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    How would I?

    by , 11-17-2020 at 12:18 AM (564 Views)
    new format
    excessive->laziest way

    I was thinking maybe a new format of DJing could be better. Categorizing them by a past/present/future or recall/lucidity/goal format. This way the past/recall part would be recalling dreams, the lucidity/present part would be the parts that analyzes times if I stayed present, and reasonings as to why I didn't get lucid sort of thing. And the Future/Goal would be the parts where I would put down dream goals I have or things I want to improve. I was thinking this might work better maybe.

    I'm doing it because I feel like I lack goals in lucid dreaming overall and this might help. I'll experiment a little and see how it goes.

    dream: I remember in some sort of office building and there were about 3-4 people there. I remembered more right when I woke up in the middle of the night but I didn't write it down.

    It's funny because my recall is worse the 2 days since I started writing more in detail. You could chalk it up to the less sleep from last night but I can't really go around blaming that. I suppose I'll try to go in more details about the dreams I had a few days ago just to get some exercise on that recall part of my brain.

    I remember being in a bedroom I haven't been in before. It was smal and dark and I was facing North? There was a small bed there, not sure if it's twin or single but I think ti was a twim size. It was dark since it was in the afternoon, a sort of sunset lit up through the tiny creaks from the dark brown curtains. I'm just looking forward. I look back at the door to the left and then I immediately feel a sort of wetness. I feel a hand rubbing some kind of oil or lubrication on me. It was like a massage or a prelude to a massage. It felt kind of nice and I wondered who was doing this. So I decided to look behind me and it was the grandma next door. Interesting.

    -I think I saw the next door grandma outside doing yard work few days ago. That might be the source of this dream.

    Dreams from a few days ago
    It was a young brother and sister duo. They were transported to another world. I forgot who I was but I saw through their eyes. The ground was made of dirt and there were some folks around dressed in sorto f clothing you find in fatansy stories in villages. It was In like an outskirt of the town without and buildings and whatnot. I wasn't sure why we were transported here but some of our belongings or keepsakes. Like little stuff or accessories we had gained some sort of unique magical abilities. People wanted it and they fought over it. With swords and spears. It was like medieval style dull steel armors and bits of leather, a rounded skullcap. We ran. We ran away and tried to find one of our belongings. Iforget what it was but it was something like an earring- an accessory of sorts. This particular artifact had the power to likely transport us back to our regular world and we wre looking for it.

    We entered a dark abandoned looking building. It was some sort of a hideout of this group. With an evil sorcerer as the leader who kept our artifact. He was an old man, with a bald head and wore some dark colored robe with some kind of staff. I can't remember exactly how the staff looked like but the bottom part was wood. He sent the soldier after us and we ran past them in the narrow corridors until we got to the sorcerer. I'm pretty sure there was some sort of magic going on. The sister cast some sort of magic that shook the people around us and we grabbed our artifact and we got back. I think it was maybe a stuffed rabbit. A keychain stuff rabbit.

    Oh I remember just now that, after they went back home, they were on some kind of a tour bus for field trip or something like that.

    A boy and a girl again. Third person? This took place inside a school. Looked like a middle school in Japan. The two were friends and I they were trying to decide on what club to take starting their freshman year. They left their homeroom and headed to their left, my right, east? To the ends of one side of the school. I think it was on the third floor and they ended up in a smaller classroom about the half the size of their homeroom. It was like a book club room. A sort of a manga club? But that was just a facade they put up. They were a secret martial arts occult training club and the boy... I should give them a name just so it's easier to type. The boy we'll call him Shou, and her Sakura. I'll give them Japanese names since it appears fitting for this location.

    So Shou was pretty excited about this and wanted to join. Maybe this was an occult club or something. I forget. But he was pretty stoked and ended up shooting like a energy blast from his hand after following the instructions in the texts disguised within the books. Now Sakura wasn't interested at all, and she wanted to leave. But Shou wanted her to try it out too and she was pressured into it. While His energy blast was some kind of yellow ball, the size of his fist, hers was a magnificent beam that was much more powerful. She was just a genius at this.

    A bunch of stuff happens. You know. Some evil group wanting to take over the world sort of thing. And she ended up saving the world. It was some great evil like a demon that led a group of followers that had similar powers.

    Anywho our club member and our protagonists end up saving the world. I remmber the ending scene was also a classroom. I think it was sort of cut in half so you could see the outside. But the last episode of this story took place in their homeroom I think. The world was saved, the end.

