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    1. The Slide Projector

      by , Today at 06:00 AM
      Morning of May 30, 2017. Tuesday.

      I have had dreams of slide projectors before, though this is another repeat of the water and electricity combination. I am in an unknown residence, though it is possibly implied to be our present home. If so, it seems in or near the kitchen.

      I have a slide projector (of an older design) that works in an unusual way. Water must be poured into it through the row of buttons. The buttons are similar to the setup of a portable cassette recorder and on the left side (when viewed from the front).

      Our oldest daughter and youngest son are present. I put some water into the slide projector but perhaps it was not enough. Apparently, this is supposed to make it less hot when plugged in.

      I hold the electrical cord and hold the plug near the outlet. Bizarrely, the cord quivers in my hand like the tail of a rattlesnake. (Electrical cords and snakes have had ambiguous associations in the past, similar to a scene from the 1950 Bugs Bunny “Rabbit of Seville” cartoon, though the first association as such came before I ever saw this cartoon, giving proof that others have had the same associations.) The prongs vibrate so quickly, the imagery blurs slightly. The plug actually speaks in a human voice, though with electronic effects. “Danger…danger,” it moans slowly. Our children look on curiously.

      “Dane-cher,” it says at times (rather than the soft g of “danger”), the realism of whether or not it is a human voice coming and going, sometimes becoming too fuzzy to hear as “danger”. I feel the cord vibrate and buzz in my hands. “Danger…danger,” it buzzes several more times, each time I hold it closer to the outlet. I explain to our children that it is actually speaking even though they seem to doubt it at times. Apparently, this is some sort of actual function relating to the slide projector, that is, when the plug is too close to an outlet (without enough water in the projector) it vibrates and “speaks” like this.

      This is a really bizarre but vivid dream, coming after another recent dream of water and electricity. There have been a number of dreams throughout my life where the water induction factor was illogically linked to waking symbolism. This seems to only happen when I change my sleep cycle. Water is sleep and electricity is wakefulness, though I consider getting an extra hour of sleep (that is, going to sleep an hour earlier) as a good thing, though apparently any change sends messages to the body in a biological sense. Still, the strange inconsistency and wrongness of dreams may actually be related to what I had written a number of times before - that non-lucid dreams are wrong in every way possible to manifest what is actually inherently correct in real life. That is, dreams test everything that is not right so that only that which is right (in reality) results (which of course is the opposite of the nature of precognitive threads). This is yet another reason (of hundreds) why “interpretation” (occultism-based but especially second-hand) is not really feasible, and additionally, in the next paragraph, is also revealed how someone else “interpreting” a dream could not possibly know the environmental factors of the dreamer’s.

      On another level, these recent dreams could perhaps relate to real electricity and a possible danger relating to water. There was a dream from 2015 involving a snake and at least two events where it was near an electrical cord. In that case, it turned out to be a warning about a frayed extension cord I had not consciously noticed. Also, in a very early set of dreams from 1965, there was a rattlesnake at the peak of a hill, which illogically rose up in the form of a mattress spring (my dream also having a mattress near a bridge in a landfill we were traveling through in a car) and turned out to be a warning (though which I was already somewhat aware of) about a real mattress spring poking through my mattress. In other cases though, snakes symbolize many different things depending on the dream (such as the human intestine regarding stomach problems or even an umbilical cord reference), though sometimes just a waking mechanism (to jolt the dreamer into waking) with no other meaning.

    2. Lizard Girl Skin Grafts

      by , 05-28-2017 at 09:34 AM
      Morning of May 28, 2017. Sunday.

      Curiously, the setting seems to be in one of the portables (classrooms set up in large trailers) at my high school (though I also attended one in fourth grade). However, there are no associations with school.

      An unknown (at first) girl is present. She has reptilian skin, though it is of a colorful floral pattern (of the type on curtains and bedsheets and such, thus this may be a dream sign, that is, an association with Zsuzsanna being in bed next to me).

      I become aware that she has some sort of inherent biological function in her body where skin automatically grows over certain parts (in a similar manner as a lizard tail growing back after being cut off). There is one part where I watch the process. The tip of her tail had been apparently injured (and even partly cut off) by someone slamming the door before she was through the doorway. The new tail section has a slightly different floral design and colors. At another point though, there is a rectangular band-aid shape protruding from her forearm (somewhat like oversized loose skin). It is more like unneeded skin growing out due to a biological glitch. She shows mild concern.

