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      Great work on the wings!
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      Hey, no worries. Just trying to get around
    3. Hello!! Thank you for the wings!! They look great!
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      Thanks bee! and what a cute gif! ^O^
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      Oo congrats on the 100 lucids ( so far ) in 2016!
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      Thanks for the comp Spellbee! Some great fun!
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      Omg your pokemon trainer cat avatar is fantastic! I've been thinking on changing mine back to a Mismagius, maybe draw one myself. Or draw a human version of a Mismagius.
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      A little late but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPELLBEE2!!!! \( ^O^)/

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      Droppin' some Psy-Cat here.
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      I poke you with my poking stick, it is for poking.
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    1/14/17 - Splendid Comp Night 1

    by spellbee2 on 01-14-2017 at 08:58 PM
    Not a bad start to the competition. My lucids were fairly fragmented though, and I spent like 30 minutes just lying in bed trying to put the pieces together in my mind.

    I'm in a car with a couple friends, studying for an upcoming spelling bee. The word I'm given is “sicaid”, which means to get sick. After I guess, my friend just keeps telling me what the word means, without ever telling me whether I'm right or wrong. I end up telling him “This is a spelling bee, not a knowledge of words bee.”

    After my WBTB, I find myself in some scientific lab of sorts. They're running tests on me and a few other people. We all have to wear latex suits, which they pump full of some kind of super-buoyant helium-like gas to test the effects of pressurized flight on our bodies. As they inflate my suit, their machine breaks, leaving me just suspended in mid-air while they try to figure out what went wrong.

    I’m now in some show like the Walking Dead. Somehow, I have a tablet that still works, and shows a map of the infection progress. I notice that all the countries have weird shapes and names,
    which makes me become lucid. I zoom in on my current location on the map - apparently somewhere in India. There’s actually three different strains of the virus around us, marked with red, yellow, and blue coloring. I look up from my tablet and notice I and my party are on top of a roof in a fairly big city, trying to decide what our next move should be. Suddenly, two of the members pull out pistols and start threatening the rest of us with them. I don’t remember exactly what their reasoning was, but they decided they no longer needed us. They announce that they’re going to execute us off one by one, starting with me.

    One of the two, a woman, gets in front of me, while the other, a man, gets behind me, and both point their guns at my head. I start trying to reason with them - how we need the entire group in order to stay alive. I then remember that I’m dreaming, so I look back at the woman. “Did you remember to take the safety off?” I hear the guy behind me pull his gun back to check, so I take advantage of the distraction to grab the woman’s arm and knock the gun out of her hand. The guy rushes to get his gun back up, but I manage to kick it out of his hands while I’m wrestling with the woman. I finally pin her to the ground and continue to punch her in the face until she’s unconscious. Meanwhile, the guy runs to get his gun, but one of the other guys in our party rushes over and kicks it away before tackling the guy to the ground. I get up and grab the guy on the ground, swing him around over my head by his ankle, and then launch him over the edge of the building to his death.

    I have a FA of sorts, and I’m now riding in a car on the interstate with a friend of mine and her parents. Apparently the whole thing that just happened was a virtual reality attraction at Busch Gardens, and now me and this family are driving back home. I have a sudden realization that I didn’t ride with them on the way there, and that my car is still parked at the park. The dad (who looks suspiciously like Hank Green) seems fine with turning around, even though we’ve been riding for about 30 minutes at this point. Suddenly though, he realizes there’s a ton of cars driving on the wrong side of the road, heading directly towards us. He quickly throws the car into reverse and backs up at a high speed, before slamming on the E-brake and whipping the car around to face forward. Then, as soon as he can, he gets back over onto the correct side of the road, right as 4 or 5 police cars come out from behind us to chase the reckless drivers on the wrong side of the road. I remark something about how I wish my dad was as good a driver as that.

    We’re now walking through some kind of jungle place, still on the way to go pick up my car from Busch Gardens. We eventually come to a creek about 40 feet across. The water is crystal clear and isn’t moving very fast, so the people with me start wading through to get to the other side. However, I somehow find myself floating above the water to get across. I originally dismiss it as just a side effect from the helium-suit testing from earlier,
    but then I remember that I’m still dreaming. I continue to fly over at a faster pace until I reach the other side. Then, I find a large boulder, about the size of a minivan, and use telekinesis to put it in the water, which (somehow) helps everyone to get across faster.

