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    1. splendid comp night 8

      by , 01-21-2017 at 06:47 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DEILD-I woke up from a dream and I tried to make the ocean appear. Instead, grasslands appeared which I was now flying over. I saw a stampede of cattle and heard western music playing. I tried to land by the stampede, but just before I did, I woke up.

      DILD-I was somewhere where I saw dolphins jumping out of the water. I jumped into the ocean to swim with them. I recalled Sensei's suggestion of stretching my limbs to get on one but I couldn't get it to work. I grabbed the dorsal fins of one of the dolphins and got on its back to ride it. It jumped out of the water and back in. So fun! I jumped out of the water again and stayed in the air for a couple of seconds before I woke up.

      DILD-I see blackness behind my eyelids. I hear a voiceover say "We are now flying over east Afghanistan". I hear a drum. I am now in a plane which is flying over a beach. "We must crash into the ocean" the voice over says. Yay! I eagerly wait as the plane sharply drops and crashes into the ocean. I make it out somehow and could feel something spiky covering my head which hurts a bit. I try to look for a reflection of some sort to see what it is. In the confusion, I now find myself in the lobby of an airport where I find a reflection near some pay phones. I see my hair is spiky and wet but nothing is on it. I look around and find an attractive young lady, a short blonde. I ask her to give me a massage and she accepts. I turn around and feel her hands rubbing my back. I enjoy this for a bit...it feels nice! I decide I've had enough and try to make out with her. She resists and pushes me away. I decide to let her go and she walks away from me to talk to a couple of other girls. They are not as attractive as they have too much makeup on. I try to transform into a dolphin. I don't make any progress and I wake up.
      lucid , task of the month
    2. splendid comp night 2

      by , 01-15-2017 at 08:36 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD#1--I was outside in the backyard of my grandma's house, when I noticed a short woman which [B]I thought I saw in a previous dream. I phased through the glass down to go inside the house. I put my hand to the side to summon a dolphin and felt a beak. I turned around and there was a nice full size bottlenose dolphin, about 10 feet long. I climbed on its back and thought I needed to find a time breach. I saw a dark crack and rode the dolphin into the crack. I was teleported to an open underwater area. I saw some bullets. I looked to see who was shooting them and saw some anthropomorphic beer bottles. I rode the dolphin away from them and woke up.

      DILD#2--I was in bed trying to recall I dream I just had when it occurred to me that I might be having a false awakening. I did a nose plug and could breathe. I jumped into the void and tried to teleport to the ocean, which I did. I put my hand to the side to summon a dolphin and felt a beak. I turned around and there was a nice full size bottlenose dolphin, about 10 feet long. I thought about how routine this all way as I tried to get on its back to ride it. After I grabbed its dorsal fin, it began to swim away. As I was dragged around by the dolphin I recalled that time control was the last of my 3 step tasks. I tried to stop time in the dream so I could get on the back of the dolphin. I tried various commands such as "Stop!" and "Pause dream!" but none of them were working. After a bit of trying this, I woke up.

      DILD#3--I woke up in my bed after a dream and something felt off. I did a nose plug and could breathe. I decided to try to jump both myself and my bed into the void to teleport. I was teleported into a sunny backyard and my bed had turned into a trampoline. I jumped off the edge of the trampoline and walked around while thinking about what my dream goal was. I recalled it was time control. I decided to rewind the dream. As the dream was being rewound, I thought about how amazing how accurately the dream was rewinding itself. I was back standing on the trampoline when I noticed a black and white cat that wasn't there before. Cats and dogs are sort of like dream enemies to me because they attack me so much. I made like a dog and yelled "BARK!" The cat yelled back "SHUT UP!" I laughed out loud, which apparently offended the cat because it went off to a fat yellow cat to tattle on me. I knew they were planning an attack on me so I wanted to get away to avoid their painful scratches and bites. As the cats approached me I was able to escape by jumping into the void. After this, I woke up.
    3. Spellbee comp night 19

      by , 11-03-2016 at 12:53 AM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I don't remember how I became lucid but the first thing I remember was I was flying outside at night and looking around at the scenery. There were bright images being projected on some parts of the ground. I landed and but my hand behind my back to summon a young lady. I felt a hand, turned around and one was there. She was a dirty blond, a bit off kilter but cute enough to kiss. A gave her a kiss and asked her name. Her name was Trixie. We played rock paper scissors. After pumping our fists, I played paper and she played scissors. I asked her to show me a dance. She put her hands on my shoulder while rocking hers. I joined her for a bit until I fell down. She said she had to go so I gave her a nice good bye kiss. I jumped through the ground into a void. An electronic grid appeared which I was plotting points on as if I was designing something. I woke up.