      Later, she becomes a young version of Zsuzsanna. I stand facing her and she now seems mostly human though has a vivid dominating presence (typical of the personified preconscious during the waking stage). We hug and I kiss her neck. This eventually brings about the coalescence waking symbolism that has been quite common in my dreams since early childhood (where a main dream character unites or “melts” back into me with a very pleasant feeling).

      Oddly enough, based on the setting, there seems to be some sort of insignificant recall of an event from fourth grade where I had my fingers slammed in the door of the portable (though they were not injured). For some reason, this seemed transmuted into the lizard girl having her tail clipped. I even recognized her state as “mine” for a very short time.

    3. Water From the Wall (into Mixer or Humidifier)?

      by , 05-28-2017 at 06:54 AM
      Morning of May 28, 2017. Sunday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children and I are living where we are now in reality. It seems to be late at night. I eventually hear unusual gurgling sounds, like water being pumped through a pipe or sprinkler system. I am puzzled by the nature of the sound and what it could mean. I listen to the sounds for several minutes. At one point, it sounds somewhat like a coffeemaker (though we do not have one or ever drink coffee).

      On the far end of the counter, where the small oven is in reality, is some sort of machine that resembles a squarish mixer, though no bowl is present. I have a false memory that it is some sort of humidifier that keeps our house cool in summer. There is also the clear but false memory of having taped over the plug on the end of the electrical cord to keep it more secure in the outlet.

      I tell Zsuzsanna about the sound. Eventually, water sprays out of the “mixer” from the area where the wire whisk would be. It sprays down in a circular pattern (somewhat like a shower head). I am aware that there is a system of pipes behind the wall but that something has malfunctioned. I worry about water getting into the outlet. Even though I had taped over the plug to keep it secure, I decide to unplug it for now, which will supposedly stop the water spraying out.

      The water and water sounds within the wall (liminal space) are common dream state induction factors. The mix of water (sleep) and electricity (increased neural activity within the dream state) is a bit unusual, though still directly symbolizing the dreaming and waking process in real time. There have been a number of similar dreams throughout my life featuring these dynamics but in different ways.

    4. A Streetcar Not Named Desire

      by , 05-27-2017 at 11:27 AM
      Morning of May 27, 2017. Saturday.

      This may be part of a longer dream, but I become more focused while driving a car in an unknown neighborhood. My wife Zsuzsanna is with me. The driver’s side is on the left, so America seems implied as the location. It seems to be afternoon. It is mostly taking place in a residential area, though there may be a few smaller commercial buildings in the street perpendicular to the one I am on.

      Up ahead, at about half the length of the street, there is a streetcar that is not on rails. It is on the left side. On my right is a truck. Oddly, there may not be enough space to drive between them. This would mean that the street must be narrower than a typical street, but it is not implied to be (as it seems like a normal street in every way, in memory and perspective).

      I drive between them and there is an odd brushing effect that I can feel through the car and my body, as if I rubbed against the streetcar while going through. It is not jolting in any way; it is rather smooth and does not impede my progress.

      Looking back, the streetcar (which is empty), starts rolling back towards the intersection and I am aware that I caused this to happen by pushing against it as I had gone through. I am concerned that it may roll into the intersection and cause an accident. This does not happen. Instead, it slows down right at the end of the street and then turns to the right (my viewpoint). A man shows up who seems to be the conductor. The streetcar slows down at this time, soon stopping. He does not seem confused or annoyed by the event. In fact, he starts talking to an unknown female about the streetcar as if nothing had happened.

      Here, I will explain something about myself yet again. For one, in my opinion (backed by documenting and decoding tens of thousands of dreams for over fifty years), dream “interpretation” in the popular usage of the term (especially from a source other than the dreamer), is not only not real (despite the common compliance of many mindsets, apparently just to be friendly), but incredibly annoying (and in fact, embarrassing to me as a serious dream journalist). This dream is mainly about the biological process of the waking transition. The “bumping” against the streetcar is related to a very common metaphor for the conscious self not being active (obviously as I am sleeping at the time and it is directly related to the perception of moving close to Zsuzsanna in sleep). In this case, my personified preconscious approached it and there was not a more pronounced hypnopompic jerk. The fact that I do not include fully detailed meanings (and what I have written here is only partly related to the meaning of this dream) in an online entry does not mean I welcome the pretense of “interpretation”. Thank you for your consideration and respect.

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    5. Wet Clothes and Yemen Essay

      by , 05-26-2017 at 11:26 AM
      Morning of May 26, 2017. Friday.

      In one part of my dream, I am going out to work in an office (though not related to the DOE as far as I remember) and then realize that it is Friday. Apparently, by way of a false memory, I “remember” that people do not work on Friday. I have a conversation with a coworker about this. This is good because I am in wet clothes and had considered how long it would take to change them before starting out again.

