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    Just some dreams

    by , 09-09-2019 at 05:50 AM (80 Views)
    Location :Beach, island natives natives, оннаくち disloyal, downfall of natives.

    2x obe Mr tech lost lucidity.
    Location :dark underground living quarters
    Dream Zelda game, moving out, friend has kids, kids moving out, selling the Zelda game for cash, touching family moments of friend and his son. Cried and awoke.

    Beast attacking me. It was a bear/lion in the forest or forest trail. Perhaps a hybrid beast. (might be from watching yt videos about bears)

    VR game themed. Related to day time.

    Today -
    Location : class but not school, bright room white desks. People are learning stuff.
    Learning something. Eating cup ramen with kimchi added for lunch at the end of the dream.

    Location :class in school, looks like Japanese elementary school.
    Having a raffle and eating some sweets, was ice-cream or cake. A Japanese classmate from back then in elementary was there. May have went to the mall after.

    What was her name? I... Starts with I. I remember her face. She had a pony tail and had massive cute eyes.

    I was sick all the time in elementary. Kind of this lingering cold. The past few days I have been getting a kind of the same thing. Maybe it's detox or releasing of some stuck energy back then since I was trying to do that before. Maybe this dream is related to that. Nostalgia of being sick. Or not sure if it's something else but just feeling very nostalgic or having feelings of.

    I haven't been djing the most earnestly lately. I had probably around 5 dreams today but only recalled 2. Should I begin to write them all down again in full detail? Do I want to do that? Do I want to be lucid? Could I train dream recall without DJ?

    I was practicing mindfulness the last 2 days and I was noticing I'm getting lucid in waking. Not while asleep though. Just. Feeling like I'm waking up. But I also feel like I'm dying. What will happen when I'm fully awake? Would I finally be lucid? I'm just very lost atm. But somehow feels like I'm finding my way and getting closer to my goal. But what is my goal? Whatever it is, I pray it be good. Id love to be omni lucid though. That would be fun. Maybe perfect dream recall to go along with that.

    Been also doing wim hof method. Got me pretty energetic.

    Its cold outside. I'd like to meditate in a nice warm beach in my dream. Maybe that's the dream goal for now.

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