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    The Nomad Chronicles

    I, Alien

    by , 07-08-2011 at 06:57 PM (967 Views)

    I am an alien contactee. I have been in contact with two different alien species that I know of. I got into lucid dreaming because I got into astral projection and remote viewing. The reason I did this was because I felt something was missing from my mind. Around 1995, I became obsessed with astral projection and the paranormal. I listened to Coast to Coast all the time, and read every book on the paranormal in my local library. I was reading a book by Whitley Streiber when all of a sudden I had a massive flashback. I started writing everything down before I could forget.
    I wrote for about 45 minutes. I had written twenty pages. In it, I detailed an experience of being hypnotized as a child by people in black and being introduced to an extraterrestrial as an experiment.
    As you can imagine, I agonized for years wondering if this was true. Through dreaming, I realized it was.
    I also recovered another painful memory which happened two years later. I was molested.

    As I have wandered in my oneironautical journeys, and have discovered the nature of reality and illusion, I began to wonder if that molestation memory was actually a memory of ET contact. Through dreaming, I now see the truth.

    This is my dream:

    I float up out of bed. I am surrounded by alien Greys. I sense they are some kind of soulless organic robots, controlled by a distant mind. Their creepy eyes feel hollow because there is nothing there. I blast them with 360 flamethrowers. Their puppetmaster launches a web around me. I fly up to him to punch him, but to no avail. I unsheath my hip dagger, and plunge it into his stomach, screaming like a banshee to keep the wound open. I turn my entire body into a blade, and launch into the wound. I come out the other side, but there is still a net around me. I expand, but every time I break one, there is another one waiting for me. Though they seem to be thinning, they are no weaker. I feel as if they are made of astral cords. I begin to feel claustraphobic. I call to Raven. “Raven!”

    She opens a portal to me, riding through on a broom laughing with two bats swirling around her. She analyzes the situation without a word, then she goes supernova and destroys the whole bullshit dream. We are in some kind of chaos plane for an instant where everything is not whole. We tumble out of a portal into the healing glen in New Eden. We cough up dark energy, and the glen sends up healing energy all over and through us. We lie on our backs for awhile in silence looking up at the sky. I begin to fall asleep. My astral body rises out of my dream body. I see Raven is asleep, but her astral body is moving around. “Raven, Raven wake up.”
    Her astral body gets up, and looks at me sleepily. “Good morning Nomad... Coffee... bathroom... Oh, hey, we’re in the Biodome!”
    “Oh, weird. Did I fall asleep here?”
    “I think so. Our dream bodies were worn out from that Drow attack. Those fuckin Insect Grey motherfuckers.”
    I pace. “This is perfect. See? We are in our astral bodies right now, I mean, this is where our conscious minds are: in our astral bodies on the dream plane. I want to go into the astral plane... Into the past, seven years after I was born...” I sense Raven’s confusion at my frenetic energy. I turn and look into her eyes, locking eye contact. Her eyes become two swirling galaxies, as do mine. The galaxies collide in a reflection of each other... and we communicate telepathically, in images.
    Raven, I think I am a fucking alien.
    That sounds crazy.
    No it doesn’t. I am an alien, too.
    I am a physical alien.
    What’s the difference?
    I don’t know.
    Look, I was molested as a kid, but I think that memory is false.
    It could be an unconscious desire to make it “unhappen.”
    Look into my mind, Raven.
    I allow her to see in past the illusion of the molestation to alien contact.
    Her eyes grow large. So you know it’s true, Nomad.
    No I don’t.
    I just saw it.
    I know, but I want to see it, on the astral plane. I want to be in that physical place. I want to see it from third person perspective.
    Are you sure you don’t want to be hypnotized?
    Ha ha, Raven. This is way more accurate. We both know this.

