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    1. Potter, Spells and Defense

      by , 10-05-2011 at 01:06 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      05-10-11 No intentions, not even to get lucid, though maybe with a hint of wanting to remember dreams. Stoned.

      “Underground Potterish showdown”

      I am in a Harry Potter like universe. I am Harry to begin with I think, but then something happen something about an adventure and a person shifting into a black jaguar or similar.

      I then become one of the twin brothers I think and we are supposed to go to this theatre or school and scare up the evil kids who are voting capital V. Throughout the dream when I am this brother I recall comparing my wand with my brother's, which I believe is the elder wand. Or at least something stupidly powerful.

      Mine is.. quite the opposite. It s fairly long and thick, though it seems made of plastic or candy. It is made of all sorts of transparent coloured tubes that are wrapped around the main shape to give the wand in it's entirety a rather complex look. It is flexible as fuck though, which sort of surprise me. I remember thinking “I really like this wand” although I am not a wand guy. I even thought about that during the dream “I really don't like wands, but this one..” Anyways enough of me talking about how much I love my stick, and on to how I use it!

      We head to the theatre and walk through the doors. I can't recall if we have any problems walking in, but I don't think so. There is a wall immediately behind the doors and we walk around this and find another set of doors. I ward myself with a spell that will nullify the first 3 offensive spells that hit me, by drawing my wand in a half circle around me and saying something in a tongue I didn't knew I know. Though I remember not what I said the language sounded dark side, and it ends on a defensive word like “defendarius” “Repeltor” or maybe it was “reflector” (though this last word I used in a later dream and I might just be confusing myself). I only become aware of this 3-spell-limitation in function later on when I am battling the kids and I think to myself “Gee I wonder how many charges are left on my shield?”.

      So my brother and I slam open the doors and find a crowd turning their heads in surprise. I can sense that I am becoming angry and I start slinging out spells, though I think I am aware of not wanting to kill anyone, they need to be hurt enough to get scared. I seem to remember some sort of slicing spell that will cut them a bit, but not kill. We are walking down a centre isle and as we get to the bottom of this and are standing around the people I say something more in my dark side tongue and take off in flight to my left, which is also where I spot Voldemort. I am not particular afraid of him though he is looking at me, and this is also the time I check up on the status of my shield.

      The dream skips a bit though this might just be due to the violent battle that ensues. In any case I find myself outside the theatre and it was apparently located on this ledge. The surroundings have a dark feel to them, unnatural dark at that. Like it is a city underground, which would explain the fragmented memories of walking around underground/sewer tunnels.

      The feel is exactly like this:

      However imagine that the platform is naturally attached to the tunnel where the POV is, instead of the mechanical “arm” that is holding it up, and on the platform is the theatre in question. I am looking at the theatre from a distance up in the air and I can see the tunnel I am supposed to go to. The place is collapsing (further) into the ground.

      I hear my cousin's voice, she is asking me “Will he survive?” she is referring to my brother, who is not as close to leaving the theatre as I am. I see him jumping between the broken pieces of rubble and fly down and grab him and his dog (?) under my right arm and reply “Sure he is” in a cheeky voice, while I pull him into the tunnel, safe from the fall.

      “Powerless Christmas, Angels and Wizards”

      I am in my parents' house in Hornslet and it is Christmas time. I am looking for some paint I used to play with when younger painting role small figures. I need to get this paint to Pil, one of my friends who needs to paint a character for a role play he is playing at the minute. I might as well grab it while I am there, as I have bought a figure myself recently, in fact quite a large one that is supposed to depict “the queen of blades” combined with some sort of fallen angel.

      The figurine I am holding is separated into two pieces, which is bugering me a bit because I have to hold onto two pieces rather than one, which is just mentally demanding. At the same time I don't really want to attach the piece if it means it will be trickier to paint the figure.

      I am walking around thinking a bit about where I have left the paint, though I am somewhat positive that it will be in a box on the attic of the main building, though it is entirely possible that it is on the attic of the added apartment building.

      I walk into the guest room and I see the light flicker. I look a bit closer and it does it again. The light is fairly yellowish compared to how the light would normally look. It flickers again and this reminds me of that one Christmas where we didn't have power (never happened) and the scenery changes to being of the parking grounds of the church, heavily clouded and with light snow falling.


      I am now in a field with a bandit group or similar and we are out collecting wood. It is still Christmas time and the group has no power either, which is why we are collecting wood. I am the second in command and the leader is not there. I get the feeling I am somewhat stupid.

      We are trying to get the wood back to camp via an alternative route that involves tying up all the wood in a bundle and sending a small monkey across a puddle of water with it. However as the monkey is crossing the water the knots around the wood loosen and the wood ends up all over the ”shores” of this little puddle. I notice the monkey sitting across the puddle with an attitude that looks like he is giving up.

      I do a little speech to my men saying that the only reason we are out on this shitty day and the Christmas is bad is because we have no power. I rally my troops and point at a theatre all of a sudden standing in the same field. “There is power right there, and I am going to take it” I say. The theatre is in fact a nuclear power plant that has been shut down for unknown reasons.

      I walk to the door, which is one of those double swing doors and the door knobs have a red diode light in the middle of them. I kick the doors in, I think I have to do it twice, but I manage to get in. I feel a sense of aggression rising again. We are faced with a wall we have to walk around (a bit like the previous potter dream) and when we are around this wall I am faced with an angel in human form guarding the door. I throw a spell that will make me immune to angelic attacks and continue past the angel, without thinking more about her leaving her speech less.

      In the hall I see a wizard standing on my right hand side, I think it is the brother from the previous dream. He is about to react so I mumble something dark side again (this time the ending word is “...Reflector” which will make any spell he throw at me return in his face).

      I keep walking down the centre walkway towards a band playing down in the bottom of the hall. I know I can pick up the microphone stand telekinetically and this is the point where I think “hang on a minute..” Loads of people are panicking and trying to get out of the theatre/powerplant. Some are running past be back the way from which I came and others are running further into the building, maybe towards exits unknown to me.

      I put out my arms in a defensive, yet apologetic gesture and say “Whoah, whoah, whoah... Lucid... Lucid” in order to get the people to calm down and realise it is just a dream. It doesn't work. Then I see someone that doesn't look like a DC run past me and I grab him asking him if he is another dreamer, he say yes. I ask his name and he tells me it is “Shakira” which makes me suspicious and I say “Shakira, really!?” “Tjakira/Tchakira” he corrects me. His appearance has now changed from a blonde man with short cut hair to a man with long grey/black hair.

