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    recalling dreams

    by , 03-08-2020 at 04:12 AM (41 Views)
    Interesting notes:

    I didn't remember the earlier dreams at all after a bit, but I had the desire to do so. After falling back to sleep I actually remembered the earlier dreams inside the dream. You can actually recall forgotten dreams inside dreams because it's the same state of mind?

    alien school

    I was in a school. There was an alien invasion of a sort and most people were unaware that it was happening. Me and my friend snuck out at night to check out somewhere near the park or river and stole something from the alien camp. We went back to school the next day and it seemed like the alien under the guise of the person was aware that we might have been behind whatever but he didn't have solid proof that it was us. We went out that night again to do rest of whatever we had to do to foil their plans.

    The search broken time machine

    Me and my companion went back in time with some sort of device that looked like a round amulet to go back into time or different worlds. We were back here to look for something or learn about how the world worked back then. We appeared on top of a a grassy hill but noticed that our device ws malfunctioning though. There was a cave nearby and there was some sort of treasure there... But we went to the city after though to maybe look for parts to repair our device. Ended up in a conference room. There was a tall blonde guy with short hair there among other people. A little person came and began asked who stole his thingy. I forgot what he said but it was like a treasure of sorts (related to the cave?) I decided to help the tall guy who stole it. I took a chair and swung it at him and he just dodged it so gracefully. I decided to turn the chair to the other side with the legs in my hand and he ran away.

    We ended up somewhere where there was the treasure. There were red lasers there that protected it.
    cat girl meditate

    I was inside the house #34, I forgot what I did early on. I came back and wanted to rest so I'd headed upstairs to the smaller bedroom. I went in and laid down but there was a cat there. I think there were 2 cats, but only 1 of them was on the bed and just kept wanting to snuggle and it rubbed against me. It was pretty cute so I just let it be as I went to sleep and it did appear to fall asleep too.

    When I came to I found the kitten snuggle again but it was transforming into a little girl. She went ahead and laid sheepishly down. I decided to get up and sat on the opposite side of the bed by the window I began to meditate there.

    I was downstairs after a while and M was there. I forgot what we did but she gave me a mission report.
    Trust issues vampire

    I was in the neighborhood of house #25, I went to a neighbhor's house and jack was there. There was a japanese boy there, I forgot his name, he had short hair and bad skin. I found something behind the tv and it was a bottle of pills, Yap told me to do whatever you want. It was like a birthday of a little girl here and everyone was getting into a costume and I was like put into a dress. We were headed elsewhere.

    It was a concert and the girl was singing, a mic was given to me and I sang, and I overshadowed her. I got kicked out... lol. I was outside and it was raining, bunch of shady looking people was there and I asked if I could hitch a ride since my wallet and phone was back there. A trio of folks drove me... but I didn't trust them.

    I ended up at Z's house and there was a house party inside. I found Z in the kitchen and cooking something. I told him what's up and he was listening and asked me to repeat what I said since it was drowned over by the sound of the pan. A vampire attacked everyone inside the house soon after.
    2 elf girls

    There were 2 elves being captured. I think this was the continuation of the cave part from before. I remember there was a dwarf there inside the cave holding unto his treasure
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