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    1. A Late Show, Obama's Bass, and The Sick Terminal

      by , 12-25-2020 at 02:50 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am working on a late show, I am with 2 older women and Stephen. I mention a movie called "Dead Relations" talking about the dark comedy, I tell them I think Helen Mirin and Glenn Close are in it. I am wrong IWL I believe. The real movie is called Death Becomes Her. We are all walking through the capital together in the rain. Stephen starts giving some monologue on a monument facing a field but the lighting is all backlit and you can't see him that well. One of the aids mentions this and we turn him around to face the light. I gather we are doing a livestream of some kind for a special event.

      We are in a car together that feels more like an SUV there are two older women sitting next to me and in the passenger seat and Stephen is driving. I ask him if he's just along for the ride or if we have the pleasure of his company all night. He looks at me through the rear view mirror and says I'm all in it baby. And we are all pleased and laugh at him.

      We get back to the offices and there are two ladies working in a small room with their own computer, they know me well. I gather we have a casual relationship and they enjoy when I stop to talk to them. They ask me if I am here to work on a late show and I say yeah we're doing a livestream. They are older and I gather they don't fully understand the concept. I now feel like we are at the white house possibly and in some back hallway office. I am in another room and notice one of the aids has been posting selfies on the work forum and we understand this is wrong and she is divulging secrets to the public. In one of the pictures she is holding her dog.

      I am with Obama in some random living room and I gather he is going to play the bass along with some TV program like a karaoke. He gets upset that no one watches him when it is his turn to play.
      I only walked away for a few minutes to get something before he started, I only see him play for a few seconds before he stops, saying 'I'm done with this'. He leaves and we all leave with him. I am driving a small futuristic looking chevy volt towards the airport. I gather he is also going to the airport and they are behind me on the road. I accidentally drive in the back entrance which is like a long tunnel/causeway and notice Obama's SUV behind me, they must be taking the VIP entrance.

      I know that I am here by mistake. I park my car in the service area where other people are walking. All my baggage and stuff is in the car. I gather it is a rental. The valet is bothered that I left my car there but I am walking around looking for the right place to be. When I find my correct entrance I go back to move the car. The car is gone and I understand some woman just got in the car and drove it out into the vast parking lot.
      I am bothered because I have to make a flight and all of my belongings were in the car. I spend some time looking in the parking lot for the car but am never really successful. I concede that perhaps I will only have the things on my person, then I realize I don't even have my phone on me, double whammy.

      After some time walking around I am back in the terminal, there are long lines most everyone has a mask on. I gather the flights have all been delayed and there has been a massive error with their computer systems and people are getting irate. I now jump behind the counter to help the only guy who is working frantically trying to alleviate the tension. We are tag teaming fixing a printer while entering in everyone's information manually from a clipboard.

      I get to know some of the passengers in the meantime and most of them are kind. I start cutting sheets of paper that are the tickets printed out on long old style printer paper to help the guy out. We are suddenly in the back part of the airport, it is dimly lit and everyone is sitting around waiting. I gather the management has discovered there are several people who are sick trying to board the plane so we have all been quarantined in a back large room while they figure out what to do with us as a whole. I notice there are a few sick people with masks on and showing obvious symptoms.

      I stand on a desk with the announcement microphone on a black cord held up. I begin some monologue about how none of us are going to get where we are going because some of us are unwell and trying to travel like everything is normal. I ask if it is really worth it, do other people's lives matter enough to you to not travel. Think about it, if it were your son, or your grandmother, would you sacrifice them just to get on this plane? Please consider other people and choose not to travel if you are sick, if you are sick please leave now if you have the slightest compassion for other people.

      Everyone watches me intently and I can tell some people are affected by my talk. I see a small family of four who are all sick with their heads held low begin walking to the door. Another girl who is younger and traveling on her own tells me she will not travel because she isn't symptomatic but she was exposed just a few days ago. I am grateful for everyone who chooses life and the plane begins boarding.
    2. Alligator Fields, Goth Invasion, and Fragments

      by , 12-24-2020 at 05:17 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am with K and the doctor is also there. She is barefoot wearing a flowing black dress and her long wavy dark brown hair hangs in front of one of her eyes and lays softly on her shoulders. We are in a large green field with scattered flowers and tall trees lining either side like a narrow pasture. We notice alligators of varying sizes on the sides of some ditches coming up from different places. People are scared and so is K. The doctor and I are excited and treating it jokingly like an adventure. I am more curious than concerned however K is shocked by our nonchalants.

      I hold K's hand while the doctor deals with some of the alligators in a passive way. She is comforted but still cautious of the gators. The doctor is in his original metal tube TARDIS. He fades away leaving us on the edge of the field by a set of very large wooden doors. People are leaving but there is still a large gator by the door. I assure her the doctor will be back because he always comes back. I hold a metal tube in my other hand while walking her to the door.

      I invite K to come with us. She asks us if it is always like this. I tell her this is a typical Tuesday. She is flabbergasted by the excitement and declines more adventure. I am surprised by her fear but understand her cautiousness. The dream ends as we walk hand in hand through the large metal studded wooden gateway.

      I am in my basement with a friend. I walk out front and notice a worker in a work van sitting right in front of my car. There are random graphics on the side of the white van I gather a neighbor has called them for some duty like copying keys. My friend has left my godson's backpack on the sidewalk next to my car. As I walk out there I notice some taller skinny girl in an all jean skirt walking in front of the house on her phone.

      She doesn't seem to notice me. I mention to my friend we shouldn't leave the backpack on the sidewalk as there might be valuables in it, and would be super easy for someone to just walk off with it. Walking to my car which is bumper to bumper with the work van being worked on I notice my car doors are open. The girl walking by just casually gets in my car without saying anything and starts going through it picking things up like she owns the place. We are both taken aback this is happening and I give a curious yet amused stare towards the girl while standing feet away. The girl doesn't realize I own the car.

      After talking to the worker of the van for a few seconds, I ask the girl 'how are you doing?' She says 'Great, just tryna figure out who owns this fine whip!' I now notice she is somewhat goth/punk looking, pale freckled skin and short dark hair with coloured highlights and not bad looking either. I am still shocked she was rummaging through my car. I tell her 'This is my car, just what do you think you are doing in there?' She just shrugs and says 'looking for stuff'

      Somehow it transitions and we're now in my basement all together. My friend is there on my bed and the girl is sitting on the futon with her knees to the side. We are casually talking and I am somewhat interrogating her. Still trying to figure out what she was doing in my car. She is attempting to comfort me by telling me that I am alright and shouldn't worry. She slyly is giggling and taking pictures of me with her cell phone while I am talking to her. I call her out for it and it's no big deal. I now notice one of her other friends is on the couch across the room just watching the whole thing. He also looks like a taller goth kid with long black bangs. As we are talking I notice he now has a girlfriend with him who is laying on him cuddling while we all talk. I start to notice that her friends are starting to just appear in my room and I am not even sure if I trust her yet. She takes my headphones out of her bag and throws them at me. I say 'See! Was that so hard? How can you expect me to trust you or your friends if I don't even know what you've taken from me!'

      Suddenly another friend barges into the basement from the garage door in a hurry. He is portly, red-faced with some random black band t-shirt and a stuffed backpack on. He says quick things to the friends and immediately goes into my bathroom. I am through with this. I tell everyone 'Alright! Get out, I don't know any of you and I have a bad feeling I am being taken advantage of here!' The girl seems cute and I apologise to her but she has to see how this is wrong. The portly guy comes out of the bathroom and just walks back outside and leaves through the garage. I wonder if he has taken from my food pantry in the garage.

      When I look outside to find him I notice there is now white marker written/drawn all over my black car. Random words and symbols cover every square inch of my black paint like some teenagers binder. The girl mentions she has the same car as I do and I tell her she is lying. The portly guy is no where to be seen. When the friend and the girlfriend get up to leave the girlfriend is down low at first and I almost pet her like a dog. Laughing at my sudden lapse in logical judgement. I am now unsure of their genders as they are referring to each other as her. I let the girl use the bathroom before leaving and tell her maybe I'll see her around sometime but it will take some time for me to forgive her intrusion and theft.