      I leave him and head back out again. I fly a bit after having thought about why I am walking about like a looser, but I decide to not fly that much any more anyways. Back towards the entrance I am faced with the wall I had to walk around to get in. I decide to fly against it and through it, but end up slamming right into it, though it happens really slowly and without pain.

      Someone behind me is laughing at my efforts of going through the wall, but I don't really care. I just drop down and walk around. as I am closer to the exit the dream starts fading. So I, quite aggressively, slam my hands out to either side and start feeling up the walls, which feels like tile, wet and cold as well as breathing through my nose. The air is equally cold.

      Slowly the dream comes back and someone, maybe one of the twins from Hornslet, is walking in the building. Outside the weather has changed quite dramatically. It is pissing down and windy as fuck. I feel how the rain is slamming against the side of my face, the cold strong wind making it really annoying.

      I think to the dream “Is this a way of telling me that the dream is really unstable?” and start throwing pathetic fireballs the size of shirt buttons to cookies into the sky. The way I throw fireballs is by charging them between my cupped hands at my chest. They don't even look that hot and the last one (think it is number 3) I can barely see. Now I can only see the rain.

      I wake up.

      Notes: I am starting to put up wards around myself, which I suppose is a good thing when it comes to dream travelling.
    2. Girls, Guns and heorism, Altered Bus plans

      by , 09-20-2011 at 01:59 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      20-09-11 Fell asleep at about 01:00 GMT +1 (woke up at 07:30) after having burned through some neurology pages, intending on meeting up with Kaomea.

      Shoot Out: Save the girl!

      We are in a warehouse and we are aware that there are armed men. My female companion take point and take out a couple of guards on the way into the warehouse. We

      We are wielding M16s, the woman goes in shoots the first and the second, but gets hit. I am at the point of view behind the shooter and I see that where she gets hit isn't lethal, rather on the hands or arms.

      I think I have changed into Fox Moulder and I get really upset at the bastards taking down my partner. I empty the clip into the bad guy, maybe a bit more vindictive than I need be. I take point, I make contact with the little girl behind the desk, there is a fair amount of light coming through the windows.

      I think we might be in there for the girl, I try and establish if there are more bad guys, don't think there is.

      Alternative Bus Route

      I am on the bus on my way to Århus, think Ramskov or another of my friends are with me, in fact I think I have to punch in for him. I have to run across the street in order to catch the bus, and the driver seems anoyed (probably because I run out in front of him, breaking his take off) but he decides to stop and let me on board.

      We have to take an alternative route, our driver seems pissed off as he doesn't like the neighbourhood he has to go through. It becomes apparent for a couple of reasons, first off al there are a lot of narrow corners and sharp turns that is almost impossible to make for a bus and secondly there are a lot of middle eastern people in the streets unwilling to move.

      We end up having to go through a garage where all of us bar the driver has to get out of the bus in order to go under some wall. While in the garage a kid is acting up and I end up giving him a slap before I go back in the bus, he seems a bit upset by that and he has some friendly communication with the bus driver and I give him a remark that he should come and work at Falck when he comes of age as he clearly has some mechanical skills, he seems happy at this.

      Tiny Tennis Game

      I am standing at a gas station or similar, think I might be chatting to someone when all of a sudden a tennis ball come flying over a fence across the road to where me/we are standing. I run a bit in order to throw the ball back in, but before I can reach it I see a little girl in, I believe, a pink dress/tennis outfit.

      I throw the ball across the street and I see that it bounces slightly off the wall and starts running down the hill. I sure hope it won't get out on the road too much, but at least now she won't have to cross the entire road endangering herself.

      Ruminations of the waking state activation

      I am falling asleep and waking up quite a lot in the beginning of the night and my thoughts are on the way my brain is activated. It shifts from being a blue rectangular area to a larger red (not sure of the shape) area. Unfortunately I can't remember which state was witch though I think the larger activation area was the sleeping state.

      Notes: Tanks to Kaomea and Nephanim for the new and enhanced dream format.
    3. Strip Cruise, Another Vader confrontation, 2nd Attempt at confidence issues

      by , 08-03-2011 at 12:14 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      03-08-11 I am on a big ass boat. There is supposed to be some frisky entertainment going on, but it doesn't really cut it and people are getting impatient and annoyed.

      That is until three ladies decide to take matters into their own hands. They decide to start stripping. I know two of them. Carmen Electra, Goldie Hawn and a small slim woman who I don't know and doesn't generate as much attention.

      We are all (on the boat) sat in the main dining/entertainment room. And it is when the apparent lack of entertainment becomes clear that Goldie decides to go on stage wearing a white, fairly elegant dress, and start becoming naked.

      After this the dream turn into a montage of stripping sessions, bar the third woman doesn't really ever show anything. Carmen Electra has huge nuts (no surprise really)´, but Goldie isn't far off and has a certain spark in her eyes.

      At one point she is sat at the end of the stage crouching down with her breasts out looking out over the crowd fairly happy.

      At the end of the dream all three of them are on stage wearing some stripping uniforms receiving an award from someone important that might have something to do with the ship, due to their commitment and brilliance in delivering the shows.

      Carmen is the first to pop a balloon, due her wearing something on her nipples that make them look a foot long and pointy. At first I think it is just her nipples, but after seeing this I notice they all are wearing these.

      My point of view shift so I am now staring at the nipples from the front and here they start looking really absurd and bizarre. They sort of still look like nipples, but it also seems like penises are coming out of these long pointy things.

      I wake up.

      (Thank you whoever arranged for that!)

      I am in Hornslet and I am talking to Mikkel N. He is sat on the floor watching telly and tells me I am supposed to go and pick up Anders. I remember this and call Anders.

      He answers his phone though he sounds horrible, really ill and this has some sort of implication on when and where I can actually pick him up, though he is still intending on coming, which I didn't expect when first I heard him.

      I don't have a car so I am going to have to find alternative sources of transport. I hop in a trailer driven by a tractor. The driver appears and it tuns out to be none other than Darth Vader himself driving, though he has lost all of his terror since the last time I beat him.

      Now he is just a grumpy old man (in full Vader suit however!!) driving a tractor. We head for the road and I try to keep my head down in order not to get noticed by Darth Tractor. I don't want to get thrown off. I briefly wonder if I am even sure to go in the right direction seeing as I am not in control of the vehicle, but I decide to faith it.

