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    lucid ex, ap practice

    by , 10-16-2019 at 04:18 AM (83 Views)

    wc dream


    Lucid staircase ex

    I was at the top of a stairscase to the left or it rather. There was some metal bars that stopped you from falling off the sides. I saw my ex and someone else to the right. We were laying on our stomach and looking down the stairs or at that direction. I become lucid and tell my ex that this is a dream, shows me a sad face. I tell the person to my right that this is a dream. They appeared to be sad that it was a dream. I give a kiss to the cheek or get a kiss to the cheek.

    The sad face told me it was sad that they weren't the real version that could give me love, they wanted to be the real one instead of a dream one. Perhaps I should have let the dream play out. But what is real or dream anyways, it was real in that moment- maybe I was kind of a jerk to point it out.


    Some dream about earlier in the day


    Nightmare Cult, family

    I was in the big city. Downtown of BC or somewhere nice. Being chased by a cult. Perhaps same cult as the cult dream. I was with my family and we were escaping them. They were trying to find us and we escaped on a car.

    We headed into a mall, it had some small restaurants and a supermarket. Somebody there is a cult member and notices us and calls the HQ. We escape and I'm with my mom. We call a cab outside the mall to escape. It was dark outside.

    The cab driver had a mustache -> ( like that with a dark skin and drove us. He knew that we were in an urgent situation and drove really fast. Super fast, ignoring some traffic laws but that's ok.

    He drove us to building #36 and I thought it was the house #36, but it was rather apartment #36. We entered the apartment lobby and towards the elevator. Feeling somewhat safe. I saw an old man who looked at us suspiciously. He was a cult member and called out forhelp. I told my mom to run away by myself as I proceeded to gain their attention. Another old man began to come after me. I tried to tell him that the other guy was part of a evil cult but he did not listen and they surroudned me.


    Trying to AP/WILD in dream

    I didn't know I was dreaming at the time. There was the kid with glasses. I forget his name but he was a little jerk with glasses that's all I remember.

    Anyways I forget earlier part of the dream but we are in the bedroom and each of us had a bed or a futon of sort and slept there.

    I began to get vibrations after sleeping and proceeded to leave the body a little but went back in. Vib, leave, back in. This repeated perhaps 10 times. Good practice I guess.

    I asked the kid if he had any similar experience, he said he had 1.


    WW2 RUS vs GER

    I was in an army. There was a war going on between germany and russia. I forget which side I was on but it felt and looked kind of like ww2.

    I underwent some training and what not for a while until we were headed for battle.

    I had my rifle in hand and rushed into the enemy buildling. It went alright at first but I ran out of ammo. I was caught in the room to the left. They cut off my limbs and proceeded to torture me. I saw the scene in 3rd person and it was an older man with a chubby face being tortured.

    I wanted another chance and the time turns back.

    Battle again. There's also demons and monster now too.


    Claustrophobic supermarket

    I don't really remember the earlier part of the dream. I was like a super hero or something and just doing super hero stuff. It was near a supermarket.

    I headed into the supermarket from the back and people behind me kept rushing in. People also rushed in from the front of the store and I was stuck in the middle of the store. People just would not leave.

    I felt claustrophobic really. It was a tortured and I was tortured by my thoughts and fears regarding the situation. I begin to think of a way out maybe I'd have to blast or kill all the people in the front or something. And the people in front of me began to clear and make way. Someone told them to leave and I was so glad.

    Something happens as I reach the cashier.



    Didn't really do much DJ but recalled a little Just replayed the dreams in my head a couple of times.

    I really couldn't tell that the AP/Wild dream was a dream. The sensations and vibrations were exactly the same. I did wonder in the middle, and felt like maybe something was a bit off. I do think it was a good practice regardless.

    It's also interesting to think about how many AP like experiences could just be FA or dreams.

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