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    1. Walking to a Business and Dancing in a Mountainous Region

      by , Today at 09:35 AM
      Morning of November 23, 2017. Thursday.

      I am living with my wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we are now at our present address. However, many threads of my conscious self identity become reduced over time until the waking transition. I leave our house, apparently to get something from a store, but end up walking south which soon ambiguously becomes north as my association is mixed with Wisconsin (where I have not lived since February 1994). It seems to be nighttime.

      Over time, I am not sure where I am going but I continue to walk along the side of the road. I notice snow on the side of the road. My dream self does not consider how this area looks nothing like the area we live in real life. The fact that I do not know at all what is ahead does not bother me.

      I remain as far from the middle of the road as possible as a few cars pass now and then. I consider that I am walking in an area where pedestrians are not allowed, though there is no sign indicating such. Soon, the snow banks on each side of the road are higher.

      Eventually, I see an older couple in a station wagon. They are going in the opposite direction I am, down the side of the mountain, which is not that steep in this section. The unknown older lady asks me if the roads are clear for cars in the direction I had been walking from. I tell her that the roads are okay to drive through, as I had walked a considerable distance.

      Following a curve in the road, which is now seemingly one lane and easterly, I eventually end up walking through a square tunnel. A thin layer of ice covers the walls. One car goes by me during this time, going in the opposite direction. By following the road, I somehow end up inside a business building. I stealthily walk through, noticing three people talking in one office. I view this through an indoor window. There are other offices on each side of a hallway. I am puzzled as to how to get back to the road, as I had just been on it prior to illogically finding myself here.

      I enter a large room which seems like a public restaurant with round wooden tables sparsely arranged. An unknown male approaches me with a large flat piece of cardboard shaped like a person, painted over to represent a chubby male in informal clothes, and with eye holes to look through the face. The face is not that realistic and has a mustache. The piece has red vinyl straps connected (possibly by tacks) around the two-dimensional upper arms to hold it over my shoulders and upper arms, though my arms can still move freely. I am to wear it over the front of my body, though its legs are too long by at least a foot and bend out in front of me when I wear it, horizontally dragging and remaining against the floor. The other male is puzzled, though I do not tell him that I am not involved in whatever is going on. Instead, I say, “I am the stand-in”, and he seems to understand.

      I am to dance with another male who is not in such an odd cardboard cutout “costume”. He is unknown and sitting at a table with a few other people, mostly female. He is wearing a cowboy outfit with a fancy hat. Curiously, he also has some sort of red straps attached to his shoulders for no discernible reason.

      I start dancing on my own and my moves and balance feel perfect. The other people are seemingly amazed by how well I am moving (especially considering the odd cardboard “costume” covering the front of my body). I dance and feel a sense of well-being for several minutes. It seems I will be filmed as part of test footage until the real actors or performers show up. However, I eventually do not feel like being a part of this scenario anymore, mainly due to not being confident about either waltz moves (where I visualize hands shoulder to shoulder and the other arms out horizontally with hands clasped, towards the dirction of movement) or dancing with a male (who reminds me vaguely of Burt Reynolds at about sixty), and deliberately leave the dream state with very clear intent even though I had not been lucid at any point, yet with the knowledge I had deliberately consciously created much of my dream from the beginning. This has happened often throughout my life and cannot be logically resolved. It is a type of subliminal lucidity, yet not specifically the same as other types of subliminal lucidity dynamics.

      Factors like subliminal lucidity (creating or influencing the dream without realizing it is a dream, typically not even remembering what a dream is) and literal prescience (with too much detail to be coincidence, including finding and marrying my beautiful literal dream girl) cannot be explained at all by what the majority seem to believe and experience. What part of the mind or extent of threads of conscious self identity and ephemeral synthesized fictional dream self viewpoints or combinations thereof account for subliminal lucidity? How does one wake themselves so easily and intentionally from a dream without actively knowing it is a dream up to that very point? (This is not the same as knowing it is a dream and deliberately waking.) These concepts of course, are only part of the great puzzle of my life.

    2. Stopping Dam Construction

      by , 11-19-2017 at 12:27 PM
      Morning November 19, 2017. Sunday.

      In the first part of my dream, I walk out into a beautiful scene of sunlight and family in an area near a lake and forest. There is a focus on love and well-being. Over time, a situation comes into focus, though it is based on a fictional location of our home.

      As usual, my non-lucid dream self aka personified subconscious is completely clueless as to where I really live. Instead, my dream’s home is a cottage in a field that does not resemble our present home at all. The field is bordered by a forest beyond the backyard.

      I become annoyed at learning of a project that relates to a dam being built, which I feel will be too close to our home. It looks like they already started.

      In one scene, I find myself talking to someone in a park ranger outfit. He is this dream’s personified preconscious, Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause) as he appeared on “Charmed” (which I have not seen for years). He is sitting across the table from me in my fictional house. He tells me that the people building the dam are doing it illegally and are Greenpeace activists. He seems cheerful and jokes about their inability to do things correctly and thereby, they do more harm than good. He seems to be giving me permission to act in whatever way I choose to stop their activities from interfering with the state of my house.

      I go outside and cuss at an unfamiliar male and tip part of the supposed dam over onto the ground. It is not really a dam yet, just an object shaped like a rectangular prism, slightly reminiscent of a washing machine or oven (though of too ambiguous an appearance to discern as either). I notice several unfamiliar people in the area, both male and female, all in their twenties. One unknown male is carrying several faux wooden rifles that have only the basic shape of a rifle. I am wondering what the point is of having such an object as it neither looks like a real weapon or could be used as one, even though it seems it will be their way of “fighting”. Eventually, it looks like the flowing of the water or the dam structure will not reach where our home is and I wake.

      Dreams have clear core meanings relating to the nature of being unconscious and achieving consciousness, though based on the level of unconsciousness and the particular time within the sleeping period. This dream is virtually the opposite in implication (if one were to pretend to “interpret” it rather than grasping its actual meaning) as another dream of this same sleeping period.

      The flow of water relates directly to the dynamics of sleep (based biologically on the glymphatic system) and the particular timing of the sleep cycle and how relaxed one is, including how relaxed their physical body is while sleeping - evidenced by the fact that most recorded sleeping aids utilize the sounds of water, from oceans to rivers to waterfalls. A dam relates to slightly restless sleep, but it is mainly about water lowering waking symbolism (extremely common, at least once per sleeping period for me for over fifty years).