    Only time rewinds. Shou gets sent back in time. Or goes back in time? We're back at the beginning of the story, right before all this happens. They still go to the club, but this time he wanted to be the main hero instead, he just wasn't satisfied that Sakura and not he was the main source of power that saved the world. He tried harder this time. I recall a scene where he fought one of these energy users. Maybe we'll call them spirit users. The spirit user had a sort of book open and he floated. He was some sort of summoner or necromancer. This was in the middle of the city at a night time. I gues it wasn't the big city, but rather something closer to suburbs. Because Although there were tall glass business highrises, they were lit up at night with vibrant colors like the big city. He chased us through the city streets and to some small park I think.

    I think I just woke after that

    The next one was a story about a young boy in a small village. Much like tha fantasy setting before. But it was a much more brighter tone story kind of a world. A young village boy we'll call him... Bow. So Bow was a young village boy about the age of 9 or so. He was a sort of a troublemaker, running around and causing trouble for his grandpa. Most things in this town was made of wood. Infrastructures made of just huge pieces of whole lumber. I think they were like the outer walls of the village made to protect them or something. He'd climb up and run across those high spots and no one could catch him. I forget what but something happened. Something to his grandpa. It turns out though his grandpa was a hero that saved the world apparently. I think he found this out when he found some sorta old sword inside the house.

    Anyways now the great evil has come upon us again and it was up to him to save the world this time. Sort of foggy memory from here.

    I was on some sort of an adventure. I summoned a familiar or something like that and she formed a contract with me. We knew each other in the beginning of the dream apparently but I'm still recalling them. She had glistening smooth white hair and pair of tiny jetblack horns out of the top of her head slightly above her temples. A striking beauty, beyond the measure of mere mortals carrying the kindest loving eyes that warmed your heart. 4 Jet black wings? or something like that. And she said with this, now we can be together forever!


    Didn't get lucid. Because I decided to get back to sleep after I awoke once. I wanted more sleep really, not much else. I could blame the fact that I only got like 40 minutes of sleep yesterday, but I can only blame myself really. I wasn't even that tired and it was due to my own laziness that I didn't have good recall, nor lucidity. Maybe that's getting lucid in a nutshell; The always striving to break out of auto-pilot. Staying aware, and not getting lazy.


    My feelings tell me that maybe very detailed Djs everyday might be excessive. Should I just convert it into detailed Djs only weekly? Like short stuff daily. With Weekly review of the most exciting dreams in more detail. Or monthly? Or maybe even just jotting daily, and doing the detailed DJ only once weekly? I feel like maybe that's a good idea. Either way I'll still stick with daily DJ until the 23rd.

    My Goal is to do it all in the most fun and effortless way. The best way to do it should be the most effortless and lazy way right? Because planning for the long term, anything too excessive or too much effort can't last forever. Sure, they might make you get better in the short term, but what if you stop because you don't have the time to practice them anymore? The most fun and lazy way and effective way , because then even with time constraints, you'd be able to do it masterfully.

    The question is not "how do I do it?" or "how can I do it?" Instead, "how would I do it?"

    Because the first question implies I'm asking for something unknown. Like asking someone else how to do something. But the second implies that it's something that's a part of me. Because if I "would" do something, I'd do it slightly different from others. My "own" optimal way, not the way someone else does it. And while it might be very similar indeed in external appearances, yet it feels and differs ever so differently from my own perspective.

    And that may be the difference between wanting and being. Wanting implying that which you don't have, while being would mean you doing it your own best way that is in true resonance with who you are.

    So go imagine what that's like.
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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      I am mostly writing this based on your Goals section. Let me know if it was of any help or even if it wasn't.

      Personally I've found with my own DJing that I become dissatisfied returning to dream entries where I was too vague about the detail when I know for a fact I had better recall than that for the dream. For dreams where I simply don't have any recall anymore or I know/made note of the fact that recall was poor to begin with, this isn't so much an issue.

      On the other hand, I have also found that if I make very long DJ entries too frequently, my motivation can be a bit dampened by the fact that it's a lot of time and effort to do all the journaling then (sometimes I've taken almost an hour to put together a DJ entry). Lately, I think my general approach has been a bit touch and go but I just try to gauge intuitively how much time I feel I want to spend on DJing when the time comes; more often than not in the last few month's I've been far too tired to make side notes properly on some entries, so I try to just let go of my need for the notes and accept that I might come back to it later or that I can be fine with not being as detailed with my thoughts at times.

      Edit: And of course you will be best equipped to figure out what's the best balance for yourself, I just hope sharing my experience may help you with your decisions in either direction.
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      Updated 11-17-2020 at 07:18 PM by DarkestDarkness
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      I know what you mean. Like trying to find a sweet warm comforting spot right between the hotness of the heater and the coldness of old man winter's wind screeching against the window. And I guess there's no short way around it and have to figure out who you are by staying lucid/aware so that you can notice how you perform best. Because only you'd know that specific temperature that suits you best.
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