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    Just Another Dream Journal

    Nothing special.

    1. Fragments

      by , 07-15-2010 at 10:25 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I've been sleeping like crap for the past week or so. I'm constantly woken up by kids or the heat, so my recall has been royally sucking.

      One dream I had that was absolutely awesome was:
      I was walking on a street near my house. I saw lightning in the distance... a LOT of lightning. Then, a thin bolt hit the ground in front of me and another hit in front of someone walking near me. I was amazed I wasn't struck or injured by proximity.
      I then turned toward my long driveway and I felt strong wind from all sides of me and knew a tornado was heading toward me. THere was a large truck across the street which I ran for. Some almost elderly woman named Ruthie sat down in front of a Stop Sign. I tried to get her to follow me but she said she had had enough and was going home (heaven?). She wouldn't budge from the spot.
      Then some guy named David and a little girl ran toward me and joined me underneath the truck. The area was much larger than it would have been in RL. We held on to various parts and rode out the storm safely.
      Afterward, I made a sandwich lol.
      I cut it into triangles and asked the girl if she wanted some.

      That was the only whole dream I recall from this week.

      Fragments include same ole same ole themes:
      Running through a large house, trying to hide dead bodies, wrecking cars, wrecking the RV, messy house, messy RV, fights with kids, lots of water dreams, dreams of Chewy dying a million different ways in a million different dreams (Chewy was a rabbit who was killed by one of our cats a couple weeks ago).
      In a dream from last night, I dreamed of my old cat Rogue and something about snakes. They were odd with spikes running down their sides. A man caught one and snapped off it's head with his thumb.

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    2. Shorts...

      by , 07-06-2010 at 01:10 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I dreamed of cooking food... corn on the cob, lasagna, cheesy garlic bread. I was at my grandmothers house. We spoke about what veggies go with what main courses and, for some reason, I had to explain what cheesy garlic bread is.

      In another dream, I wrote down 2 names. They both started with "V" and were really cool names, but I don't recall what they were. From those 2 names, I created manuscript outline

      In another dream, I was a guy. I was with 2 other people in a very remote location. We had to set up some sort of machine that sort of hovered above a rock and read the terrain for miles. It also located weaknesses in the earths crust and minerals. It was set up in a cave and there was an area we could dig just feet away. A woman hit the area with a shovel and the ground crumbled more than anticipated and put the mission and our lives at jeopardy.

      In another dream, I spoke to a teacher of my youngest daughter. It was the last 2 weeks of school and he had to shuffle her schedule around some because he was going to be unavailable during the last week.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Short dreams

      by , 07-05-2010 at 04:23 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I'm completely addicted to Facebook games- namely, Frontierville and Cafe World. I kept waking up on my own when I knew something was ready... so I didn't get the best sleep.

      One dream was like a computer game or some sort of cartoon skit. A baby was hanging from a door and I had to dress him in cowboy clothes in order to open up a nursery. Then there was some sock puppet/wind sock that I accidentally took apart. I placed the wrong piece on the end and some man was upset that I killed his Socky. I replaced the right part and he was happy again. Other things happened but I fail to remember them.

      In another dream, I was walking down an apartment sidewalk. I heard a dog growling, a baby crying faintly and smacking sounds. I tried to look inside but it was all a blur. The crying and smacking got louder so I pounded on the door and told them the police were there and they had better open up. A 14-16 year old girl was abusing the baby. The grandmother was at her wits end. There was another kid or 2 there. The girl was punishing the baby for something, thinking abuse was the way to do it. I stood in the doorway and explained to them that abuse was NEVER the answer... that they should be ashamed of themselves... if I found out it continues, I really would call the cops... that it was never okay for anyone to treat them that way either. The baby was a boy and he had welts on his butt to the point he looked disfigured. He bent in such a way that he kissed his own boo-boos. Then he went to his grams and cuddled against her. She explained the abuse the children had gone through with their father. I don't remember how it ended... oh yeah, but as I was leaving, they accidentally shut the door and the baby was outside. I picked him up and brought him back inside and joked he was already trying to run away. Then I worried they might take that literally and beat him again.

      In another dream, I was in a large house. It was horribly messy and located where my trailer is in RL. There were at least 3 stories. A computer was knocked over during some rough-housing. One of the kids in the house was about 18 years old. He was ready to strangle someone because the computer was his livelihood. I then went to each of the kids and assigned them chores to do PRONTO. On the top floor, I explained to a young boy why the computer was so important... that it was his brothers "way out". The brother heard me and his rage went away and he felt love for the little boy. He sat beside the younger boy and explained, himself, why it was so important to him.
      Downstairs, a couple of girls were arguing and they didn't appreciate being given chores at all. But they went to work anyhow.