      At another point, there is another SAT test (though I am not certain if I am the one giving it). However, it relates more to writing one unrealistically long essay than multiple choice questions or even open response. I watch an unknown male (probably about twenty years old) who seems to be the only student presently involved in the testing. He is writing a detailed report in a classroom setting about Yemen. (Yemen has not crossed my mind in some time, at least in a more focused scholastic activity.)

      This is a typical water induction factor that decodes into the fact I do not wear clothes when sleeping in bed, so it is also a dream sign at one level (wet clothes otherwise analogous to sleeping in clothes as water symbolizes sleep in real time).

      School-like settings and tests merely relate to the loss of conscious self thinking skills when unconscious in the dream state, and the overall symbolism typically relates to seeking the waking transition and the return to whole conscious self identity. This is also analogous to wanting to return home from being in school (akin to the dream self wanting to have the thinking skills and clearer self awareness of the conscious self again).

    6. Flying Sub Fleet

      by , 05-26-2017 at 05:41 AM
      Morning of May 26, 2017. Friday.

      My dream’s setting seems to be of the Barolin Street house (where we have not lived in years) and the street. However, the area is also modeled after Cubitis in some ways (including the large backyard and beyond). This makes the directional orientation unresolvable (that is, the Cubitis backyard would be east, but as Barolin Street, west), but I will base it on the Cubitis region.

      There is some sort of unusual event perceived to be in the distance to the east. My wife Zsuzsanna is carrying a shotgun (which is curiously the first time I have seen her with a shotgun in my dreams, including as the “mystery girl” in early childhood). She heads toward the backyard after leaving the house. I assume she perceives danger.

      I look to the east horizon. I first see a number of what appear to be normal airplanes. Later, they appear to be duplicates of the Flying Sub (from the “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” television series, which I have not seen in a long time). They are approaching our direction. I am not sure if it is an alien threat, the American military, or both. We go inside.

      Later, looking out from our front porch, I watch a couple strange objects move through the sky from north to south. Something is fired in my direction but misses. Even so, I have no fear or even wariness. An unusual cannon rises from the ground directly in front of our house. It is a vertically-oriented cylinder but the cannon opening is on the curved side rather then the end (which would be the top here). (I do not consider how wrong this design is.) Bursts of partly visible transparent “bullets” emerge as it rotates (starting from the south and turning towards our porch). Even though the bullets are eventually moving towards me, I do not react and remain unharmed. (This may be due to growing subliminal lucidity, but my dream self has no awareness of the dream state or what a dream is).

      The flying subs are probably a residual link to water induction, which is my main type of dream state induction since early childhood as water symbolizes the dynamics of sleep (and the dream state) in real time, though the fact they are flying is a shift towards waking symbolism - in fact, this scene could be the representation of event horizon waking symbolism (actually utilizing the horizon symbolism in this case) which is basically what the majority of dreams are rather than having “interpretations” by way of the usual misuse of the word.

      I would not be surprised if the “impossible cannon” is some sort of skewed phallic symbolism based on the ambiguity of my dream self standing up in my dream whereas my real physical body is horizontal. There have been many times when a dream’s ambiguity seemed based on distortions of combined dream self orientation and real physical body orientation and some people believe this is what causes falling dreams (with hypnopompic jerks), which are purely biological.

    7. A Brief Visit to Hootin’ Holler

      by , 05-25-2017 at 11:25 AM
      Night of May 25, 2017. Thursday.

      I enter into a state of (visual) hypnagogia and eventually decide to go into a “Snuffy Smith” comic strip when the opportunity presents itself. I wait for the sketchy rendering of the drawing of a river and a forest rather than a “real” setting to “step into”. I think it is a marvelous idea to visit Hootin’ Holler - as I want to spend some time with the amusing and friendly “people” there even though they are not real. (I did not yet script out a foundation for this concept. Note that I never post scripted dreams or those of certain levels of lucidity, as there would be no point.)

      My dream is not consciously fully thought out. I find myself in Snuffy’s shack (seemingly in late morning) and get the idea that if he or Loweezy sees me, they will probably just take me to be an imposer or even a thief. I walk around in the dark featureless room and see gaps in the wooden floorboards as well as thin vertical gaps in the wall where thin slivers of light shine through. I also remember that nails stick out from random areas (including on his porch) and I do not want to poke myself (especially as my dreams often have an extremely enhanced sense of touch).