      On the way out I am trying to fix up this fishing rod. I have already gotten the line through the rings the first time, now I just need them to go through a second (Huh!?). It is my old fishing rod, red and black.

      After a while on the larger country side roads we get to some narrow town streets. Here it turns a bit hairy as Darth Tractor has to avoid certain obstacles, such as road side stairs sign and people. He keeps looking over his back as if he has seen me, though it could be because he wants to see if the trailer is acting OK.

      At one point I know he notice me and he is obviously not happy to have me on board seeing as he puts his tractor into reverse and drive the trailer AND tractor through a concrete stairs standing on the side walk.

      I go straight through and Darth Tractor ends up looking the fool as he is still sat in the rubble of the stairs (the frame still surrounding him, relatively untouched) unable to move.

      I pick up a glass oven tray, think it still has food bits left in it, walk over to DT and smack him in the face with it. He is stunned for a while as I try to remove his mask to hit him a bit harder. I end up getting the back piece off, but can't remember if I manage to hit him before he sinks into the ground.

      I follow him down and there is a hide out of sorts where the overall layout is designed as our old basement from 1993. There is more furniture though and it is designed as a place to live, not just a basement.

      There are two guys there goofing around. One of them is Jack Black and he obviously feels like he isn't getting enough attention so he storms off and comes back wearing some trousers that allow him to hook himself on to rails of stairs and escalators (it is an escalator leading down to the hideout) and ride them down or up at incredible speeds.

      We calm him down and tell him that he nearly got himself killed, due to wanting attention.

      I am supposed to go to Northern Denmark, and I don't particularly fancy driving with my parents so I decide to drive up there on the bike.

      The problem is that I don't have a drivers license for bikes and I need that to drive the particular bike I have in mind.

      I contemplate driving up there anyway under a veil (a magical cloaking veil, Dresden style, not a bride style veil), but don't know if the veil will be powerful enough or if I can even drive the bike, which looks fairly high tech, red and extremely fast.

      I am visiting Marie (I think) and I am sleeping on a couch under the window. I keep drifting back and forth between the bed and packing my stuff to leave. In other words probably 3-4 FAs.

      In one of these I am walking down some stairs listening to a Danish rap band. They are rapping about Gyro Gearloose as a metaphor for students not really doing anything productive in society as well as the benefits for western culture to finally have hooked up with China.

      I sort of like the band, though I am personally a bit offended about the Gearloose part, but decide to investigate. I find out that the band is called “Anus” and that a CD is currently playing. The CD and cover is completely black.

      I wonder to myself why a band that actually has some decent lyrics decide to call themselves “Anus”, but then again I don't understand modern Rap culture that well.

      Another FA. I wake up and see two identical copies of my wallet lying about. I need both of them as they contain cards I need, both in general and the upcoming travel. I try and consolidate the contents into one.

      Another FA. I wake up and start looking around. The bed is in the wrong place and the windows are on the wrong side compared to where I was sleeping before. I am dreaming. My sister is standing by one of the windows and I sort of do the commentary to her.

      I realise I am naked and I look at her and point my hands towards waist and proclaim “clothes”. I don't particularly feel like something appear, but I decide not to look and just believe enough in the pair of shorts I have wished for.

      I tell my sister “Now let me show you something cool!” and jump backwards towards the roof window. I close my eyes as I am about to fly through and I bump my head against the window. “Now that is uncool” I laugh and try again this time keeping my eyes open and fly through. My sister seems to be smiling all the time without actually saying anything.

      At the apex of my flight I extend my arms and envision a forest behind me. Then I turn around and to my surprise it is actually there, though not as “piny” as I had imagined.

      I start falling, the sensation starts scaring me a bit as I keep falling, but I remind myself it is a dream and I can't get hurt. At some point I shout “stop!” and I stop falling.

      The dream is dark and the only light I really have is the moon hovering just over the horizon straight ahead. I start flying over the forest and ask for help with dealing with my confidence issues (not in dreams, but waking life). Nothing particular happens, except a road appears a bit ahead of me.

      I start becoming annoyed about the lack of visual details and light. I shout out “Increase brightness” nothing really happens except some bright spots appear further up the road on both sides.

      I land by the road and is a bit annoyed of the lack of people. A car drives past me and I decide to stop the next car that is coming towards me so I walk out onto the road and look to my left.

      Soon enough a car appears, and I hold out my left hand in a stop gesture and verbalise the command as well. I decide to try out something fun I visualised prior to going to bed. I push down the hood telekinetic and the car starts flipping over, though compared to my visualisation it is trying to get around me and I don't have it in a firm grip.

      The car turns over and as I try to grip it towards me I can't really. However in the back ground I see shadows of motorcycles starting to fly somewhat towards me somewhat out over a forest.

      The car, which is yellow does hover over the ground a bit, but not enough to say I had control over it.

      A bit later a woman appears walking from the car wreck. I start making my way to her and ask her name. She is wearing a turquoise top and she is smiling. She tells her name is Anne and she doesn't seem to concerned about me wrecking her car.

      I feel the pulling sensation of my physical self
      (My dream body being pulled by the position I am lying in physically, until they match and the dream has disappeared) and I awake.

      Notes: I didn't spend much time stabilising the dream or engaging my senses. I was always afraid of my ability to sustain the dream as well as slightly sceptical of my abilities of within dream control. The dream mimics my life in a sense that I am in a hurry all the time because I perceive a limit of time much closer than it necessarily is, which frightens me and makes me impatient. Second attempt at dealing with confidence issues went really bad, next time spend time really stabilising the dream before making any such attempts.
    4. Thailand, Pyramids and Nazis

      by , 07-28-2011 at 11:38 AM
      28-07-11 I am wearing a blue suit and I am talking to a couple of my friends, Thomas H. being one of them and I am in Thailand. Well I am technically still in Denmark, but they are in Thailand and we are talking together. I tell them that I am going to go there as well.

      My family is going so I end buying a last minute ticket to go with them. I am flying with a company called (something) Airlines, could be Scandinavian. I arrive late, and I have to supply a code to the check in lady, who then herself guides me towards the next step. Here I get asked if I have my ticket printed and I tell her I don't. She starts a process of printing it and then she need me to tell me the code name I have assigned to the passport I have already given her.