      There is a fragment of me driving my car down the street. It is night and cold and snowy. My car hasn't been started for a while so I barely get it cranked and gather the engine is trying to die so I just let it idle while I coast down the street hoping it will catch up and rev to life. My windshield is completely covered in frost save a small gap in the bottom left I can barely see through. It also feels like my seat is too far reclined and I am having trouble controlling the car (most of my driving in dreams is either from the passenger seat or the back seat and usually stressful). I see shadows and yellow flashing lights on one side of the window while it is still heavily obfuscated by the frost. I know there are cars parked on either side of the road in my neighborhood and attempt my best to keep the car centered without hitting any of the cars on the sides. After a time I flick on the defrost and turn the air on full blast, the window clears up within seconds and I see I have kept the car in the center with no accidents so I just continue to drive around the block warming up my engine.

      I have a fragment of being stuck in a dock/asian market place. There are many dim lit rooms with prepared food and second hand goods on tables for sale.
      Everyone seems like a prisoner/drowsy to their life. Everyone looks down and is just slowly going about their business. I am moving quickly from room to room, it feels like a flea market inside an old fashioned run down corporate campus. It starts to feel partially post-apocalyptic even. I make it outside and somehow fly up over the roofs of the building.

      This opens up into a massive expanse of never-ending run down weathered corporate buildings, none are over two stories tall. It is reminiscent of those shack slum villages you see in Brazil or India, buildings showing the gradient of the hills they are built upon. Only every building is mossy, run down, and soiled with algae on the sides. The dream fades as I look down over the watery docks I am hovering over.
    3. Chase Fragments and Escape

      by , 12-23-2020 at 05:29 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am in some shower house E is there, long hallway with multiple showers in it. Just about to get in one when the whole house jolts to the side. There are electric pulses running through the walls and the ceiling I gather the house has been hit by lightning it must be storming outside. We go outside and it is storming hard. We try to duck and I warn other people coming to the house to watch out for the lightning.

      I am with my brother J. I gather we are in some kind of highschool/middle school combo, both have girlfriends our ages who are our companions. We venture around the school for a while then begin being chased by the security for some reason. I understand there is a terminator type character coming after us. We leave the property in different vehicles. He has a big blue van I end up driving later on. I have multiple sets of keys in my pocket. My companion is with me.

      We go to a restaurant and know that we are wanted by the law. The other people in the restaurant are older folks who don't know who we are. We get a table and sit down to eat. After some time people start to become suspicious of us, there is a tv which is broadcasting our pictures and mentioning that we are being pursued.

      I now have the blue van my brother was driving and he is no where to be seen. It is my companion and myself we narrowly escape as I fumble for the right set of keys to get the older van to start. It has blue carpet inside.

      We are back at the school. It must be lunchtime so I stand in one of the lines to get food. There are only drinks at this line in a cooler on the ground. I keep pulling bottles out which have been drunk out of. I want chocolate milk and pull out a milk shake base which is melted in some kind of container. I don't have any money and gather everything here costs something. The lady at the register just gives me a drink after I pull a small carton of chocolate milk out. I walk around more and notice many different lines for people to get food but they are all different types of desserts. Like chocolate pies and candies and brownies and everything sugary. I ask someone if there is any actual food here and they seem surprised none of the lines have food ready. They tell someone else that we're down to chocolates and they need to prepare more. I find a line in a back room that has some old pizza on it. After I get a couple pieces and begin walking back to my table I notice more food starting to get brought out like dumplings and tacos of sorts. I shrug it off and continue back to my table.

      Towards the end the whole thing feels like it has been a movie production of a sorts. Everyone is happy that the shooting has ended and just hanging around with that satisfied completed feeling. I see some kids who I thought were in middle school and I ask them what grade they are actually in, they say fifth and I am surprised the production used actual correct aged kids for their roles as middle schoolers. We are all walking in a line beside the building in a field back to the main area.

      I am with my companion again and she is happy to be with me. As we are leaving the lot she shows her ID to the guard. He stands there looking at the ID suspiciously for a few seconds. Looking back to her and the ID, I ask him if he wants to take a picture and start to pull off. He reluctantly tosses the ID back towards our open window and I catch it with one hand. We pull off and start driving away, she tells me she is happy that I'm here, we hold hands while I have one hand on the steering wheel and the dream fades as we pull out to the main street.
    4. J's Jam Fest

      by , 12-19-2020 at 05:51 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am with an old friend J. He wants to turn his indian dad's electronic store into a hangout spot after it closes for the day to smoke and chill in(he's white IWL). I am sitting in his car in front of the store waiting for it to close when I notice a short dark haired pixie looking indian girl in a car looking at me interestingly from the end of the lot. An older indian man walks out to it and I ask J if that is his Dad. He says no. They drive away together.

      After the store closes and the gathering begins. It is super small-time at first, just a few friends and some chill smoke time with low lights. There may be a blacklight or two, the walls are white and there's not a lot of furniture. At a certain point we are outside in his car again and he gifts me a whole art set with coloured pencils and brushes. I am grateful and mention how I value different mediums of expression. He also offers me a lit cig but I am grossed out by it and throw it away.

      Over time the party becomes big like a jam fest. Tons of people have shown up, the big crowds dancing in masses and spraying water on each other like a summer party at night. I realize this was his plan all along to host a giant party, I remember telling people he's had this vision for years. He is obviously super wasted and I can hear him goofing off on the DJs microphone looking for someone out of sight saying 'Where is he!? Where is he!?'

      At first I am apprehensive because this kind of thing usually isn't really my scene, I go along with it finally and embrace the party in full affect. I walk inside with no shirt on, baggy grey sweatpants, long straight hair, one of those dumbass flatbill hats and a black backpack. I gather the ladies find me quite attractive. There are tons of girls all laying around on mattresses pushed together on the floor all naked talking about being on molly. One of them mentions outdoing the guys by 3/4ths. There are not enough guys present so they are all hooking up with each other in various positions and super thirsty at that. They all look up lustily at me. One of them while on her knees with her legs spread points down at herself and commands, 'You eat this' then points at me continuing 'And I'll eat that'. I happily oblige and lay down proceeding to take turns enjoying multiple women in a row, it is a jam fest after all.
      'Days go by' by Dirty Vegas plays loudly in the background.

      The next morning I come back in after chilling outside some with J. There are more guys there in the morning and a couple of the girls who knew me from the night before are lounging around on a couch in the corner of the room. They see me and grin knowingly. I partially acknowledge them with a nod before plopping down on the couch and dropping my backpack on the floor. I notice there is some smoking paraphernalia laying around on the tables but no one is smoking, it's a typical burnt out morning after. The guy next to me is pissed that 'someone brought the bear around last night'. I gather he is talking about the cops showing up, I don't recall it.
    5. Nuclear Bunker, Fragment, and Artificial Genocide

      by , 12-15-2020 at 01:43 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am riding a bike w Matt stone through thick fog. There are two bike lanes on either side of a road/runway we are riding down. There are thick trees lining both sides, perhaps pines. The fog is thick and I can only see ~fifty feet ahead. I gather we are on the border of North Korea. We have permission to ride here but are told to stay on the right side. Matt stone rides on the left path defiantly. As we come up a hill he jumps over to the left quickly in case anyone is just beyond the hill and sees us.
      As we continue down the road we ride through several abandoned stations. Like gas stations that seem run down and emptied.

      We come across an abandoned air force base. There is broken glass and spray paint everywhere it feels like it has been well traveled. We ride our bikes through the center of the building and through doorways looking at the different rooms. One of the rooms looks like a commissary or small cafe. We stop and begin to walk around checking out the closets and find a stairway.

