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    by , 12-19-2019 at 06:12 AM (60 Views)

    First dream had fairy tale characters hanging around in a small town. I think this dream came from what I did earlier in the day.

    Bus chocolate

    I was riding the bus back from school on the way back to home #34. I think the dream looped itself once - dejavued. Back to the bus, I was getting on the buy and paying the bus driver. Instead of paying with money, I paid him with some wooden tokens that looked like small earplugs. I handed him around 6 of them and rode the bus.

    I got back home and my mom was there. I remember eating some chocolate inside the house. It was pretty tasty.

    *I've been in this dream area for the last weeks alot. Could be a dream sign. What is it trying to tell me? Riding that bus was a later time period than the dreams from months prior. So that could mean I'm progressing in terms of time period in a way. I think the message from the dream could be to stay in the present. Since it was either a bus ride or a long walk back home, I was always in rush to get back. So probably stop being in a rush. But I suppose last couple of days I had a nostalgic feeling sort of, just like back then...

    The chocolate, not sure... ate some chocolate today, I do remember thinking about chocolate very briefly the previous day and the dream likely caused me to eat chocolate.

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