      So why did I cheerfully create a dam in “A Shallow Stream’s Dam”, also of today’s date, while “knocking over” another dam in this dream? In both dreams, the preconscious was atypically cheerful, though in that dream, there was an attempt at reinduction (that is, to sustain and deepen my dream state), though my act of creating the dam curiously caused the water to lower on both sides of it (rather than increase the essence of water on one side, to deepen my sleep) and eventually led me into the link to return flight waking symbolism (the giant duck’s footprint that had created a pond linked to the stream). In this dream, the water lowering waking symbolism is of the same implication, yet occurs by preventing the dam being completed near my (fictional) house and there is no discernible stream to begin with, just pieces of the dam lying about in the clearing. Although this might be considered an aggressive act, my subliminal realization of this waking symbolism is what caused the rifles held by the other dream character to not be “real”, as a “real” rifle would be a more dominant rendering of RAS (reticular activating system, the biological function that mediates sleeping and waking and level of awareness), but because I had already subliminally stopped reinduction in this dream (that is, not lengthened my dream or deepened or sustained my level of unconsciousness), no “real” weapon was needed to truncate or alter the dream state as a wake-up alert. In simple summary the other dream reveals, “I would like to sleep longer” while this later dream (in the same sleeping period) reveals, “I do not need to sleep any longer and am ready to get up for the day”. The fake wooden rifles also represent the softer awakening, that is, without a hypnopompic kick or other spontaneous muscular waking trigger.

    3. A Bee in my Ear

      by , 11-19-2017 at 07:49 AM
      Morning of November 19, 2017. Sunday.

      There is a dream scenario related to John-Boy Walton, though it is too modern to relate directly to “The Waltons” in a logical sense. It has something to do with him having a book on bondage and other adult content.

      In an unrelated offset sequence, I have to get a bee out of my left ear. I tilt my head to the left and even tap the right side of my head and shake my head a little (even though, of course, the dream self does not have a physical head). Over time, the bee eventually comes out and I wake as soon as it does. It does not bother me that much as I know the process of getting it out is working.

      The first part of my dream likely relates to our oldest son (although John-Boy has appeared in a number of my dreams since I first saw “The Homecoming”). The “adult content” and “bondage” is likely more about his now being an adult and working as there were no clearer graphic adult implications.

      The rest of my dream is typical waking symbolism though unique as always and more defined than usual. There is the usual flight symbol that represents the return to wakefulness after being unconscious. A buzzing insect typically relates to increasing neural energy upon becoming more aware of the state of consciousness. This all relates more specifically to inner ear dynamics (and that which causes partial unconsciousness or dizziness in some cases) and RAS (Reticular Activating System). Another dream, “Ear or Wing?”, from July 5, 2016, had identical meaning, though in that dream, a sketchy image of a left ear becomes more like the sketchy image of a bird’s wing.

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    4. A Shallow Stream’s Dam

      by , 11-19-2017 at 04:16 AM
      Morning of November 19, 2017. Sunday.

      Despite the rainstorm inside our house after the roof was torn off in real life, water induction remains the main dynamic of dream state initiation for me. Dams typically relate to a less restful (and less deeper) sleep though, and water lowering over time symbolizes the waking transition (with shallow water representing being closer to wakefulness).

      I am wading through a shallow stream (along its course) and there are two unknown people, a male and a female, on the bank at one point. The water is probably only up to my knees. The situation is vivid and peaceful. There is the idea that the unknown male is going to make a dam. At least he suggests one, though I am the one to create it for him.

      He says that he will use about ten to fifteen trees to make the dam and the female is seemingly annoyed by this. The concern is related to a loss of trees in the dense forest on either side of the stream. I consider her concern, but there does seem to be plenty of trees around.

      I create the dam by mentally tapping each tree (without viable lucidity, only the typical subliminal lucidity where I do not know I am dreaming but still control the dynamics of the dream state), which for a time, only seems about as big as a pencil as it falls across the stream.

      After this, I notice the water lowering to where it is only about as high as my toes, though this is seen on both sides of the log dam, which puzzles me. How could water lower on both sides of a dam? I mentally step over the dam and continue to follow the stream’s course to a small pond.

      “This is a shallow reservoir,” says the other male.

      I notice a very large footprint that is about the length of a car. It is facing back towards the stream. This footprint is what had created the pond, though there is only the one footprint (which of course is unlikely, though my dream self does not rationalize as such). I first consider that it is a footprint of a tyrannosaurus. Looking more closely, I report to the others that it was made by a giant duck. There is no sense of danger. In fact, I perceive most of the imagery in this dream as beautiful.

      The concept of return flight waking symbolism (in this case, the presumed giant footprint of a duck in a combined link with the water lowering waking symbolism) is a very common major component of my dreams and has been since early childhood (in fact, over one in five dreams - meaning it has occurred at least once each day for over fifty years, but always with unique dynamics and scenarios). This is how I know, beyond any doubt, that “interpretation” (as the word is popularly misused) is not a valid concept and that such symbolism (and dream state indicators) is typically relative only to the dream self, specific level of unconsciousness, and the dream state, not real life (unless either literally prescient or deliberately scripted or otherwise willed by the conscious self identity).

      Because of my slightly restless sleep, there was one other dream featuring a dam on this day, but with completely different dynamics and a more dominant preconscious.

      Tags: dam, footprint, stream
    5. Television Difficulties (subliminal reinduction)

      by , 11-06-2017 at 10:09 AM
      Morning of November 6, 2017. Monday.

      In my dream, I am seemingly implied to be in our present home, though it is very different. For a time, our youngest son is watching television and our youngest daughter is also present. (In my dream, our television seems to be in the center of a much larger version of our kitchen and facing north. In actuality, it is in our lounge room and faces south.)

      At one point, there are distortions in the television screen. There is too much red dominating the overall image. I read the instruction manual and there is information about adjusting colors. It specifically mentions that the small elongated knob for adjusting red is to the right of the knob for adjustment of the extent of black and that the knob for red must be turned to the left to decrease the color and prevent it from being too bright or bleeding into other images. There are a number of small plastic knobs on the back of the television.

      After a time, I notice that it appears to have worked. The picture looks a bit more balanced. However, I eventually notice that features that are supposed to be red (including some sort of oval timer superimposed at the top left of the screen) are now a pale purple and I consider adjusting it again.