      In another dream, somehow connected to the last one... I was in the RV. Some guy lived in it and was renting it to me. My oldest daughter flooded the toilet, and I yelled at her... asking her what she didn't understand by "Don't use the toilet, it's FULL!" There was hamster bedding all over the floor and I yelled for one of my other kids to vacuum it up. Then I saw 2 rabbits hopping everywhere. I was ready to pull out my hair. I told my daughters to give them back to their friend, that we didn't have a cage for them... but they cried and said they were Iccabahs babies and they found them. (Iccabah is a cat lol).
      Oh yeah.. at the beginning of the dream, the old man was arguing with a cop. The cop insisted he had parked in the middle of the road. Though the car was no longer there, the officer was giving him a stern warning. The old man said it couldn't be proved and that the officer was a liar. He then went on to say something I've forgotten, but it was basically a tit for tat thing (the old man made up something against the officer and told him to prove it was untrue). When the cop left, I called the old man an asshole under my breath. My feelings softened for him, though, as the dream progressed.

      In another dream, I kept going to Sheetz to fill up my 52 oz cup but I would leave having forgotten to do so. I would drive back and do it all over again.

      I dreamed something about food... icecream and other stuff.

      I dreamed someone asked how big my family was and I said I came from a family of 11 (it was really 7), though we weren't raised together. The person knew my bio-dad and said something strange about my brother Eric rising from the grave a couple times a year (in RL he died in an ATV accident). Then I saw the man was a Pentacostal Preacher and I felt compelled to listen to him out of politeness. Then he wrapped me in some sort of cloth and dispelled demons and told me to pray. I don't recall what I asked. Then he slipped some trinket into my hand and when he removed the cloth, I was supposed to slide the trinket into a candle slot. It was star shaped and I couldn't get the object inside. The Preacher ended up doing it for me. Don't recall how it ended.

      In another dream (one of the first of the evening), all I recall is a woman snobbishly smiling at my buzz cut.

      In one of the last dream tidbits, my hair was growing back quickly but unevenly. I had a lot of long wisps.

      That's it.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Multiple fragments

      by , 07-04-2010 at 07:30 PM (Just Another Dream Journal)
      I don't recall much about my dreams last night.
      A couple things that stand out:
      I heard a woman being raped. In the dream, I knew her. I couldn't access the room so I banged on the wall, yelling at the man. The woman quietly told me to leave them alone, that it was concentual. I knew he was making her say that, but I couldn't do anything. I felt utterly helpless.

      In another dream, I was running through a building with many rooms. This is a recurring theme. A very large (both tall and fat) man opened the door and taunted me. "Is she in here? (it was a very small bathroom and I was hiding behind the opened door)" He asked. Then "Should I run along now and keep searching or" then he stepped into the room to look behind the door. I hit him as hard as I could then kept running. Don't recall how it ended.

      In another dream I was some other woman. I had been kidnapped and taken........ no, the dream started in a car. I was with a guy who had abducted me. He gave me a red wig to wear but it fit me poorly. We were in a nightclub and I heard someone talk about a guy who was missing. In the dream, he was a friend. I told my abductor that I wanted to look for him. I thought I knew where he was. But that made the man very mad. He called the friend my lover and said I wouldn't see him again.
      When we left, the dream continued in 3rd person and I saw the news. There was a picture of me and there was an announcement about my abduction.
      Then I was by the sea, on a cliff with caves. There were several people, but they were all clones (3 different sets). Some were bad guys, others good. I tried running, but got caught. The man then gave me a syringe. I don't remember why I HAD to stick under my eye. I think the life of someone else was at stake. Anyhow.. he gave me a syringe and explained what would happen. I stuck it through my lower eye lid and into my eyeball. The sollution dissolved my eye. It looked REALLY gross and I was surprised there was no pain. Then I had to do the other eye. The colors I saw as my eyes liquified were amazing.
      There was a huge fight
      There was a battle and I fought though blind. Don't recall how it ended.

      In another dream, I was on a spaceship. We were lost for a really long time, but we ended up finding a Planet of the gods or some such. When we landed a car drove us through a neighborhood. One home had a plate which read : "The Last of the Jetsons" lol.
      Our finding the planet was crucial for earth. Don't recall why.
      Then the dream was narrated my a girl who was supposed to be my daughter or granddaughter. She spoke of moving into the last house on Jackson.

      In another dream, I was in a car with a former Elder of my Congregation. He spoke to me about quitting smoking and getting back into the Congregation. That's all I recall.

      In another dream, I was a guy... I remember nothing else though.

      That's it for today.

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