      I tell her I don't remember that (gee, maybe because it doesn't exist ^^), but the first lady helps me by supplying the prompting word “bottom”. I quickly remember that my password is “Rock” and when I say it the woman proceeds to printing my ticket.

      When we get to Thailand the first thing we do is to go deliver our bags and then go visit some people. My dad and I are with the man of the house, while my mom is with the lady. As we are walking down some stairs I hear my mom explain why she didn't like her the first time we met and I can hear that she is getting drunk.

      The next dream also centered around being in Thailand. Here Janni T. becomes relevant as she is actually supplying one of the rooms that we have to stay in. This room is in the middle of a lake and you have to go through an underground tunnel in order to get there. I am happy that we are staying with her and by the way she smiles so is she.

      My grandparents ask me at one point if I would like to switch rooms with them to the room closest to the foyer, because it gets filled with dust and their health isn't too good to deal with that. I off course tell them it is ok, though I am a bit sad that I won't be bonking close to Janni.

      I am talking to someone with Eliot L. We are just talking to a woman and each other and I start adding small intellectual insults after each sentence when speaking to Eliot. He laughs and the woman sort of looks at us in surprise.

      I explain that it is how we speak and joke with each other, and Eliot keeps laughing while agreeing to that.

      I am at the pyramids, captured and working for the Nazis, I don't particularly recall what we are supposed to do, but some of it involves going up and down big scaffolding on both sides of the cleft we are in.

      As we are doing this, when approaching the top there is a long rope that is carrying up bricks. When inspected closer it isn't actually “one” rope, but many smaller connected to each other. There is a mechanism that tells when an individual has pulled enough (the full length of the little rope) and it doesn't take that long to take your share. The Nazis are working on the parole that while we are there we might as well help getting some materials up that we can later use in the work we are supposed to carry out.

      After I have taken my share of rope pulling I actually take a bit more for the people coming behind me, because I am unsure as to how I am supposed to let go of the rope to the next in line. So a couple of workers get a free ride that time.

      My next assignment is to go through a small narrow passage way towards the top floor of a house. In fact before I enter the small passage way I believe I am already on the top floor. The assignment isn't specifically for me but there is a sign on the door in there that the door is very narrow and I am very slim so I end up just doing it.

      There is an emergency exit just on the other side of the small door, and it is these that I am supposed to close. When I look around I see a ladder up to my right. I decide to go up and take a look, the good Nazi worker I am ^(>.<)^. I find myself in a room, like a teenagers room, though more grown up.

      I go around and I close all the windows and doors I can find, when I all of a sudden have a conversation with Thomas H. and it becomes apparent that I am in his sister's room. He tells me that he has never even dared setting his foot in there.

      When I come to myself she is standing in the room and I slowly walk over and explain to her that I am just there to shut the emergency doors as per instructions. She reacts calmly and accepts the explanation before she tells me to just get out. I do so as my job is done and it would all have been great except if I hadn't become naked as I walk out the next door and she looks at me.

      I think I have an explanation for it, but I blush and I question myself if the reason I have given is factual and if I actually believe it myself.
    5. Gloomy times in Hornslet

      by , 07-27-2011 at 11:36 AM
      27-07-11 I am at a brick house in Hornslet, located next to a little lake of some description. On the grass in front of me there is a little black rabbit with long hair. I look at it and it turns around and runs through a gate, made by wire fencing with rather large holes in it.

      I get worried, but the rabbit soon come back. I walk towards the gate to see if the owners are there. I hear conversation and smell a spliff and find two women talking together sat on a picnic table, much like the one I was just sat at next to the house. I look around and find the rabbit now in a little lake (not as big as the one on the other side of the gate) with a duck standing on top of it. It is swimming around and most of the times it doesn't have it's head above water, which worries me.

      I ask the women if they are missing a rabbit, and they say something like that they do, but they think he will be alright. I tell them that at the moment it looks happy enough swimming around a pond with a duck standing on it and they laugh at the remark and join me at my table, with the spliff in hand. I see it and don't really want any of it, but it appears like the women think I want some of it, cause one of them proclaims her intentions of making a new one, as the first one is nearly done.

      Shortly after we are joined by an obnoxious man, who complains that he can't sleep as he is sleeping in the room with the top window located just above our little picnic table. Although we don't really like him we move to a table placed a bit further away from the house on the corner.

      The entire scenery is played out at around sun set, the lighting has that warm, but diminishing red feel of the evening sun.

      We are joined by two men, or the women transform into two men as I am headed into the house to go to bed. I am on the ground floor with the previous man living on the floor above me.

      The two men follow me into my room and go over to stand in the corner, as apparently the grumpy man's bedroom is located directly above that spot. They prepare to make some noise and start lighting cigarettes.

      This agitates me and I tell them to get out and they refuse. I somehow expected this and pick up a tool, probably best described as an Ice pick and walk over to them. I point on the tall skinny one and with madness in my voice tell him to get out as I will not be afraid of using the tool.

      They still refuse and I give the small chubby bloke a quick stab to the back, a stab not actually strong enough to penetrate his skin. They start making a move though, but keeps turning back on me aggressively as if they want to hurt me or are refusing to leave. I get caught close to the tall man right next to a door and this time I stab him in his right shoulder, hard enough not only to penetrate skin, but pin him to the wall behind him as well.

      This treatment, strong as it is, still isn't enough to convince the two blokes to leave so I start stabbing more frequently, the entire length of the blade. Think I hit the small fat one more as he is generally always closer to me. However the first man to receive a stab in the bollocks is mister tall and skinny and shortly thereafter Shorty McFat receives same treatment. This convinces them that it is probably best to leave.

      They shout back towards me standing outside my front door that this will be painful for me. I know this, not fearing their physical vengeance as much as repercussions from the authorities and the social ousting I know is to come from friends around me.

      As I walk outside I am anticipating the arrival of the police though I am fearful of the response from my friends who are closer by. I have no intentions of running and I briefly think if the entire treatment of the men actually constitutes self defense or I have crossed some line already concerning that.

      I am joined by friends around me, who all look upon me with a mixture of anger, shame and fear in their faces. It is however Ida who hurts me the most, by coming up next to me and speaking in Norwegian tells me that ”Michael” ”Who, the one standing over there in the pink jacket or the one next to him?” (which is my cousin and is actually called Michael) she confirms it to be the one in pink and goes on to tell me that ”I know 2 Danish guys I am ashamed and sad to stand next to you at the moment, where the other one is actually rather good looking”.

