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    The story teller

    by , 09-17-2019 at 04:29 AM (71 Views)
    After wbtb,

    I saw a third person game of slark.People were not intereted in it though.


    APish/failed wild
    I got vibrations that rang throughout my head. I tried to keep calm and the vibrations stopped. I felt like I failed. This repeated twice.

    Right after that I decided to go upstairs to grab some food. There were some random dough by the stairs and I went past it to the fridge. On the side of the fridge ther were some pastry dough that I tasted, it was sweet. But I felt something was off and soon awaken. I realized it was a FA.

    *I probably could have tried exit techniques then. It felt closer to AP feeling than WILD. Not too lucid until the end though.

    I dreamt about balancing and kicking stuff while I practiced or played ukulele.

    I was with a little girl. We were in a park or nature-like place. Kind of looked like backyard. I/we begin to feel ghastly presence and it's a hornet and mosquito. They weren't normal bugs though. The mosquito had some kind of glow. The wasp or hornet (size is somewhere between the two) kept going at me and I was just trying to fend it off with my hands.

    Nintendo switch
    I dreamt about Nintendo switch, it was a e3 kind of thing. There was an octopus robot and Nes, the nintedo character there.

    Return of the Mage

    I saw a kingdom before my eyes. It was an olden age like times. They were heralding the return of a mage to their city or castle. I may have initially been the mage. Although most of the dream was in third person. The protagonist of the story was a young man, who could receive the wisdom bestowed by the mage. He went through a kind of a gate and saw things that were out of this world. He also received knowledge telepathically or something. This young man was the prophet. He would receive things, powers or ideas that would revolutionize the world. He would receive it through a story then tell it. And they would call him the story teller.

    The young man was in a R&D department of the kingdom, or maybe you'd call it the alchemist or something. They were having a play fight where the participants had to create machinery from only papers to fight against each other. This was a sample of a way to demonstrate their prowess and find out who was the most promising of the young ones. Our main protagonists were granted knowledge and powers that were a little unfair so he created a sort of a tank with the paper materials given to him and he came out ahead.

    Some time had passed and a royal conference was held to reward the person who had created all the new inventions for the kingdom. As his name flashed out letter by letter. V, L, A, D,I, M,I,R. It was not our guy though, the ideas were stolen by his superior. Vladimir had stolen the ideas but eventually he was caught and punished - The prince was jealous of his achievements and the deeper he dug, the more it apepared Vlad wasn't the originator of the ideas nor was he the story teller.


    Dreamt about a being that was like goku from dbz.


    Had a bad day earlier. But I think I am ok now. Go me! for almost doing a wild/ap even though I wasn't feeling 100%. Well maybe I did do it, just needed to pay a littlem ore attention. I think it may have been due to my mood being a little foul and was less aware of my surroundings.

    I did try to pep up before sleep and shadow work today too so I think I am good now.

    I think I need to relax a little more.

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