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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Walking with Alter and Mylynes in Hell

    by , 01-23-2014 at 12:12 PM (538 Views)
    "Wake up, brother, we are going to Hell." I am being shaken awake into a dream by Alter and Mylynes.
    They are two demons made of lava. Alter glows green through cracks in his black skin, I glow red, and Mylynes glows orange. We are all demons. I sit up, yawn, and grin. I stand up, and look around me. There is fire and lava everywhere. I feel right at home.
    Suddenly, Mylynes turns to me, and says in a thousand voices, "Now, you will see what true Hell is, Nomad." He raises a katana, to which I respond by laughing, then he overhead slices me, and I am now in eight separate parts. I surround him with all my 8 Demon Selves. "You can call me, DETHGAWN!" I roar at him, and charge him from all 8 directions.
    He attacks me again and causes me to have 64 dreams simultaneously. In every dream, he and I are fighting, and Alter is just laughing his ass off.
    'NINE NINE NINE' FELINE CANINE DIVINE! I suddenly shout. The worlds split until we are dreaming a thousand dreams of fighting each other. In one, I am a bacteria, and he is a rat, and I am eating him. In another one, he is a dragon, and I am a flying knight. In another, I am a fish, and he is a shark. In another, he is a space monkey, and I am a space manta ray. Mylynes finds my rhyme amusing, and stops attacking me, and yawns. I stop fighting him and yawn back.
    We go back into one dream. We are in the Battle Pyramid in the City of Nowhere in the Land of Nod on the Green Moon.
    We bow, and Q shouts, "Draw!"
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