      Our youngest son watches a show about video games and their characters. I notice that the television is on its side so that now the image is vertically rectangular, yet fits the scenes that show people standing, as their feet are correctly downward. This seems strange to me. Eventually however, the television is back in its previous position where it is viewed as normal widescreen. Still, I had placed it on the floor yet consider it is not really watchable while in that position. During this time, I had not adjusted other knobs.

      I adjust the knob for red again, slowly turning it a short distance back to the right, as well as turning a few knobs for other colors. Soon, something happens and the picture becomes smaller and there are now only random horizontal white lines on the screen. This occurs after a sort of popping noise. Our youngest daughter puts her feet against the screen. I consider that I must have destroyed the television by changing the colors too much. I know that it will be very expensive to replace.

      I go to tell Zsuzsanna about the ruined television. She is sitting back on our bed. At first, I think she had injured her forehead somehow. I eventually see that she has a black sleeping eye mask partly on though the eye patches are doubled up on her forehead, above the area between her eyes. My dream eventually fades from this point.

      There are a few subliminal dream state indicators here. One is how the television is on its side at one point as relating to how the physical body is different in sleep in lying down - as well as the eyes seeing the environment as “turned sideways” when lying on one’s side. The main indicator is my subliminal knowledge of red being an end marker for the dream state. Red typically only dominates a dream when I am closer to waking after sleeping a bit too long and as such, is analogous to a “red alert” (a more dominating RAS factor). Although I am not lucid, I still maintain this realization subliminally, and deliberately lower the red value in the television’s image. I do this by turning the knob to the left with the knob for black on the left side of that one, black symbolizing being unconscious, so a part of my unconsciousness is aware of this, that is, deliberately trying to go back into unconsciousness to sustain my dream, even though I am not otherwise viably lucid.

      This aspect of black as symbolizing unconsciousness is carried over as a dream state indicator in seeing Zsuzsanna in bed though awake, yet having a black sleeping eye mask doubled up over her “third eye”. (The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms, yet I still do not realize I am dreaming at this point. There have been thousands of dreams with very precise dream state indicators as in this dream, where I still did not become viably lucid, though many others where I have.)

    6. Library Checkout on Bus

      by , 11-06-2017 at 07:00 AM
      Morning of November 6, 2017. Monday.

      I am riding on a bus in an unknown area, possibly implied to be at night as I am not aware of much light. There are only a few other people on the bus, all unfamiliar. The bus driver is an unfamiliar female of about thirty. She is on the right side and the door is on the left, so it can be assumed to be associated with Australia. However, in my dream, I am not fully focused on my country of location, though mixed features and composites of buildings from two or more countries are common in my dreams. I perceive myself as being about half of my real age and in my twenties.

      An unknown female is ready to get off the bus at the next stop, which is apparently also my stop. Curiously, the bus driver also checks out library books as people get off, which my dream self does not consider odd at all, though I do not recall any backstory as to where I had actually gotten the books. I do not notice any area on the bus that has books stored.

      As I am getting my books checked out from the bus driver, I realize that I am also holding a number of my socks, perhaps about eight pairs, but I have accidentally dropped three or four onto the floor as well as into a laundry bag (that is full of other people’s socks) near the bus driver’s seat, on her left (and in front of me). I am somewhat annoyed upon doing this, as I do not want to lose my socks. I wake around this point.

      As I have studied my dreams all my life and resolved most of them and their basic meanings and components (including literal prescience when it comes to pass, which is very common for me), this one, despite its unusual nature, is very easy to grasp. It is simply a combination of two typical dream state end markers mashed together with a dream state indicator into one situation.

      Getting off a bus symbolizes leaving the dream state. A checkout area (as otherwise in a store, library, hotel, or other location) also symbolizes leaving the dream state. Being aware of socks in this case is a dream state indicator as I do not wear socks in my sleep and thus perceive myself as carrying them in the waking transition. Books are a symbol of the emergent consciousness (a link to my conscious self identity of which is not extant in many non-lucid dreams) as critical thinking skills are not extant in non-lucid dreams. Basically, with this dream, my mind simply mixed the two transitional dream state end markers with a dream state indicator (subliminal thread of awareness that I had become unconscious but not with viable lucidity).

      The core meaning, with a typical pattern of dream state synthesis (that is, mixing unrelated linear events, in this case as leaving a bus mixed with leaving a library and additionally linked to the subliminal realization of needing to get dressed after waking) should be obvious to a person of reasonable intelligence. One reason why I dream in a continuous cycle as such and virtually infinite mixes of specific markers for induction, dreaming itself, non-lucid dream state indicators, and otherwise clearly defined waking transitions, is due to having sincerely studied and resolved so many of my dreams since early childhood and as a result, have become very familiar with them and their nature as well as augmented clarity of mind with virtually no nightmares other than when health-related (biologically premonitory). There is nothing here (presently) that relates to real life (at least not yet, and I have not ridden a bus in real life in years - though it may loosely relate to the memory of carrying textbooks on a school bus).

      For those who do not already know, the bus driver here is the preconscious, though in this case there is no conflict as my dream self had already subliminally “agreed” to wake. (The biological purpose of the preconscious, a function of the reticular activating system or RAS, is to establish an association with the need to wake and attend to real physical needs or to alert the unconscious self to a real environmental noise or unknown event.)

    7. Strange Weather, Collapse, and the Minotaur’s Lair

      by , 11-04-2017 at 08:10 AM
      Morning of November 4, 2017. Saturday.

      Over time, I become aware of a very unlikely situation (which has no discernible backstory), although my dream self does not consider it unusual. I am resting outside in an unknown location on the side of a hill that is about half the height of a one-storey house. I have a blanket on me. I am aware of a number of unknown people also sleeping on the hill. It seems to be nighttime.

      It begins to rain lightly and the hill seems to take on unusual properties as if it was made out of miscellaneous junk and tarpaulins as well as at least fifty percent dirt. It begins to collapse. I cover myself fully with my blanket, including my head. The hill is eventually flat though no one is hurt. No one talks directly to me. I look up at the sky and notice unusual clouds passing overhead. They have very unusual shapes, some vaguely similar to jigsaw puzzle pieces. I enjoy seeing them but I do not know if it is suitable to sleep here now.

      I get up and walk through a doorway to find a better place to sleep indoors. I am vaguely aware that the room is modeled after the Loomis Street house’s living room, though it is more like a cave. To my left, in an armchair recliner, is a large Minotaur. In front of me, is a couch with the back oriented to the right of my viewpoint. The furniture layout is the same as it was in the Loomis Street house living room. There are other features that I do not directly focus on. I consider sleeping on the couch.

