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    Buddha statue guidance

    by , 10-14-2019 at 04:33 AM (75 Views)
    Had many long dreams. I'll jot or write a little

    Story of a wizard. The was a mage from a noble family going after him romantically. And a stud going after her. Location was like a farm. Eloping.

    I also remember going into a store looking at weapons to fight againt someone.

    Giving up flying away.

    Charles was there attacking. He was disgusting.


    **Buda guidance

    I was in somewhere forest like. Like Amazon forest in warm place. I was with a group of monks or something. They were all waiting for their turn to get guidance from a Buddha statue. They'd sit in from off it one by one and get some advice. My turn came up and I sat down in front of it. I just started to meditate. It was a while. I saw kids playing around me and people going about. Meditating with eyes half open as I watched the previous events in a sped up manner. Time was going fast around me.

    I was then transported to another world. Pretty primitive tribe. I wondered who I was in this dream. I wanted to look for a mirror but people wanted me to take a bath. I went in the bath outdoor, made of some metallic material that was an open rectangular box. I saw my reflection in the bath. I looked like the guy who played the lord of the rings character. Was his name aragon? Longer hair and younger though, very buff.

    May have been lucid or almost.


    Fighting hunting demons

    Began in highschool area. Hunting for demons. I also walked out the school towards the kindergarten. The playground was the same location as the previous ld.

    Some demons attacked me. I just took them and sent them into a pocket dimension where my demon fox familiar resided. I fed them to my fox. This made some ppl angry, I forget who.


    Came back to the same dream? Girl wearing black cloak. Tell her about something...

    Demon /android hunting

    It was similar to previous one. We were in the city now and taking the subways. Our mission was to hunt down demons. I was with my team apparently.

    I remember we almost died at the train station where we found a stronger demon hot away though.

    Went down into the station. Met some really strong ones. I forget. They were more android than demons. I think I was about to die. Everyone else perished already. I survived?

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