      DILD #2-I don't remember how I became lucid but the first thing I remember was that I was in a town during the day where I saw a friend of mine. I asked her to show to show me a new ability for dream control. She summoned a super soaker water gun and sprayed it towards the sky. A curvy unbroken stream of water appeared which she bend in order to spray a building. She took out a laser gun and did the same thing, only with a curvy laser beam rather than a curvy stream of water. Satisfied with this, I turned my attention to stick my head through the ground to in order to see something through it. I laid face down on the ground and asked a group of DCs near by to push my head through it, which they did. I felt my head going through the ground. The next thing I remember I was still on the ground, but was now indoors. I saw these bits of paper on the ground which I brushed away. I still wanted to go through the ground in order to go to Candyland. I kept telling the DCs to keep pushing my head through. They lost motivation and one stuck mud in my ear. I got up and saw I was now in a room in which there was a mud dam created by a few DCs which was holding back water. There were a male DCs handing out. Frustrated with them, I whined a bit before found a bunch of bananas. I took a banana and hit a DC with it. I sensed he was getting angry and I woke up.
      lucid , task of the month
    4. Spellbee Comp Night 16

      by , 10-30-2016 at 04:53 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I was in the drivers seat of a car waiting at a red light when I realized the car wasn't mine. I drove though the intersection and tried to make the car fly but it wouldn't. I parked and got out. My body felt heavy. I slowly put my hands in my pockets but nothing was there. I took my hands out and they were all wrinkly. I looked for a cute girl to make out with but there weren't any. I woke up.

      DILD #2-I was sleeping when I saw my window appear in front of my closed eyelids. I phased through it to fly outside and landed. I put my hands into my pockets but there weren't anything in there. I tried to summon a lamp with a genie in it but nothing showed up. I woke up.

      DILD #3-I was sleeping when I felt my surroundings rotating in the dark. I saw I was now floating near the roof. I got down on the ground. My body was heavy. I put my hands in my pockets and found they were stuffed. They were so stuffed I couldn't pull anything out. I tried to pull something out, but woke up.

      DILD #4-I was sitting down someplace with a few other people, not sure where. I was staring at a person until they saw at me, then I would stare at somebody else. I saw my late grandma walking by. I gave her a nice hug and asked her where she was going. She said "Lands End". I decided to try the pocket TOTM again and felt something like a coupon book. As I was pulling it out, I woke up.

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      lucid , false awakening , task of the month
    5. Spellbee Comp Night 15

      by , 10-29-2016 at 03:45 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I was in bed when I was hearing a weird noise, sort of like an electronic out-of-control owl. I opened my eyes and saw I was not in my room. I got up and phased through to floor to a spacious room. I put my hand behind my back to summon a bottlenose dolphin and felt it. When I looked at it didn't seem any bigger than me. I put my hand behind my back to summon an orca and felt a dolphin but when I looked it was another bottlenose. This one was full sized though, about 10 feet long. I went up to its face an kissed it on the beak to try to absorb dolphin energy in order to transform into a dolphin. It didn't work and I woke up.

      DILD #2-I was in bed when I felt something was off. I knew I was close to transitioning into a dream. I tried to float out of bed and I did. I was gradually able to see. I stretched out my jaw to create a dolphin beak. I felt the rest of my body transforming. When I looked, I saw I still had my hands and my body was too heavy for me to see my tail. I started flying dolphin style to the window and phased through it. It didn't lead outside. I phased through several random images which lead to was looked like a large art room with various sculptures. I found a dog and decided to pet it. I woke up.

