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    Arabian invasion

    by , 08-30-2019 at 06:17 AM (88 Views)
    The dream was in the highschool. Apparently the middle eastern empires took over and we were in a pretty bad place like the 1984 movie just everything was under heavy surveillance. I recall being in a computer lab and I had some sensitive information that was against the establishment. As we are leaving the school there are guards that are checking our belongings. Me and the gang were gonna be in trouble at this rate. My friend Steven distracts them while I try to throw our cells under some cars to destroy them. However we were caught by the guards. We were imprisoned. Under surveillance until we could leave for some kind of holiday.

    I leave the building which now looked like a city hall or gov building. I head inside a large van or rv and it was a hideout of a certain pro gamer, K's hangout. He had a colorful personality. I leave after a bit. The roads were somewhat similar to a place near my friend ys house but different. I am heading back towards the building and find people dining on long dinner table. It was being segregated by race or country. Some vips and royalties were seated. The food looked OK, I remember seeing a chicken drumstick. The interior of the building was familiar, I'm pretty sure I visited it in my dram previously.


    I dreamt something about stretching. It was a stretching dream, just myself and others stretching. Like yoga but not yoga, just stretching for couple of hours.(stretched outdoors earlier)

    Notes: I lost consciousness before sleep unlike yesterday. May have had a cold so had trouble sleeping.perhaps will take it easy but will do my best nonetheless.

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