    3 NLDs - 3
    WBTB - 2
    2 DILDs - 15
    Use Electronic Device - 5
    Interact with DCs - 2
    Super strength (picking up the bad guy) - 5
    Fly (+1st step) - 5+5 = 10
    Mass Telekinesis - 10

    Night 1 Total - 52 pts

    12/17/16 - Training Grounds and Terrible Pests

    by spellbee2 on 12-17-2016 at 06:04 PM
    A couple random dreams before my WBTB, including me playing a LEGO version of Skyrim. During my WBTB, I decided to read Hyu’s DJ again (for like the 4th time) for lucid inspiration (specifically this entry).

    I fall back asleep, and find myself in a quaint little neighborhood, going from house to house playing Christmas carols on a flute. One of the houses I enter has an entire wall that’s just a screened-in patio. There’s a ton of plants growing through the ground inside, and a lot of the panels on the walls have fallen or broken. I suddenly realize that I was just going to sleep, which makes me become lucid. I prepare to make a portal through the floor to teleport, but as I’m deciding where to go to, everything goes black. However, the dream still feels incredibly stable, so I try to focus on making something else appear. Before I can do that though, Vi casually walks into my view. I’m somewhat surprised, as it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen her. Before I can say anything, some lights behind her start to turn on, and I can finally see where I am.

    I’m in a large white room - actually, I’d hesitate to call it a room. There’s no walls, the white-ness just extends on forever in all directions. In the middle are a ton of small, white, floating platforms, but other than that there’s nothing on the “ground”. In fact, I think for a moment what exactly I’m standing on, but I try not to dwell on that fact so I don’t end up falling through whatever it is. I turn back to Vi, and beside her is a humanoid robot, who explains that this is a futuristic dream control and dream fighting training complex. I get incredibly excited - like seriously, I’m freaking out more than those families on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when they first see their new house. I start asking if I can make my own weapon (thinking something like Hyu’s katana), but Vi insists that I start with something a little more simple.

    Following that is a montage of me doing various training. First is agility, where I have to cross the floating platforms quickly while staying light on my feet, since some of the platforms won’t support my full weight. At one point, I fall through the platform and plummet into the abyss. After I reappear on the platforms, a hologram version of me shows a “replay” of my failure so I can learn what I did wrong. After that, I’m back on the platforms slashing a holographic sword at holographic enemies. After the training is over, I’m back in a side room of the complex, with a tablet that shows my progress report. There’s only two stats listed on it:

    Confidence: 38%
    Fart Noises Made: 8

    I see Vi and shove my tablet in her face, rubbing in my (admittedly mediocre) score. “Ha, beat that!”
    “Well, I don’t think anyone could beat that fart score even if they tried.”

    I wake up and write down my dream before lying down again. I start to have WILD transitions, but my dad barges in and wakes me up to ask me a stupid question about his phone. I get up from my bed (which is now in the living room) to help him, and then quickly lie back down. I quickly get the intense vibrations again, and suddenly my bed is back in my room. I manage to roll out of my bed, but I can’t move my limbs. However, I’m still able to move around the room by making myself float around in a luge position. In the middle of the room are a few large floating star-shaped rings, and as I fly through them, I regain control of my limbs. I get through all of them before landing on my now-movable feet. I’m still in my bedroom, but I can’t take my usual exit through the window, since the window isn’t there. There’s another window right beside the bedroom door, but it’s small and kinda high up. I try to jump through it, but my butt gets stuck. I can still look out though, and I see a whole rooftop terrace with tables and chairs. I go back inside and try to think of how to get out there. Wait… shouldn’t there just be a door? I shut my previously wide-open bedroom door to find another white door behind it leading to the terrace.

    I open it and walk through to see that there’s an entire restaurant seating area out here, complete with giant umbrellas over the tables and christmas lights for some nice mood lighting. However, the place looks fairly rundown, as next to the door are a ton of spider webs and wasp nests. I really want to explore it, but I’m afraid to go out because of all the bugs.

    “It’s okay, this is a dream. You are lucid. Nothing can hurt you in the dream.”
    “...unless the dream makes a bug that can hurt you.”
    “..........Why did I say that?...”