      “You’re not sleeping there,” says the Minotaur somewhat frustratingly, as he notices me looking at the couch, though indicating no anger. There is no presumed threat despite the potentially “demonic” nature of this beast. It almost seems as if he is afraid of me or at least does not want anyone else intruding on his relaxing environment. Eventually, I decide to turn around and find myself in my own bed in reality upon waking up.

      I would not think it would take much intelligence to realize that this dream is symbolic of the dream state itself and the metaphorical waking transition; unrelated to my present real life in this case.

      Firstly, there is the water induction (occurring at least once per sleeping period all my life, but I do not always include the foundation if it is unrelated to the rest of a dream scenario), here as eventual light rain, additionally associated with, and linking to, the dream state indicator of “still” being in bed, though I am not lucid at any point. (Being in bed in a dream is most often obviously just a remnant subliminal memory of having fallen asleep.)

      There are two forms of symbolism here relating to the puzzlement of being in liminal space (that is, being asleep and the dream self not realizing it); firstly, the clouds are such an indicator regarding their ”puzzling” shape; secondly, a subliminal association with a Minotaur as overseeing a maze (even though no maze is featured, as it still relates to “finding one’s way” back to the conscious self identity to wake from the dream state). The Minotaur is modeled after my brother-in-law Bob. (He usually sat in the “same” chair relative to my dream’s layout as modeled after the Loomis Street house living room.) I also sometimes slept on the couch as matched to the couch in my dream’s layout, but this was over twenty-five years ago.

      My dream ends with doorway waking symbolism, where a doorway symbolizes the dream’s potential exit point in real time. The preconscious (Minotaur) saying “You’re not sleeping there” is simply a cue to wake me up in reality as well as to correct my flawed memory, during the waking transition, that I had not lived in La Crosse since February 1994. It is important to understand that I left the lair because I did not want to bother him, not because of any presumed threat from him (as there was none)

      My subliminal control and manipulation of dream content and the reticular activating system (RAS) has developed to such an extreme, I find it intriguing, though it is really only a natural result of growing to understand what dreams actually are and what they mean in contrast to widespread disinformation that the majority of people (who should really know better) soak in. A bull for example, as in my 1965 childhood dream “Look Out for the Bull”, is a more aggressive form of RAS as rendered in that dream, and it crashed through the wall to activate my waking transition. In this dream however, I am comfortable with RAS and (subliminally, that is, without realization I am dreaming) initiate waking myself by simply walking from the room and having no fear at any point with the Minotaur remaining passive. I should also point out that in that childhood dream, I was sitting on the couch, and my brother-in-law Bob was present as himself.

    8. In and Out of Floods and Lists

      by , 11-03-2017 at 11:17 AM
      Morning of November 3, 2017. Friday.

      This dream is the result of having thought about making entries or pairs of entries that list one event in one dream, and its main meaning, for a particular day for each year back to early childhood (which would mean that one entry for a specific date for each year would have over fifty dream events, each event being only inclusive of one dream for a particular date rather than the six to nine I typically recall). The dream event I had been thinking about as the first in the list for New Year dreams (closest one between December 31 and January 1 of each year), was “Muddy Dump Truck”.

      I had considered including the statement “Some psychologists have suggested that plunging through water or being immersed in some way is actually the mind translating a specific change in the sleep cycle” (even though I do not wade in water in this particular dream sequence) because this is one of the only true statements I have ever read elsewhere about dreams in my lifetime. Still, that would require an edit for over four hundred of my water induction dreams online so far, yet some people would probably still have no clue and approach me with the usual reprehensible “interpretation” no matter how much idiot-proof detail I include. (At least that has been my main experience on the Internet since 2004.)

      My dream starts off with typical lucid water induction (water as symbolizing sleep and its status and depth as associated with the glymphatic system). However, my dream’s theme continues through several partial awakenings where I turn over to the opposite side each time. (I mostly only sleep on my left side for health reasons as the body is designed to, but have a tendency to absentmindedly flip to my right side at times as sleeping in one position is often not feasible anyway.) Although I am aware of the essence of the nonthreatening flood at times, I start to fall into non-lucidity. This is intriguing because I feel very comfortable and satisfied in emerging back into lucidity through at least eight turn overs only to fall back into the “same” dream each time.

      In the final segment of this series, I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we appear now but living in Cubitis (where they have never been). We are all in the living room and it seems to be late afternoon. I notice a flood in the backyard, though I can still see many blades of grass above the surface of the water. There is conversation about whether or not the flood will eventually be in the house and apparently the answer is yes. Although I am first concerned about books and papers getting ruined, I eventually realize that there is hardly any furniture or features in the house, though I do not become lucid at this highly illogical aspect.

      Prior to this last segment, with the detail from the “Muddy Dump Truck” dream from the night of December 31, 2016 repeating through each partial awakening and me consciously focusing on it as being the “perfect” first item in the New Year dream list, there had been a few repeating segments of being at our present address where there were higher flood waters, though not as with the potential to reach within the house (our present home is up on stumps). The comfort and “perfection” perceived through these partial awakenings and back into a water induction dream (of which I have had at least one every night for over fifty years) was very satisfying at the time. It seemed to last for about three hours (but was possibly less than an hour).

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    9. “…some dream!” (with Bob Newhart)

      by , 10-31-2017 at 06:17 PM
      Afternoon of August 8, 1976. Sunday. About 4:30 PM.

      In real life at about 4:30 in the afternoon, I had fallen asleep in my Cubitis home’s southwest bedroom (with the bed’s head against the middle of the south wall and my mother’s desk to the left of the bed). While I was still sleeping, my mother had come in to do some writing at her desk. The room was warm, almost uncomfortably so.

      In my dream, I am wandering about in what is apparently the location of “The Bob Newhart Show” television series. Not many events stayed in my memory as it may have been mostly replays from the series from having seen it in real life.

      Near the end of my dream (about the time my mother starts talking loudly in reality), I see Bob Newhart walking quickly towards a revolving door from within the lobby of a building. He smiles at me in sincere friendliness and cheerfulness and waves while carrying his briefcase in his other hand. He goes into the revolving door to leave the building.