      The stairs go several stories underground. Matt stone becomes my friend B. Walking through the basement it feels like a fallout shelter that is still super run down. It feels nuclear in nature. We walk into one of the rooms and there is a very large korean man sitting in a brown folding chair with his back to us. He has on a stretched white wife beater. We casually walk up to him and he isn't really surprised to see us. I gather people come here often as tourists just checking out abandoned places.
      B starts talking to him in broken english. He responds with single words but his English sounds good. So I ask him how he is doing. He responds just fine thank you.
      B gives me a wtf look because I assumed he could speak good English and he did, B is naturally patronizing.

      He explains that this is his job to maintain the station down here in case anything catastrophic occurs. He has a tiny grey computer with a green screen sitting on the floor. It is his only communication with the outside world minus people who stop by occasionally to check out the base. I suddenly remember seeing this place before and especially him. I remember reading a Vice article about this place where he was interviewed and had his picture taken. I tell him I recognize him and I saw pictures of this place before. He abashedly agrees like I am sure he has done many times before to others who had ventured this way. I remember the term for this type of occupancy and Google the words 'Planned reoccupance'? And find studies describing the act of having one person live deep underground to man nuclear codes in case of a worldwide emergency. It seems like a thankless job but free room and board.

      We walk around some more checking out the basement, we know we cannot take pictures because we don't have permission from the government and know we will be searched before leaving the country. I make as many mental notes about what I am seeing as possible. There is a stack of different types of missiles that sort of resemble tall gas canisters leaning against each other in a corner. There are short fake windows high up on the walls to emulate natural light. The downstairs feels like a wet basement but it is slightly better kept than the upstairs which has plenty of broken glass and upturned furniture.

      When we come back upstairs we are suddenly outside and there is another man there we are now talking to. We describe what we saw and I gather he is another reporter of sorts. He tells us he saw a body down there once and shows us the picture, I gather this is something to do with the base research. He mentions how his picture was in full sunlight so the face was illuminated. While we are talking I see my mentor Doug walking up the stairs coming towards us. He is glad to see us. I am glad to see him as well and move to hug him. He talks about his travels and checking out this place was on his list too. He is surprised we came without him.

      I am in a car with my parents. We are driving in Florida and they want to go to the beach. They have a specific place they park when they want to go to the beach which is under some stilt houses that are all joined together. I am amused and ask them if they always park here, they say yes it's always open.

      While pulling in there is a younger woman with sunglasses sitting by the entrance who looks like she is working the lot. My dad asks her a question about the beach being open and she gives a snotty college girl look. My mom asks if she is working or not. She says she doesn't work here. But she does mention the beach likely won't be open very long because of the storm that is blowing in from the gulf, (we are on the east coast).

      I tell my parents I can check my phone to see what the wind currents are doing. I see that there was just a hurricane here but it was traveling away to the east away from shore, the precipitation is cleared for us but then notice what looks like a front forming on the west coast blanketing across the state towards where we are. I look up and now notice it seems overcast but there are still plenty of people on the beach.

      I am in a large white room that seems like a futuristic shopping mall. There is a lady is upset her toddler/child has become a life-sized doll. I understand that the doll is a plant by some malicious force. I also notice it is a bomb and rush everyone else away from the area. She doesn't believe me and stands by herself when it goes off in her arms. It is an energy weapon and she vaporizes on the spot.

      I am with Karl Urban as we attempt to move through the mall looking for answers, he is incredibly pissed off and determined.
      We are now in a music store. I wear a certain pair of headphones which have orange rims around the ears. Before we leave the owner of the shop offers to give me another pair of headphones free of charge. He puts them on my head and the most amazing classical synth wave music is playing. I am overcome with emotion and cry at the thought of our mission.

      I take them off and walk rushedly away leading my crew behind me so they cannot see my tears. It is known to me one of our crew who looks like Dwayne Johnson wants to exterminate the entire planet the enemy lives on. They are a sentient robot race I gather. While venturing through the mall I find myself in a stairwell which seems to have a booth set up with counters on one side, everything is still white. There is a girl there I gather she is an artificial person. She is brunette with dark rimmed glasses and an hourglass figure. I am sitting on the counter with my legs open as she stands between them. We are both nude and I notice she feels my legs rubbing on her sides, she looks at me closely and smiles. We begin kissing. Only I can tell this is her first time and she doesn't quite grasp the concept, but the emotion emanating from her is authentic. There are small bubbles in her mouth that I am wiping off of my mouth. I now understand the artificial people are struggling to understand humanity but they mean us no harm. I must stop my friend from wiping out their whole planet.

      He is in a darker all white room with many other people. He is in the process of convincing everyone the validity of taking out the enemy by destroying their planet.
      I have recruited a couple of my friends to my cause to stop him. I gather we need to create a makeshift guitar with cardboard and strings we find around the shop. It doesn't sound too good. I tell the guys we need to find a wire like a thin string to get it to sound right. Dwayne doesn't want us to succeed.

      He finds a small pair of scissors and attempts to cut our stings to the guitar nulling our plan. I stand up and begin some grand monologue explaining how the artificial people have been misunderstood and they are not our enemy and he wants to destroy their entire planet, it's not right.
      There is no way complete genocide is the answer to our problems. We need to communicate with them to find a compromise and learn to live together.
      Dwayne is irate with me but just stands by listening to me while I win over the crowd.
    6. South Carolina Nostalgia, Fragments, and Vertical Podracing

      by , 12-14-2020 at 08:32 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I return to South Carolina and see my first girlfriend T. It has been over twenty years since we've seen each other. She looks very similar to how she did when we were younger, just more mature, but still petite with incredibly fair skin and blue within blue eyes. I remember the house where she grew up and I meet her family again.
      They both give me a hug, it is nice to see them. Upon waking up I realized her parents had been swapped with the parents of a girl I dated while in highschool. Only they were older, the dad had a mullet and the mom had different glasses. I seem to remember they separated IWL, but they are back together now and happy.
      They are also really happy to see me again. T and I hit it off again and begin being affectionate with each other, just closeness and some cuddling.
      She doesn't mind her family seeing us together though I feel like she would be embarrassed. We are older now and have mutual respect.

      I am in a sort of restaurant gift shop area.
      There is a creature which looks like a mix between a Gryphon and an Owl. There is a game which is the shape of a vhs tape I play, then give it to someone else to give a try. The entire place is wooden engraved cherry coloured walls handrails and windowsills, there are stained glass windows as well.

      I am in my room playing with a remote control spacecraft I have constructed. It looks like a softball sized 3d printed moon with a horizontal directional small propeller and a larger vertical propeller almost like a drone.
      It can hover and move around the area with great accuracy. My neighbor shows up and I am excited to show him my new invention.
      Not even 10 seconds into explaining it to him he interrupts "Oh! I had a great idea for one of those let me go get it to show you". I am somewhat annoyed but compliant and he leaves to go across the street to get his notes. While I wait I go into the backyard.

      There are two back decks connected to the house almost identical. I jump down the stairs and wonder how I managed to jump that far without feeling it much. I keep going back and forth between the decks overlooking the yard. One of them has an incomplete dream catcher which has some spider webs hanging off of it. I am cautious to not disrupt the webs while leaning over the banister. I question the layout of the decks and imagine perhaps they are apart of separate houses, like I have snuck into my neighbors house perhaps (many moments of questioning the dream without fully understanding the truth of it).

      I am now on a floaty chair/boat in a pool.
      My friend has always been obtuse and somewhat obnoxious and I imagine while relaxing on the floaty the possibility of him coming and jumping on me into the pool. Sure enough he does and gets stuck in the chair as it flips over. I have a moment of panic as we are both stuck in the floaty upside down underwater, but quickly right the incident due to being able to breathe underwater. I yell at him when I surface and we begin chasing each other.

      The chase picks up speed and I am now driving a roadster/batmobile/hydroboat with two hand levers like a podrace. I am navigating hard turns by pulling on each lever in an intuitive manner. I am driving up a wall now and it is almost like a skyscraper. The building morphs and twists as I rise up and I intend quicker and quicker speed. I almost feel lucid in my control but still abide by the mechanics of the dream. The sides of the building now resemble a torus or a mobius strip along the windows. I push faster attempting to stay stuck to the inverted walls while zigzagging upwards. The dream fades.
    7. Odd Wedding and The PringleHead

      by , 12-12-2020 at 04:25 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am with R and E, I gather we are going to a small restaurant to work some big event. Somehow I am in possession of a live crab for some reason. I put it in the trunk of the car we drove over in.
      We go into the restaurant we are taking it over to cater a wedding I think. I am unsure if I am cooking or serving. The cooks there are unsure if they are working our event or not.