      (I am unsure if this is a separate dream or just one hell of a long one)

      I think I see Mikkel N. wearing no shirt before the scenery freezes and takes me back to a point in time prior this incident. I remember feeling a distinct sadness as I know I am about to relive the first couple of hours or days leading up to this event.

      The general theme of this continuation is a series of party oriented scenarios, no way near as sharp recall as the episodes above.

      They all seem to be centered around Mikkel and Mark and their general dominance over the course of events, filled in with other random people and Ida's presence.

      Though the second time around my murderous ousting of two men never happen I am unsure as to which scenario actually ends the dream, though I will start with the short one cause the other might actually just as well have carried over after I wake up.

      I am in a sofa with Ida, I am lying on the long side, she on the short (it is a corner sofa). We are lying head to head, and I am a bit sad being in this position knowing she has rejected me. However she starts making her way onto my side, she places her head next to mine and continue to come over. In the end she is sitting up looking down upon me smiling with her bare breasts hanging out. She has minging saggy tits though. I realize I am dreaming as I start noticing her fade away and course my luck.

      I am at the central festival spot in Hornslet. There is a festival and people are merry though all of a sudden everyone's attention is directed skywards. There is a large triangular shape with lights floating by partially covered by clouds. As the shape continues to be uncovered by the clouds I am wondering if that can be a flying object at all as it is all triangular and definitely not aerodynamic. Shortly after this thought some of the object is revealed much closer towards the ground and the shape of a massive (MASSIVE!) ship is revealed, much larger than the titanic, though the conversation amongst people young and old alike is if this is in fact Titanic.

      I become skeptic. The only source of water close by is a narrow stream of water meandering through the landscape, no way A: Straight enough to hold the ship in question. B: holds enough water to support the weight of the massive ship.

      I walk closer towards the ship and the water stream and find my dad standing there. Apparently this isn't the first time this ship has appeared and I walk over and start discussing why it is impossible that it is there. He tells me that if the ship just has a shape that somewhat mimics the shape of the water stream it will work. He draws it on a paper and I counter his argument explaining that it will not be able to move if the length of the moveable walls is exactly the same as the shape of the stream, rather it will need much smaller segments almost allowing it to move as a snake. I attempt at drawing my solution to the problem and have forgotten the problem of the amount of water.

      We stare at the now resting ship for a while.

      The atmosphere is dark and clouded it is night time and there is no clear source of light. This makes the appearing ship look ominous as hell as it is completely black against the dusk coloured night sky.


      I am in a car with Mark H. I am starting to become a bit angry, not as much with him, but my surroundings in general. I complain that the massive ship had to travel down a small stream of water when we actually have a river just behind a block of houses from the stream (there isn't such a river). He agrees and I look down the river and see that it is more winding than I recall, but definitely has more water to support the weight. We are in a van.

      I wake up and find one of my plants in a plastic bowl with loads of new small sprouts. I tell Mark H. that I am happy with this development and proclaim my intention of replanting the plant straight away considering that it is already in a pot with loads of space where it won't be disturbed too much by being removed. I exit the room and when I come back the plant is somewhat changed. All the small sprouts don't seem to be standing up on their own accord any more, but rather it looks like a big mess. I quickly wonder if this is Mark's doing, but when I pick up the plant and turn it around I see that the branches are just following the direction of the sunshine.
    6. Party, in a movie with Stratham, WTF

      by , 07-16-2011 at 10:56 AM
      16-07-11 I am on a strange beige sand coloured fort on an island, while one there it becomes apparent that there are two opposing teams. We are going down to see the dungeon and we get locked in there while someone set the thing on fire. We can't get out although we need to get neil to the bottom as he can't handle the smoke, he looks a bit like Orlando Bloom. The funny thing about this fire is that down in the bottom of the place it is actually flooded. I see Neil in the shape of Orlando Bloom hugging someone and although he is the one in the most danger he actually seems to be calming the girl down he is embrasing telling her it will be alright.

      The two teams are lead one side by the major the other side by Jason Stratham and his girldfriend who also works for the major maybe in some sort of prostitution role. This is discovered when the dream take on the first part of the film and you see stratham appearing on the island with a big mustage and guns ready to go.

      I am with Mark Rahbek and we are actually looking at this particular fort. We are on the island, but at the same time we are in Hornslet. I tell him that it is the fort they used in the recent stratham film and that we should go take a look at it. He seems to be willing enough for that.

      I am at stoppestedet, except the entrance is towards ALDI this time and Åse is still owner and manager of the place. I am with my father and my sister and we are wearing working clothes, in particular painting outfits as we are getting ready to paint the bar. As we arrive people come out to greet us and you can hear Åse in the background with her charactaristic laugh, then Tenna makes an appearance and she comes to me. I remember she is pregnant (she isn't) and I hug her lovingly and stroke her back. She embrace it and hugs me back, and is really pleased with the warmnes of my hug. I ask her if she shouldn't be relaxing a bit being pregnant and all, she smiles and agrees, but tells me something aboiut she had to come here.

      Another person comes out and tells me the council is ready for me. I suddenly remember that i have to stand trial before a Dresden style white council of wizards, thiough I know there to be only 4 senior members. I also wonder about the fact that I could forget about such an important thing. I Tell my dad that this council business is uber important and that I will have to go an attend to it before I can help paint. He is really supportive and tells me to do what I have to do. I get a feeling that I don't quite know if I will be coming out alive from that council.

      I have some sort of lead role in organising a party. The party seems to take place at Kaiser's parrents' place although it is also a big school with a couple of sports facilities. This particular dream is all over the place, fuckloads of location changes and characters.

      We are getting drunk at Kaiser's place and I give my keys to his mother, just to keep them safe till the morning when I will come and pick them up. I end up leaving everything there, wallet, mobile even my iPod.

      During the night I meet up with a couple of black guys who are somehow related to me. They play a fairly significant part of the dream, but I remember little of the actual interactions between us, though it was always oriented around the family theme.

      Towards the end of the side story with these guys we end up driving out to the guys' place and having some dinner. I tell my cousins that the only thing they can get to eat there would be mushrooms so they might as well just start thinking about how they want them.
      She spots me on the way over there and although I expect her to be mad she is quite happy. She informs me that I had asked her to keep hold of my keys the night before and gives them back to me. She then accompany around the house to gather the remaining lost objects of mine.

