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    1. Destruction and growth intertwined

      by , 09-28-2011 at 09:19 PM
      28-09-11 Intending to get lucid and share a dream. Should find Mitzu and learn about portals.

      “Things are starting to grow”

      I am in a farm yard or similar walking into a little garage or annex style building. There is a very dark feel to the dream even outside the shed. The building is rugged and crude and could look like it is about to come down.

      Inside there are two rooms, one in complete darkness and one with windows high on either side. The floor is pretty much destroyed and there are plans of it to come up and be replaced. Jesper Å is teaching me how to grow these plants, by throwing seeds into the dark room. Inside the dark room the wooden floors are equally as rugged as in the room with light.

      The plants reminds me of chamomile in that they have loads of green sticks and branches, meaning they will form a sort of network when they grow to full size. I get a glimpse of how they will look superimposed on the scene itself all the way to the roof top with the white flowers in the top and all the green forming a massive network beneath.

      So I just throw in the seeds not even needing to cover them with dirt or anything. Then they need water so I pull out the hose and start spraying water in to the dark room. I do this from the other end of the room with the windows and all of a sudden get concerned because right next to the door into the room where the plants are there is an electrical device and I get afraid of getting shocked.

      “Tearing down eaves gutters”

      I am tearing down these gutters and there are wooden planks in them. There is a purpose for doing this that seems very Martin Luther King (ish) (can't really explain).

      I am doing it to give place to something new about my personality, creativity filled and innovative.

      At one point a nail sticking through one of the planks in the gutters pierce and cut through a part of my upper lip, though I don't recall pain.

      “Weird camping grounds”

      I am standing outside a tent attached to a trailer. I am there with my dad and it is dark. all of a sudden fireworks go off. I have a distinct feeling that there are 5 pieces going off. the first three goes off as they are supposed to do, but the last two on the ground around us.

      I just observe the fourth one as it goes off over to my left. However the last one I have to run behind a car, I think this car is the Mitsubitshi. Apparently the fireworks have been sabotaged by southern Iranian extremists.

      There is a minor skip or the scene flows over to show a prison cell, which isn't really a prison cell but rather a relative confined area with a 14 year old guard wearing a baret (spelling, one of those military hats) in the middle holding an AK 47 keeping the unarmed prisoners at bay.

      There is a narrator proclaiming that she has seen some pretty shocking images of him hitting the prisoners with the hilt of the gun. I get the feeling she is a reporter of some description.

      “You're moving into this shit?”

      Two girl friends of mine are moving back in together. The house isn't in Århus, but rather seems to be in Hornslet. The house is in a shitty state and some heavy reconstruction is required if they are to actually live there. I am helping them out doing this, though I take a rather sceptic attitude towards their decision of moving I there.

      I am trying to get upstairs, but they have already crammed the place full of so much stuff that I am having trouble getting upstairs.

      Upstairs we are trying to clear out a lot of garbage. Some of this garbage consist of some soft metal maybe led or something. The reason this is important is that Marie is trying to get this long piece of metal out of the window down into the garden where they will be making a pile of rubbish. I show that it is quite a lot easier folding up the metal and throwing it out.

      Looking out the window I can look down upon a rooftop window in the part of the house that doesn't have a second floor. We walk outside on the roof and continue. I dunno how but we end up on a wall having to jump back on to some plastic pipes to get back onto the roof and back in the building.

      I jump over but I slip and I try and cling on to these pipes, but am unable to do so. There is a brief moment when I am looking down in concern, but then I realise that the fall is far from dangerous so I just let go.

      We are now back in the building. There are a lot of people helping building and Ronja and Marie in particular just end up being in the way. This is particularly demonstrated while Ronja is walking along faffing with plastic as if she was putting up curtains over the walls. My dad is walking behind her looking annoyed as he always is when people are doing something in good faith, but eventually just ends up slowing him down.
    2. Day of the dead, Slaying Gods and Eating Worms

      by , 09-27-2011 at 04:34 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      27-09-11 Intentions: Chill out and meet up with Kaomea, perhaps find Mitzu and get her to explain how to do portals. Additionally I kept in mind to wake up and write down my dreams right after they occurred to see if my recall had gone completely, which proved a good strategy though I have to be careful due to quite the difficulties in falling back to sleep. An audio recorder has become a serious consideration to avoid light interference and shorten the time spent.

      “Turning off the lights on the night of the dead is a serious matter”

      I am in a house there is a kitchen and dining room adjacent to each other and there are loads of lights on. The lights are a combination of burning candles and electrical lighting. I am going around the house turning off these lights down stairs. Next to the dining room is a hallway that includes a flight of stairs going up. I know people are up there and I take a piece of candy and throw it out the door to get the attention from the people upstairs so I don't have to do all the work myself.

      A big, hispanic looking and well trained guy named Jesus appears in this hallway. I briefly wonder if he has come from upstairs or the outside, though I think I decide on the former. While I start talking to Jesus, I get struck with terror. I never really figure out if he is involved in my emotional state or not.

      I get sucked into a conversation that happens mentally. My interpretation of this conversation is a sheet of paper with blue pen written on it. As the conversation progress the the statements in each column, one for me and one for the other party change. I get the feeling I am speaking with two figures dressed in dark clothes and that they are either supernatural entities or involved in a cult worshipping such beings.

      The gist of the conversation is that it is the night of the dead and the veil between the world of spirit and the world of physics is thinnest. They are trying to intimidate me by I think proclaiming that they will claim my niece on her 4th year of living (7-9-13). However I am not going to sit idly by and let this happen. I think I wake up.

      Notes: When awake I get this sensation that I am not alone in the room, I am still stricken with terror, a bit like the nightmare I had a few nights ago. Though this time I go back to sleep with a defiant attitude and I reiterate my intentions, while still noting that on the nights where I intend to dreamwalk I get a similar terror affect.

      “Traffic planning leads to defeating a god”

      I am following people around in an environment similar to what I grew up in. I think I am following two people around who are taking me on a tour through their private roads while explaining that they are trying to comply with the government regulations for road safety, though they aren't happy about the government interference.

      The lighting would indicate a summer afternoon with high bright sun and the foliage still carries clear green. As we are walking around these roads I notice that already some destination signs have been put up, so work has already been carried out.

      We get to a point where there is a clearing in the plant life already and it looks like there is a wooden bench that has been cut out of a tree root. I proclaim that there is already a spot of a sign to be placed here, but the old man, now in the shape of my grandfather proclaims that he will fight to the death against having a sign placed here. The reason becomes apparent upon closer inspection of this bench, which isn't actually a bench, but rather a depiction of a Viking face. It is cut pretty flat so the perspective makes the face visible (strange somehow impossible in waking life I think).

