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    Failed audition

    by , 08-22-2019 at 06:29 AM (71 Views)
    I was in an underground gymnasium or podium. There was a someone who was a friend long time ago, X, he signed me up for the Singing audition without telling me. I was then pressured to sing in front of the judges or ppl. I did not do too well. I scored myself 6/10. I was trying to get away from the place from the shame of singing so horribly. I tried to walk away from it all but I felt like I was followed. I went outside and tried to get away.

    The walls of the gymnasium were brown bricks. The getaway scenery was outdoors, just regular asphalt but maybe more grey rather than black.The reason I was so embarrassed was because it was televised or something, just was rusty with singing.

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