      At this exact point, I am rudely awakened by my mother exclaiming, seemingly in a sarcastic manner, “Boy, that must be some dream!” I was somewhat disoriented about my location before fully waking.

      Apparently, I had been grinning widely in my sleep. She thought I was dreaming about girls, but I was so annoyed by her presumption and having been woken up, I never told her what I had actually been dreaming about.

      Most relevant key terms:

      • Interrupted dream from my mother speaking loudly and waking me up.
      • Doorway waking symbolism. A doorway symbolizes here, the potential exit point of the dream state in real time.
      • Preconscious as male celebrity (actor and comedian) ascending into emergent consciousness with happiness and no conflict.
      • Revolving door as symbolizing puzzlement in higher liminal space as representing my dream being truncated, with uncertainty over my dream ending or reintiating.
      • While sleeping in my Cubitis home’s southwest bedroom instead of my bedroom.
      • Grinning while sleeping and dreaming.

    10. Usual Induction; Atypical “Snowmocopter” Waking Transition

      by , 10-31-2017 at 01:40 PM
      Morning of October 31, 2017. Tuesday.

      The dream state induction symbolism here is water flowing in (most common). The waking transition symbolism here is water lowering over time and “return flight” waking symbolism (most common; over twenty percent of regular dreams and about ninety percent of all dreams). Dream state induction symbolism and waking transition symbolism are inherent to the dream state itself based on the real-time dynamics of going to sleep, being unconscious, and waking, and is unrelated to real life or the inventive untruthfulness of “interpretation”. These forms of induction and waking transition factors have occurred at least once per day for over fifty years. The water induction and reduction is biologically based on the glymphatic system and the flight-related symbolism is based on the reticular activating system (RAS) and inner ear dynamics during sleep (especially as a factor relating to the fictitious dream body as being upright while the real physical body is lying down, which is what causes most falling dreams and is unrelated to the deception of “interpretation” or cruelly fabricated “meaning” to negate someone’s livelihood under the oppression of disinformation - in fact, if you watch a baby sleeping and a noise occurs in some cases when they are in the dream state or when air blows on them, especially their face, they will throw up their arms and automatically briefly maintain a falling position - not to mention the common term “falling asleep” - how could people miss this?).

      Stepping into a beach scene in late afternoon (a very common lucid entry simply because I like the beauty of the ocean and the liminal space of the beach, which symbolizes the state between dreaming and waking), a young version of Zsuzsanna in black lingerie approaches on a black horse. The essence of beauty increases and is appreciated. Zsuzsanna is with me in an extended love-making scene. My lucidity decreases to semi-lucidity though my conscious self identity remains intact. Sexuality symbolizes…wait for it…sexuality (oh snap), at least in lucid and semi-lucid dreams, because, well, that is what I unconsciously will via conscious self identity (it is not rocket science).

      Over time, after indulging in sensuality for seemingly a long time, the usual water lowering event as a waking precursor “timer” (common since around age four) commences. (Among other analogies, this directly represents the tidal analogy of the glymphatic system.)

      We have somehow teleported, while on our sides, to a field of knee-high grass adjacent to the beach we had just been on. In the distance, I see a red combine harvester approaching, but not that close to our location. “Oh-oh,” I say, but with somewhat of a comedic mocking of the semi-lucid dream content.

      A change occurs where some of the ocean water nearest the beach is topped with ice. I see what I think is a helicopter and I assume it is the flight symbolism (end marker) out of my dream. Instead, my dream does not decay but transitions to being slightly more vivid again. “It’s a snowmocopter,” I say, noticing that it is actually a snowmobile (though was a helicopter that changed into the snowmobile).

      I sit down on the snowmobile and do some sort of kick start maneuver with my left foot as if I was on a motorcycle. As I am doing this, the preconscious (as an unfamiliar young male) sneaks up from behind me. Some sort of strange teleportation occurs again, and I am standing and watching the preconscious on the snowmobile (as I am standing on the left of the snowmobile), and he is now trying to start it. “Well, that thing ain’t gonna fly,” I say, as he looks amused, as I laugh myself awake.

    11. Slow Mail and Cleaning a Block and Tackle

      by , 10-31-2017 at 10:26 AM
      Morning of October 31, 2017. Tuesday.

      After stepping into my dream, I quickly begin to lose lucidity and memory (though several threads of conscious self identity remain extant). I find myself within a typical dream state induction stage; riding a bus, which is also sometimes a dream state end marker (or waking transition factor) though not in this case, and is unrelated to real life either symbolically or literally (and I have not ridden a bus in years). My wife Zsuzsanna is with me. We are apparently in La Crosse (though Zsuzsanna has never been to America). I am aware that Marilyn (older half-sister on my mother’s side who died in 2014) is living in the Loomis Street house. I “remember” her status as she appeared in the 1980s as if that was the present time.

      The bus driver turns down an alley, which is seemingly the Wood Street alley south from Gillette Street. Eventually, I notice it is nighttime even though it was daytime moments previously. I feel an unusual association of my physical body being linked to the movements of the bus. This is because I know and understand that for me, being on a bus is usually an expanded projection of the otherwise fictitious dream body, as well as a distorted subliminal association with my sleeping physical body. A bus is also a coalescence factor in unifying neural energies (in the guise of different dream characters) in real time within the dream state. I know this to be true as I have experienced and validated it thousands of times since early childhood.

      The bus goes through half-oval paths in and out of at least three people’s backyards. It is very narrow, but no mishaps occur. The half-oval paths are bordered by a stack of cardboard boxes (of a very similar appearance as in my dream of the 29th, “To the Zoo”, and is therefore a carryover caused by the virtuous circle effect of unconscious dynamics). These paths would not be possible to maneuver and turn in in reality, especially for a bus.

      I end up in an area near the Black River, on its east side. There is one unfamiliar cottage present. Two mailmen are walking north and side-by-side to the cottage, but only one is carrying a letter. I see a street sign that names the area as Delores Street, though it is actually not a real street, just a stretch of land near the Black River. I also see that the letter has Delores Street on it, yet I recognize the name above it as a former pen pal of over twenty years ago. (I do not recall the other name, but Delores was the name of an older lady in a wheelchair who I had written to for a time.) I am amazed that this pen pal is now living here. I “knowingly” tell Marilyn, who makes a brief appearance to my right, that, “it took them one and a half years to deliver that letter”. I am aware that it is a letter from me, which of course makes no sense at all. How could it be a letter from me when I did not know she had moved to La Crosse? I am also trying to determine what will happen if she knows I am living here. Many more nuances of this scenario make no sense at all in any context (though bear in mind that my dream self does not consider how wrong or mixed-up the entire scenario is).