      My grandfather is then asked if he thinks the Norse people were peaceful settlers, but he explains that they are better contrived as nomads. The scenery starts shifting and now we are in what can best be described as a mixture of a locker room and museum at night. My grandfather is then asked where the blonde trace of the Norse people originated from. He explains it is a funny story and that it was in the 1800s with the “Ette” families.

      There are people in dark robes in the room by now. I ask if the name Vestergaard has any relation to this Ette family, but my grandfather explains that it doesn't sound likely. Maybe the name is connected to the god Vejle. There is no current understanding of the meaning of the name Vejle or mine for that matter.

      We then get captured by Vejle and she holds nothing back, she lets us know that she intends to kill us. She wounds by stabbing me somewhere in the upper part of my torso, but then a woman appears and distracts her, thereby saving me. Vejle kills her (I think). At this point I notice her dagger is of clear crystal and superior compared to my crude rock knife.

      I charge her and figure out she is strong. The battle is an attempt from both sides to block the other's attack. She gets a stab into my pelvic area right above my crouch and it hurts and for a brief moment I think I have been defeated. But I invoke defiance and get a stab in her neck just above her protective chain mail she carries under her dark robe.

      As she is dying I lean closer and look her deeply in the eyes and tell her (somehow knowing that it is now my right and duty to proclaim the meaning of my name) “God Slayer, the meaning of the name is God Slayer”.

      The remaining “hoodies” pick up Vejle and drag her out while at the same time declaring that they will paint the walls with the name God Slayer, as if I have just beaten a chief in a duel and thereby claimed leadership over the people.

      I bend over and clutch my wound.

      I wake up.

      Notes: Similar feeling to the first (and previous) nightmares, but with increased confidence in my ability to concur nightmares and whatever entities are trying to get me. “Ette” and “Vejle” is a rubbish word and a Danish town respectively.

      “You can't get on the plane!”

      I am in an airport. My family, including my uncle, auntie and my cousins are going on a trip. It is a trip within Europe so technically we shouldn't need our passports. We are walking through to the security check through this long narrow hallway where there is plenty of evening sun coming through.

      Michael and I have forgotten out passports and while my mother is having a fit, I try and take control of the situation by proclaiming that since it is a European flight our drivers licenses should be enough to get us on the plane (don't think this is actually true). Michael is the first to show his drivers license to the Norwegian (?) security guard, and he confirms that it would be possible to get on the plane if it wasn't for the fact that his drivers license had expired. He asks Michael to get back out of the airport.

      My uncle Calle, Michael's dad, get cranky and asks rather sarcastic if the security guard is really going to tell Michael that he cannot get on board. His tone of voice indicates that he will be upset about this and that he might resort to violence if his son isn't allowed on the plane.

      Calle goes behind the counter the security guards are standing by and starts facing us. In the meantime the guard he was getting into an argument with comes up behind him, grabs something from a drawer that I recognise to be pepper spray and starts spraying Calle in the neck. Calle at first doesn't reall sense it and then he slowly starts turning his head and gets a bit in his eyes.

      He starts punching the security guard and after a while the guard asks his partner if he can bring him two rounds from the cupboard, declaring his intention of shooting Calle. Then it goes weird. All of a sudden the two security guards with Calle in the middle are assembling a big drill for a power tool and at this point I start clapping my fingers. I don't think my family has realised it yet, but I have figured that it is all a show for Michael because it is his birthday.

      I walk along the counter and see my dad sitting by it like he would a bar. I look at him while clapping to see if he has figured it is all a play as well.

      “I have a freaking strange way of fertilising plants”

      I am at a party, or something similar and I leave to run back home. I am running through the rain without wearing a shirt. I think this is intentional because I have some woman to impress. Although I am running sloooooooow and people are seeing it I am quite confident that it looks like I am in quite a powerful stride.

      I don't get all the way back home and all of a sudden I have this plant that is supposed to get planted in April. I walk into a house that I think is my own but after a while I see that it is not. I turn around to leave while saying “Sorry my mistake, wrong house” and try and walk out. The house I now notice is blue and yellow pallets on the walls with wooden bar chairs set along a counter. I briefly wonder how the place looks like a café or bar, when last I was in the area it was a residential house.

      Aaaanyways I start walking out the house and I now seem completely entagled in the tree or plant I am supposed to plant in April. This tree is so big that I get stuck in the door and can't get out. I am not afraid, but slightly embarrassed at the situation as I have clearly gone about my mission of getting out of the door in completely the wrong way.

      The owner of the house, a woman comes out and starts helping me out. As well as helping me out the door she also provides some useful tips for when I will plant the tree. I am not sure why I start rummaging about in the dirt around the roots of the plants, maybe to get out of the entanglement I don't know. However what does come from this is that I notice there is a lot of worms in the dirt and as I dig my hands in I can feel them moving about in my hands. These worms are fertilizers I intrinsically know, so I decide to grab a handful and eat them in order to fertilize my plants (WTF!?!?). It is a really unpleasant feeling in my mouth and then I question if I can even incorporate this way of fertilisation into my lifestyle (I am an ethical/principal vegetarian).


      Back in the bar/café from before and I notice the woman is having a shot. I think it is Jaegermeister dropped into a glass of hot water. My dad orders 4 and gives me one along with Lars Digter, and some else.

      “Short WILD – Swimming Pool and find Minka!”

      I am lying in my bed just after the dream above. I notice the lights behind my eyelids get brighter and brighter and eventually pictures start appearing. The pictures are strange they are of chairs on a balcony, but the balcony is upside down.

      My vision zooms up so I can see some details of the chairs. They are white and look like cheap dining chairs, the texture seems somewhat rough. Along these chairs are white plastic recliners as well.


      I wake up in the darkness by a pool. My sister is talking about how she has gone swimming with my niece, momma baby style. I tell her that it is all well and good, but that this is a dream. Then my sister reassures me that of course she would do it in dreams but also in real life, which basically just serves to confuse me and I can't really understand the implications of the sentence.

      I am somewhat confused I see the white recliners and I am positive that I was just falling asleep, but I end up jumping into the pool and really feeling the water.
      I then climb back out of the pool and decide to check my hand. it looks fairly normal at first, then maybe an extra finger, wait am I sure there was an extra finger, make you little finger shorten Dennis! Cool beans, finger is getting shorter, defo dreaming!