      Snuffy appears in the doorway in silhouette (initiating the very common threshold dream type scenario). I remember that his house is near a cliff and decide to jump out of my dream. I walk out to the back without being seen. The valley below seems rendered as “real” trees. Perhaps Snuffy has a rifle and wants to shoot me for trespassing (though this is not based on evidence within my dream). I consciously jump with only a soft hypnopompic jerk.

    8. The Arrival of Chub

      by , 05-23-2017 at 09:29 AM
      Morning of May 23, 2017. Tuesday.

      In the first scene, I am with my wife Zsuzsanna at the front of a large shopping mall. It seems to be at night. There are only a few cars in the large parking lot. She is seated and I am standing closer to the parking lot. About five unknown people are also in the area.

      Our new baby is walking around. He seems about two years of age even though he has been born just recently. I do not question his appearance. Apparently, his name is Chub. I tell a few strangers about our new child. I walk closer to Zsuzsanna. A bright light, seemingly the headlights of a car, shine on Chub, though for a moment, I consider if it is some sort of latent divinity in him that causes the light. I want to see his eyes to check, but he does not turn around.

      Zsuzsanna and I start to walk home with Chub. Some of our other children are also with us. Three unfamiliar people decide to walk with us as well. An unknown young female is walking a few feet behind me. I tell her that her viewpoint is that of thousands of people around the world simultaneously seeing my dream from her position (even though, oddly, I am not lucid or actively aware that I am dreaming in any way, thus how does this dream self viewpoint even exist?). Soon, I start to rise in the air to her right, above the parking lot (common liminal space setting often in the last stage of the waking transition), maintaining a vertical position, half-flying, half-walking in the air about ten feet up. She remains on the sidewalk looking up at me.

      Later, Zsuzsanna and I are sitting in an unknown room with several other people (though I soon stand up to speak). I start to realize that Chub’s existence seems highly unlikely, yet I do not become lucid at any point. I start to tell others that this scene is not possible (yet my dream self has no memory of what a dream is at all). I explain that Zsuzsanna having a C-section would mean that Chub is only five months old and yet he seems like a two-year-old. I see a dark scar on Zsuzsanna’s abdomen, more on the left side. Even though I continue to explain how certain things cannot be real, I never grasp that I am dreaming or have any association with what a dream even is (even though earlier, I seemed to know what a dream was).

      There are a number of dream states that I have experienced continuously throughout my life which I have never known of a single other person even mentioning once. People write about “non-lucid” and “lucid” (as well as partly lucid in some cases), yet I never see details of the various hybrids of dream self identity that I have often experienced.

      For the record, here are just a few dream states that I have identified, only a few that I can seem to typify feasibly:

      Subliminal lucidity: This is a state where I, as my dream self (and usually inclusive of at least some of my conscious self identity), know that I am creating everything, changing settings, putting words into people’s mouths, bringing about events with pretense (such as saying “I have identification” to get into a restricted area, and it just appears), yet have absolutely no memory of what a dream is and no idea I am dreaming. (As such, I seem to be a combination of my personified subconscious and inactive threads of conscious self identity that would otherwise be lucidity triggers in other dreams.)

      There is also a state where I “know I am dreaming” yet I am not my conscious self identity at all. For example, I may be a teenage female who “knows she is dreaming” yet, “knows” from her perspective, not my conscious self identity.

      A type of false lucidity appears in the first part of this dream. I talk about dreams and even explain dream events in real time, yet have no viable focus on the fact I am dreaming at the time (though the fact I am talking about dreams at least indicates I have some idea of what a dream is, unlike certain other states).

      There is another type of state at the end of this dream, where I “narrate” my dream to other dream characters, explaining how a scenario is not possible, that what I am seeing or experiencing is not real, yet have no memory of what a dream is (or any idea that I am dreaming at the time).

      Of course, scripted dreams (both types, real time, and previously programmed) are primarily lucid states. (Waking symbolism must be correctly utilized or nausea sometimes results from the waking mechanism, or sometimes occurs when there is a gap in the script.) Dreams can be scripted visually, based on situation, or have base affirmations (such as “I am the continuity of maximum well-being”). Although scripted shared dreaming can be utilized, that is not really genuine shared dreaming where each person is actually present to some degree in the same dreaming space with each individual’s intent (whereas, with scripted shared dreaming, there can be ways to validate if real shared dreaming is occurring - for example, have one of the dreamers do something random or think of a precise image that is not in the script and see if it occurs in both dreamer’s dreams, but such methods might cause a gap and a possible jolting into premature waking, also sometimes inclusive of circadian rhythms based on the dynamics of the sleep cycle in proportion to healthiness.)

    9. If The “Subconscious” Answers, Hang Up

      by , 05-19-2017 at 07:37 PM
      Morning of May 19, 2017. Friday.