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      lucid , false awakening
    6. Spellbee Comp Night 9

      by , 10-23-2016 at 05:36 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I was in bed sleeping with my eyes closed when I started hearing some voices. I tried to get up and found it was difficult to move. Still not seeing anything, I felt my best bet of getting out of bed was to sink. After a few seconds of trying, I was able to sink through my bed. I was now in a void. I saw a wall with some hieroglyphics on it then my vision went out again. I could hear the clanking of some sort of chain lift. My vision came back and I saw I was in a narrow hallway of a rundown industrial looking building. I saw a door and slowly phased though it. I was now in a small restroom. I looked in a mirror and saw myself. I was more short and stocky, had oversized eyes and a brown afro. I went back into the hallway and tried to summon a dolphin before I woke up.
      lucid , false awakening
    7. Spellbee Comp Night 7

      by , 10-21-2016 at 04:22 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I woke up noticing that I was inside a hot tub set in a living room. I got out and flew, phasing through a window to go outside into a backyard. I found a nice open area and put my hand behind my back to summon an orca. I felt one, turned around and it was there, a nice full sized one. I got on its back and told it to go to the ocean. Once we got moving, I tried putting my hands in my pockets but found I couldn't ride the orca and put my hands in my pockets at the same time. I got off the orca and put my hands in my pockets. I woke up.
      lucid , false awakening
    8. Spellbee Comp night 4

      by , 10-18-2016 at 02:58 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD 1-Not able to see anything, I found myself carrying somebody who sounded like my late grandpa. I could hear my grandma as well. I felt a bed and placed my grandpa there. I told him I couldn't see. Suddenly my vision flicked on. My grandparents were laying in bed, both naked. A soft light shone on them. We rejoiced and talked for a bit before I woke up.

      DILD 2- I was looking from my bedroom window across the street.A voice said they needed help. I phased through the window and flew across the street. A tiny brown puppy appeared in my hands and we flew. The puppy said, "Thing about dogs, you can kiss them!" My dog IWL then flew up to join us. We landed someplace where there was a big brontosaurus. I figured I had enough of this nonsence and tried to find an opening to summon an orca. I woke up. I looked at my clock and found I had only been asleep for 5 minutes! Hmm. I did a nose plug and could breathe. I phased through the window and flew outside, again looking for an opening to summon an orca. I tried to summon one but couldn't. I woke up.
      lucid , false awakening
    9. Spellbees Comp Night 2

      by , 10-16-2016 at 04:24 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      I woke up and noticed somebody turned on the light in my room. I got up to turn it off but my body was heavy and it was difficult to move. I floated up in the air and phased through my bedroom window to fly outside. It was daytime but overcast outside in the town. I tried to make it rain but couldn't. I tried to make the town underwater. As I was trying to do this, I noticed there was a bay and flew towards it. As I kept trying to raise the water level, I noticed the water level of the bay was rising slowly but surely. I eventually raised the water level high enough to flood the coastal roads. I kept trying to make the flood bigger until I woke up.
      false awakening , lucid
    10. Spellbees Comp Night 1

      by , 10-15-2016 at 03:59 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I was sleeping and something felt off I guess because I did a nose plug. I could breathe. I couldn't quite believe it so I did another one and this time became lucid. I opened my eyes and saw I was in a dark, empty room with a closed door. I leaned my side against the wall and slowly phased through it into a hallway. The hallway was lined with several closed doors on each side. It was quiet and peaceful. I tried to make the dream under water but couldn't. I went outside into the backyard where it was nighttime and overcast. I tried to breathe fire but couldn't. I noticed a lion cub sleeping and checked it out. I tried to make it rain but couldn't. Looking for something to do, I jumped up to fly. I made it a bit higher than the second story of the house before I woke up.

      DILD#2-I was talking to somebody and did a nose plug for some reason and could breathe. The dream was wobbly and unstable. I went outside into my grandmothers sunny backyard. I tried to stomp on the ground to create an earthquake but this woke me up.
      lucid , false awakening
    11. spellbee comp night 14

      by , 08-12-2016 at 04:54 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I woke up and remembered my intention to do a nose plug. I did one and could breathe. I decided to go down a hall instead of outside. The hall opened up to a big open space with glass ceilings. I quickly found a clock and started rotated my forefinger counterclockwise while saying "time back". As I did this, the hands on the clock went back from 7:00 to 4:00. I noticed the sun stayed in place though. I wanted the sun to go down while I was turning back time as prove I was controlling time and not just the clock. I noticed a couple of ladies doing administrative work who must have been pretty annoyed by some loon nearby spinning his forefinger while commanding "time back time back time back time back time back" Eventually I finally got the sun to lower significantly, turning day into morning. Satisfied, I stopped and woke up.