      What was it I wanted to do, oh right find Minka (50% correct, I was supposed to find someone, but it was Kaomea). I walk out on the water because I can and take off into flight up to a roof top window. I think I might be talking to my sister about dream control or something.

      I start climbing out through the window, but bonk my head against the glass. I take a breath, slow down and focus and try again. This time I am able to go through the glass and it feels like I am climbing through cling film.

      I take off into flight again when I am on the roof. I shout “Engage Awareness!” and I take particular notice of the fact that there are plenty of stars out and the trees are swaying heavily with wind. I notice that I am completely wet from being in the pool and the wind is going to chill me, but I also think luckily I can just alter that so it isn't a problem.

      As I am flying through the wind I become nervous about the wind grabbing me and slamming me to the ground or into a tree.
      The dream fades.

      Notes: I think the lack of time spent stabilising the dream and the fear evoked about slamming into a tree is what ended it. It was only a brief thought as well, almost the same instant I thought it I also thought, fuck it, only a dream.
    3. Family Reunion, Fighting Planes and False Phoenix Flight

      by , 09-01-2011 at 11:15 AM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      01-09-11 We are going to the family reunion. Besides the family there are a lot of other characters attending as well and rather than the first week of September it is for an entire week.

      I seem to be packing quite a lot and spending time in the bath room.


      on day 3-4 everyone is getting tired of it. In particular Minka, who has made an arrangement to drive home with her parents (this is odd, since she they aren't the family). She leaves for a while and comes back dressed in a short pink dress and she looks an awful lot like Paris Hilton fashion wise.

      It is raining however, so she looks kinda sad about this since it will mean changing outfit again, but she seems packed and ready to go.

      I see her mother dancing down the hallway and they are the first family to have proclaimed that they are leaving.

      The younger crew of the various families within family seems to be getting reckless and I decide to go and pack up so we can go quickly if my parents decide to bail.

      The rest of the young crew are lying around either in the hallway or in rooms. There is a general consensus to go to the bar on the opposite side of the road, but no one seems to be taking initiative.


      I am talking to my cousin about something related to leaving.

      My sister is talking, she doesn't want to be their either but she explains that it is nice to see the family join up together setting aside selfish consideration to see her daughter.

      I am at an airbase watching Stoffer fly around in a fighter jet. The plane is completely white. He has rented it with a mate for a day as it is the cheapest of the planes available.

      I am going up there with him and he is explaining that he intends to do a loop, which I am looking forward to.

      As he is coming in for landing and driving towards the spot where he has to pick me up, he makes a weird turn that almost tips over the plane and make the wings hit the ground. He asks his mate to check if something happened, but it seems fine.

      He gestures me to get in and I am getting in next to him. I tell him that I find that rather weird as normally I would sit behind him (yeah my plane knowledge is lame ^^)

      We start driving around and to be frank all I really remember is driving the plane through something like a race course. At one point we come up to two rocks and Stoffer tries frantically to turn it into the larger gap and I scream at him to take the smaller to avoid making the wings tip towards the ground and potentially hit the larger rock.

      We make it to the air though I think, but I only remember pulling back up to the base and getting out asking Stoffer if he really did the loop with me.

      “Yes” he replies.

      Rasmus SL gets in the plane and I think I spend some time talking to Kasper.

      I wake up.

      I am in Germany at the camping grounds where my grand parents live part times of the year. It is dark early morning on a Sunday and I think about hitting the golf course a few holes in so I wouldn't have to pay the green fee.

      I am speaking to a pro who is talking about hitting the course early and I reconsider maybe only hitting the approach/putting green instead.

      I sense something is up pretty much from the start and as I am walking towards the lake in the camping grounds/golf course I decide to look at my hand. It doesn't look weird at first, but I decide to keep looking and all of a sudden half of my pinky disappears and reappear almost immediately.

      I think about what to do and I have been trying too hard to get to Chichén Itzá maybe. Maybe people would get tired of me filling up the journal with crap on non-attempt nights.

      So I decide to fool around. Well I could justify my efforts as trying to master a petite form of shape shifting, at least in the beginning of the dream.

      I take off into flight and at the same time trying to imagine myself engulfed in flames. The idea is to create a hybrid between the human torch and a phoenix. This particular shape is then to be used with its inherent capability of scorching the area it flies over. In other words I am trying to become a fiery tool for laying waste.

      It doesn't go too well. There is no fire appearing and I don't sense a temperature increase, but the first minute or more is spent just flying around trying to think of fire and how it would be looking out from the inside of a fire.

      The closest I get is at one point where in my left field of vision a red glowing metal string appear (like the ones in a bread toaster). After this I give up.

      I land and start walking around thinking about what to do. I walk across a road and a car is speeding towards me. I just plant my feet in front of it and decide to stand my ground. The car hits me, though it seems to do so very slowly. It's rear starts lifting off the ground until it moves in an arch above me and land on the ground.

      I decide to hone my telekinetic abilities a bit and pick up the car mentally and throw it away. In the direction I threw it there is a shop with quite a lot of cars parked outside. I pick up two of these, one on either side of me and hold them spinning slowly in mid air before I throw them through the shop windows pretty controlled. Check, first time for holding two objects at the same time in opposite ends of my field of vision.

      I pick up another two cars and pull them towards me mentally and grab them in my hands when they get close and slam them together.

      I look up and see elevated train tracks. There is a train coming in fast on this meandering track and I decide to try getting on it. I sort of know it is a dream and I could just fly, but I do something else. I throw the first car up in the air over a sign (made of concrete and fairly tall). I jump onto the sign and as the first car is almost at the ground now I throw the other one up above me and jump onto it and immediately jumping off it again so I get to the train and manage to grab hold of an edge on it's roof.

      I swing myself up on the train, which obviously is moving at tremendous speed. I jump onto it and start surfing it towards the train station (I somehow get a feeling that I have already been there). Towards the station there is a sharp turn and the train has to go into a tunnel. Although I am tempted to jump off not to get smashed I hold my grounds and follow the train a bit into the tunnel before jumping off.

      I fall down and grab hold of a metal rod running along the tunnel. and start swinging along it as a monkey. Then I land on the ground and starts walking outside when I see a black man with two children walking down towards me. One of the children is walking on his right hand side and the other is in a child carrier.

      I struggle a bit getting past them without running into them. I think it is funny I am considering their well being although I know I am dreaming.


