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    Just keep going

    by , 04-16-2019 at 04:28 AM (63 Views)
    Had 3 nightmares no Ld. Few hypnogigic that almost were dream or Ld but missed

    Ate too much at wbtb, may have affected dreaming.

    Maybe from trying to learn new skill, not giving 100% to practice. Weather was bad, couldn't go outside.

    Maybe affected by slight change in mantra. Will do both versions.

    Need to do more shadow work, I felt very small doubt last night that grew today.

    Grc, shadow work, mild, visualization.

    I felt very frustrated. Decided to persist though since it always bounce back with the best results.

    Keep going!

    Be Always omnilucid!

    Dreams days long, no time to expand.

    Dream apartment, wild animal cat racoon that jumped at me dodged and it fell of balcony.

    May be fears regarding animals.

    Friend Mike seaweed mask coconut bits. Refund at store. Heading home up the hill with group. Went too far up. Going back down the hill girl feels bad send her in teleporter. Keep heading down get separated with some friends I'm with Mike.

    Find group of ppl random foods tools for survival. Girl takes my supply. I go after it's maze. We form groups for survival.

    In the end get ancient survivors revive them.

    Could be incubated coco bits from earlier in the day.

    Survival perhaps related to fears of how people are against each other.

    Playing a game goblin and ghoul style. Final boss. Went to backroom. Thougjt I failed. FA my mother wakes tells me I was groaning in bed. Something about oldest cousin doing good.

    Likely bad memory about the time I got abused because I fell asleep at someone else's house.

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