      Eventually, while I am still a short distance south of the cottage, I see this dark-haired girl of about eighteen years old and wearing only a towel. She is cheerfully walking southerly, passing fairly close to me, yet without seeming to notice me at all. Apparently, she is going to where Marilyn lives. I supposedly live there as well. It is a fictional building south of the cottage (a new and unique location). This makes no sense either, yet I still see her as my formerly much older pen pal who is now somehow much younger. Another way that it makes no sense is that I am fully aware of the Loomis Street address and yet the location Marilyn and I live is a fictional area (even though I am also ambiguously aware that we “still” live on Loomis Street - yet not). Not only that, this girl somehow knows our “new” address. Non-lucid dreams indicate a major cessation of viable memory.

      From here, my dream distorts into unrelated events. I am in a large unfamiliar shed or warehouse. I notice a complex block and tackle device through a square opening in the ceiling, although there is an additional ceiling above that one. The device has a block with about eight or nine sheaves (rather than two for a twin sheave) with hard mud and straw between them. Over time, I vividly knock out the sections of dirt and debris with a long stick so that the wheels rotate fully around. There is no backstory to this, but I suspect it relates to teeth hygiene. This takes time and a number of attempts as I watch large sections of dirt and straw loosen and fall from the sheaves.

      An unknown female of about thirty years of age appears. We talk about the Internet. I have some older computer technology sitting on a table in the warehouse, which I might be getting rid of. She seems interested in it. I pick up an old modem and she mentions something about Wi-Fi as if she does not want anything to do with it and she asks me if I have it. I tell her that my oldest daughter and oldest son have it but that I use a cable (which amazingly is actually true even though I am in the non-lucid dream state - how strange is that). We go to what seems to be an area in a house (which is not logical as we just turned around and walked a short distance while in the warehouse or shed). I turn the computer on but then “remember” (incorrectly) that this CRT monitor does not come on fully as the top and bottom of the screen is distorted and the picture is horizontally squashed a little. I mention this to the female. She still seems interested in the modem.

      From here, I am distracted by two unknown males (though one of whom may be a younger version of our landlord). They are on an unlikely platform high up inside the warehouse. I tell them that I had cleaned the block and tackle and they seem appreciative but I am also apparently going to help them by lifting something up near one end of the warehouse. I notice very small square holes with a white membrane in the ceiling. I successfully and effortlessly lift up (with block and tackle) whatever it is I need to lift up, which I am uncertain of, but which may have been a part of the building to put back into place. There is an unusual scaffold-like area on that side as well (perpendicular to the unlikely narrow platform the men are on) and I do it from an otherwise very unlikely distance from the center of this large building.

    12. To the Zoo

      by , 10-29-2017 at 06:53 PM
      Morning of October 29, 2017. Sunday.

      To introduce this entry and the familiar history behind it, this is a typical “preconscious as trespasser” dream situation, which has occurred on a regular basis since childhood and is one of my most common subliminally lucid dream scenarios which typically only occurs in the last dream of a sleeping period and is usually unrelated to waking life. In order to develop a full understanding of this type, some basic irrefutable facts about dreams and the dream state must be recognized and acknowledged above the folly of “interpretation”, superstition, or derogatory pretense against my over fifty years of devoted dream study and its validation.

      This dream type is typically caused by an environmental factor, such as noise that is not loud enough to wake the dreamer. The reticular activating system (RAS) often personifies the presumed “intruder” into the unconscious state as the personified preconscious, which is typically one to two levels down from the emergent consciousness. The preconscious is transpersonal (and typically either an unfamiliar character or celebrity) and often in direct contrast to (or in conflict with) the conscious self identity (as well as the ephemeral fictitious dream self identity) for the purpose of manifesting enough intense emotion or annoyance to wake the dreamer, which is what RAS is for (that is, responsible for regulating wakefulness and sleep-wake transitions). It is often linked to doorway waking symbolism (a doorway symbolizing the exit point of the dream), which is a known feature of subliminal lucidity (a thread of awareness that one is dreaming but not with viable lucidity or dream-self memory of what a dream is). I have known of, and studied, this type of dream component for over fifty years, through thousands of examples (as well as virtually countless experiments), though this situation also ascends into lucid dreams due to waking being a biological necessity.

      All this does not mean that RAS is ‘intelligent" (any more than one’s stomach is “intelligent”). In fact, RAS cannot discern if the environmental factors, such as noise, are important enough to trigger waking (and unfortunately, it often apparently fails even when someone’s house is on fire though ironically RAS will sometimes trigger a fire dream when there is no danger in reality - though prescience or remote viewing may be a factor in such a case), though it should be obvious that any noise that is loud enough will truncate or distort a dream and trigger waking anyway (as is a need to wake and use the bathroom or to drink fluids to avoid dehydration).

      This dream follows the usual stages, shifts in unconsciousness, and core symbolism of this dream type as virtually countless previous times since early childhood, yet the dynamics are always intriguingly unique.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we appear now are living in a new distortion of the Cubitis house (where I have not lived since 1978 and where Zsuzsanna and our children have never been).

      It is unique in that most of the northwest corner of the living room is directly open to outside, additionally with no discernible carport that was there in real life (this alteration never having occurred in any previous dream as all dream settings are unique and different from each other, at least in my lifelong dreaming history), yet also with some sort of set of screen doors (a play on “screening” RAS in this case). It is seemingly nighttime throughout the entire dream. I notice the preconscious (an unknown male of about thirty-five) sitting in a lawn chair in the front yard, at about a forty-five degree angle in facing towards the doors from about fifteen feet away. He has a flashlight or some sort of small lamp. He seems to be cheerful, but I am aggravated by him being in the front yard and watching my family.

      As a result of a subliminal thread of lucidity, I find myself holding two barbells (without the weights), my weapon of choice in this type of dream, though I typically only have one (though in this case, subliminal lucidity seems closer to potential viable lucidity). I cross the barbells across my chest in an X shape and tell the preconscious to leave my dream and to stop watching my family. However, he phases through the screen door and is then in the living room. Before there is coalescence (waking integration of dream self and emergent consciousness), I somehow trigger a shift (probably by the X over my chest) to where the doorway waking symbolism is decremented.

