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    by , 06-05-2018 at 03:12 PM (294 Views)
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    I'm listening to Brainwave Power Music in the evening now to help relax before bed. Going to bed around 8 or 830.


    I dreamed of a mix of things and its all very blurry. An open jeep? Some kind of essay. D G again.

    Some kind of essay thing?

    So, I guess that was vague. Back to bed.

    I also vaguely remembered fighting someone in some building.


    I had more RBFA until I eventually got up to write. I remember a part at my Nana's. Something with Uncle C, maybe smoking or drinking or being mad. I forgot exactly. Something with my sister or other relatives.

    I remember a part where I was recalling the dream backwards, but it was in a dream, and I was seeing the dream as it went. So it showed a part of being on a dock. And all these ducks or bird things floating by. I think I went to sleep on the dock and one flew over me. Maybe they were going to poop on me. I don't fully remember.

    I remember getting back to a class room and the teacher told me I would have "attention training." I said, "Is that detention?!" And he said yes. It was because my back pack was too heavy when I handed it in for my project. I showed him how there had been no rule listed for how heavy the back pack could be. "This is unfair! I like dinosaurs, and thats why I chose these books!" was my reply, pulling out the 2 big dinosaur books to show him. Other students had bags of slightly smaller books. But the teacher was just not reasonable. He had my car keys, but I knew two things. One, he didn't have the title, so he couldn't really keep them. Two, I had another car with another set of keys I could use, anyway.

    Eventually, it got to 3:45 P M and I saw the clock. And decided to go for the bus. (Really thinking of 2:45 for the bus time.) I pretended to go to the bathroom then ran for the bus as fast as I could. I saw one that said L V Library and one that said O B and I was trying to get into those. as I ran by the other kids in the hall, the buses in the front (of the L V high school bus drive way) were all leaving. The kids next to me were saying something like, "Aw, man." for missing them. I tried yelling out to the buses to please stop, but they wouldn't stop. I remember looking at the buses and wishing they had the name of the locations they went to, so it would be easy to know.

    Eventually I got on one bus that said "Italian P" where the P stood for some word I forgot. I was the only person on the bus.

    Eventually I arrived back in the class room, having missed the bus. Mr. R from gym class was there. He was usually nice to me but now he was holding me in detention for no reason. I also remember myself and another kid near him, talking but I forgot what it was about. D H was another scape goat. I remember R M and T H sandwiching his desk and I was like, "Guys, its bad enough already. Give him a break."

    The teacher gave us these packs of playing cards. They were kind of like Pokemon cards or Magic or Yu Gi Oh cards. He had his cards up on a projector and we all had to counter his cards. I didn't have any. D H passed me four packs but I felt like I couldn't take them. There were a lot of energy cards and I wondered if I could use Pokemon's energy cards, which I already had.

    I started to wonder what would happen when I had to get up. I was resting a lot by leaning on the desk on a cushion and no one really objected. But I was thinking of how if I had dreamed, it would be hard to remember if I had to leave abruptly, and couldn't stay a while. I remember C L and T L talking about how to walk up through the L library to get back to B, our town. But I couldn't really picture this. i remember some fences and woods which made it a tricky path, but thinking that it would be cool to have the couple miles of walking each day. When the buses had been there, I was thinking of how long it would take just to walk home, but also that they would pick me up alongside the road. Actually, I think some police officers even did catch me at some point, and take me back to detention. Not sure.

    There was a part where I was visiting this animal hospital thing. And there was a dog. Eric, the guy from the animal hospital, was showing me one dog. I pet it. It seemed to like me. He said I have to ask the dog questions and tell the dog I want to get to know it. The dog had some metal wires around it which were used to pick it up. They were thick gold wires. When I pet it, the wires were revealed. Eric showed me how the dog liked to be picked up by the wires but to me, it didn't seem to like that.

    I explained to Eric that I shouldn't get the dog's hopes up. I didn't have a place for it at home, couldn't have dogs there, and so that wouldn't be fair to the dog. He kept insisting that I think about taking the dog. I let him insist and even agreed to take his phone number in case I got strong feelings, and changed my mind. One female nurse there held up a bowl of candies in metallic green or metallic purple wrappers. Some of each. Eric said that she was offering me Reeses Cups so I just figured they had interesting shapes now. At one point, I struggled to remember Eric's name, when trying to write his number.

    I insisted the one nurse put down the bowl because it was heavy, and she would strain her arms. She agreed to put it down. There was another nurse, an older woman. She had one eye that was like a big blue marble. She drew me closer to her and showed me how she could open her eye and it was bigger than the other, but not the same blue marble. Then she could close and re-open and the big marble would appear. She explained it to me. I didn't realize it was a dream, but now that I write it, I see how dream like that really is. She had dark hair. The eye was kind of scary to look at. Her other eye was average size and looked like most eyes. Taking Eric's number in case I got strong feelings about the dog seemed silly at first but I realized that sometimes that can happen and its good to have someone to talk to.

    I remembered another part where there had been bushes out front of my parents old house. Dad mowed the lawn, and cut down everything. It was pretty brutal because he cut down a lot of plant life, not just grass. It was because of how he mis-treated the rabbit today, I think. I remember walking by the garage.

    Another part was this scene of a rapper. We were all sitting in class room desks. There was a little hologram of a rapper up on a thing on the wall, rapping to us. Everyone sat and listened. Gradually, green spinach mush built up around the rapper so I removed it with my hands. people appreciated this. Some how I was given a front row seat, right up to the rapper.

    Someone told me how they do this "he said, she said" thing with moving their hands side to side, whispering it. They had all these little customs they would do. The "he said, she said" thing was said to produce a "high" if it was done five times.

    Later in the dream I thought of making my own rap songs and using these as ad-libs. After hearing that rapper I thought it would be easy to make my own.

    I remember this map thing. Not sure if it was earlier. But it was scrolling down to a series of letters. And in another part it showed the north of one state with an arrow and the word "Ludacris" (I think) and the south had an arrow with "Masonry" (I think). Ludacris reminded me of the rapper. The arrows were curved arrows going left to right. The map was light green. The names of states were different but I tried to think to see if they were American states, just ones I hadn't remembered.

    So I woke up from those, recalled and eventually recorded, after some RBFA. They were interesting. Now its actually already 5 A M or so. I hope to be able to sleep one more time though.


    Well, I couldn't get back to sleep.
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    1. Durza's Avatar
      Nice, these were cool dreams, mucho interesting.
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    2. Charles3's Avatar
      Thanks yep they are always so vivid and interesting! My first round dream recall was very vague.
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    3. Durza's Avatar
      You welk, yeah, I rarely remember my dreams until about 3 am, and then I can remember stuff when I wake up
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