      I start to help set up tables and chairs in the typical bustle of before event catering.
      The band is setting up on the stage, I notice a black and white fender that looks pretty nice. I pretend to play the air guitar, it appears on me and I am holding it playing it suddenly. I am embarrassed that I didn't ask to play it first. The guitar belongs to one of the ladies getting married as they are walking onto the stage together. I quickly put the guitar back and apologise, going about my work.

      I now notice this is going to be a lesbian wedding, they are both older ~mid forties maybe, shorter rounder build and kind of messy reddish hair. They seem kind and non elitist, but they still treat me like the help.
      All the guests are there and I notice kind of worriedly that no one is wearing masks. I am unsure of my duties or even if I want to stay here.

      So I sit down at a table with other people and order a glass of wine. There is a younger kid next to me who orders wine as well. I am suspicious but the waiter serves him anyway, whatever, their funeral. I gather this is a somewhat ritzy crowd and everyone is used to getting their way.

      I eventually end up at the mother of the brides table. She is older and white haired, she almost reminds me of Betty White. She definitely has a charming smile and is very joyful for the occasion. She seems to have taken a strong interest in me, I can tell she likes me, perhaps I remind her of someone from her past. She asks me if I am a time traveler. I say yes, but I can only travel in one direction. She laughs uncontrollably dipping her head towards the table. The other workers seem to be jealous I am now part of the party. The dream fades as we continue our conversation.

      I see a giant Pringles can on its side it feels like a float, it is floating like a balloon it is mostly white. It reminds me of a falcon 9 booster on its side only it's lighter than air.
      I put it on like a hat and ride a tricycle like scooter around through crowds and lines of people. Maneuvering my way through buildings that almost remind me of a 90's pizza place. Everyone laughs/ gets bonked by the length of it as I pass them.
      I try to cross traffic through a highway and almost get hit by cars coming towards me.
    8. Bull Ceremony and Demon Hunting

      by , 12-11-2020 at 02:48 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am outdoors walking down a crowded sidewalk. There is some kind of festival with many people my age and younger. I see some people I know walking behind me. There is an open plot of land which is a farm with many cows in it between two houses in the neighborhood we are walking through. The owner is by their front fence with a few other people looking at the cows. One of the larger cows which was leaning over the fence jumps over it. There is a larger man who holds it in place by the horns in the crowd of people, still by the fence. I am amused by the cow and want to pet it. Somebody behind me holds me back and my vision goes black.

      I wake up in the upstairs of the farmhouse in a dark bedroom with someone babysitting me for some reason. I gather there are many people on hallucinagens at this festival and they were concerned I was trying to pet the bull. The younger blonde farmer chick is now babysitting me just sitting around making sure I am ok. I am confused because I didn't remember taking anything to impair my judgement. I just wanted to pet the cow.
      We walk together into the next room which is like a large open theater and has bleacher like seating. It's dimly lit and I gather there is a certain ceremony going on.

      I see some guys I grew up with all sitting in a mixed group towards the upper right of the seats. He tells me they have 12 portions of Corceps?(maybe a fungus maybe a flower I don't really know) And offers me some for the trip. A certain point is reached in the ceremony and everyone whips out their portion to dose. Everyone has a bowl of chunky looking bluish almost yogurt consistency liquid in wooden bowls. They all start drinking theirs. He encourages me to drink mine. I say hold up. I pull out my phone and Google the name he tells me. I am looking it up first before drinking it.

      A girl I know IWL from festival is sitting close to me and gets really upset that I am on my phone during the ceremony and gets up angrily telling me how I am messing with her vibe. I'm like, tough tits chick, I'm not just gonna take something I have no idea what it is even if my oldest friend I know just hands it to me. So I turn the brightness down on my phone and just keep reading.

      I read that it is a powerful natural hallucination used in indigenous ceremonies for journey. I see the words witchcraft and occult in one of the articles and decide that's good enough for me. I sit up to start drinking mine and grab a bowl which is already empty. I think someone has drunk mine but actually just grabbed the wrong bowl. My friend hands me mine and I smell it. It smells like blueberries. I bring the bowl to my lips to drink and the dream fades.

      I call a bank about withdrawing money from my Alexa account, the guy tells me to come in to do the transaction. When I get there it is a smaller strip mall bank that almost looks like an airport terminal kiosk.
      I wait in line but notice the guy I talked to is on the left side of the desk. There is an older guy there in the background sort of glaring at me. I gather he is evil and don't want to talk to him. I tell them I just called about an Alexa withdrawal and the guy on the left helps me.
      He asks for my ID which I panic thinking I don't have it on me. It is in my hat.
      When we finish he hands me my money and my cards back, only I have one extra card in the stack. It is a vertical card with some braille on it. It has a picture of the old guy on it and the name Micheal Flynn at the bottom with his picture on the front.
      I gather that Micheal Flynn is a demon. I have been marked with this card but don't understand the intention. I stand in front of the kiosk for a minute or so while looking from the card to back up at them with a raised eyebrow. The guy who gave me the card was my lead. He is helping me track down the demon.

      I go to my car which is in eyesight to the kiosk. I sit in the passenger seat and stake it out. While sitting I get tired but only pretend to lower my head while watching the activity intently. A girl with black hair a black shirt and a broom to sweep with comes out of a store next-door to the bank. When I look at her she ignores me and pretends to work. While I pretend to hang my head down so she can't see my eyes she just stands there staring at me while slowly lifting her shirt or pulling it down or something equally tempting my attention. I pretend to ignore her while I look up casually still watching the kiosk to the left of where she is standing. I have decided she is the demon I've been looking for.

      I get out of the car and approach her, the gig is up. I grab her while walking back into her empty store that is similar to a smaller department store with the same type of nooks and crannies as a clothing store.
      While holding her arms I notice her face go fuzzy with distortion when I poke certain parts of her back and neck and arms while she isn't struggling too much. She walks with me while I calmly explain to her that she has been found out, I know what she is. Whatever is going on here is going to stop, there is no room for evil in these parts ect ect. But I do mention if she weren't evil we'd probably get along fine. I attempt to be smooth about it as to not attract the attention of the security guard I know is working.

      He may have seen me as we tuck away into the back cubby corner of the shop. The outline of her face is still going buzzy every few seconds and I gather the entity inside her isn't pleased to be found out.
      When we get to the back I begin some incantation speaking words I do not recognize while she writhes as I hold both of her arms behind her back. I notice the guard coming up behind me so I let her go and immediately begin on some false conversational tangent about how her brother had a conversation with her and I just want to know what she told my sister because it was very important that I hear it from her (hoping my tone would falsely show the tension he may have witnessed while also implying this being a personal matter between two consenting parties, and not an exorcism).

      He stares blankly for a few moments while she just stands there looking between the two of us.
      "You can't do that here" he says. The gig is up I think.
      "If you want to get rid of that thing inside her you better follow me to the fire, it's the only way" he continues.
      I am shocked. He knows what I am doing and is offering help. Very cool. I walk her behind him and he leads us to another part of the store which has a fireplace in the wall. I gather the only way is to channel this being back into the fire from which it came.
      The dream fades as the incantations begin with her writhing in my arms once again.
    9. The Cult and The Prison Camp

      by , 12-10-2020 at 02:44 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      With A at some certain restaurant. It feels french and fancy. Things are pleasant and wishy washy.
      The room opens up to a large hilly landscape. People are dressed in all white laying on the grass in small groups. There are funky trees scattered about. I befriend some bohemians who are making music. I wonder if I have my drum with me.
      While walking back to the restaurant I feel drunk and cannot see for a few minutes. I gather some guy has come up to me attempting to give me a hug and he wants something from me. I am repulsed and gather he is a homeless guy trying to take advantage of me. He grabs me quickly but I push him away even though my vision is impaired.