      I then (non-lucidly) create a number of dream servants (all male in this case) who take the preconscious and other characters that had been in the front yard to a zoo that is presumably south of the house by about seven lots (probably near where my brother Earl’s southerly neighbor lived in real life in the mid-1970s).

      I have my dream servants take the preconscious and his minions into a “deeper” section of the zoo, behind stacks of possibly empty cardboard boxes (which symbolize parts of the mind or memory that are inactive in the dream state). I am aware that there are a number of large wild animals walking around freely, but I am not within that section. I reason that they (the unwanted male characters) will not be able to leave unless I allow them to. I know there are elephants and rhinoceroses there, the main animals I think about, and I also hear them.

      While standing near the empty cardboard boxes, an unusual monkey jumps up on one at about waist height. It walks mostly on all fours and is about the size of a kitten. I consider that it seems like some sort of unlikely miniature baboon rather than a normal monkey or ape. It lightly nibbles on my fingers, which makes me slightly wary at first, but then I decide that it probably will not bite me. Perhaps it is hungry.

      As it turns out, it is a kitten, as my oldest daughter’s new pet kitten had been lightly nibbling on my fingers in reality as I was sleeping.

    13. Haircut Mysteries

      by , 10-29-2017 at 08:17 AM
      Morning of October 29, 2017. Sunday.

      I am in an unknown room that is about twice the size of our lounge room. It seems to be a public area, but only at certain times, resulting in ambiguity in also being our implied home. As a result, there are no associations with unknown people who are present at times as being intruders as in many other dreams. Also, everyone else in my dream remains cheerful except for the baby in the last scene.

      There is a story in the background, unrelated to the main scenario, that relates to someone traveling by motorcycle. There is a video about it but I do not fully focus on it. There is also a point at which one of my dark-haired female teachers (implied only) from elementary school appears, though this character is actually unknown and unfamiliar.

      I decide to get a haircut because I notice a few strands that are longer than they should be. I had just gotten a haircut in this place, but another one will be given. There is no association with money or paying for the service. I watch, apparently in a mirror, as long clusters from my otherwise short hair are combed out and cut, mostly from the back. The detail is very realistic.

      After this, I look at my hair and hairstyle. I decide to comb my hair to the other side from how it was cut and styled. This makes it look slightly wrong, so I decide to get a third haircut.

      A little later, I discover I have a short Mohawk and I have no hair at all on either side of it. I cannot work out what happened. I consider that I must have fallen asleep and that they had probably given me anesthesia without me realizing it (or even giving permission). I have no memory of any hair being cut this short or of a razor shaving my head on each side. (Even though questioning if I had fallen asleep is one of the most obvious dream state indicators possible, I do not question my present status of possibly being asleep and dreaming. As a haircut symbolizes the real-time dynamics of neural energy in REM sleep, having been “asleep” in my dream validates now having only a small amount of hair down the middle of the top of my head.) I am somewhat angry and self-conscious about this haircut but not that outwardly emotional or vocal about it. The unknown male who had apparently done this says it is the best haircut I could have for my face and that I look good. I consider this and decide that it might be okay to go out in public like this, as some men have no hair at all. I note how smooth the hairless areas of my head are, so it was a very good job on their part, as there were no accidental cuts either.

      Only a short time later, I discover that my hair is as it was before I got the first haircut (though it is now longer than it is in real life). I am puzzled, yet I do not realize that this could only happen in a dream (and it symbolizes my emergent consciousness being more viable at this point, though the preconscious is never directly dominant or aggressive in this situation, though this was not my last dream of the day). I am trying to mentally resolve how they could have done this, but it does not seem possible (and I do not converse with them about this). On one level, I am glad my hair is as it was, but the mystery remains.

      Meanwhile, there is an offset scenario where a baby seems to be having difficulty in remaining on stacks of books in a plastic storage box. He drops down into a couple rows of lower stacks on his left a few times (as the older boys place him back on the highest stacks each time) and cries about bumping down onto the books. Our youngest son and a few other boys are looking at the baby who I see in profile with his head oriented to the right of the scene. I make a comment to them about being careful with him, though he does not seem to be hurt.

      Despite this being a perfect opportunity to become lucid, I do not. It almost seems like a subliminal experiment to test myself, as a haircut symbolizes associations with the level of neural energies in the dream state in real time (with no RAS activation, only a slight shift in levels of consciousness). The baby on the books in the storage box is a metaphor for critical thinking skills not being extant in the dream state. In fact, this is direct parallel symbolism analogous to my failure to realize my dream state by way of the impossible hair changes and real time neural energy dynamics and their level and length (length of time for emergent consciousness viability as a play on length of hair). (Dropping down onto a lower stack of books relates to decreasing dynamics of conscious self identity in the dream state despite this being near the end of my dream, though again, not the last dream of the sleeping period or with sustained wakefulness afterwards, which clarifies and validates this dual symbolism.)

    14. Shrinking the Preconscious via RAS

      by , 10-27-2017 at 08:33 AM
      Morning of October 27, 2017. Friday.

      I am back in the Loomis Street house (where I have not been since February 1994) and sitting in the armchair (recliner) my brother-in-law Bob usually sat in (though my relatives are not present). A few unfamiliar people are present as well as my wife Zsuzsanna (though younger).

      There is an unknown male sitting at the dining room table (west end). I am reading articles in a number of different magazines over time. They are older magazines, possibly from the late 1960s, and I find them interesting. I look for articles of a similar theme or series but cannot seem to find all the ones I want to read after I find the first article as “perfect”.

      Eventually, I hear music, and sing perfectly (that is, I correctly sing all the lyrics) along with it.

      “You crawl along the sand, and over twisted hand, but you cannot find your way, while that gull up in the air, he’s gonna circle there, and then he’s gonna fly away…”

      “And you see the fog move in, and it blankets the shore, but it can’t blanket sin, and so as long as you’re going to stay, down on the sand that way, you are never gonna win…”

      “You build a driftwood fire, and as the flames grow higher, they don’t help you find your way, for the smoke burns your weary eyes, and then you start to cry, and crying only blurs the way…”

      “And you see the fog move in…”

      The unknown male makes some sort of sarcastic comments about the music, indicating he does not like it. For some reason, I assume he is a religious zealot of some kind.