    Immediately, a red bug crawls up my back, with the body shape and legs of a spider but the body thickness and large pincers of a beetle. It gets right in the middle of my back before taking a big bite of my skin. It stings quite a bit at first, but that doesn’t compare at all to the extreme burning that comes after that. I try to reach back to kill the bug, but it’s just out of reach. Meanwhile, it keeps biting, each time getting more and more painful. I honestly think about trying to wake up, since the pain is too unbearable. Instead, I attempt to channel my rage into making flames come off my back to burn the little f***er. It takes a couple tries, but I eventually generate enough heat to make it stop biting. During the lull in pain, I finally manage to reach back and grab it, smashing its head between my fingers. I turn to see two more black bugs on the railing, and I get ready to smash them.

    “Woah woah woah! Listen man, we’re real sorry about Roger, but we don’t want to hurt you. We’re just looking for some booty.”
    “Yeah, some booty! Specifically Greek booty.”

    I grab one of the umbrellas off the table and jump up on the railing beside them. Looking down, I see this terrace is about 30 floors up. I open up the umbrella, turn back to the bugs, and in an epic movie voice, I say…

    “Do I look Greek to you?”

    I dive off the edge, using the umbrella to glide my way down before waking up.

    11/4/16 - Spooky Comp Night 21

    by spellbee2 on 11-04-2016 at 08:41 PM
    I’m vacationing with my family in Syria. We’re waiting at a bus station of some sort, when suddenly there’s an explosion in the distance. We all turn our heads in the direction of the blast, when several gunmen round the corner and start firing into the air, shouting at everyone to get down as we are being taken hostage. I duck my head as I’m instructed and start to panic, fearfully wondering if I was going to die here. Wait, usually this level of fear only happens in dreams - of course, I just went to bed an hour ago. I stand back up and fly over this tall fence that stands between me and the shooters. “I’m not afraid of you. You think you can scare us, but you’ll never scare me.” I prepare to wreck their shtuff up, but I unfortunately wake up.

    I’m back at college, in one of my old dorms, although everything looks kinda different inside - the halls and doorways are bigger than normal and the room numbers are all shuffled around. I joke with my friend about how I’ve been in the same dorm for 6 years and still can’t remember what room I’m in.

    I’m out to lunch with my brother (who’s in the police academy) and his wife. I joke around with him about being undercover, and he glares at me and whispers that he is undercover right now.

    Fragment of me playing some SNES video game involving robots and AI.

    I’m driving around college with some friends. I try to stop in this parking lot, but my brakes start failing. I press as hard as I can, but my car barely slows down as it approaches this cliff. It creeps forward, but at the last second it starts to slow down and finally stop. I breathe a huge sigh of relief, but am interrupted by the bright flash of a huge explosion coming from the bottom of the cliff. A car is launched upwards from the blast zone and narrowly misses landing on top of my car, before tumbling back down the hill and ending up in the middle of the road. Almost on cue, a ton of paramedics come out of nowhere, grab the driver and put him on a stretcher, and then drive off, all in the span of about 3 seconds. I’m still in shock trying to process what just happened, when I realize that this feeling of fear and confusion is incredibly familiar
    - I’m still dreaming. However, again I instantly wake up. I see it’s about 5 minutes before my alarm is set to go off, so I don’t try to DEILD or anything.

    WBTB - 2
    2 NLDs - 2
    Fragment - 0.5
    2 DILDs - 15
    Flying - 5

    Night Total - 24.5 pts

    10/31/16 - Spooky Comp Night 17

    by spellbee2 on 10-31-2016 at 10:06 PM
    I’m at a high school reunion, where the entire class is in some quiz competition for a prize. One of the challenges is to guess the total height of the two shortest guys in the class, and ironically, both of those two get it wrong.

    I get up for WBTB, but for circumstances beyond my control, I stay up too long and don’t have enough time to sleep before my alarm goes off. Being the genius I am, I hit the snooze button about 3 times. After pressing it the third time, I start drifting back to sleep, when I suddenly find myself standing up beside my bed. My room looks weird, as one of the walls is at an angle. I plug my nose and find that I’m dreaming. I do my usual routine that I do when I start a lucid from my bedroom - I leave through the window. I take a running start and jump, phasing through the window until I start flying outside. I look down and notice that I’m incredibly high up above a castle, having just jumped out of one of the towers on the outer edge. I decide to fly to the top of the tower, where I see a stone gargoyle perched on the roof. I fly up to it and try to start a conversation, but it just starts shouting Bible verses about sexual immorality and then flies off. Weird.

