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    Rough nights

    by , 10-25-2019 at 03:32 AM (107 Views)
    Internal turmoil... Resolved?

    I want to be better at meditation. Thanks skipper.

    I want to be more loving and lucid. In both realities.

    I want to 'know'.

    Kindly nudge me awake if you see me sleeping in dream world.

    Be lucid now! Right now!

    Rough notes:

    Oct 22

    Did not sleep too well.

    I was in old mansion with Jack's and my family. there's a tornado there's a tornado or something going on and we had inside a mansion . the first years and stuff starts to get blown away towards us and I'm blocking some of them. But Jack's mother gets hit in the head. She said she need to get somewhere. House breaking apart. Furnitures, big rectangular takes keep flying I'm blocking but house comes apart. We're sent flying in the air. I grab my mom and hug and cover her with my body. There are cars on the road driving, other houses were stripped bare by the wind . We're circling around and I don't let go. I land head first and felt my nose break and taste the blood through my nose, it keeps on rushing out of my head as I'm spun around. I'm dying. I accept my death and begin to let go of my life, I truly felt a sense of ease of death but I still hold on to my mother. Maybe she could still live. I keep getting pushed by the wind slowly losing my consciousness and hit my head against the pavement. My nose hurt even after I was wide awake. It hurt for a good 15 minutes until I decided to rub/crack it a little.

    Oct 23

    Rich family raided by police shut in hot away some family died. On track to get family back. Some siblings spy.tapped house spider bots. Sister helping. Her seat to the secret room but raided by
    *minipool* squatters. Shot and other ppl come shoot. House. value down. Grandpa helping to rebuild family. Rival family trying to host dinner. Not as good. They may be culprit. Guy learning law to get back home.

    Words transform to pictures better learning then Transform to women spiral subliminal learning.

    Hanging with people they want to go to party. Girl didn't want to go. She was popular and others wanted her to go. I tell her I might give her a chance at making love if she comes and she decides to go. Orange vodka.

    Oct 24

    Slept 1 hr

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