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    little monk vs tornado, lab, clones

    by , 09-27-2019 at 03:07 AM (78 Views)
    VR Wrestling
    I was wrestling in a VR setting.

    University, Calculators

    I was at university. There was X there. We were fighting and he became Lich-like. Blue skin and just skin ontop of bones. Perhaps becomes 3rd person here, seeing the lich get choked out in wrestling move.

    I was still in that university area and were with 2 friends. So the 3 of us were hanging out on the reading week to study or somehing. We had sneaked into the library to steal 3 calculators! I have no clue why the calculators. But it felt important at the moment and we were being chased after a librarian found us.


    I saw my friend Paul there. It apepared to be highschool cafeteria. He had gotten a hold of a lot of yugioh or some cards for a bulk sale. They were pretty beat up and stuff, but were ok.

    Really Beautiful Guy
    It was the same school I think. Just different area. There was a really beautiful guy there. His beauty was out of this world honestly. Perfect facial features that every woman would kill for: long fluttering butterfly eyelashes, kind and dreamy eyes with a stare that could meld away all of your troubles as your stared into them, and a coy smile that really made you wonder... He carried smooth, long hair. Anyways, I was seeing stuff from his POV at sometimes, and 3rd person.

    There was a guy who had a short temper who was mad at our MC and wanted to fight him. He ended up fighting a wrong person instead though.

    Our MC was with a short girl and a really nice big musclar guy. We were hanging out at some tea shop, drinking tea.

    Little Monk, lab, clones

    Perhaps he is the little monk I saw in a previous dream. I was the little monk in the beginning of the dream.

    I was inside a well-lit hallways of a long building. It appeared to be some sort of lab. I kept proceeding forward and apparently the plot is that the little monk is some big shot. He was a sort of immortal or reincarnation of someone according to the plot. I soon learn that the facility I am in was created solely to watch over his needs.

    I find a bunch of people hanging around in the garden and decided to head out. There were some kids playing and adults walking around. There's some sort of storm that starts to appear though and it's a kind of evil spirit or monster that's made up of tornado or hurricane of a sort. It's controlling the weather and could hurt a lot of people. I thought that I'd go ahead and take care of it but I had a backpack and I wanted to put them somewhere safe. I see a duo of girls sitting down on a picnic table and asked them if they could watch over my belongings. Inside the backpack were some very old ancient books and they looked very cool. I feel like they are ok people so I leave the bag behind to fly up into the air. I feel the evil presence to the top and begin focusing my energy and allow it to surround me. Finally I release the energy and vanquish the tornado out of there. Now I flew in the calm sky a little.

    I get back down on the ground and keep proceeding forward the facility. They are kind of a cult or association that apparently worships this little figure. What they do was provide a safe haven for him throughout the ages, awaiting for his return. The little monk has a daughter apparently, I'm not exactly sure how though as he is a child after all. The backstory tells me she's either his daughter from his previous body, or it's some kind of spiritual family connection, not really sure. I begin to lose his POV around here.

    The little girl, I don't know her name. Should I give her a name? I'm thinking Jade; let's call her Jade for now. If a better name arises we'll change it.

    Jade carried pitch black hair and pale skin, she had a passive and somewhat relaxed stare, but it hinted sharpness hidden within. She was the daughter of our little monk and was apparently also special in some ways. The facility had treated her unkindly though; they had performed experiments on her to test our her abilities and what not. They believed as she was related to the being they worshiped, perhaps she would be just as extraordinary. Yet her capabilities appeared to be simply lackluster. Fearing that they might invoke their master's wrath, before they would permanently cause experimental damage to his daughter, they had secretly cloned her.... Many many times. Who knows how many. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of her.

    And they were out there, running amok in the world. Who knows how? Whether they have escaped, or have been deemed obsolete and removed from the site and yet somehow survived, they were each "her" in a different way and leading a completely different life from one another. Each time she was cloned, her consciousness was split, and one day, their consciousness would rejoice as one and gain the wisdom and experiences of countless lifetimes. That, was her power.

    Jade, her main body, was now outside the facility, in the concrete jungle of the city and exploring the world outside. I was her. That was when she had found one of her clones. It was her, but this "her" had many scars covering all over her face. And her hair was unruly and messy along with her dirtied and tattered clothes. She's been living in the "underworld," so to speak. The scarred girl had been chased by a large woman. I wanted to help "her," instinctively. I grabbed her hand and we proceeded to run away together from the madwoman who carried a weapon. Chasing us across the streets and the overpass.


    Jumping from buildings

    I 'm not exactly sure how to describe it. I knew I would be safe to jump from highrises so I did that twice in the dream.

    The first time I jumped, I had fallen and felt an utter euphoria coming over me. Wanting to experience the euphoria, I'd decided to do it again.

    Second time I'd jumped from somewhere higher, but this time it wasn't nice. It was now filled with darkness and I was lost in that darkness.

    Trying to DJ x3 FA

    I was in a class or something, trying really hard to DJ the previous dreams. Each time it was foiled because the writing apparatus (pen, pencil, ink) would not work well on the paper I was writing on. FA between each try. The paper had a texture of a bath towel and that would obviously be hard to write on and I'm realizing something's off by the third try and I awake.

    perhaps close to lucid.

    Class VR

    I was in a class, perhaps similar to the one before and I was looking for my VR stuff. I'd found it and also my friend Marianne.

    I can't remember the middle and the end of it. It had something to do with changing the timeline based on my actions after.

    Light dream scene (lucid?)
    I was in a dream scene, most things were white colored. I could manipulate objects that I saw at will. I was aware that I was dreaming, however I did not have physical sensations of the dream and I could still hear the sounds heard by my physical body. Is this still a lucid dream?


    I felt like flying in my dreams, so I played a game where you jump off a plank from a highrise building and fly around during wbtb. I think it worked, and I probably did some dream actions because of this honestly.

    BE PRESENT - I just noticed that I should be more present in the moment, so I can be more present in my dreams and that'll probably help it become clearer.

    Perhaps I was a little sad that I wasn't full blown lucid but... I should count my blessings. And I'd probably would have been if I'd did so and was 'present' like I'd previously stated.
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