    Raven smiles at me. “Help me create this portal. I will focus on its astral aspect, and you focus on the time and place...”
    “Okay... Washington State, USA, Tacoma suburbs, 1982...”
    The portal looks more like a wormhole with just a very transparent thin pane for the portal. The wormhole is silvery. I looks like psychedelic guts of a giant creature. Maybe it’s the guts of the universe? We step in, and are being pulled by some tiny fish like sting rays. We tumble into the sky, and catch ourselves. We are floating above a forest. I see my young self walk out of a house, and grab my friend’s bike. I am fearlessly going to ride in the woods alone.
    I teleport behind my boy self from the past, and stick an astral tentacle on to him so I will not lose track. Raven watches from above.
    I see there are about fifty Greys watching from the woods. They are practically invisible, using some type of cloaking device which bends light in a strange way. There are two different sizes. I notice there are two short ones with every tall one. The short ones generally stand on the sides of the tall ones. I see three of them materialize. I get some kind of sense that the tall one is a female, and the two short ones are male.
    The tall one freezes my boy self’s body. One of the small ones levitates me off the bike, and the other one TK’s it away, and it slides through the leaves. My boy self’s face is frozen in sheer terror. The aliens do not seem aware of my boy self’s emotions.
    “They are terrifying you, assholes!” Raven says.
    “I am not upset anymore, Raven. Let’s just watch.”
    They levitate me to a few inches off the ground, but maintain TK grip, and approach me. The tall one stares into my eyes. I sense some kind of dark faraway intelligence. Her energy feels feminine, yet puppet-like, vacant. She tells me, “We mean you no harm, brother.” She turns to the small ones, and I hear sounds come out of her which sounds something like a cicada or cricket. I know what she is saying. She is arguing with the other ones.
    “He forgot the Mission.”
    “You cannot call DNA code ‘He.’ Let us not place so much responsibility on our brother, here (after which she said an extremely long string of numbers and letters and symbols which means my exact DNA code specific to me.)”
    I suddenly have a flashback, no, I am intercepting telepathic communication. Aliens come into my parent’s bedroom... My mother is sleeping alone. They release some type of sedative blue gas into the air. They use a strange machine that looks like an insect which slides a probe into her navel, and injects some type of human-alien hybrid cells into the amniotic fluid to bind with my developing embryonic body. I realize the when the alien says, “he,” he is not talking about my boy self, but about the alien DNA code.
    The female alien casually undresses me as one of the other alien levitates me higher. She looks in all my orifices, then puts my clothes back on. I am terrified. She seems annoyed or confused. “You were one of our best, Captain,” she mumbles.
    Another flashback. I am an alien Grey fighter pilot. I am in a space battle with Reptilians over an asteroid. There are some kind of sentient native creatures there hurling rocks at us, that look like a cross between trees, fungus and dinosaur... giants. I get wounded, and am going to die.
    On an operating room table. They withdraw my vital life essence from my core, and the doctors tell me to focus my consciousness into my remaining physical essence in order to impregnate the DNA with physical memory. My grey shell body expires, and now my consciousness is in my glowing ball of energy which they withdraw from my chest and place in a machine. Then, they take skin from my warm body and place it on 8 pieces of glass. The machine divides my energy into 8 living pieces, and squirts them on to the 8 pieces of glass like gel. The gel energy binds to the skin, which is placed in a glass container which makes the cells grow. The Greys only have one type of cell that does many different things. The growth containers are taken to a lab and watched over before they finally are given to ones that inject them into wombs of pregnant humans.
    I pee my pants. The female tall alien seems confused. The other ones do not seem to notice. I look down, and I notice I unconsciously pulled my pants down before I urinated, but they are still holding me a few inches off the ground. The aliens become invisible and walk away, then drop me. I run to the bike, and touch it to see if it’s real. I turn to the aliens. I see the eyes of many aliens in the woods.
    “Are you real?” I shout at them. They begin to disappear. “Is this a dream? A nightmare?”
    They completely disappear.
    “You are the devil!” I shout at them, and they vanish. I sit down and cry for a few minutes. Then, I pick up my bike, and walk it back through the woods. I stop crying. I feel the aliens freeze me again, this time from inside their ships.
    I can hear their thoughts as they try to brainwash me. “FEAR-LINK, ENGAGE. ILLUSION SCREEN TRAUMA. ENGAGE. FALSE MEMORY LOADED. LOCK MEMORY, COMPLETE. REPROGRAMMING COMPLETE. TRAUMA DIVERGE (a series of numbers).” They use my unconscious mind to create an illusory memory of sexual trauma should I ever try to remember it. And in a sense it was, because it was against my will, but at the same time, it was not for some sick pleasure on their part. It was an examination.
    I come out of my boyhood self. I didn’t realize I popped in like that. Raven is standing next to me. She puts her arm around me. “You okay, Nomad?”
    “I... I am fine... just overwhelmed.”
    She opens a portal to the Mountain in New Eden on the Green Moon. We sit in silence as we watch the sun rise.

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    1. The Cusp's Avatar
      I am surrounded by alien Greys. I sense they are some kind of soulless organic robots, controlled by a distant mind. Their creepy eyes feel hollow because there is nothing there.
      I tried to send 4 golems after you last night, 2 fire golems and 2 salt golems. Nothing super crazy, just what was available in the dream, and they weren't very big ones either. Could be a bit of a stretch, but grays are sometimes described as biological machines, which would in essence make them a type of golem.