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    Persistent Charismatic Jolly Black Man

    by , 09-18-2019 at 03:07 AM (77 Views)
    Apprenticeship to black jester
    I was out with some students. We began in the classroom and was out to survive in the wild concrete jungle of a downtown area. There were some evil entity out to get us and we were all escaping and triying our best to get away from them. There was one particular jester like guy that was chasing us. He was dressed in black. We hopped over the fence to get away from him. He ended up catching one of the other classmates. He was trying to get me but I kept finding a way to overmanuver him. He eventually wanted to make a deal with me; he said that he'd let go of her if I became his apprentice. I wasn't sure but I thought I'd help the classmate out. Turns out the black jester had a brewery business and wanted someone to take over eventually. Earlier in the dream I recall saying “let's make smoothies!” to my classmates before we left the class and having fun.


    Hotel Paid for
    I am back in the same city. I was with a friend, maybe M, There was also her guy friend there. I left to explore the place and it was a hotel. One of the rooms were mine. Apparently the black jester from earlier was now my mentor and he paid the hotel fees for me for a while -like a year or longer.


    Just mad
    I was in a large whiter mansion. I was trying to DJ the previous dream, so maybe this was FA.I went down to the first floor and found my dad cooking. I thought I'd help him out by picking up some chives from the upper floor garden. He was pretty angry though because he didn't want to eat it today. Well, he seethed with relentless anger maybe. I was honestly pretty hurt by this so I decided to get upstairs to my room to pack things up and leave. It was pretty big. There were 5 floors I think, each floor had kind of a living room. As I was packing my mom was trying to stop me. I was still mad so I ignored her. My dad then came up and we argue a little. He said something about “ stop taking stuff with weird language on it.” and I said that has nothing to do with anything. Eventually the guests show up. We were expecting them since the beginning of the dream and they gather up on my 2-3rd floor living room. Relatives or acquaintances kind of party thing, they said something offensive.

    *I get a partially lucid here, just stop caring about stuff, also could be dream telling me to stop taking weird nutritional supplements, may also be influenced by a memory

    I said fuck you and leave. As I was leaving my dad calls my mentor from the previous dream somehow lol. But instad of a tiny skinny jester he was now a big black guy. Santa Claus sized jolly, bald head with a beard. He had a thin black guy with dreads with him. My dad said “why don't you tell him what's going on then? Since you love your mentor so much” I was still mad so I said fuck you again. My dad already left though. So my mentor got offended and left. Since he was innocent I felt bad about it. I tried to say don't leave and they came back a little. I said I love you. An old lady with grey hair who was a psychologist talks to all of us to sort things out.


    Light dreams
    I was calming my emotions and catching my thoughts while I was in a light dream andhypnogogic state. I tried to turn them into dreams by relaxing.


    Jamaican Tattoo Parlor LD
    I dreamt I was at a school, we were on a field trip and we were headed to a safari or somewhere tropical. It was just very bright there.My field trip companion and I went up a water slide to just slide down. We go around a bit and my companion gives me 6 dollars in 2 dollar coins. She tells me to enjoy and I felt a bit ridiculous as to what could I possibly do with just 6 dollars? As if to answer my question a booth appears to my right. I go in front of it and it's a outdoor tattoo parlor. It was run by a thing Jamaican looking man, so perhaps this was Jamaica or somewhere nearby. I thought about what I wanted to tatoo. After a moment I realized that I wanted a tattoo to help remind me to be lucid. So I'd thought I'd tattoo “omnilucid” on myself to remind myself. Thinking about lucid dreaming stuff made me lucid just now. And I did want a tattoo that could help remind me to be lucid in future dreams. But I was getting a bit excited.


    Flying Apartment LD
    I was in an apartment building. I recall I was trying to DJ while I was indoors where I had supposed roommates. I went up the roof and tried to remember... I was a little lucid, and getting more lucid. As I had gained increased lucidity the dream was beginning to destabilize so I began to center myself like the meditative state. Then I began to float. No, the whole apartment building floated to my will. It was kind of like a flying carpet, but instead an apartment. I was still interested in getting the omnilucid tattoo from the previous dream and I dragged myself and the whole building along with me. We soared for a little until we reached the previous dream destination. But before I could get to the parlor Evan, whom I had unfound dreams of approached me. I let my emotions get the better of me and went after him. He had a giant with him, whom I proceeded to fight as well.


    Charismatic jolly black teacher
    I was in a school again. It was a different school. There were some computers to the left. Some students sparsely filled the room. We are just going through the motions of the class before the teacher shows up. He was a larger black man, very similar to the one that was apparently my mentor from the previous dream. I listen to his lecture for a bit before he said something that really touched me and made me cry.


    Mean looking but nice black lady - Charismatic jolly black teacher pt2
    I'm back in the same place as the previous dream. There were some people in the room apparently who are in love with or adoring me. I just wanted platonic relationships. I saw a girl to thr right and asked her if makeup is magic. She said yes.

    Some people are now taking a test to the left side of the class. I think it waso nly 2 of them. They were competing to see who could do better. I wanted some food though.I wanted to buy some and take it home. There was also a register and a counter there, where you could buy stuff inside the class. Pretty cool. I got a lot of food to take home. I think they may have been leftovers from lunch, but they appeared really delicious looking. I tried to pack it all up but I couldn't find bags or containers to put them in. A young girl who was like a staff in this strange school-store-library kind of place tried to help me. As she was trying to help me an older and thin black woman with a pair of stern eyes comes over. I thought she was going to stop the girl from selling me the bags. She said something about it's after hours and you can't really sell stuff after a certain time, because that's the rules. I thought what a jerk...

    But turns out she was actually nice. She told the girl to instead register the purchase for staff use and then everything would work out. I buy the bags from her. The older woman looks at me for a while before commenting that I was a good person. Because I was crying in the previous dream when I was listening to the man from the previous dream. Hearing that I recall the previous dream and all the motions that were there before. And I begin crying as a loving music begins to play in the background.

    I wake in tears.


    I think my dream was trying to tell me to believe n yourself and know that you are a good person, as in that I deserve to be happy. Thanks.

    The other thing is that could this DC be dream guides? He was pretty persistent today.

    Also my dreams are connecting to each other more often.
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