      We meet up with Kaiser who is also helping out with the cleaning. He looks around and tells us that it will probably take a couple of days before they are actually finished with tidying.

      We make some holes in the floor (bear in mind I think these holes are actually made in a dream prior to this I can't remember) and some of the holes are a bit difficult to get across. At the time when I see the holes in the floor again, my mother is there and there is a woman there who I think is the one who has rented out the facilities, and she isn't happy. Hpowever my mum just engage her in conversation and tells her that it is neither her, nor our problem. When I look at these floors again though they seem to be easier to get by and a lot deeper than I remember them.
    7. Left 4 dead?.... Hardly! =P

      by , 12-27-2010 at 02:43 PM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      Note: This was very long so have tried adapting a more "to-the-point" format to try and fit it all in without boring the face off the reader. hope you enjoy.

      27/12/10 The dream starts out with a snow storm, and there is a lot of snow.

      I am at a friend's place, which also happen to be the place where I grew up.

      The snow keeps on falling and towns and cities are being closed off gradually.

      I stumble out in the snow although I am safe in my friend's place. I need to see if there is anyone out there in danger.

      I get stuck in a little roadside bunker of sorts. I ride out the storm.

      The next day the snow is smelting and there is a lot of water on the roads. And I notice how many issues it will cause if it freezes up again.

      There is a drama between two men and women who switch partners during the dream, it causes a strain on their friendship.

      The two men join opposing sports teams. We are in a pub at the conclusion of this. It is getting dark.

      The dream changes plot.

      Zombies. Thunder.

      There is a radio in the roadside bunker and I overhear some communication between a captain of a ship and the governmental control that has to allow it into Danish national waters.

      Zombies come out and I am in a place where I have to leave the safe house, walk up a tunnel while zombies swarm down. It is hard to get out.

      I am back in the roadside bunker, there are two of us there.

      We shoot zombies like there is no tomorrow. I get reminded of Mikkel (an old school friend) who is stuck in the tunnel safe house.

      I make a dash for it to go help him out. With my assistance he gets out and join us in the roadside bunker.

      Zombies are everywhere. There is a sniping zombie in one of the windows. I take his head clean off with a SPAS 12 shotgun. He turns out to be a cyborg zombie, and the other zombies try to get him working again, but it is useless without the head. I feel proud and we all joke about it in the bunker.

      We are running out of ammo. We retreat further back into the bunker.

      There is cable car leading out the back.

      The problem with this plan of escape is that there is a massive zombie, a golem of sorts, in the yard below.

      We attempt it anyway.
      I am starting to become aware of the fact that I am dreaming.

      Our combined weight in the cart makes it skip across the surface of the snow, but we make it to the end.

      The golem turns for us. We panic and start to run. We prepare to take shots at it. It speaks.

      I call for my mates to hold fire. The golem explains that the virus just “left” him for some reason. I have a feeling that it is due to his level of intellect, but I speak to him, get a sample of his blood to see if a cure can be manufactured.

      I encounter three smokers (Big tongued mofos that pull you in with it and want to eat you) and I take them on with nothing but bare hands and sheer defiance, and I win!

      There is a montage (I swear to god (or any other non-specific deity of your choosing), there is a literal montage of us three taking out the elite crowd, while administering the cure to the lesser zombies, all perfectly narrated with a “and the future looks a little bit brighter” remark in the end)

      I am now free of the plot and can do as I choose. I jump off a building. I jump from balcony to balcony downwards. It is quite tall.

      I take off into flight. Can't quite manage it although I can keep afloat it is more of a floating sensation. I take great notice of the sea winds against my face. You gotta love being lucid!

      I keep hearing my parents (in particular my mum XD) wanting to wake me up because we have to go somewhere. I will it off and continue just flying looking at things.

      I eventually wake up. Although I am in my flat and there is no way my parents could have shouted at me.

      Note: There might have been a FA that I recollect nothing off. It seems like I had to recall the dream through a third party.
    8. Unclean Boxing Match, seeking education in sleep cycles, summoning Vader for a duel

      by , 11-17-2010 at 05:12 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      17/11/10 The dream was massive but I remember little before actually turning lucid.
      There was something about a mini LAN event.
      Thomas Marcusen (old school friend) was there.
      Stoffer was there.
      Then there is a massive park of some description, the sun is shining.
      We are setting up tables for a public event.
      I feel like I don't quite belong there, although I am a common face in the group.
      There is a woman from my study who is sort of taking the lead.
      I grab some milk and start drinking it out of the carton, but am careful not to let my lips touch it in case anyone else want some.
      Think there is a quick thinking process about mouth-mouth transmitted diseases.
      Rasmus is talking about how his brother has come home for the weekend.
      He has gone to a festival and returned a day later without saying he was going, now with a woman in his bed, although this woman later is a man.
      The boys and I are going to a fight between some random (played by the actor playing Cas is Supernatural) guy and Geaorge Foreman, who is actually Evander Holyfield, but we call him George.

      The fight is messy and unclean, but the crowd seems to love it so an atmosphere is building and the fighters embrace it. George seems to have the upper hand and at one point knocks the other guy clean out, that is the first time we see it. Although we are physically present at the fight there is still a replay function and seen from another angle the other boxer returns to his feet very swiftly, which I find a bit strange. There is a break up and Cas takes the opportunity to throw George to the ground and gets a stern warning from the ref, however there is limited the ref can really do at this point due to the intense atmosphere surrounding the fight. George knocks him through the ropes and to the floor and at this point I am standing in the ring and start a chant that takes the crowd with me “To the Floor!”. George takes it to the floor and starts stomping on the poor guys face, I feel a little bad for this.

      After this I am in a class room of sorts and here Cas is teaching something concerning sleep cycles. I feel very tired and I am walking around in a beige suit, hmm it has been a long time since I have worn this suit (technically I don't have the vest I was wearing either IWL). I feel like I have pulled an all-nighter, but I am there out of respect for the guy. We are old friends after all. It is a bit like a film scene where two main characters look at each other in silent understanding, except I don't understand at all why I know the man, but I know I am given the context of the situation. He is teaching something about re-arranging letters in words, that although slightly amusing seems pointless, but relevant somehow. He is walking around the class and spots me, I wink at him and he comes over. He abandons the class because we have something to talk about, which I think is a goodbye. We go to his flat and I lay down on the bed and shortly after so does he although he takes his clothes off first, which means it is getting slightly uncomfortable for me. We talk about something and towards the end of the conversation I give him a brief hug making sure he is covered in a duvet before doing it. I get up.