      Night time mentation: The Lucid is the first dream I recall from the night. When I then try and fall back to sleep after the dream there is this notion that I am experiencing the world from 6 different caskets, with six different names.

      Sometimes I get pulled back to a central POV, but it is somehow different. Though I know I am lying with my head up against the wall I feel my consciousness reaching out in a huge bubble around me through the walls and bed.

      Then I would feel the six caskets again and while my awareness either dwell on these or is transitioning between them I sense a powerful feeling of being loved. As if someone “else” is in these caskets sending positive vibes towards and through me.
    4. Party, in a movie with Stratham, WTF

      by , 07-16-2011 at 10:56 AM
      16-07-11 I am on a strange beige sand coloured fort on an island, while one there it becomes apparent that there are two opposing teams. We are going down to see the dungeon and we get locked in there while someone set the thing on fire. We can't get out although we need to get neil to the bottom as he can't handle the smoke, he looks a bit like Orlando Bloom. The funny thing about this fire is that down in the bottom of the place it is actually flooded. I see Neil in the shape of Orlando Bloom hugging someone and although he is the one in the most danger he actually seems to be calming the girl down he is embrasing telling her it will be alright.

      The two teams are lead one side by the major the other side by Jason Stratham and his girldfriend who also works for the major maybe in some sort of prostitution role. This is discovered when the dream take on the first part of the film and you see stratham appearing on the island with a big mustage and guns ready to go.

      I am with Mark Rahbek and we are actually looking at this particular fort. We are on the island, but at the same time we are in Hornslet. I tell him that it is the fort they used in the recent stratham film and that we should go take a look at it. He seems to be willing enough for that.

      I am at stoppestedet, except the entrance is towards ALDI this time and Åse is still owner and manager of the place. I am with my father and my sister and we are wearing working clothes, in particular painting outfits as we are getting ready to paint the bar. As we arrive people come out to greet us and you can hear Åse in the background with her charactaristic laugh, then Tenna makes an appearance and she comes to me. I remember she is pregnant (she isn't) and I hug her lovingly and stroke her back. She embrace it and hugs me back, and is really pleased with the warmnes of my hug. I ask her if she shouldn't be relaxing a bit being pregnant and all, she smiles and agrees, but tells me something aboiut she had to come here.

      Another person comes out and tells me the council is ready for me. I suddenly remember that i have to stand trial before a Dresden style white council of wizards, thiough I know there to be only 4 senior members. I also wonder about the fact that I could forget about such an important thing. I Tell my dad that this council business is uber important and that I will have to go an attend to it before I can help paint. He is really supportive and tells me to do what I have to do. I get a feeling that I don't quite know if I will be coming out alive from that council.

      I have some sort of lead role in organising a party. The party seems to take place at Kaiser's parrents' place although it is also a big school with a couple of sports facilities. This particular dream is all over the place, fuckloads of location changes and characters.

      We are getting drunk at Kaiser's place and I give my keys to his mother, just to keep them safe till the morning when I will come and pick them up. I end up leaving everything there, wallet, mobile even my iPod.

      During the night I meet up with a couple of black guys who are somehow related to me. They play a fairly significant part of the dream, but I remember little of the actual interactions between us, though it was always oriented around the family theme.

      Towards the end of the side story with these guys we end up driving out to the guys' place and having some dinner. I tell my cousins that the only thing they can get to eat there would be mushrooms so they might as well just start thinking about how they want them.
      She spots me on the way over there and although I expect her to be mad she is quite happy. She informs me that I had asked her to keep hold of my keys the night before and gives them back to me. She then accompany around the house to gather the remaining lost objects of mine.

      We meet up with Kaiser who is also helping out with the cleaning. He looks around and tells us that it will probably take a couple of days before they are actually finished with tidying.

      We make some holes in the floor (bear in mind I think these holes are actually made in a dream prior to this I can't remember) and some of the holes are a bit difficult to get across. At the time when I see the holes in the floor again, my mother is there and there is a woman there who I think is the one who has rented out the facilities, and she isn't happy. Hpowever my mum just engage her in conversation and tells her that it is neither her, nor our problem. When I look at these floors again though they seem to be easier to get by and a lot deeper than I remember them.
    5. rocky first MILD attempt, constructing a huge building

      by , 07-05-2011 at 11:08 AM
      03-07-11 Testing out MILD for the first time produced an interesting result. I used the mantra “question reality – become aware”. After a while the mantra did start popping up fairly automatic. I am dreaming and I am continuously shifting between a scenario in the university campus I just took an evening walk in and a Diablo themed setting, from the catacombs with Diablo actually there. In the dream I am walking along a pathway paying attention to the foliage on the side. It is dark throughout the dreams. I think I may be lucid at certain times, but it is for very brief moments and I have limited recall of them.

      The mantra keeps sounding in my head and I think I may be verbalising it as well. the first time I notice I am drifting in and out of sleep is when I am walking on the side of the road, after I hear the mantra I start checking, but the dream fades to “hypnagoic imagery” with the difference that I have no bodily perceptions and the background theme is a lot brighter than when I normally observe these images, still I am convinced that I am falling asleep and not dreaming. A common theme for these images would be the appearance of Diablo in the catacombs with me living the character actually being there, though sort of a birds eye perspective. When this happens I keep repeating the mantra and I would “wake up” back in the university park somewhere. I am stupid enough to believe that it was the place I was attempting to fall asleep.

      This happens maybe 3-4 times and on the last time waking up in the university park I am naked or partially naked at least, I am wearing yellow boxers. I take routes that carry me over the grass I am trying to get somewhere home(ish). I run into a person I know from back home, he is passing by on a bike with one of his mates and I tell them not to pay attention to me. I am starting to get a feel for where I am headed and I have a remote in my hand that will teleport me to the nearest street light or something similar. When I get close to one the light of it flickers and I click the remote to sure enough pop over there.

      I start walking across a path until I get to a point where I can see that my Mother's sister and her husband is packing up the car. Oh that is right they said they would be leaving soon. I briefly mention to them “so you are leaving now are you” don't know if I get a response or not, but the dream goes on. I am now talking to my grandparents who are sat outside a tent. My grandmother is picking on me saying something like “so it is OK to come home at 9 o clock is it?” I realise she means nine in the morning and I am a bit surprised that I have been gone that long. I start looking around and it is dark, like really dark, which wouldn't fit the time of nine in the morning. I start a discussion with them about this, and although my grandmother disagrees my granddad start coming around to the idea of it being overly dark.