      This dream seems related to the SAT dream of the same day (but not directly connected). The setting is not the same but seems like a classroom with at least four rows of school desks. An unknown person on my immediate left calls someone (on his cell phone) to give him answers for mathematics questions. Snoring comes over the phone. This seems amusing at first, but the person keeps talking into the phone. It is established that the person he is talking to is somehow communicating from a dream. Somehow, the caller believes he can get answers to the math questions from the other person’s dream. (Curiously, I am not actively lucid.)

      Over time, I realize that the person he is talking to is a couple seats behind him, but not on a cell phone. He has his head down, asleep over his desk.

      It seems obvious that the caller will get all the answers wrong since the dream state usually has no math skills, problem-solving skills, sense of logic, or critical thinking skills. (Again, somehow I know this without being actively lucid.)

      Soon, the personified preconscious walks into the setting. He is Lieutenant Fuzz (from the “Beetle Bailey” comic strip). However, the front of his face is that of an aardvark or anteater. (An aardvark or anteater has appeared as the preconscious waking symbolism in previous dreams, including a precognitive one, though not in the manner here.) I find it very amusing as he walks about sucking up ants from the floor and pencils that had just been dropped by students. He also sucks up the cell phone of the caller. He somehow sucks up desks and students, walking about slightly bent forward, with his hands clasped behind his back, and eventually, I get the impression that he sucks up the dream itself. I find the whole situation hilarious.

      This imagery seems quite familiar but I cannot determine why or from what source. I do not think it comes from the “Beetle Bailey” comic strip; perhaps Mad Magazine. The preconscious has several recurring waking elements here, an authority figure, a fictional character, and initiating coalescence of the dream self into whole consciousness (which is what dreams basically are for in the last scenes).

    10. Sitting for the SAT

      by , 05-19-2017 at 08:46 AM
      Morning of May 19, 2017. Friday.

      I am in an unfamiliar room which seems to be part of a school. Still, there is a large sink present. There are school desks perpendicular to the sink and counter. I get the impression that something is causing the water to overflow. A pencil and at least two shirts had been deliberately stuck into areas (by mischievous students, it seems) to keep the water running while the sink does not drain. It is not that common for water induction (as dream state induction) to have negative frustrating implications as here (as even many flood dreams do not have negative associations). I remove the pencil and clothes while complaining about someone jamming it and possibly causing water to ruin the wood (from it running over the top of the sink to the wall).

      Later, I am looking through about six or seven comic books. Curiously, an old classmate, Ann L, is whispering to me about different things. She seems to think I am too old to be reading comic books (as I seem about eighteen or so in my dream). I show her that some of them are adult comics but she does not seem to understand. There is also a Woody Woodpecker comic book, but its content relates to a human farmer doing work with a tractor in a barnyard. (This scene is bizarre on another level, as Ann L had not even crossed my mind even once in many years, so I have no idea how or why this character appeared.)

      The teacher had not been present all this time and some of the students had left. Others are annoyed. The (unfamiliar) teacher arrives in a taxi. At this point, the setting has changed and seems modeled after my high school’s open lunch break area near the school chuckwagon (though there is the typical ambiguity of a combined indoor-outdoor essence). We are going to take the SAT test. I read through several pages of the test. Interestingly, even though I am not lucid, the writing is clear to read and does not change at any time. One phrase says, “Describe a dream you had, in detail”. Another says, “Describe why you are angry at this test”. There is one area where I write my name as well as needing to fill in the circles that contain the letters of my name. I am aware that whatever handwriting is on the pages is read by OCR, the filled-in circles by the original method.

      Without realizing it until later, the induction event was partly precognitive. After waking, it turns out that Zsuzsanna had discovered that a window we had not used in a long time was jammed. Part of the problem was a pencil with a strange figure on the eraser end that was not one of ours. I had to use a screwdriver to pry part of the frame out (both the vertical part and the sill) to get the window to become unstuck (though it may also have gotten like this from rainwater swelling it slightly). I had my dream before Zsuzsanna noticed this, though at least one dream per day (validated to have been seemingly continuous even before we met in reality by looking at her old journals) is based on something she had been thinking about just previously without telling me, usually the most unusual or unlikely feature or event - which validates a possible biological factor relevant to survival. Still, as in this case, the precognitive element is sometimes mixed in as composite synthesis (though often all the visual dynamics are exact). However, Zsuzsanna also told me she used a wire to unblock the laundry sink recently (and had not told me) and aside from the typical debris, found an artist’s paintbrush stuck in it.