      DILD #2-I woke up and looked at my alarm clock to find the numbers looked weird. Also, I heard some sort of radio. I did a nose plug and could breathe. I went outside, jumped up in the air and tried to transform into a dolphin, but couldn't. I flew over a creek and woke up.
      lucid , false awakening
    12. spellbee comp night 13

      by , 08-11-2016 at 04:17 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-I'm staring at my closed eyelids but can see my room. I wonder whether my eyes are really closed or not, so a do a nose plug and can breathe. I look around and see a screen door to go outside. I phase through the wooden door frame. I say hi to Brad (from Luann comic strip), as he walks past me. I walk to the street and put my hand behind my back to summon a bottlenose dolphin. I feel a beak, turn around and it's there. I float beside it to check how big it is and find it's about the same size as me. I wake up.

      DILD #2-I wake up and find that I'm on the floor in my grandma's family room. I'm under a sheet and struggle to get out of it. I try to phase through the floor while sitting down which works. While I'm in the void, I try to imagine being under the ocean. I start moving forward and my grandmothers family room appears again. I go into the backyard. I go into a tight corner to try to summon an orca, but I'm optimistic it will work. I put my hand behind my back but down feel anything. I turn around and watch a bear about 8-9 feet tall fade into view. Its teeth are all bloody. The bear says "You'll help me find the exit, right?" I say "Sure!" I struggle to decide what to do. I wake up.

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      lucid , nightmare , false awakening
    13. spellbees comp night 11

      by , 08-09-2016 at 04:22 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD#1-I'm in my grandmas family room with a bunch of kids. There's a boy staring at me whom I find annoying so I decide to try to scare him by making myself bigger. I grow myself, the ceiling raising as I'm growing until I'm about 20-30 feet tall. I decide to go outside, so I crash through the walls to go into the backyard. I see the many kids going through the hole outside. I find I've shrunk back to normal size but am in the air. I find the house has repaired itself and decide to fly back into it. I end up on the second floor, where there are many adults. I see a pretty woman and get intimate with her for a few seconds until I wake up.

      DILD#2-I wake up to find myself in a red, fancy living room of a mansion. This is confusing because I hear the laundry that's being done IWL. I do a nose plug and can breathe. I jump through the floor in an effort to teleport but end up in a duplicate room. I inadvertently rise into the air but say "No. I'm lowering." which makes me drop back down. I walk around looking for way to teleport and see a restroom. I go towards it, hoping I could flush myself down a toilet. I open the door and see nothing but a dirty looking sink. Disappointed, I look around some more and wake up.
      lucid , false awakening
    14. Spellbee Competition night 5

      by , 08-03-2016 at 05:46 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD#1-As I'm falling asleep I imagine an alligator being captured and flying out the window. A strong wave of energy rushes into my body. I'm able to push some energy out but some comes back in. After fighting the energy for a bit, I notice some kids walking around my room. I try to move but my body is heavy. I try to talk to the kids but it's hard to talk. I give up and just watch the kids. They're saying something but I can't understand what. I wake up.

      DILD#2-At a reunion with some of my former co-worker friends, I discover I forgot to wear pants and underwear. I'm embarrassed by this and try to cover up with my t-shirt. I wake up and see people I don't recognize, a couple of middle aged pacific islander people, one man and one woman. I just want to hug the women, which I do. I wake up.

      DILD#3-In a building, there's some sort of water show going on below. A DC dares me to go down a slide and into the water, which I do. I escape and start flying. I phase through a window and outside. I fly around and explore for a bit before I wake up. I look around and see I'm not in my room. I get up and successfully summon a wooden board. I'm not able to summon the blanket, though. I put the board down, but before my eyes it disappears. My body gets heavy and it gets difficult to do anything. I wake up.

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      false awakening , lucid , nightmare
    15. Spellbee's Comp night 1

      by , 07-30-2016 at 03:26 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      DILD #1-Upon waking up, I look at my alarm clock to see that two numbers are missing. I do a nose plug and I can breathe! I wake up.
      DILD #2-I wake up to what sounds like a lawn mower, which is unusual. I get up and do a little jump and I can fly! I phase through the sliding glass door into the backyard and land. I wake up.
      WILD #1-I'm trying to fall asleep when I see a dream form in front of my closed eyelids. I'm in a living room of a different house. I try to move but my body is very heavy. I jump into the void under the dreamscape after I fall and land but the same dream scene forms again. I jump into the void again, trying to imagine myself on a slide, but the same thing happens. I wake up.
      lucid , false awakening
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