      I look around and my eyes fall upon a glass covered surface. It is dark, but still the surface doesn't produce a reflection of any kind. Hang on a minute this is what I was just paying attention to in waking life. I am dreaming. I talk to the professor who is supposed to be an expert on sleep cycles, yet he has never heard of the topic of Lucid dreaming. I spend a lot of time rubbing my hands and activating my senses while I talk to him about lucid dreaming in order to stabilise the dream. I try flying through the window as a demonstration, doesn't work, damnit. Ah ok, just going to try to fly through it backwards, success! I am now in a park of some description, the sun is shining brightly and everyone in the park seems to be wearing a smile of peace and enlightenment. I run over the grass and while doing so I try and pick up a ball using Telekinesis, which I am only somewhat successful with (The ball moves in the direction I want, but can't keep up with my pace). I leave it for a bit and try and think about what to do. I am not going to call Mitzu, as I am afraid she will just end the dream prematurely so instead I decide to try out something new, to see if I can make lightning shoot out of my hands, which I can't although my arm starts throbbing in the effort.

      I try and think if there are some tasks I should be doing as I am manoeuvring around the city paying attention to all the details to remain in the dream. Minka (very old and dear friend) appeasr on a bike and I think that there was something about being thankful, or was that last month? Who cares, I call out to her to stop, she is riding a bike. She says she will come back in one minute, I tell her we are dreaming, she stops pronto and gets off the bike. I tell her I am thankful for her always being kind and a good friend and hug her. I carry on down the street trying to get my phone to work, it sort of does, but I can't seem to get to the texting interface propper so I can't write kaiser, gah some other time maybe.

      I fly around for a bit thinking about what to do, damn I have a poor creative imagination. Ah well, I recently had a dream about duelling Darth Vader, where I wished I was lucid so I expect him to pop up around the corner, which he does. He hands me a sabre and we kick it off and I demonstrate my very limited force powers to my friends as they appear. Although it is great fun being in a sabre fight it was actually more entertaining when I wasn't lucid, when the sense of fear actually meant something however I enjoyed it enough for it to have been worthwhile, I mean it is after all a light sabre. I realise I have been focusing too much on Vader and the dream starts to fade as I wake up.
    9. Meditation to improve recal?l - Succes

      by , 10-13-2010 at 07:23 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      13-10-10 Meditated before going to bed yesterday, which seemed to have a profound impact on recall and gave a couple of the dreams a spiritual direction. No lucids bar a couple of seconds long dream during a WILD attempt in the morning I don't count (I only managed to realise I was free of my physical body and the scene had somewhat stabilised (there was only a ball to begin with). I ended up at a handball game in a theatre, where the referee's table was cheating, before I was slammed back awake >.<)

      I am at a dinner party with the family, it is a birthday or Christmas or something similar. I am in the kitchen and as people are leaving the kitchen I notice my grandmother on my father's side at the cooker putting something in the oven. As she is dead this comes as quite a surprise for me. So I address her by her name. “Gerda, is that you?” she confirms this and in a mixture of happiness and stunned surprise I ask her if I am insane. “Yes” she say. My grandfather comes in and starts talking to her. We look at each other and my grandfather proclaims “I knew I wasn't crazy, if you can see her too”. We walk into the living room and she disappears, however we call upon her and as she comes forward more of the family can see her as well. Some are happy others refuse to go in the living room, one proclaim “it smells rotten” which makes me worried if it is a good thing or not. At some point I try and ask her why she still remains, she tells me my grandfather needs her.

      Many of my dreams were set in a tropical setting so it is a bit difficult to tell where one ends and another begins.

      I am on a tropical island and we are walking down hill. It seems to be roughly the same group we went to Thailand. I am on the lookout for things that deserve to get their picture taken. Not for myself, I don't have a camera and the ones I have had always break. All of a sudden we are surrounded by weird architecture. It looks somewhat medieval, but has a bit more of a modern tinge to it. At the same time it looks like it belongs there. In retrospect I believe the architecture was impossible in the physical world, but in the dream I just look at it. Some younger fearless children start walking on the walls surrounding the building and the walls I see are fairly thin, this scares me. I stop and think to myself if I have reached the age where I am starting to fear injurries from falling. Normally I would join the children (in my other dreams the place would have been perfect for some parcour).

      Calle is feeling ill, I am not sure where we are going, but we are travelling somewhere. He is sweating and bright red in his face. I try and calm him down and ask if he has been drinking water, he gives a vague confirmation and doesn't sound convincing. I tell him to keep drinking water, regardless of what it is. I suspect it is either dehydration or panic anxiety. His daughter or wife agrees that he should drink more water.

      Again on a tropical island that resemble the one with the magnificent architecture. Though I believe we are at the top of the island. Bruce Willis is there, can't remember if he was in character or just himself. He goes on a rampage after becoming angry about something. In the end either me (in 3rd person view) or someone else who lures him into a room and lock the doors. “You understand I had to do this don't you?” Bruce acknowledge without a grudge. Me/him goes into the room, wearing old school divers suits both of them (you know the ones where a fuck off large metal helmet and a tube needed to be attached at the collar of the suit).

      Bruce seems to accept that he is to be punished and for some reason a beacon of light that I had not noticed prior shifts and find a girl/woman in the forest, she seems surprised by this. He says something about that me/him has to watch over his light that is needed elsewhere now. The last thing he wants to do is listen to some recordings of a dead language while he reads a translation (thus making the language not dead, but anyways) of the text. He starts chanting and I realise that he is trying to learn the language. This is significant to me in some ways, at least I think it is because I have heard a voice in my head that might be in this language. Should I be able to learn this language maybe I could interpret what is said. I feel an energy building around and inside me.