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    11. Moonflowers

      by , 05-18-2017 at 11:18 AM
      Morning of May 18, 2017. Thursday.

      In the backyard of our present address, a garden is present in an area near the southeast corner, closest to the fence on the east side. There is an area of ground that is about half an oval (the flat half to the fence). In this garden, which is about three feet long, are a number of moonflowers (tropical white morning-glories). I view them at night and there is an unusual spotlight effect on them (though this does not seem wrong or unlikely to me).

      I look out during the next morning (with no real sense of much time passing relative to dream time) and there is no garden, not even the oval-shaped area of ground. I “realize” that they are only visible at night under certain conditions (even though they are technically called morning-glories).

    12. Missing Paper Square

      by , 05-18-2017 at 10:19 AM
      Morning of May 18, 2017. Thursday.

      I am sitting on our bed in an informal meditation position, but the location is not certain (though it seems to be implied to be our present home, though it is not familiar or like any real location I have ever been). There are a large number of pieces of paper of various sizes and colors as well as a few different thicknesses. I am preparing to start making a fold-out paper diorama I had helped design (based on a real-life educational task I had created) and I have softly folded an A4 sheet so that I can cut it out as a square (though only for use as a test template to work with one of our sons). I cut out the square and place it aside.

      In a short time, I realize that I had somehow misplaced the paper square. I become more and more frustrated over not being able to find what I had just made. I sort through the paper scraps, but it seems futile. I cannot accept that it has somehow vanished, but that seems to be the case.

      Zsuzsanna is in an adjoining room. An unknown female comes in. I notice she seems familiar (but is really not). Her eyes are two different colors. Her left eye is a bright light blue and her right eye is dark brown (possibly meant to express both pairs of eyes of my parents). I am not sure why she is here but I do not feel that imposed upon. She is with Zsuzsanna anyway.

      Still, I start to make very strange noises of frustration, almost as if I am having physical pain, though my own voice actually sounds somewhat comedic to me, sounding like “bluh bluh bluh” at one point. I do not leave the bed at any time. I get an impression that it might be Easter.

      Something vanishing or morphing in my dreams has been very common since earliest memory. It is so common (and continuous in first dreams of a period, including hypnagogia), it probably does not have any significant symbolism, especially when it relates to distortions of real events. At any rate, visual morphing is so rapid, it cannot even be reasonably documented (such as when a dream character changes identity at the rate of about twice per second, shifting through over a hundred or more different appearances, which is one of my lucidity triggers).

    13. A 3D Printer, Orthodontic Headgear, No Brains, and Lucidity

      by , 05-17-2017 at 09:11 AM
      Morning of May 17, 2017. Wednesday.

      I was experimenting with a different type of induction last night. Needless to say, it had a very odd influence. Only the last scene is partly based on a conscious script.

      In the first scene, I am in bed in our present home but not lucid. I am aware that we have a 3D printer in the lounge room. Zsuzsanna tells me about making something with it and I assume she means something like a figurine, perhaps a cat or teddy bear knickknack.

      Instead, she brings over what she made and it turns out to be a section of teal-colored embossed cardboard of about A3 size. It is somewhat shiny and the design is made up of equidistant curled leaves with S-shaped lines connecting them.

      The personified preconscious appears, but curiously does not dominate the scene or initiate any familiar waking symbolism. He seems to be wearing some sort of large orthodontic headgear, like a metal frame slightly higher than his head and sitting on his shoulders. We sit facing each other. I see “him” as some sort of unusual “partner” who may actually be female. I vaguely think of my mother (though my father as well for a short time), especially as the setting seems to be a version of the northeast corner of the Cubitis living room - but I seem to think we are the same age even though “he” seems to be around eighty years old. I try to project deep love into his (her?) eyes. We might even have been married for fifty years or so. The eyes knowingly gaze back at me and I sense both weariness and incredible persistence despite the state of their health. I try to be sincere in my love, regardless of how bizarre this entity appears. I want to make sure that this entity is aware of my love for them. I keep staring at “him” and slowly, it seems that she is going to go shopping.

      I stand up and look down at her as she is still sitting and facing me. The inside of her head is mostly hollow, somewhat like a container. It seems very strange to me that there is no discernible brain. In fact, the back of her head is mostly missing. When she looks up at me, a lot of white and red fluid flows from the back of her head (over the lower edge of the open space) onto the floor. I am puzzled as to whether this could be problematic and whether it relates to some sort of left-over brain energy. I tell her of this but she seems slightly annoyed over my concern for her and gets up to go shopping. At this point, the area seems to be somewhat like the second floor of the King Street boarding house, the second room back from the front (north) of the mansion. However, it turns back into the Cubitis living room in the next scene.