      It is night now and things are neon coloured with lights and glowy things all over. It feels like a night time festival.
      This transitions to being at a church camp
      I find my like-minded people but mostly everyone else is 'in on it'.

      I am in a sort of secluded church camp now. I am an older leader. I befriend a kid who is kind of the outcast, we goof off in a photo booth and make silly faces. The picture print outs are very small, I put it in my pocket.

      Guys are in separate dorms than girls. We are segregated all day as well. I find myself in a girl's room at night time. The gravity is different for me and I am being pulled away from the door. I attempt to climb up the floor while everyone else just lays around in their sleeping bags
      After crawling through the door it is higher up and I fall to the floor with a thud

      Certain days the guys clean up after the girls and certain days the girls clean up after the guys. It is the only time we are allowed into each other's sections. The rooms are named after planets and moons, they are divvied up through the week, we decide to clean Io today.

      The girls are purposely messy and throw trash on the ground while the guys are walking around them cleaning. We all use our hands and have no cleaning tools. I imagine this to be quite unsanitary. My hands are full of candy wrappers and general bits of trash from the floor. We are leaving a room when the girls call our attention to empty chip bags that were under one of their sleeping bags. I take up the bag and begin to stuff other trash into it. They are all staring at me as if I have done something improper.

      Some of the rooms have bunk beds and some of the beds are in small plywood constructed rooms in a long hallway that almost resembles a boxcar, my room is one of these though I only lay down once I think. I walk back and forth a lot. The ideology of the place is getting to me.
      I don't like it. I am tired.

      I go to the back of the row of rooms and there are several boys and one other leader in there all sitting around the same table. They are all wearing the same blue jumpsuits. They all look tired too. I ask when we are supposed to sleep. Cause I notice it doesn't really get dark here but the girls are sleeping regularly. They say they don't really sleep when they're here. I am reminded of lock-ins when I used to go to weekend camps.

      We are told to go on a trip to one of the head pastor's house. While in the van with all the other kids I pull out the picture reel from earlier while next to the kid I befriended. I tell him these are nice mementos. "Mementos are really nice" I say "because they are an accurate memory of the past. Because memories can be flawed, we only remember what we want to remember. And memories can change based on how we feel" The other leader looks at me weird as do some of the boys. I gather I have been ideologically inappropriate again.

      When we reach the pastors house I notice it is a very large house. We are all gathered at his front door as he is in the doorway. He steps outside and makes us watch him select a pair of shoes from his massive rack of dress shoes and work boots that are up against the house. There must be hundreds of pairs of shoes. This feels excessive to me. There is a tv screen on the porch he instructs us to watch as he wants to show us something. There are two cameras on his person as he is walking his cat down the street. Both views are on the tv. He is just rambling about his sweet little girl kitty and his dog as he is walking around giving them treats. We watch the screen of his perspective for a few minutes. I am not amused.
      I ask the other leader if we can go in now cause I really don't wanna watch this dude feed his cat. Some of the kids giggle but the leader is solemn and quietly informs me this is the proper way they are instructed to do what they are told. It must happen this way before we enter. I roll my eyes and wait.

      Once inside we are all sitting in a circle of chairs in the living room. It feels like a small group meeting but only the head pastor and a couple of his subservients are talking one at a time. I gather right off the bat that I am being singled out.

      I am open at first but very regularly they are looking directly at me while saying something ominous. They also are constantly bumping into only me. Either walking past my chair or literally coming over to me and standing directly in front of me with their back to me.
      Several times they are excitedly squatting and basically twerking in my lap. Everytime this happens my eyes get wider and wider. I am disgusted and in complete disbelief. I glance around the room with a dissatisfied look on my face and catch the glances of a couple of the guys in passing. We give each other that knowing look while I slowly shake my head.

      This is gross, these are grown ass men in their sunday's best rubbing their body all over me "accidentally" and only me. One of the times one of them from inside the circle is passing a book to one on the outside of the circle over my head. He hits me in the head with the book in passing but doesn't acknowledge it. I just look around the room and catch the eyes of whoever will look at me. I am obviously being singled out here, this is gonna be good.

      I now notice a blackboard on the wall to my left. It has many words written on it but in the very center is the word DEAD. I gather they are all words of personal submission. There are also the "higher ups" in the group all sitting around a rectangular table all very deeply in prayer or study or whatever. They have Uno cards I gather they are using like tarot cards but only Jesus inspired. I find it comical.

      At a certain point everyone in the circle stands up while looking at me. I remain sitting with my arms crossed unmoved. A guy I know to my right slowly starts to crouch while everyone is holding hands with each other in the circle. Everyone else starts to crouch too. He says let's get down lower so we can be with him too. I look around while everyone prays with their head down. There is a girl in a wheelchair across from me I used to be friends with but she looks different. She has the silliest look on her face and one of her eyes is literally going around in circles. I hold back an audible laugh in the quietness of their group prayer.

      While the main pastor is talking again I find extreme distain with his message. He is belittling the people around me. His demeanour is pompous and entitled. He encourages people to doubt themselves and ensures people they are less than they think they are. The only way to salvation is to listen to me he says. You must die to yourself and only support me, it's what god wants. I am visibly not having any of this bullshit.

      He then announces God is telling him that one of us is in need of divine intervention. Shocker. While walking around the outside of the circle he is talking of the devil and the damnation of self-knowledge. Without warning he pushes my chair into the center of the circle exclaiming "God has chosen you my son to be directly touched by his loving hand!" "Whhooooooaaaa you don't say!?" I say out loud mockingly. Saw this coming.

      He begins circling my chair looking at me intently. I notice the circle has thinned. The younger kids are gone and it is only 'the faith warriors' now. Shits about to get real I gather. He begins on some diatribe "Now son do you believe you were sent by God here today to…" and continues to talk for 5 minutes about divine intervention and the necessity of purging self for the attainment of 'rightfulness'. I let him talk while still having my arms crossed.
      He pauses, "Well? Son? Do you?"
      "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize there was an actual question in there, it just sounded like you were talking at me not to me, can you please rephrase the statement?" I return.
      The dream fades

      Prison camp

      I am in a prison camp that feels like north korea. It's a run down warehouse on the water, everything is rusted and smells.
      I am with many other people who are also there against our will. Everyone has a job or location that they work at everyday.
      There are lines for everything everywhere.
      Everything is moderated/controlled and most everything survival related costs money, only we are paid literal pennies for our labor. People are depressed and just waiting to die. All hope is seemingly lost. I befriend some people but the whole experience is very drab.

      While standing outside a building on the concrete road near the entrance I hear a voice in my head.
      It says, "Listen. He is coming, You will be free."
      I am confused but attentive. I see someone who is a higher up, someone with authority but not callous towards us. He is walking past me but doesn't notice me at first. I notice he begins to choke, he is unwell in just that moment. So I run to the kiosk behind me which has food and drinks I grab a cup which is on one of the lights and fill it with water. The older korean lady working here yells at me that I can't do that but I disregard her and give the water to the guy who is coughing really quick. He takes it and drinks in several large gulps and is suddenly well. His eyes are filled with gratitude and he sees me. He tells me he is in my debt and he will repay me, this is how it begins.

      I am unsure what will happen now so I continue on with my routine. While working/moving around the warehouse and outside I notice a small number of people here and there who are standing at stations but don't have any work to do. I gather they have fallen through the cracks of the system and are still here but are not being told to do a job, they have been forgotten. It seems nice to have free time.

      Suddenly the man returns and informs me I no longer have to work. I have been cleared from the system. But It would be up to me to figure out how to escape. The first domino seems to have fallen.
      While walking around with free time now I befriend the other people who don't have to work.
      One of them is a larger black man who sometimes works the gate and one of them is Jack Black. He gets a letter from family and inside of it is a refund totalling several hundred dollars, he is beside himself, I sit beside him. I tell him 'thats south korea money' implying it's enough money to bribe our way out of here. There are several others, maybe the black guy has a girlfriend. I don't recall. We work together to devise a plan of escape.