      This energy remains vibrating in my body as I wake up (nope wasn't a FA)

      I am at some sort of party in the town I grew up. I go somewhere and when I go back I take a path behind the roads. This is very narrow and filled with trees. I have taken off my shoes as I feel like hardening my feet. In the beginning I have my shoes in my hands, but I drop them at some point. The path is difficult to walk bare footed and some times I end up crawling over trees in order to get forward. I sense someone behind me and look down and it is a guy from the town that I am normally disassociated with, but we seem to be friends in the dream and he is at the party as well. He is on a bike and he question what I am doing. I explain the shoe situation and he says “Ah you have no shoes” He gives me a ride (for some reason the path is easily traversable to bikes O.o). I am careful not getting my bare feet stuck in the wheel of the bike although I am close at one point. We get to a shop, he is supposed to pick something up. I say damn, I am sure I had my shoes with me to begin with. I check my pockets, but only a pair of sandals is in my blazer pocket (I am wearing a blazer now, with sandals in the pocket WTF!?). He assures me that he will drive back and get them for me if they are still there, it isn't a long drive. He encourage me to go back to the party.

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    10. End of Dryspell - 5 lucids in a night (albeit limited control)

      by , 10-04-2010 at 09:36 AM
      non-dream - non-lucid - lucid

      03-10-10 I am at a Casino, winning loads. I also take chips left behind, as no one is there. My dad comes and cleans the place up. The chips I have won turn into metal for me to cash out. Something is wrong my dad goes on a run, I follow, he ends up running over a house. We get noticed by the people inside, I spot a parcour route I could take to get on to the roof. A mother and daughter catches me (not litterally) and tell me my dad ruined their floor, I assure them he will fix it. I end up going through the house, but I am hit by a buzzing sensation, I ask what is causing it and the mother explains that it is the incense sticks. I reply I have never felt anything like it before, they make the sticks themselves, from “yogi trees”, the mother invites me to find one, but the daughter explains how they are nearly extinct. This doesn't seem to bother the mother, but the daughter and I don't like it.

      I am in a house that in some way reminds me of our family house in Hornslet. We are playing some sort of game and 2 eastern European women are there, playing the game with us. They are discussing the pros and cons about being a prostitute. One of them a blond girl sort of fancies the idea and as the little party goes on, we scatter and she ends up having sex with an old English friend of mine. They start out on the table. Simultaneously the rest of us are spending time somewhere else. I am talking to the other girl really interested in getting in her pants, but she lets me down and while I am taken somewhere else to deal with something, she starts a conversation with a quiet sensible man, whom I do not previously know. In the end they too start having sex and I feel a bit down seeing as there is only 3 rooms upstairs and 2 of them are being used for sexual exploits and I am not part of anything. I have to go to the toilet, so I spend a bit of time in the hallway connecting all the rooms and I can see the second couple on the bed and I can hear the first, the woman complaining that not even my Friend can satisfy her. She contacts me and asks if what I think about her having sex in my house, I say I love the thought and she asks me if I could fix the table for her as she could feel it breaking when they started. Apparently the table did it for her. I agree and is getting quite excited up until she says “Oh there is just one catch, R (my English friend) will be doing the tuffing”. To which I am quite disappointed.

      I end up summoning a demon in the form of an old English friend of mine to fulfil my sexual desires, her boyfriend is a good friend of mine.. PM me if you need further details...

      I am locked to something between a safe and a steel frame, but for some reason I am able to move. This is a good thing as I am being stolen by some badies and I need to discover their location. I end up getting myself hooked to some strange hook in the car which leaves me in a position where I am halfway hanging out the car running on the street as they drive down the road. I am thinking shit I am outside my flat and I don't have my keys, I check my pockets and they are gone. I react by thinking to myself “Oh yeah I am dreaming, I need to just expect them to be there” I check my pockets again and they are now there.. Can't remember exactly but I think I keep going down the road...

      I am experiencing flashes, which I think might be HHs. They are of Vala Maldaran of SG-1 and as they continue I am thinking “Vala, hmm alright I'll go with it” (I have been such a pig this night ^^). As they continue I become aware that she is lying unconscious in a corridor as am I in the form of Daniel Jackson (I am not able to shift, but I am just casually aware that I might frighten her if I am myself, and I just become him). The HHs eventually grow to a full dream, I try to move around, but this seems to destabilise the dream so I decide to go with the plot and just pay attention. I am captured as a fraud by Daniel Jackson, as this is confusing I choose to refer to him as Michael Shanks (I decided this in the dream) while I remain Daniel Jackson (Nods to myself, yes!). I am taken through a window to a large garage and I pride myself in the amount of details I can produce and in particular I am proud of the lighting effect cause by someone welding in the background. This looks rather spectacular on Richard Dean Anderson and the variety of tools, boxes, gates, nets and other military/technical equipment in the room. I become elated and am about to jump up a table and start dancing as I am awoken by noise in my physical surroundings.

      A continuation of the dream with the two eastern European women, I ask what I have done to offend them and they tell me I have thrown away one of the person's clothes. We are at a pool side and I manage to drag one of them down into the pool after her having taken off her blouse, in a playful manner. I am vaguely aware that I am dreaming and tell them that I can easily recover the clothes. Turns out I am still horrible at summoning stuff and they discard me as an idiot and I just forget about them.

      At the side of the pool my first girlfriend (if you can call her that, didn't last longer than 3 months) looks disappointed at me and ask me if I still have the bag she gave to me in another dream. I consider my answer and decide to go with the truth that I have completely forgotten about it and alas don't have access to it. She tells me that there are huge parts of her identity in there and it was my one chance to get to know her. I tell her I know she likes to dance, she smiles and agrees. I ask her if it is only the traditional dancing or spontaneous individual performances as well (Which I have enjoyed doing since we parted) and she tells me she loves it and grabs my hand in excitement. I wake up to the same aforementioned noise.


      There is a lake, I am lucid and the water of the lake is bright blue, as in so blue you cannot see beneath the surface. I attempt to shrink (last month's task) with some success and I dance through the water at molecular level with loads of electrical activity around me. I am only able to shrink in the water at least to the minuscule size I am at that point. When I exit the lake the blades of grass is about as big as me and I attempt to go back to molecular size but can't. I can easily fit myself in one of those neck supports you buy for sleeping in a sitting position during long flights (recently saw these, as some of my family brought them on a 10 hour flight to Thailand). There are two or three lying at the grass by the side of the lake.

      Notes: Quite a good way to end a dryspell, although my lucids are now frequent they seem to be very short and my control is rather limited. I think I need to refocus on my dream world as I have been on holiday and been ill before it, during which time I have been relaxing too much.

      However I was pretty drunk and much of my sleep was disturbed by a mate of mine moving about on the sofa, I am not sure whether this was a helping factor or not although I suspect it helped with attaining lucidity, but shortened the duration.

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