    I slide down the roof, hopping from slope to slope until I finally reach the ground. I’m in this huge open field, and a ton of people in colonial outfits are walking around. It has a very Assassin’s Creed feel to it, which makes me remember (erroneously) that one of my personal goals was to assassinate someone with a hidden blade. I quietly sneak up behind one of the people and shove my hand into their back, and a blade appears that pierces through them. I look down and see that I’ve stabbed a young child - apparently this large field is a playground, as I realize everyone around me is under the age of 10. All of them stop moving and stare at me with a look of shock. I run off before the police arrive and/or the guilt sets in.

    I see a marker in front of me directing me towards my actual target, which is inside this large wooden house. I sense that my target is being interrogated in a room off to the right, and I have to rescue him by sneaking around the back, where there’s a guard sitting on the stairs. Luckily, there’s a nice little space under the stairs where I can hide, but I get kinda stuck trying to crawl into it on my stomach. While I’m doing this, the guard gets up and walks towards the hallway where my legs are still sticking out. I think my cover’s blown, but instead he just says “Legs up, love.” I bend my knees and lift my feet up. “Cheers, mate.” He continues down the hall completely unconcerned. I exit and head around to the stairs, where there’s a computer screen and mouse on a desk. It obviously seems strangely out of place, but I use it anyway. When I click the mouse, a large GlaDoS-like robot comes out of the wall in the next room and tazes the guard. I come around the corner and open the door to find my target is… Claptrap from Borderlands. Except he explains to me that his name is “Gary Gary Gary”. I tell him to follow me.

    I exit the room and find that I’m in a futuristic-looking train station of sorts. Everything looks white and pristine, and large electronic billboards light up the night sky. Just then, an announcement comes over the PA:
    “Attention, do not be alarmed. Police are on the scene searching for a white-cloaked criminal, last seen murdering a security guard and kidnapping a service droid, Gary Gary Gary. If you have any information as to their whereabouts, please notify a police officer.”
    I see a ton of police swarming the scene. “Gary!”
    “Uh, it’s ‘Gary Gary Gary’…”
    “Whatever! Shut up and act natural!”
    I stand with my back to the officers, hoping to not draw any attention and blend in. Instead, I hear an officer shout, and a bullet whizzes past my head. “Change of plans, RUN!”

    I take off towards the train tracks and cross to the other side, followed closely by Gary and my pursuers. I pull a white handgun out of my pocket and start firing back at the officers, managing to only take down one in the process. I turn down a small hallway and burst through a door here. Inside is a dark passageway with a long staircase down. I jump onto the rail and grind my way down on my feet. Once I reach the bottom, I cross another set of train tracks and reach a long staircase going back up. I turn around to see Gary has managed to keep up rather well, and behind him are fewer police officers. However, I start to hear the bark of police dogs, and I know that they’ll soon catch me. I pick up Gary and throw him under my arm. “Hold on tight!” I lean forward and put all my effort into picking up speed. It’s difficult at first, since I’m going upstairs, but I soon notice I’m taking the stairs 4 at a time at an incredible rate. I look around long enough to see the last of my pursuers disappearing into the darkness behind me. I slow back down as I reach the top of the stairs, which lead to an exit in a bright, hilly area. To the right of the exit is what looks like a street gang, but on closer inspection, I see that it’s the members of Pentatonix, singing “Zero to Hero” from Hercules.
    I soon wake up from my alarm going off. Not bad for a 10-minute snooze cycle.

    1 NLD - 1
    WBTB - 2
    DILD - 10
    RC - 1
    Fully phase through big solid object - 10
    Fly - 5
    Interact with a DC - 2
    Basic summoning (hidden blade) - 5
    2nd step (basic summoning) - 10
    Super speed - 5

    Night Total - 51 pts

    10/29/16 - Spooky Comp Night 15

    by spellbee2 on 10-29-2016 at 08:58 PM
    Let’s play a fun little game. Try to count how many things seem weird or bizarre before dream-me finds one (there’s at least 25 in total).

