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    Heresy elf

    by , 08-29-2019 at 06:03 AM (120 Views)
    First dream was something about my friend Lucy. Did not write down much although the dream was pretty long.

    I then dreamt that I was writing down dj hence I didn't get much down from last dream. Could not erase, could have become lucid from that.

    Just wrote jibberish and Lucy upon wake

    Heresy elf lucid
    I had thought about a story I read and it transformed into a dream as I fell back to sleep. It wasn't the same story but I thought I was just immersed in reading or seeing a story in the beginning as if I was reading a book and became more real.

    Plot: Me and my elf companion were in a townhall or church or court like building of a small town being persecuted from trying to explain scientific ideas to a very religious bunch. Chased by townsfolk.

    Interior was mostly wood, dark brown wood. Mahagony? Old Timey feeling. Huckleberry Finn like dress attires of ppl.

    We escape to a small place, felt like the backroom of a church. Dark brown wooden pew or seat/benches, beautiful wood really. I look around. My elf companion suddenly begins to pleasure me with their mouth. This makes me lucid. It's stable and quite the pleasure but I wanted to wake up so I do.

    Maybe am prude. What breathtaking beauty though, out of bounds of physical reality.

    FA into my bed, pretty realistic FA.



    forgot dream goal. Will do it next time.

    Well, felt better in dream.

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