      There is another shift and now I am back at my computer in a room that is very different to mine, but it is still my room. I am at the computer and now all the Diablo shit that has happened seems to happen at once on the computer. I am fairly surprised for two reasons, firstly he shouldn't be in the catacombs, secondly I know the other times it has happened have just been HHs. He is running at me and hitting me so quickly, other monsters join the fight, they all die except him and in the end I run out of healing pots and die as well.

      Notes: I wake up feeling really disheartened, for not realising I am dreaming although the mantra was clearly carried over. roughly 2-2.5 hours have passed in sleep so the REM period wouldn't have been that long. Now when thinking about it the next day, it is probably not that bad of a first attempt.

      I am in a race of sorts, where we all have to pick up a racing car with varying abilities and proficiencies, a bit like Mario carts. My vehicle is a mixture of a pig and an insect, and I know it isn't the fastest available, but I get a good start. At a point in the race I stop to marvel at I believe it is John Cleese, who is lifting his cart up to the second floor within a moving truck and running it through it so he can get out on the other side. I don't know why he is doing this, but the action does seem somewhat rational, like he might have picked up a card from a deck that tells him to do this.

      I am talking to someone about some activity that will excuse me from social interaction, and I tell people I like it, besides that it means that I can shower up to 5 times a day which is good.

      I am at a construction site, a big one and I ma there to test the lift going up to the roof where the actual construction is taking place. As I walk out I am a bit uncertain and frightened because there are no rails, it would be easy to fall down. I walk into the building and I get the impression that it is a stadium they are constructing. I notice that I have actually gone over an area where you can see down to the ground and it would be possible to fall between the pieces of wood supposed to hold the roofing so I quickly find a more suitable place to stand.

      I speak with one of the people working there, and all of a sudden I am employed as a worker. I know I have no expertise in this area so I tell them, that they need to instruct me for whatever they want me to do.

      We are putting on the roofing, it is made of plastic, it is blue and the way it works is that you slide your new piece under the one that has already been put down and make them sort of click together in a trench. I ask if gloves would be needed for that and the guy currently putting out pieces tells me it would help as the otherwise there is a risk of injuring your hand.

      He tells me that he will probably need me to crawl out over the edge again and start putting down pieces out there. He then say that he probably wouldn't ask me to crawl in such an unsafe location, but I tell him that I don't mind. I have done worse when I was little and besides that the pieces of wood are so close together that it is difficult to fall through, yet I am a bit nervous still.


      I am on the ground with a piece of roofing and I am explaining to one of my mates that it is a different type of plastic than your average shed roof. It is more resilient and difficult to penetrate.
    6. Left 4 dead?.... Hardly! =P

      by , 12-27-2010 at 02:43 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      Note: This was very long so have tried adapting a more "to-the-point" format to try and fit it all in without boring the face off the reader. hope you enjoy.

      27/12/10 The dream starts out with a snow storm, and there is a lot of snow.

      I am at a friend's place, which also happen to be the place where I grew up.

      The snow keeps on falling and towns and cities are being closed off gradually.

      I stumble out in the snow although I am safe in my friend's place. I need to see if there is anyone out there in danger.

      I get stuck in a little roadside bunker of sorts. I ride out the storm.

      The next day the snow is smelting and there is a lot of water on the roads. And I notice how many issues it will cause if it freezes up again.

      There is a drama between two men and women who switch partners during the dream, it causes a strain on their friendship.

      The two men join opposing sports teams. We are in a pub at the conclusion of this. It is getting dark.

      The dream changes plot.

      Zombies. Thunder.

      There is a radio in the roadside bunker and I overhear some communication between a captain of a ship and the governmental control that has to allow it into Danish national waters.

      Zombies come out and I am in a place where I have to leave the safe house, walk up a tunnel while zombies swarm down. It is hard to get out.

      I am back in the roadside bunker, there are two of us there.

      We shoot zombies like there is no tomorrow. I get reminded of Mikkel (an old school friend) who is stuck in the tunnel safe house.

      I make a dash for it to go help him out. With my assistance he gets out and join us in the roadside bunker.

      Zombies are everywhere. There is a sniping zombie in one of the windows. I take his head clean off with a SPAS 12 shotgun. He turns out to be a cyborg zombie, and the other zombies try to get him working again, but it is useless without the head. I feel proud and we all joke about it in the bunker.

      We are running out of ammo. We retreat further back into the bunker.

      There is cable car leading out the back.

      The problem with this plan of escape is that there is a massive zombie, a golem of sorts, in the yard below.

      We attempt it anyway.
      I am starting to become aware of the fact that I am dreaming.

      Our combined weight in the cart makes it skip across the surface of the snow, but we make it to the end.

      The golem turns for us. We panic and start to run. We prepare to take shots at it. It speaks.

      I call for my mates to hold fire. The golem explains that the virus just “left” him for some reason. I have a feeling that it is due to his level of intellect, but I speak to him, get a sample of his blood to see if a cure can be manufactured.

      I encounter three smokers (Big tongued mofos that pull you in with it and want to eat you) and I take them on with nothing but bare hands and sheer defiance, and I win!

      There is a montage (I swear to god (or any other non-specific deity of your choosing), there is a literal montage of us three taking out the elite crowd, while administering the cure to the lesser zombies, all perfectly narrated with a “and the future looks a little bit brighter” remark in the end)

      I am now free of the plot and can do as I choose. I jump off a building. I jump from balcony to balcony downwards. It is quite tall.

      I take off into flight. Can't quite manage it although I can keep afloat it is more of a floating sensation. I take great notice of the sea winds against my face. You gotta love being lucid!

      I keep hearing my parents (in particular my mum XD) wanting to wake me up because we have to go somewhere. I will it off and continue just flying looking at things.

      I eventually wake up. Although I am in my flat and there is no way my parents could have shouted at me.

      Note: There might have been a FA that I recollect nothing off. It seems like I had to recall the dream through a third party.
    7. Unclean Boxing Match, seeking education in sleep cycles, summoning Vader for a duel

      by , 11-17-2010 at 05:12 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      17/11/10 The dream was massive but I remember little before actually turning lucid.
      There was something about a mini LAN event.
      Thomas Marcusen (old school friend) was there.
      Stoffer was there.
      Then there is a massive park of some description, the sun is shining.
      We are setting up tables for a public event.
      I feel like I don't quite belong there, although I am a common face in the group.
      There is a woman from my study who is sort of taking the lead.
      I grab some milk and start drinking it out of the carton, but am careful not to let my lips touch it in case anyone else want some.
      Think there is a quick thinking process about mouth-mouth transmitted diseases.
      Rasmus is talking about how his brother has come home for the weekend.
      He has gone to a festival and returned a day later without saying he was going, now with a woman in his bed, although this woman later is a man.
      The boys and I are going to a fight between some random (played by the actor playing Cas is Supernatural) guy and Geaorge Foreman, who is actually Evander Holyfield, but we call him George.