      “That was one of my favorite songs when I was a boy,” I say. “I don’t care what you think.” I then call him a few rude names. “You like to control people and make them like you,” I continue, “with your religious beliefs…”

      I tell him that he should like the song because it has the word “sin” in it, and he is the type to complain about other people “sinning” (aka “enjoying life”) based on his own failures. I start talking more loudly, saying how his main purpose seems to be to control other people’s minds. I call him more rude names. I tell him I do not like pop music.

      Eventually, I realize that he has gotten up from sitting at the table and has somehow become only about five inches tall (apparently due to my yelling at him). He is running around in an open area on the south side of the room, where the bay window is no longer present as the house is directly open to the side yard. There is an analog television there (directly where the wall would otherwise be), but of which is mostly hollow. He scurries in and out of it zigzagging around that area as a young version of Zsuzsanna looks on. I perceive this would-be preacher as the homeless male (though not a hippie) living on the beach. I realize that I have yelled at him enough, as he might disappear completely if I continue, and I do not want to be responsible for eliminating someone that controls other people’s minds even if I am free of such influence. From here, I wake.

      This is the second time recently when the preconscious has atypically been rendered as very small, the other instance being in “Another ‘Supernatural’ Adventure” from the 25th of this month, though this time under my command, which is very rare (though happened in “War of the Serpents” from September 1969 when I took control of RAS and put the upright moving snake, the most dynamic RAS waking trigger, back to sleep and then carried it like a baby). The hollow television symbolizes being in the dream state without a potential for cohesive continuity (which acknowledges there is “no more picture”, similar to the small living idols mimicking the falling or sliding hypnopompic waking trigger in my last “Supernatural” dream), though it is curious how this song came to mind, as I have not heard it in a long time. These dreams seem to be the result of reflecting upon a few times in the past (as I had planned on writing about it in more detail soon) when I had apparent control over RAS to avoid the waking start. Direct control over RAS in non-lucidity is probably ill-advised, though it seems to only result in oversleeping and sometimes mild nausea (the same as with fainting I guess, since RAS is involved with both, though I have never fainted in my life).

    15. Another “Supernatural” Adventure

      by , 10-25-2017 at 07:49 AM
      Morning of October 25, 2017. Wednesday.

      There are two types of dream scenarios influenced by the “Supernatural” television series; ones in which I am “in” the show’s world (without realizing that it is fiction) and ones in which I am aware of the Winchesters as their real-life counterparts as actors and on the set of the show or another location. This dream is of the former type; I am “in” the world where “Supernatural” is imagined as “real”.

      Sam and Dean, and apparently their father, have discovered a portal to another world, though it is more like a pocket universe in the form of a large cave. They need to retrieve something deeper within the cave, such as important maps or other documents and possibly treasure.

      There are unusual features related to working near the opening of this cave. There is a small pond as well as some sort of dynamic staircase that rises from the pond and which changes in position and orientation (including upside-down).

      At one point, there are very loud footsteps and vibrations that imply a giant anthropomorphic creature approaching the mouth of the cave from inside; a giant manlike beast that wakes up when the portal is open, apparently preventing people from going farther into the cave, though I never see this giant. They close the portal for a time, though I decide to run off and hide in an orange grove. I think about which orange tree would be the most suitable to hide behind. At this point, it seems like the orange grove across the street from my Cubitis home (where I have not lived since 1978), which then implies that the portal was in about the center of the Cubitis living room, bilocated as such (environmental bilocation being a very common aspect of my dreams since childhood, yet of which I hardly ever see other people write about).

      Absentmindedly, I go back to the location where Sam and Dean are. They seem very cheerful. They have an unusual advantage now. There are two living idols that are on our side of the portal that are preventing two smaller living idols from going back into the entrance of the cave. The smaller ones are only about a foot high and the other two about two feet in height. They look somewhat like Maori idols. I watch the smaller two try to get back into the cave, but they eventually give up because of the larger two guarding it. They then go to a playground and have fun sliding down the slide, exclaiming “wee” and giggling. I watch the activity of these unusual living statues for a few minutes.

      Sam and Dean are now getting what they want from the cave. The giant will sleep when the two small idols are not present inside. He could not possibly wake up otherwise. From here, I absentmindedly wander off into a featureless field (a common liminal space setting in my dreams, especially in the last scene), which seems to be at night.

      A beautiful young girl approaches though I do not fully recognize her as a young version of Zsuzsanna (even though she is, though my conscious self identity is still subliminal and my non-lucid dream self amnesiac and of fictitious dynamics). We hug and kiss but she says something about needing to go somewhere. I assume I will see her again later as my dream fades.

      Since early childhood, other than literal prescience (including biological foreshadowing as well as premonitory factors of the waking jolt itself) and many other literal features, my dreams have easily been seen as mostly being about dreaming and waking in real time (and the symbolism as such, obviously as it is a mental process in real time) rather than the nebulous and ill-informed concept of “interpretation” that many people believe in for whatever reason. The same is true for this dream.

      The cave represents the status of being unconscious (including the redundant factor of a dream as if of “another world” that “hides” the conscious self identity) as well as deeper levels of memory (validated by the Cubitis setting, not seen in real life since 1978). The four idols represent dynamics of the reticular activating system, which mediates the level of consciousness (and is responsible for the nature of waking symbolism, sometimes utilizing real-life environmental ambiance or physical discomfort of sleeping position). The two smaller idols (emergent consciousness factors, unfeasibly otherwise modeled after the preconscious, representing the two brain hemispheres) need to be present to activate waking, yet the two larger idols (dream-based figures representing my subliminal desire to sleep longer) prevent them from causing the giant to wake. The two smaller idols still playfully simulate waking (to indicate that waking up is not so bad) by playfully going down the slide, which is akin to the common biological falling sensation of waking.

      After this, a young Zsuzsanna (mostly as she appeared when we first met in real life, though she is wearing slacks and a blouse) is rendered as the emergent consciousness factor to “try again”. This time, coalescence waking symbolism is the key and the feasible result, which symbolizes both my dream self’s coalescence back into my conscious self identity, my link to the familiar, and the dawning of conscious self identity recognition, which is not present in many dream states.

      “Beyond the Martian Time Barrier / The Martian Casket” from 1973 is a very good example of the same core symbolism. The status of sleeping and waking bilocated in the center of the Cubitis living room in mostly the same way, though in that dream, REM sleep was also symbolized as the “sleeping” Martian’s eyes being seen to move realized as being mine as reflected back. In that case, there was not an additional waking symbolism segment as here, as it was not needed.

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