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    Fight, game, ap

    by , 05-06-2019 at 11:00 PM (34 Views)
    I was at hschool with my friend steven. We were hanging out and I met my neighbor Tony. We ended up scheduling like a fight, like a cage fight of something. I realized I wasn't that prepared so just walked around tried to find people to train me. We went to a mall and ended at the mall cafeteria. Eating foods and there were some indian people there. My wallet or friend's was missing. But there was only visa in the wallet so all was ok.

    Replay scene. At the mall cafeteria. While asking around for the wallet, the Indian people were a group of elite assassins and were out to get me? Get away from there.


    I am in a classroom connected to the school before. We went on a school trip to the nearby spot at the north with a mountain. People were skiing and having fun. Back to classroom. We had to play a terrorist/cop kind of game with the class split in each team. What we had to do was write down numbers on a sheet of paper, indicating where each person would go to and where key items would be placed. I was on the tero team. The teros would go first, writing down how many people they would place on the left/right side like 1:4 or 3:2 sort of thing and then the cops side would look at them. The cop side would then decide to counter the number of people to put on each side as well.

    So my team decided to put it as 3:1. Our plan was to lure them into the 1 side and bomb it or something. After everything happens things are just confusing and it looks like it didn't work as I thought it would.

    -probably influenced from playing counterstrike from long ago

    I woke up

    Listened to some monroe stuff again fell asleep though. Woke, tried doing same things as yesterday and just tried to relax after that and see images. Saw plants again. Practiced seeing HI while twitching eyes. Moved to the side after twitching the body too much. I moved on my back again, in a broken tree pose since that felt very comfortable.


    Got vibrations. I focused on it and it got stronger. Things weren't looking too good though, I had doubts and I was familiar with the sensations, it was getting stronger but felt like one of those that wouldn't work.

    Then I had the bright idea to move my eyes around in circles. I believed that maybe this would induced an artificial REM.. And it worked! I just jumped right out of my body (gravity slightly too light when landing on floor). However vision was not there. Part of me was uncertain if I was in an AP or just really did get up. I walked around with my eyes closed, rubbing hands to try to see things. Did not work though. I walked around the bedroom and somehow knew where I was going. I was by the door and decided to hop a little. I felt that gravity was off, slightly too light. Walked back towards the bed, rubbing hands again. I jumped against the bed and did a half back flip onto the floor. Pain, but slightly off. Then I was back on bed.


    I probably should have touched the floor or the wall. That helped me gain vision last time.

    Circling/rolling eyes is very interesting. I need to try this again! Try this when doubts arise or try it next time when vision is not there. I think it might just work. Maybe do this when dream is collapsing. To create an artificial REM?

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