      The fight is messy and unclean, but the crowd seems to love it so an atmosphere is building and the fighters embrace it. George seems to have the upper hand and at one point knocks the other guy clean out, that is the first time we see it. Although we are physically present at the fight there is still a replay function and seen from another angle the other boxer returns to his feet very swiftly, which I find a bit strange. There is a break up and Cas takes the opportunity to throw George to the ground and gets a stern warning from the ref, however there is limited the ref can really do at this point due to the intense atmosphere surrounding the fight. George knocks him through the ropes and to the floor and at this point I am standing in the ring and start a chant that takes the crowd with me “To the Floor!”. George takes it to the floor and starts stomping on the poor guys face, I feel a little bad for this.

      After this I am in a class room of sorts and here Cas is teaching something concerning sleep cycles. I feel very tired and I am walking around in a beige suit, hmm it has been a long time since I have worn this suit (technically I don't have the vest I was wearing either IWL). I feel like I have pulled an all-nighter, but I am there out of respect for the guy. We are old friends after all. It is a bit like a film scene where two main characters look at each other in silent understanding, except I don't understand at all why I know the man, but I know I am given the context of the situation. He is teaching something about re-arranging letters in words, that although slightly amusing seems pointless, but relevant somehow. He is walking around the class and spots me, I wink at him and he comes over. He abandons the class because we have something to talk about, which I think is a goodbye. We go to his flat and I lay down on the bed and shortly after so does he although he takes his clothes off first, which means it is getting slightly uncomfortable for me. We talk about something and towards the end of the conversation I give him a brief hug making sure he is covered in a duvet before doing it. I get up.

      I look around and my eyes fall upon a glass covered surface. It is dark, but still the surface doesn't produce a reflection of any kind. Hang on a minute this is what I was just paying attention to in waking life. I am dreaming. I talk to the professor who is supposed to be an expert on sleep cycles, yet he has never heard of the topic of Lucid dreaming. I spend a lot of time rubbing my hands and activating my senses while I talk to him about lucid dreaming in order to stabilise the dream. I try flying through the window as a demonstration, doesn't work, damnit. Ah ok, just going to try to fly through it backwards, success! I am now in a park of some description, the sun is shining brightly and everyone in the park seems to be wearing a smile of peace and enlightenment. I run over the grass and while doing so I try and pick up a ball using Telekinesis, which I am only somewhat successful with (The ball moves in the direction I want, but can't keep up with my pace). I leave it for a bit and try and think about what to do. I am not going to call Mitzu, as I am afraid she will just end the dream prematurely so instead I decide to try out something new, to see if I can make lightning shoot out of my hands, which I can't although my arm starts throbbing in the effort.

      I try and think if there are some tasks I should be doing as I am manoeuvring around the city paying attention to all the details to remain in the dream. Minka (very old and dear friend) appeasr on a bike and I think that there was something about being thankful, or was that last month? Who cares, I call out to her to stop, she is riding a bike. She says she will come back in one minute, I tell her we are dreaming, she stops pronto and gets off the bike. I tell her I am thankful for her always being kind and a good friend and hug her. I carry on down the street trying to get my phone to work, it sort of does, but I can't seem to get to the texting interface propper so I can't write kaiser, gah some other time maybe.

      I fly around for a bit thinking about what to do, damn I have a poor creative imagination. Ah well, I recently had a dream about duelling Darth Vader, where I wished I was lucid so I expect him to pop up around the corner, which he does. He hands me a sabre and we kick it off and I demonstrate my very limited force powers to my friends as they appear. Although it is great fun being in a sabre fight it was actually more entertaining when I wasn't lucid, when the sense of fear actually meant something however I enjoyed it enough for it to have been worthwhile, I mean it is after all a light sabre. I realise I have been focusing too much on Vader and the dream starts to fade as I wake up.
    8. Short Lucid - Afternoon nap

      by , 11-12-2010 at 06:14 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      12/11/10 I am putting this one in a separate entry as it occurred during an afternoon nap.

      I am in a supermarket, or rather I am listening to the story of a guy who is not allowed back into the supermarket although his friends are in there drinking beer. He says that if he knew he wouldn't be able to get back in he would have stopped for a beer like his friends. It doesn't make it better that he can see them laughing at him from the other side of a window screen where he is trying to get them to help. They are pretty drunk apparently.

      Skip (There seem to be a continuous temporal structure to the dream, but a radical change of scenery takes place here and there)

      I am supposed to go meet some friends of mine (I actually had to do this) and I promised Ronja I would pop by with some groceries. I obtain these groceries at a meeting of some kind, seems a bit like a therapeutic setting (the details are a bit unclear). The groceries are some she has left from a prior party or gathering of some description and includes half a sack of coal and numerous rectangular boxes. Nothing weird about that, I pick it up and head to her flat, I am speaking to multiple people on the way out and even ask one of them to hold the door, which isn't like me considering my total social ineptitude. As I get out of the main door the bottom of the bag drops and I am forced to put the boxes in the half empty (Not sure if this it is thinking positive or negative here, from Ronja's perspective I would come across as negative seeing I am referring to her lack of coal, but it is a positive thing for me that there is enough space to fit the remaining groceries inside the sack, I suppose optimism isn't an absolute variable independent of context. Philosophical ruminations aside and back to the dream) sack of coal, and although it is an anoying situation that will further obstruct me from meeting my friends I join in with the random laughs the situation is sparking from bystanders, I mean come on the situation is actually a cliché so just go with it when it happens, right? I get to Ronja's block, which is located in Hornslet and the building is way to tall for anything that exists in that little town. I feel a bit down again as I know it will take a bit of time to get all the way to the top. I try and cheat my pulling out my mouse and clicking on a very small area towards the top of the building to call the lift.
      This is where I start realising that something is off. “Hang on a minute, my interactions with those people back there and this”. I check my hand and although all fingers are there my index finger and the one next to the pinky (sorry too lazy and busy to look up the actual name of it) are growing shorter. Right, Dreaming! I fly up a bit, lending a brief contemplation to how easy it would be to go and drop off the groceries now, and how utter pointless it would be to even try. I see a man up there and call out “Hey! you know we are dreaming right?” “Yeah sure” he replies sincerely. I get down activate my senses in order to promote stabilisation and start touching a lot of things. The road that should have a stony asphalt sort of feel to it feel an awful lot like a mixture between rubber and the wooden floor you would find in a sports arena, weird. There is some more scaffolding in the surrounding and a man is walking up the street in the same direction as me. I go over to him intending to introduce myself, but I realise it is my old school friend Thomas. I tell him we are dreaming, and he seems to handle it with a bit of difficulty trying to run away from. He runs in a weird zig zag fashion trying to get away from me. We end up fighting and although he is no match for me I am not quite able to throw him far away into the galaxy as I intended with my first move and he keeps coming back as I keep grabbing his wrist and kicking him in the torso. Some woman appear and join the fight, but I would rather just kiss her so holding on to Thomas, I grab the woman's arm in the other and sort of position her between us as she strikes. I kiss her and I can see her cheeks gaining colour and a small smile arise. I later try to get rid of Thomas to get with the woman, but she refuse me and Thomas keeps coming back, damn! I try to force her a bit as I have heard DCs can be easily persuaded, but I wake up prematurely to lend empirical support to that theory.
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    9. Magic, Sprinting competition and narrated lessons on nature

