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    I have slight trouble recalling the first Dream

    Mexican shroom
    I was on a school trip of a sort down to Mexico. I was with my friend Mike and we were walking the dry yellow dusty road of somewhere near the country side. May have been close to the slums. We were just walking along and find a little convinence store to the left side. We enter it and Mike notices that they are selling mushrooms in a box right below where the cashier was. They were selling an ounce of the mushroom for a dollar. Mike immediately takes up on the offer and buys the mushrooms, and proceeds to eat the whole thing immediately. I thought I should buy some mushrooms too since it was so cheap and all. I reached for my wallet to find a dollar. I am looking through my wallet and find a dollar, well a couple of dollars, as the clerk stares at me. He had long black hair and long beard, he was wide faced and chubby not in plumpness but the sort of fat distribution you would find from one who drank often that sagged near the cheeks.

    I take out the red dollar bill and I discover that it was a special bill made in a specific state from US. It was red inked rather than green and was in marvelously good condition of cotton paper. I had trouble letting it go. I thought it was worth alot more than a dollar for a certain and as I rummaged through my wallet for other dollars, they were all some sort of unique or special bills. So I let the red dollar go in the end and handed it over.

    The clerk carried a stern expressed and said that it's no good. He believed it was a fake dollar or something and wouldn't sell me the mushroom! He also commented how you shouldn't eat the whole thing at once. So I headed out the convinience store to find mike. I caught up to him and asked him if I could borrow a dollar or his credit card. No Bueno as-

    Time was running out and we had to head back to the airport as we headed forward to onwards the direction of it. There were some suspicious looking alleys ways and before you know it we were surrounded by shady looking bunch.

    Warcraft update
    I was in someone's house, looking d like the older stevens apartment back then. I was logging onto steam, the game client while there was a dinner party going on. I was also editing an article in the meantime, while I also talked to a few other young guests. After a while there's a news of the newest wc3 patch.

    *perhaps wc reforged


    Purification! Lucid
    I was headed too towards the mall in M city with my mom in the car. We were driving by and find a electronics store and decided to stop by.

    It was a very old fashioned electronics store. Actually their products were old fashioned too; cube shaped old tvs were being sold there arranged in 2 rows. They were pretty small and old. I wonder if this was the past. While browsing the tvs we meet a mother and son duo. We talk for a while and find that the mother and I and my mom and the son had similar world views respectively which were opposite of the other. We talk and leave them be.

    We are now heading towards the counter at the end of the store. There were some more tvs there and I see the mom and son duo again before getting to the counter. There were some tvs and stuff at the counter too but I just begin to question it all.

    "why am I here?"

    I am lucid, looking around once more. I notice a kind of an open entrance to the left side of the counter. I decided to go there to see what's there.

    It was a small gym. There were small gym equipments there and two women were there. I found a huge plastic bottle (1meter+) and decided to check my dream control. I imagine a fine and conjure a tiny blaze on my right palm top and release it against the bottle. It lights up slightly. They were pretty impressed. I decided to stop the fire before things burned so I conjured water. But maybe water wasn't enough so ice. And the thing looked pretty chilled now and had a sheet of ice covering its exterior. The 2DC noticed my powers and asked for my help; they were running the gym and there was a sort of an underground dungeon below us that gave off negative energy, affecting their business.

    I decided to help them. They walked in front of me towards the wall. There was a secret passage way that opened up to the dungeon beneath. I follow them down.

    It was pitch black in the dungeon and I couldn't see much. I decided to cast fire again but the light was too dim. I decided to cast light and it flashed a dim light in front of me. I felt like it wasn't enough so I added another one with my left. The girl in front of me decided that I had everything covered so she just ran forward very quickly before disappearing from our sights. The one behind me was wiser though and knew better. She asked me if we should just turn on the lights I agreed. She flicked the switch to the right and it was brighter.

    It was pretty big though and I couldn't see the end in sight. Just a Rocky cave like road in front. I was starting to get bad vibes from the place and I wanted an easier way and thought of one. I shouted "purification" or "cleanse." forgot which but, the idea was to purify the whole place in one go. But my vision becomes blank.

    I am teleported to some sort of small warehouse, mostly wooden. The place reeked of bad vibes. Scary. I was feeling awry and decided to summon a holy staff! Yes a holy staff could beat evil spirits! So I summoned a long wooden stick. It wasn't all That magnificent and looked like just a bunch of wooden boards nailed together, but it was long. Taller than me at least.

    I decided to go forward, and opened the door to the left. There were some creepy looking dolls made of cotton materials among other old articles. I decided to make good use of my staff.

    I "purged" the doll by simply swinging the staff against it and cutting it apart. So I decided to head out and went to the next room. There were more of the dolls and I swung my holy staff to purge it of evil. Hopefully it was working honestly.

    But I was getting bad vibes again. A foreshadowing of something bad. So I decided to purify the whole place.

    "Purification!" I yelled,

    And a white light blinding.


    Short ones
    Just waves of monsters, being tested I feel like as I fought them off.

    Was dodging bullets and shooting.

    Woke from sensation of moving wrists, perhaps FA though

    Black room
    I saw a white room in front of me. It was so typical and I wanted to see something else more graceful. I walk through the wall to the left and I appear to have teleported to a black room.

    The walls were pitch black and it was tastefully equipped with elegant and subtle furnishings. Something about it felt so beautiful to me.


    2 beds Lucid
    I was in an apartment building and was trying out vr in the bedroom of it. I took off my vr headset and looked around; it looked similar to the bed next to my room but somehow it was an apartment though. Looked kind of downtown ish feel.

    I was very suspicious of this place and think I am dreaming. The bed looks exactly how it should be - am I wrong? I walk pass to the bed and down towwrds the hallway, I look back and there were 2 beds now. OK it's a dream. I head towards the windows that were leaking out white rays of the sun, to look outside.



    My dream awareness appear to be getting sharper.

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