

    As if in answer, a pale blue cloudy planet comes into view on the space horizon. I remark that this definitely isn't earth. It doesn't have any green on it. At this point I'm just super happy I have been lucid this long. As I'm sent closer to the planet I confirm it isn't Earth. This is a desert planet.

    My feet lithely (not a hint of my waking knee pain) land at the top of a shrine in a desert. There is a book with golden pages atop a pedestal. I see an attractive purple haired woman across the way near the top of the stairs leading down to the sand. She's wearing skimpy clothes, black leather with her chest showing. Her legwear isn't covering much either. No complaints. I get the sense that she is an experienced traveler, or she can guide me in some way.

    "Woah! This place is so vivid!" I say.

    "Yeah, it's pretty much always like that," she replies over the desert wind.

    I start to follow her down the stairs and then try to pull her closer to me. She doesn't seem into it so I back off. We continue walking down the shrine area. I look at her clothes again.

    Spoiler for Spicy Content:

    The dream gets unstable after that and I go into a false awakening. My body feels heavy. I try to rollover but still feel something like sleep paralysis. I have a few more false awakenings, but I eventually decide I really want to write down dreams, so I wiggle my toes and rollover. I wake up for real this time.

    Supplements: Yuschak Primary Trigger Combination (3rd Attempt)
    Galantamine: 8mg
    Choline Bitartrate: 250mg

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    Blue = Dream
    Dark Orange = Lucid
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    1. Roya's Avatar
      you got me motivated to try galantamine again; I've got some I rarely take it though. I've also had success with it ; but sometimes not Love the nose RC - they work the best for me too
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    2. theshirecat's Avatar
      Yeah if you're gonna try it out just make sure you've done your homework on it. Supplements are always a bit risky

      But I think this combo, at least for me, is harmless. Nose RCs are my favorite thus far. I haven't had a success recently without the combo so I can't really compare too well. I will say though that this feels similar to how my old lucids used to feel with no supplements.