      by , 11-10-2010 at 12:09 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      10/11/10 Party at the top floor, entered via fire escape, dancing as part of a spell, have to leave for a moment, I keep swirling and believeing, Pil is somehow better and more experienced than me, transfer of knowledge through breaking of the spell and the bond shared within, blood bond?, symbolic knowledge, knowledge of letters, someone there, knocking in the ceiling as part of the spell, call Daniel so he knows it is just part of the spell, mette and friends invite me in second time around, bump into Casper/Sauer on the way in second time, they are leaving, I care little, go inside Mette's place and make sure I invite peeps from upstairs, I am offered food, not the cheese as it really taste like cheese and mette thinks that is bad, I try and explain it is ok and she should give it to me, pil says the sameand is eating some of the cheese.
      I am in the woods climbing trees, the primary part of them are badly mutilated, there is a narrative going and I am being educated about the trees, some trees change as you get closer to the crown, others have parasitic entanglements native to them (and as such grow quicker!). I have a small retractable knife with me and I am cutting in the trees, I don't have malicious intent and what I am doing doesn't seem wrong (this logic later baffle's me and I remember I find it strange that I had to use a grass sort as the perfect wood for a bow). The season is a bit off for learning I decided and exit the woods right out into the streets where Thure is waiting. He explains that I should try and get Pil to teach me Magic as I might get experience and progress I tell him “Hah, so I can become a level ½ wizard!?” in a jokey tone although I contemplate telling him about the surges of energy I have been feeling lately. I say “If it was a fight where anything goes I would probably beat him.”
      “Well actually I don't know” I continue sincerely
      Thure joins in “Well he is actually quite strong.”
      “Yeah and I have lost quite a bit of my mojo since the last time I worked out”
      I challenge him to a sprint and he agrees. I almost beat him, but something happens towards the end that make me slip up. Some random guy asks if we are to do it again, I say yes, but I don't really feel like inviting him in so I select a distance that is narrow enough that even 2 people would have issues in certain points of the course. There is a countdown from 3 led by me and we are off again, I am in front most of the time, but Thure beats me towards the end, I just can't seem to be going any faster. The random guy shouts out “Why yes of course” during the sprint and explains that Thure won due to his running economy and the fact that he maintained a vertical posture in the beginning whereas I was flat out sprinting leaned forward the entire time. I look at him intensely as he seems to know what he is talking about and say to Thure “Again!” we prepare for another sprint. I wake up.

      Being stuck on a tropical island as I had to go back to get my clothes.
      My mum was there as well.
      Told her I was going insane.
      She told me it was because of grandma we were there as longs as we were.
      A broken toilet, tried to fix it, disgusting!
      Finding various pieces of old clothes I don't know where are now.

      Skip or new dream

      On Bornholm, somehow it is in a different climate branch than usual.
      Driving on muddy biking paths, running too.
      There are crocodiles on all sides of the paths.
      Driving in a golf buggy, bikers in the way, they don't seem to understand that I am not quite driving a car.
      I loose my shoe, which is really a fish and it gets eaten by a baby croc.
      This means I have to run through mud and crocs bare footed.


      I am in Africa, on a shore.
      In a documentary where they are showing ancient hunting techniques and how they have discovered that they are different to what previously assumed.
      They are hunting crocs, and preserving them making sure they don't over hunt.
      At a point I have to run across the shore on difficult cave terrain and stamp the crocs out of their caves.
      I am a bit scared.
      I end up knocking loose a big shield shaped rock, this defines the old king as remainging the king although he was just challenged by his son.
      He gives me a set of 3 ancient (or not that ancient) mugs as a thanks.

      Sisse is coming down the street on a bike.
      She tells me about how her mum is cutting up materials and making shirts.
      She would like to sell this in Thailand.
      I tell her I can help.
      Something about Facebook.
    10. Meditation to improve recal?l - Succes

      by , 10-13-2010 at 07:23 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      13-10-10 Meditated before going to bed yesterday, which seemed to have a profound impact on recall and gave a couple of the dreams a spiritual direction. No lucids bar a couple of seconds long dream during a WILD attempt in the morning I don't count (I only managed to realise I was free of my physical body and the scene had somewhat stabilised (there was only a ball to begin with). I ended up at a handball game in a theatre, where the referee's table was cheating, before I was slammed back awake >.<)

      I am at a dinner party with the family, it is a birthday or Christmas or something similar. I am in the kitchen and as people are leaving the kitchen I notice my grandmother on my father's side at the cooker putting something in the oven. As she is dead this comes as quite a surprise for me. So I address her by her name. “Gerda, is that you?” she confirms this and in a mixture of happiness and stunned surprise I ask her if I am insane. “Yes” she say. My grandfather comes in and starts talking to her. We look at each other and my grandfather proclaims “I knew I wasn't crazy, if you can see her too”. We walk into the living room and she disappears, however we call upon her and as she comes forward more of the family can see her as well. Some are happy others refuse to go in the living room, one proclaim “it smells rotten” which makes me worried if it is a good thing or not. At some point I try and ask her why she still remains, she tells me my grandfather needs her.

      Many of my dreams were set in a tropical setting so it is a bit difficult to tell where one ends and another begins.

