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    omni zombie sony

    by , 04-21-2019 at 02:35 AM (76 Views)
    The first dream consisted of me researching omnilucidity. It was pretty much mostly me reading/writing my DJ or some LD articles and such. lol

    End dream

    Mom somehow became the president of USA. We were under attack by zombies and a bunch of people (about 40) were all staying under a fortified small place. It had some lockers and whatnot and it was generally safe. I guess it just looked like a gym locker room. I had some books in my locker. But people left or were forced to leave one by one because they weren't patient enough and this kept going for a while until there were about 4 of us left.

    We were now under attack by a fat middle aged man zombie. I was looking for a weapon and I told the girl beside me that shovels were awesome. So we grab some shovels from one of the lockers and I shove the shovel against the zombie. He's pretty powerful and and stuff even while looking pretty unfit. He had some skills, parrying my attacks with his shovel. After the fight I my mom is missing. 3 of us left.

    This dream lasted an afternoon or a day.

    End dream

    Sony the company, is getting back to its feet and buying back its company shares and getting back some company land or something from another competitor company, I think it was konami or namco or something, but not nintendo.

    The thing that we got back was like a lake or a river or something. It had one of those old fashioned boat trip things where you would be served delicious food and wine, etc while boating along the river with its views.

    I am tagging along a shareholder or one of the founders of the company into that competitor's highrise as we are looking to meet with the CEO. We are waiting at an office or maybe it was the secretary. The secretary... I believe was an older woman in 50's with grey hair and she was chubby. We got through her and went into the conference. They were brainstorming an idea for a new product or something in the board room. Meanwhile we just casually stroll through and just give them some bentos - lunchboxes that we had in hand and just begin just hanging out with them, while waiting for the CEO.

    Replay scene. The above scene replays once, everything is slightly different. But overall the same plot and things. This time we are heading into the CEO's office and have a meeting with him. We meet up and have some food and whatnot. Just casually chatting along and things. We decided to leave and say our goodbyes.

    Heading down via the escalators now. Many floors down. I think I accidentally ate a chicken butt or something that had a very strong turmeric taste that made me

    Lasted 2 afternoons I guess



    Well, dreams scenarios were painted by what I did during the wake period in between sleep I think.
    -incubation period short as always

    I'm getting dream of myself trying to be omnilucid.... lol. I guess it needs to be modified a little. Need to just BE OMNILUCID.

    I have no idea what the zombie movie came from. Perhaps its one of those zombie films I watched when I was 4 or something. I recall I had a scary zombie nightmare when I was around 6 that was super vivid. Where my relatives, friends, all became zombies and were chasing me down. I was protecting a candle from them I think.

    I'm tempted to try polyphasic sleep again. But should I? I know that uberman is a guarantees lucid dreams... It works from my experience. But it's just way too much time. Is there something better?
    Show me the path to-


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