      I am in the semidarkness now but a doorway is discernible from where some light is coming through. It is a bit east of where the hidden door was in reality to the room my father built (which blended in perfectly with the knotty pine wall as it was the same piece from the wall).

      I go over to it and look out and see that it seems to be late morning. There is a slight lucidity, which begins to grow. I absentmindedly create several random dream characters that walk about in the yard between the orange grove and the carport. Despite doing this, I am not fully lucid (and still consider whether I am dreaming or not). I feel slightly annoyed that the doorway does not seem wide enough to suit me (even though it is). I use my right hand and arm to actually move the entire right door frame so that it slides back like a sliding door (even though it is not a sliding door). (Despite my age, I do not presently recall doing this specific act before in a dream, as potential re-induction is usually only based on opening a door, not causing the doorway and wall to change).

      I walk over and sit on the ground and have a younger version of Zsuzsanna stand over me and we soon indulge in lovemaking. An unknown young Asian male, in some sort of Darth Vader costume (though without the mask) stands too close to us for a time. I push him away, though not making him fall over. There is a soft awakening, but quite different than the blissful one of one of my dreams from yesterday.

      This is apparently the first time that re-induction was subliminally initiated by the “brains” of the preconscious persona spilling out of the back of “his” head onto the floor. Whatever next. (This level of subliminal control over the transpersonal is amazing, I think.) At least it delayed my waking transition for about ten minutes.

    14. A Short Shift into Apex Lucidity

      by , 05-16-2017 at 12:00 PM
      Morning of May 16, 2017. Tuesday.

      This dream shifts into apex lucidity with automatic but unintentional re-induction from an ongoing non-lucid dream. It is not scripted. (I do not yet post scripted dreams of most types and I usually do not post sexual dreams, at least more graphically, regards of numerous ones in a sequence on a typical night, which are sometimes triggered by the Tetris effect.) For the record, this is also why I never “answer challenges”. It is too easy and unfair to people who do not understand what dreams or different levels of consciousness are, since dreams can so easily be scripted (on at least three different levels - visually, situation-based, and core affirmations), especially when one fully understands both induction and waking symbolism (of the same type used in hypnosis and guided meditation). However, I have always held a greater interest in documenting non-lucid dreams even if they are mostly only induction, dreaming, and waking symbolism (other than the common day-to-day remote viewing and precognitive features).

      My dream starts in a non-lucid form. I am with a young version of Zsuzsanna (who appears as she did in 1994, when we first met). I do not take conscious notice of this. We are living in an unknown second-floor apartment. For some reason, I have to go somewhere. I find myself carrying two suitcases (of the same color and design I had when arriving in Australia, that is, there are two copies of the “same” one). This is not possible of course, but I still do it. The two identical suitcases, I somehow carry by the handles in my right hand at the same time. I go down a staircase and through a door at the bottom.

      Of course, going down a staircase (of about sixteen steps) in a dream is a common real-time re-induction event and automatically shifts my consciousness (just as in hypnosis and guided meditation). My conscious self identity starts to increase more and more (and going up a staircase often does the same thing, though going down is usually induction or re-induction while going up is waking).

      Stepping through the door is an additional “kick” into greater conscious self awareness (though which more often serves as waking symbolism as the actual waking prompt itself). In fact, as I turn about to go into the (unknown) backyard, the suitcases seem to dissolve (though up to that point, I could still clearly feel them and I was even aware of them bumping together - again, regardless of how carrying them this way would not be possible in reality). I reach such an augmented level of conscious self awareness that I am puzzled (that is, I fully know that I am dreaming, but it does not seem possible for a dream to have this much clarity regarding real-life perception even though I have experienced it all my life since around the age of two). There is no difference in how I feel and perceive from waking reality, other than deeper, smoother breathing and less body weight. I remain puzzled because I am trying to decide what to do. It is nighttime and the area is unfamiliar. Our fictional second-floor apartment seems near the back of a building and is near a commercial area, although there is a field on one side.

      For now, I start walking, amazed by how real it seems. I look across the unfamiliar street and see a Cat Excavator on display in a storefront window. Of course, this is a metaphorical association with “digging deeper” (that is, looking into old memories, which is really not that important to me at the time). I notice an unfamiliar man and woman walking by the front of the store. From across the street, (by mental will) I “wipe” the excavator display from the store window. I do not see anything to read (such as the store’s name) and then start to consider how much time I have before circadian rhythms start to kick in (as this is my last dream of the morning).