    I’m at church for our Wednesday night youth service. We just had a guest speaker - my old RA from freshman year of college - who gave out a free plunger to every kid in the youth group. The band and I come up to play music, so I get set up on the keyboard. The youth pastor comes up after us and explains to the crowd that we didn’t have time to practice, so we’re basically going to be sight-reading these songs, and he’ll be leading us. Our first song is apparently from the year 1920 and has a ton of key and rhythm changes. At one point, the song even changes into the key of K. Still, it has a hard rock drum part in the style of the Foo Fighters that sounds pretty amazing, so I kind of like it. After finishing our first song, I have to switch to bass guitar for the second song, but my bass is on the other side of the stage. I manage to maneuver my way through a maze of junk on the stage - from palm trees to banjos to a sleeping cat - grab my guitar case and make my way back. The second song is more in the style of the Beastie Boys, and I’m kind of surprised when our youth pastor drops the F-bomb in the middle of the song (we are in a church, after all). I look around, but no one seems to notice or care.

    For the third song, I get back on the keyboard, but somehow it got unplugged during the last song. I go to plug it back in, but there’s so many ports in the back of all different shapes and sizes - it almost looks like a telephone switchboard. Tony, a guy from the youth group like 5 years ago, comes up on stage and yells at me for not figuring it out. He grabs the wire out of my hand and plugs it in for me. Luckily, our third song is interrupted by a literal parade of people coming from the adult class marching up through the center aisle and exiting through the side door. After the interruption, we’ve apparently decided not to do a third song, so I go back to sit down with Mismagius and his little brother, who are both wearing pullover hoodies with “IRC” in big letters across them*. The youth pastor starts his sermon with a video on the projector screen, which strangely has clips of topless women and people cussing. I look around again, but still no one is phased by this. In fact, most of the audience isn’t paying attention, and some of the kids are going up to the stage to get some free oranges from these tall cardboard boxes. Suddenly, it hits me that it’s Friday night, not Wednesday night - why are we having service? I plug my nose to make sure I’m not dreaming, but I can breathe through it. Weird, everything seems so realistic though, there’s no way I’m dreaming. I plug my nose again to make sure, and I can still breathe through it.
    “Huh, I guess I am dreaming.”

    Upon me saying this revelation, the entire crowd erupts into a loud cheer, like their favorite football team just scored the game-winning touchdown. There’s an explosion of confetti and streamers as more people start rushing into the room cheering. Apparently this was some kind of lucid hidden camera show, where they were trying to see how much weird crap they could do before I finally got lucid. The crowd makes a row out the door, and I proceed to give them all high-fives down the line. All my friends and family are there, some hugging me as I pass by, and others joking with me on how long it took me to realize.

    I finally make my way to the end of the line and find myself in my old high school gymnasium. Mismagius and his little brother are there again, and the kid starts making fun of me for not realizing sooner, claiming that I should’ve known as soon as I saw the huge American flag on the side of the orange boxes. I exit the gym and walk up to my friend Aaron. He’s apparently only heard stories of people becoming lucid, and he wants to see for himself just how incredible it is. The first thing he wants to see is how fast I can run. He takes off in a sprint, and after giving him about a 5 second head start, I take off and quickly catch up with him in about 2 seconds and tackle him to the ground. He seems incredibly stunned, and I quickly realize that hitting him at that speed may have hurt him. “Are you okay? Because if you’re not, I can fix that.” Luckily, he gets up and claims he’s fine. I wake up shortly after.

    After journaling the previous dream (chuckling the entire time at the ridiculousness), I go back to sleep. I’m now on some game show with a couple friends and a few strangers. The point of the show is that we have to fight each other in incredibly weird environments, like a water park or a maze of air ducts. The winner of each fight advances, until the final two compete in a fight to the death. However, from the start of the show, none of us want to fight (friendship for the win). However, the host, a teenage girl with straight black hair, threatens us with a water bazooka if we don’t do it. I conspire with one of my friends to fake a fight so the host doesn’t kill us. I hold his head under the water for a couple seconds until he taps out. My next competitor is a kid who looks like he’s maybe 8 years old. Since the start of the show, he was hiding in a pocket of air in the bottom corner of the swimming pool. As I dive down to get him, he quickly surrenders before I reach him. I manage to advance to the final fight, where my competitor is apparently the crazy jungle kid from The Wild Thornberrys, but I wake up before I can find him.

    DILD - 10
    RC - 1
    Interact with DC - 2
    Super speed - 5
    NLD - 1
    WBTB - 2

    Night 15 Total - 21 pts

    *Okay, to be fair, there is a school near my church that a couple kids in the youth group go to called Indian Rocks Christian. So even though it seems obvious in retrospect (“I’m Mismagius, you know, the one you always talk to on DreamViews IRC chat.”), of the entire dream this is probably the one thing I have a slight excuse for.