      The day comes to execute the plan.
      I am on rollerblades and when the big daily white semi truck delivery comes I ride next to it opposite of the warehouse and guards.
      I am crouched and holding onto the wheel well on the front right wheel as it turns to leave the gate. I gather neither the semi nor the guards can see me riding along out the gate. After the semi is out of the gate and stopped my friends are in the back. The door opens and we overtake the semi driver, we control the vehicle now and all 6 of us are on the road to freedom. I gather we are still being pursued by the administration of the camp. But we drive on the highway and celebrate for a while anyway. The open road and wind feels nice we are all laughing.

      We stop at a gas station which also has a mattress factory attached to it. It is night time. Peter Capaldi is now in our group. He is concerned he might regenerate soon. The administration seems to have caught up to us while we were inside. They steal back the semi but seem unconcerned with us as prisoners(maybe we look different?) I take as many supplies from the trunk as possible while the truck is pulling away. We are still free but now stranded in the middle of nowhere in a mattress factory. It is quiet as we all stand in front of the station looking outwards into the darkness.

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    10. Fragments, The Death of Ninjas Brother, Track Meet

      by , 12-08-2020 at 09:43 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      Walking around outside a Walmart I think, I keep finding folded up money on the ground. Only ones and fives but they are all folded different ways. Some of them aren't even full bills

      Hanging out with Ninja and a couple of his friends in a room. They are being kind but one of them is still kind of shady so I keep an eye on him. At one point he comes back from upstairs and tells me my dad gave him this pen and hands it to me. I doubt him because the pen is important to me and there is no way my dad gave it to him. I call him out for it and ninja is embarrassed his friend is being shady.

      Ninjas brother now is being really nice and shows me a bunch of gifts he got for me and my family. They are like Valentine's gift baskets with chocolate and various things in them. It now becomes combined with minecraft somehow and he tells me when I activate a certain point it will build a house for me on top of where we are. I am flabbergasted and very grateful I gather this thing was very important and it's very kind of him to spend so much money on me and my family. Ninja is also surprised.

      The friend is gone and it's just him and his brother now they are both drinking and rather drunk. Ninja warns me we need to look out for his brother cause he is somewhat suicidal. We're upstairs and his brother is being sloppy drunk and they are goofing around each other. The brother wants to dive down the stairs cause he thinks it will be funny. We both say no and tell him not to cause it is dangerous and he could seriously hurt himself. We get him to stop but he's still being sloppy drunk.
      We are outside now and the brother is laying down next to ninja, they are laughing about something so we stop laying attention to him for just a minute. He picks up a small firecracker looking object and puts it on his forehead. He says goodbye to us and lights the fuse. It is a thermite flare and immediately burns bright and downward with great heat and turns his head to ash. We are both taken aback and cannot believe this just happened. Ninja is in disbelief and quite emotional. I try to comfort him but am still in shock about the occurrence.

      I use the little money I have left to buy a tracksuit. Like under armour tops and bottoms. It is cold out so I have a hat and a woven looking balaklava on. I am lining up with tons of other students for a track meet. I am still pretty upset about my friend but feel kind of numb about it, my parents keep trying to comfort me but I act apathetic. Mom tells me she is sorry I had to spend my money on a running outfit. I shrug. We are now lining up with other students who are stretching and getting ready for the meet. I feel like this is my first time running but still feel very capable to perform well. I acknowledge I'm not in the best shape and may not have the endurance but still feel like I may place. I see other people running and competing, I am unsure what event I will be in. I tell someone I've never been in track before (not true IWL) I see a couple kids practicing their baton pass. I decide there's no way I'm running more than 400m without dying. I wake up while talking to my dad who somehow jumped over a chair.
    11. Finally Lucidity! Fragments, Re-stabilizing, and Lucille Ball

      by , 12-08-2020 at 03:53 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      Kostas the Grecian baker is showing off a pumpkin plant growing on the wall of his bakery, talking about keeping the roots on the wall because it is so beautiful. I think he wants to harvest the blossoms to cook. I agree whole heartily and take some video for him.

      I am walking down a hallway in a school going to class, all other classes have already begun. No one minds that I am late to the room.
      I sit down at an open desk with my backpack. Everyone is already going over a test or homework.
      When I sit down the desk is small and I fall backwards with the desk attached to me doing a roll, everyone kind of laughs but nothing is too disrupted.
      I realize I am 32 and have been out of school for quite a while. I shout 'hey everyone! This is a dream!'
      They cheer and start to get up, the teacher looks defeated. I say out loud that this should be obvious because I am older and have been out of highschool for over a decade, so this is definitely a dream.
      I tell the whole class to pinch their nose and breathe to prove they are dreaming. Some are confused, some do it. I do it together with them and prove that I am on fact dreaming. It's a great feeling.
      I leave the classroom, there is a group of students standing in the doorway blocking my way. I ask them if this is a door, because it definitely looks like a door. And one by one they move out of my way begrudgingly. The dream destabilizes multiple times in the hallway so I drop to the floor and feel the cool tile with my hands to re-stabilize the dream the hallway comes back into clarity and I begin walking again.
      This happens several times in the dream I always drop down and feel the ground or rub my hands as I feel the dream start to collapse and with some focus it rematerializes around me.
      While outside I fly around with ease, not as much effort as I remember it taking. I have a sort of iron man pose.
      The school is now a 1800's military academy and I see rows of students/soldiers carrying bayonets.
      They are scared of me, one of them throws their bayonet and almost hits me as I fly over. I fly higher into the air and over the pond. It's an old campus with a large pond in the middle and many older trees like southern live oaks.
      The dream starts to crash again so I land and feel the grass through my fingers,I pay attention to the sounds of the water and the street nearby. The scene comes back but the soldiers are gone. There are creatures now moving faster than vision almost.
      I reach out my hands and control one that has gone by me and is almost on the other side of the water.
      I intend to control its movement and wind it back like a toy. I see it's movement slow. It is like an animated toyish looking trex that belongs on a playground spring but it is moving around very fast, it moves backwards and forwards and I am content with my control so I let it go.

      I tell someone close to me that I am dreaming and they tell me to come with them, we all get in a car and they tell me I have to meet Theodore Roosevelt, they tell me that I'm gonna love Teddy.
      He is showing me his collection of cars, one of them looks like a pre-model T but it's combined with a wooden boat. Without saying anything I help him take it down off a rack and fold the wheels down to drive. I complement the antiquity of the collection and tell him the oldest one is my favorite, Teddy is much more informal than I am expecting as he is wearing swim shorts and a safari hard hat. His mustache is large and pointy.
      We go into an army bunker with other officers and the dream starts to collapse again. I drop down and feel the cool floor, then the windowsill and start to take in all the details and senses. The dream comes back but the men are gone. There is a redhead now who looks similar to Lucile ball. She is sitting on the edge of a desk in an all khaki military dress.
      She is pleased to meet me, I ask if it's really her and she nods. I am so pleased to see her again. I wrap my arms around her lower half and just embrace her. I tell someone else in the room that this is the Prime Matriarch. She is my guide, I have been looking for her for literally months. It is an immense relief to be finally close to her so I just breathe it in for a few minutes.
      There are several props and maps around the room she begins trying to show me things while explaining, I don't grasp the meaning of anything she says but the warmth of her presence is comforting.
      The dream destabilizes again and I rub my hands together quickly and feel the walls of the barracks.
      I hear talking and can feel sensations of the walls but my vision hasn't returned yet. I imagine where I just was and intend to step back into the barracks.

      I am now with a couple old friends in their apartment. They show me a collectable figurine they have from one of the Batman cartoons. He undoes the box in a meticulous way to show me the figure inside and puts it all back before going into the other room.
      The box falls forward and I grab it to put back on the shelf. Everything has become shifted in the box and I attempt to put it right. But nothing fits the way it was. I try to fold the box back up the correct way and am unsuccessful, I know they will be displeased that I messed up their collectable. They are leaving to go get ice cream across the street I tell them to wait for me while I struggle with the box
      I finally give up and admit defeat, I have the thought that they will think I was trying to play with the toy rather than admire the collectable. They go ahead of me to the ice cream place anyway.