      Of course, I instantly think of indulging in sensuality, as, in dreams, sexual acts transmute into high levels of spiritual awareness and blissful, expanding coalescence factors in addition to the increased sense of touch. (This of course is because the dream body is not actually physical - something many people seem to completely lack the understanding of, which is why many of my dreams switch back and forth in phasing, from being incorporeal to being in my fictitious dream body).

      I decide, at first, to will numerous dream characters into the field and watch them walk around. There are probably about twenty or so. I change their age and sex for several minutes. (This is similar to the non-lucid beginning of apex lucidity in some cases, where a dream character will switch identities at a rate of two per second, until my conscious awareness kicks in, which I then augment by going through a door for full control.) I am doing it here at a rate of about two per second. However, I decide to stop messing around and bring the version of Zsuzsanna that was in the apartment up to me. She approaches and lowers to give me oral pleasure. It does not matter that twenty other “people” are walking around in the semidarkness. It is just a dream. There is no symbolism in this type of dream, as lucid dreams are made by the conscious self (though in fact, my dreams of subliminal lucidity seem to be as well).

      From here, instead of a climax, layers of bliss start to flow over me almost like layers of “additional skin”. I awake with no discernible shift in consciousness; just a subtle “wave” of “ghost skin” rapidly dropping away from my body. This is an atypical way to wake (probably my “softest” waking to date), as even in scripted dreams there is often a hypnopompic event that kicks more than in a normal dream.

    15. March into the Television (and more telepathy)

      by , 05-14-2017 at 09:48 AM
      Morning of May 14, 2017. Sunday.

      I am seemingly in our present home, though the view is more extensive and as if I am looking from a fictional larger area on the east side of the lounge room.

      There are some minor random events relating to family activity. At one point, I notice a line of about six girls. They are walking north in a seemingly impossible way so that it appears that the top halves of their bodies are missing, though actually bent around like a contortionist. I find this extremely strange as I watch. I get the impression that they are going “back” into the television. I am not sure that what I am seeing is “real” or some sort of altered holographic imagery.

      Soon, I see my wife Zsuzsanna in a similar position. She seems to be mimicking the other girls in a comedic sense, sort of mocking what they are doing. However, her head is higher, somehow directly above where her waist would be. (The actual imagery would be impossible in this second case.) She is also walking towards the television but I know she will not go “into” it.

      It did not take long after waking to learn that, once again, I had been dreaming of something that only Zsuzsanna had seen and thought about and not mentioned to me at all. She had been looking at a photograph of a young contortionist in the same position as the girls in my dream. In fact, she even had the same thought on whether or not it was real imagery. Still, there may also be some minor influence from ZZ Top’s “Rough Boy” music video, though this is only a guess, as I had not seen it since 1986.

      This has happened on a day to day basis all my life (even long before we met). I had concluded long ago (even as a child) that so-called normal people are not “all there” (which is something both my parents used to say fairly often as well). Whatever it is, ordinary people are “missing” something, which is so obvious to me (and so consistent throughout my life), it really stands out. I am not exactly sure what it is that is “missing” other than sentient presence I have only felt from a few people in my lifetime. This has never been problematic for me. I could have used it to my advantage in rising up a couple grades in school a few different times (as it was recommended), but I did not want to be away from friends around my own age.

      I still do not know all the mechanisms and dynamics (some probably biological) behind how The Source works. Because many of my dreams throughout my life were influenced directly by The Source or Zsuzsanna (many in a non-current scenario as the so-called subconscious has no concept of time or space, which might partly explain one aspect of precognition), this is one more reason why dream “interpretation” is not inherently feasible (let alone the nature of dreams being primarily sleep induction and waking symbolism which hardly anyone seems to understand at all - despite how glaringly obvious it often is - as I have written before, it does not seem possible that people would not know this). There seems to be no precise way to localize certain events to their event horizon. I could ask, in some cases, if it was me picking up on Zsuzsanna, or if it was Zsuzsanna “sending” to me without realizing it. Certainly when I lived in America, I was distinctly aware of Zsuzsanna “sending”. In other cases though, it seems to be something within me (that is, initiated by me, just below the threshold of direct conscious self identity). Only one other female (Susan) had this. One male (Kenny) was the only male who had strong telepathic presence, but it was sent in musical phrasing. I would have a song suddenly come into my mind and he would start singing it, two examples, the one when I first met him being “After the Ball” (and how many people know that song, especially as it is from 1891), another being “Wooden Heart” (which he also sang in German as immediately foreshadowed - which makes two factors, both the song and the language, so not just “one” layer for people who are unlearned enough to consider it coincidental).

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