      I am on a tropical island and we are walking down hill. It seems to be roughly the same group we went to Thailand. I am on the lookout for things that deserve to get their picture taken. Not for myself, I don't have a camera and the ones I have had always break. All of a sudden we are surrounded by weird architecture. It looks somewhat medieval, but has a bit more of a modern tinge to it. At the same time it looks like it belongs there. In retrospect I believe the architecture was impossible in the physical world, but in the dream I just look at it. Some younger fearless children start walking on the walls surrounding the building and the walls I see are fairly thin, this scares me. I stop and think to myself if I have reached the age where I am starting to fear injurries from falling. Normally I would join the children (in my other dreams the place would have been perfect for some parcour).

      Calle is feeling ill, I am not sure where we are going, but we are travelling somewhere. He is sweating and bright red in his face. I try and calm him down and ask if he has been drinking water, he gives a vague confirmation and doesn't sound convincing. I tell him to keep drinking water, regardless of what it is. I suspect it is either dehydration or panic anxiety. His daughter or wife agrees that he should drink more water.

      Again on a tropical island that resemble the one with the magnificent architecture. Though I believe we are at the top of the island. Bruce Willis is there, can't remember if he was in character or just himself. He goes on a rampage after becoming angry about something. In the end either me (in 3rd person view) or someone else who lures him into a room and lock the doors. “You understand I had to do this don't you?” Bruce acknowledge without a grudge. Me/him goes into the room, wearing old school divers suits both of them (you know the ones where a fuck off large metal helmet and a tube needed to be attached at the collar of the suit).

      Bruce seems to accept that he is to be punished and for some reason a beacon of light that I had not noticed prior shifts and find a girl/woman in the forest, she seems surprised by this. He says something about that me/him has to watch over his light that is needed elsewhere now. The last thing he wants to do is listen to some recordings of a dead language while he reads a translation (thus making the language not dead, but anyways) of the text. He starts chanting and I realise that he is trying to learn the language. This is significant to me in some ways, at least I think it is because I have heard a voice in my head that might be in this language. Should I be able to learn this language maybe I could interpret what is said. I feel an energy building around and inside me.

      This energy remains vibrating in my body as I wake up (nope wasn't a FA)

      I am at some sort of party in the town I grew up. I go somewhere and when I go back I take a path behind the roads. This is very narrow and filled with trees. I have taken off my shoes as I feel like hardening my feet. In the beginning I have my shoes in my hands, but I drop them at some point. The path is difficult to walk bare footed and some times I end up crawling over trees in order to get forward. I sense someone behind me and look down and it is a guy from the town that I am normally disassociated with, but we seem to be friends in the dream and he is at the party as well. He is on a bike and he question what I am doing. I explain the shoe situation and he says “Ah you have no shoes” He gives me a ride (for some reason the path is easily traversable to bikes O.o). I am careful not getting my bare feet stuck in the wheel of the bike although I am close at one point. We get to a shop, he is supposed to pick something up. I say damn, I am sure I had my shoes with me to begin with. I check my pockets, but only a pair of sandals is in my blazer pocket (I am wearing a blazer now, with sandals in the pocket WTF!?). He assures me that he will drive back and get them for me if they are still there, it isn't a long drive. He encourage me to go back to the party.

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    11. Fragments and some odd pre-cog like stuff

      by , 09-04-2010 at 12:58 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      04-09-10 I seem to recall 4 dreams although they are very fragemented and possibly interconnected.

      I am in a tunnel, there are a series of doors that have to be opened by shutting down the power supply and reconnecting it again, as I proceed through the tunnel the difficulty of the tasks increase. My friend Daniel is there, he is pretty useles in this dream, so I am trying to teach him how to do the assignments. At one point he is trying to reconnect the power to a door, but I see that it is a tricky task so I take over, as I attempt to reconnect the power I get electrocuted with something like 300 volt, and I am unable to let go of the cord. I feel the shock (very realistically!) but I am able to scream, I keep yelling to Daniel that he has to pull me off it as I myself am unable, he is just laughing. He keeps laughing, I sense that he thinks I am joking, after a while he realise I am in agony and his smile fades from his face, I wake up before he pulls me away from the power.
      I am in a heroes of might and magic setting and there is a woman who is teaching us how to build in order to get an early victory and achievement (I know heroes doesn't have achievements). Daniel (same guy from above) is moving for me and screws up the entire plan. I get angry. I think there is something I am supposed to do when I get angry but think little more of it (Anger and acting on aggression is a clear dream sign for me, so whenever I have a slight aggressive thought IRL I RC)
      There is a big group of old friends of mine from highschool and we are working on obtaining cash to go somewhere on a ship. There is a shop that sells equipment we need in order to get the money. I have bought a ferrari, an old worn down ferrari, and my friends are mocking me for breaking my code of conduct regarding consumerism. That is until they see the car. I seem to have also bought a bike where the wheels have no tires, pretty pointless. Lasse gammelgaard is in a wheelchair and needs a certain moped, but he is unable to bargqain the price down within his budget of 18,700 Danish kroner. As we are preparing to leave my cousin explains that he is not going to leave Mads behind, I explain that I just saw Mads and my cousin convince me to say goodbye, which I agree to. Unfortunately Mads has been taken to a mental instituion. We find him and join him for group therapy, he is just goofing around he has no intentions of taking it seriously so we start goofing around as well. Apparently Thure, my flat mate, becomes the center of attention for not only the therapist, but also the rest of the group. However the Therapist is starting to suspect that some of the people there are not supposed to be there, apparently she can tell that we have been watching movies, which means we are not allowed to be there. The group is disbandening slowly with people laughing as they leave.
      I am with B, a friend of mine, and she tells me she really wants sex, and by that she means very quickly and with me. This is weird we are too close friends for this I think, but seeing as I do fancy her a bit I go with it. We kiss, she tells me that won't be required she is ready, she takes her top off revealing some perky small pink nipples on perfect breats, just dying to be licked, so I do this. She tells me I don't have to do this she is ready. Essentially she wants it hard and fast! So I start removing her stockings and by doing this gets extremly excited and wake up.
      I ma playing startcraft in a 4 player game. I get my ass handed to me big time, the winning player admits there was a bug in the game he exploited although he didn't know it would be there.

      Notes: The funny thing is that Daniel from my dreams (the first time I dream of him) actually ended up disturbing 3 WILD attempt during the morning, by first starting a hoover upstairs, then turning on the music and lastly knocking on the floor all at times when I was extremely close to transitioning. This made me angry at first, but I thought it funny later on =P