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    big mushroom

    by , 11-17-2019 at 04:50 AM (67 Views)
    Huge mushroom

    I found myself in my bedroom in house #25. I found some really huge mushrooms. The biggest one was the size of my arm and was shaped oyster mushroom. It had a slight blueness that stained it on random spots like magic. I wasn't sure if it was poisonous so I didn't eat it. There were some random other shrooms growing beside it. This was inside some kind of a pot that looked like a flower pot.

    I remember that I found some kind of guide book or something that showed me that they were all edible.

    My mom decided to move the mushrooms elsewhere. I was kind of irritated because she moved my mushrooms without my knowledge! But she moved it to my other bedroom so I thought oh ok. The other bedroom's floors were now renovated into soil so it was like now a mini garden. She planted some mushrooms there. I planted some of the mushrooms there, hopeful that they would grow nice and strong. Magical.

    Stolen Song

    I was at some kind of a large convention. Not sure what exactly but it was huge inside a building. THere were some bazaar like storefronts. I explore the place and find a band singing, seemed kind of bigshot. They began singing and I noticed.... They were singing my song. I decided to sing along but they cut me off! I was mad. I walked up to the singer's mic and said "STOP PLAGIARIZING MY SONG." That shout echoed across every speaker in the building, total buzzkill I know. But I was just mad. I walked around a little still mad and went to the lowest level of the buildling. It was some kind of lounge and I find a lady who was my mother only inside this dream among a few others. My mother decided to sue the record that represented the band and she won 70 million pounds apparently. That made me not mad anymore.

    Carrying injured guy, school

    Inside a school. I found some guy he was 8'4 or something really huge. He asked me for some advice, I forget what. There was some fight going on. One guy gets injured and I carry him upstairs. I carry him up to the 6th floor.

    LD blog

    I dreamt that I was DJing on the DV site. I made a blog or something and began to post there instead and it got a little popular.


    Awoke on bed. Felt inspiration. Laid and focused on focusing. Focused on noise and made vibrations. Struggled a little and remembered "it's easy" and exited body? 3/4 successful but did not last very long, or long enough to enter into a dream. Each time I focused on that specific sound.


    meditating helped clear the mind

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