      I am now in a 50's style diner, it's packed with classmates and people I used to know, they are all at different tables having their own conversations. I gather that I am still dreaming but don't intend to change anything.
      I see the girl with blue hair and I tug on it as I walk by her but don't say anything. She follows me around so I talk to her in passing, then a girl I used to date runs up to me like an excited puppy and tries to derail my attention. It works and I give her the drink I have in my hand. The dream starts to crash so I drop to the floor again to re-stabilize.

      The diner disappears, I am now in a highrise corner new york flat with large windows looking out to the night time city and only one other guy in it. He looks identical to Mark Sheppard. I tell him that I am dreaming and he agrees with me, I go through several periods of almost waking up but always come back into this room. Maybe 4 or 5 times. He is impressed but attempts to get my name. When he speaks details it is gibberish and the same with me, so he tries to write it down. They look like wingdings combined with korean characters. I describe very clearly what I see.
      He tells me he wrote his name. But I cannot read it. He is very amused that we can have normal conversation but certain details seem to be 'edited' in real time from us. He tells me to find him when I wake up.
      I write my name down in permanent marker but he tells me it just looks like random gibberish to him. We are both amused that we can't seem to share each other's name. I do manage to piece it together one of the times I phase back into his apartment after partially destabilizing. He says his name is Marc Bilit. I need to find him when I wake up. He is also surprised when I come back into the room. Apparently when I destabilize I just disappear from right in front of him, and when I come back I just pop back into existence. He is very tickled by this occurrence. Marc Bilit. Remember Marc Bilit it's very important that I find him when I wake up. We are working to understand cross communication between dreams.
    12. Camp House and Alex's Wedding

      by , 12-06-2020 at 11:33 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am at a sort of camping house which is located in a campground I frequent. It is a common area that seems like slightly nicer than a large shed. It is run down but charming like a rustic 3rd world b&b.
      There are daily cleaners who tidy up the place and the shower always smells nice.
      At a certain point I am doing laundry in a common space just casually listening to the sounds of the machines and the outdoors.
      There are a few people who hang out in the common room/kitchen, it is familiar to me because I have spent a fair amount of time in this room. Other people have the same sense of ownership. They have special events which can be facilitated like communal meal time or paid tours of the grounds we are on. There may be lasertag? I gather it costs like ten bucks a night for a fold out bed in one of the rooms. It's not fancy but it's dry and warm. I live there for a while with friends from the campground. I meet amazing people and we form a sort of impromptu family unit.

      Alex's wedding

      Alex the French guy cooking and I become friends at the campground ground, we become best friends during the summer and while there he meets the love of his life. She is called Eve and just as wild as he is.
      They hit it off really well while at the campground and are always around each other. At a certain point he asks her to marry him. Very happy for them both I tell him I am ordained and would love to officiate the ceremony for them.
      Fast forward to the day of it is something slightly different.
      His grand idea is to entertain her and her friend in the middle of a street while musicians set up behind them in a mass of chairs and perform their favorite sonata flash mob style. She is meant not to see the group before they are set up so him and I are attempting to distract them while the musicians show up. I am the main distraction. I am playing an accordion for the first time, I really enjoy how it sounds and remember some of the notes I play while dancing with the accordion like a drunk street performer, I get some compliments on passing.
      Cars keep coming down the path and Alex is getting distraught because Eve and her friend see people coming in and setting up behind them though I think they try to pretend not to, to preserve the illusion of surprise. The road was supposed to be closed off but traffic keeps cutting through the parking lot driving past where we are, we move to only blocking one lane.
      Her and her friend finally notice something special going on so he abandons the surprise and decides to move to an open part of the parking lot with no road going through it.

      The location then turns into a large room like one of those strip mall churches with drop ceilings and tile floors.
      She knows what's happening now, but it's ok the magic is in the air, everyone is getting excited now. She is getting ready with her bride's maids and they all have a different bright neon colour on. She is all blue in a tight fitting dress with a Massive blue fohawk, her friends have on, red and green with their hair dyed respectively, with also matching awesome huge hairstyles.
      Alex has on a snazzy suit. It almost looks like a mix of period and futuristic style.

      There are lines of chairs people are filing in taking their seats little by little. Alex was sitting next to me waiting for the orchestra to all get there and set up along with guests. At a certain point he goes to the doorway to see his fiancé. I think of the tradition and what people will think of him seeing her before the ceremony but he doesn't seem to mind. He stands with his back to the doorway and she comes up and gives him a kiss on the cheek, I am standing close to him, they are both giddy.
      He glances to the side but doesn't see all of her.

      Things then begin to be quite chaotic.
      Not all of the orchestra is here yet, there is uncertainty if they will all show up.
      A long tuba flute player is in front of me blowing into his flute thing, obviously bored.
      The ones that are there are just casually tuning their instruments making that pre-show cacophony.
      The bride starts to freak out a little bit, getting nervous and pacing back and forth at the front of the room. Alex goes up to try to comfort her to no avail.
      I now have an open seat next to me. There is an older couple which walks in looking for a seat and asks me if the one next to me is open. I tell them that's the groom's seat but see many open seats behind me I motion towards.
      There is a rough not unattractive girl who walks in, and I point to a seat behind me as well. A guy she was flirting with earlier in the dream(at the campground maybe?) is sitting next to the open seat. She mentions 'well at least someone can carry me out of here if I get too drunk' and the guy quietly pumps a 'Yes' fist action. I also gather she has some kind of show she is popular for.

      Things are becoming more chaotic now as the couple begins to audibly fight at the front of the room. There is a great disagreement which neither party is seeing eye to eye. The band is all here but are waiting to start playing. As with the crowd, we are all just kind of looking at each other while we watch the obviously distraught couple attempting to make amends just prior to their wedding.

      I really feel bad for the couple, Alex is being proud and trying to make light of everything to calm her down. She is upset he is not understanding her, claiming his insincerity is not helping and she's kind of laugh crying at his attitude. She tries to get away as he's following her back and forth in front of the room.
      It is really hard to watch.

      People in the audience start to bicker at each other, making snide comments and generally escalating the situation.
      Things are really going downhill now.
      Everyone is standing up and multiple people in the audience are in arguments.
      Someone makes a comment to the girl with the show obviously trying to throw shade however she seems oblivious to the criticism. I finally interject and say something for the first time.
      'I mean, we all have seen your show, so we know who you are, but have YOU seen your show?'
      People gasp and everything stops while people standing in a circle are all looking at her and I now.
      I continue 'Now don't get me wrong, I like you, and I'm sure many people here do too. But you should really watch your show. Because if you do that then you would actually See Yourself. Like see yourself how we see you, not just how you see you, and that's not a bad thing. It's just the perspective of seeing yourself the way other people do. That's why relationships are so important, it's a way for us to see each other through each other's eyes, and that's beautiful. That's what is so special about Alex and Eve, they see each other, because they love each other, and it's that completely unadulterated vision which bonds people in this way.'
      Everyone is silent but smiling,
      The couple is quietly hugging behind the circle of people, they are watching and listening with tears in their eyes while smiling and pressing themselves into each other.
      'Its important to see who you really are, or at least to find someone who can really see you, so that you can see yourself, and love yourself, so that you can love each other'
      The dream fades with a warmth of compassion in the room though it is quiet after my voice.
    13. Revolution and Aurora's Concert

      by , 12-06-2020 at 05:02 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      Some large slave revolt where we all kill our masters/bourgeoisie.
      There is a large sword battle at some plantation just after arriving with a large group of tradesmen. It is spanning the outside and indoor docking area. At a certain point I am struggling against an older bald man while holding the bendy blade of a long thin rapier which bends like a fencing sword. Everyone was dressed like revolutionary times though it feels kind of piratey.
      There is a family left after everything dies down who are kind of deranged, the father looks like Andy Garcia.
      They are making jokes at the end about having an affinity for toes and fingers. The father is almost yelling at the family, but still going along with it in a joking manner.
      There is the main master dead or dying pinned to the wall, they exact their revenge in grotesque fashion.
      Talking to the daughter about how she likes her french toast afterwards. She mentions wanting to be charged for peanut butter on it but she wants to cook it for herself when the time comes and to let her know.
      It feels like I'm at a waffle house now.

      I have walked into a neighbor's house down the street for help handling a bunch of things. Including a giant raw turkey on a cutting board. They are mourning the loss of the head of the household who is Dimebag Darrel. The wife is very friendly and she helps me get all of my possessions under control. I leave the turkey outside for a duration of time and when I come back it is missing and someone is complaining that it was just sitting out in the open so they got rid of it. But someone else had donated an even larger turkey so that was very kind. I befriend the daughter in the process who ends up being Aurora. She asks Ben and I to help her perform in front of their church later on. While preparing for the event we realize we don't have any music or lyrics to prepare with. At a certain point I become lucid and tell everyone around me. 'Its ok! I am lucid dreaming right now! It will be fine, we don't need to prepare, I am lucid dreaming it will work out fine when the time comes!' I continue the dream plot to the concert and gather we are doing a sort of 'battle of the bands' style competition. The other duo are doing Christian mumble rap and we are doing a techno-country style. At some point we are dressed up in costumes and have glam makeup on. I have on thick winged eyeliner and a black bob wig. I don't think we ever performed with Aurora but she hung out with us afterwards. She was relieved we did well and she asked me to give her a massage. She sat in a low to the ground gaming L chair. I reached over the shoulders and massaged her shoulders/back for a while. She really enjoyed it but then got self conscious about enjoying it so much. I gather that Ben has left me with all of these people who are kind of like Aurora's posse. No one drives and I am across town not close to my house. I see a Meijer in the distance but it is not the one closest to my house. I decide to start walking back. There are groups of trannies all hanging around outside a dimly lit bowling alley. I gather people think I am a girl.
    14. The Entertainment Couple and Doug's Ritual

      by , 12-04-2020 at 10:58 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      Joel is showing off Chiang Mai locations. There are fragments of food and countryside businesses as we hop around a map of Thailand. It is borderline cartoonish at times. Too many fragments.

      I was dreaming then suddenly walking into a bar/poolhall/game center which happened to be close to my house. I was excited and full of energy to be there. There are fun lights and awesome smells, the place is packed with people. I was moving quickly through the crowd just exploring the entire place. It felt like a new well financed business which had everything entertainment you could imagine. People my age were just hanging out drinking, playing games and the mood was elevated. I begin singing at the top of my lungs like chester with a couple other guys. It sounds good and we rock out while people walk around us just causally listening and bobbing their heads.
      At a certain point I find Nathan in there so we hang out some, I want a beer so we go to the bar in the center of the building. I don't remember arriving here so I ask the guy bartending like 3 times if this is really happening because I didn't think any of it was real. He laughs and assures me it's real, telling me I seem to be having a really good time. I felt like it was a dream the majority of the time.

      I walk with Nathan down the street to go smoke or something, he is staying at a house which is close by.
      It was like 12:50 when we left to go to the other house. When we finish we walk back and it is like 1:15 when we get there. All the lights are off and no one is there but the owners, they are still happy to have us in. They let us in and I am confused. It was so packed and now it is completely empty.
      They inform us they do close at 1 due to it being a new business and having so many people in one place at once. It was only the second day they had been open and it was incredibly successful.
      We all hang out with the owners for a while.
      It is a sweet business. Diner food, arcade games, karaoke, pool hall, and a fancy bar in the center to boot. I ran multiple laps while they were open. Kept finding myself in the upstairs 'employees only' area. The woman owner saw me up there once and didn't seem to mind, just casually pointing out which way I should go.
      Hang out with the owners talking about the business for a while, they are really cool and laid back.
      While talking I gather there are now two couples or at least another guy and girl with the couple who own the place. The girl owner is sleeping on a cot face down and the new girl who looks like the brunette from Raised by Wolves makes a comment about how her friend always sleeps in super late because she gave her extra NyQuil. While giving me a knowing look. I gather she has killed her quietly somehow and is aiming to take her place. (This is what happened in the show, no spoilers). There is another guy I don't really recognize, he has a shaved head and bright grey eyes, he is in on it as well. I don't understand why any of this is happening so I just quietly excuse myself. In talking to them as I am leaving I must have filled out an application to work there as it is on the counter of the bar. I consider taking it with me so I am not connected to this thing which is obviously about to blow up. But decide that may look suspicious so I leave it where it was.

      It's the next day and I am walking back again, I end up in a large complex which is a public space built to be a hangout spot. It is a large indoor dome structure with a water feature on top of a pile of boulders in the center. It is well landscaped and looks ritzy and well lit. Perfectly manicured little odd shapes of grass and perfectly fitted red brick paths all leading around the area. With concrete circular tables and benches scattered about.
      I walk around and find a food court area with music coming from it. It is decorated like a 30's style speakeasy, brass rails, wooden carved accents, large tan fans, black and white tiles, the works. Just past a Starbucks there is a stage with a guy and a girl playing instruments singing. I feel like I've heard the song before, it sounds like some kind of folk music, they look like people from my old church. This whole thing has a very Sunday afternoon vibe. There is a large crowd of teenagers sitting in the audience watching. Only half paying attention because, you know, teenagers. I try to walk around the back of the crowd to get out the side door but there is just a mass of people mostly girls all sitting asses to elbows blocking the walking path with their stools and tables.
      I walk around and in front of everyone to leave the building.

      Walking back down the strip mall it is the next morning and I am super tired. I realize I have been barefoot and look for a pair of my shoes in the mass of pairs of shoes that have been left in front of the poolhall. I find several pairs that look like mine but none of them fit. Before laying down the 'other' guy shows up out front. He has a concerned look on his face but he attempts to make smalltalk with me. He mentions working for a launch provider which is close to here and they have a couple satellites to launch in the next few days. I am not really interested and don't want to talk to him much longer. I have a bed/my big winter sleeping bag rolled out and I try to get some sleep on the sidewalk while people are walking/driving by. While falling asleep I see a group of three cops standing on the sidewalk down the way from me. I pretend not to notice them and begin to fall asleep in the dream.

      I wake up to a sort of middle aged hispanic woman getting my attention standing over me, I immediately tell her I was about to scuttle off, I am still fairly drowsy. But I notice she is a police officer, she asks if I am 'No-ha' I say yes and shake her hand from laying down. I ask her name and she says 'In-ki-ya' her friends call her. I already know exactly what all of this is about. But I play dumb and look around to notice there are now 6 or 7 police cruisers of various designs on the street now. I say 'Whooa, what's this all about?? I see a lot of cop cars, and one really messed up car' then I notice another car/van which looks like it has been completely stripped for parts, no doors or wheels or anything sitting in front of the shopping mall, (I have been sleeping in front of the pool hall where it all went down apparently).
      I put on my best clueless face/attitude not wanting to get involved. I gather she's not buying it and already suspicious of me.

      I am traveling to Doug's house with G, we've never visited him before so we're very excited. When we get there he is overwhelmed to see us. We are all hanging out around him in his living room. We're all nude and his hair is longer and comes down over his eyes. It's casual and I gather we're all kind of passively watching a ritual taking place in the corner of the room. It opens up into a rocky cave and in the distance I can see a burning monument of sorts. It kind of looks like a mini greek colosseum with life-sized figurines all holding hands around the border, like the Indian Circle of Friends sculpture. The flames are yellow and white but not consuming the structure. I understand what we are witnessing is very important and thousands of years old. Doug is talking about people he knows who have trouble understanding their own reality. I make a remark about 'how many people get to see a 5,000 year old ritual, in a cave, while nude?' it is comforting and reassuring to watch.
      We are now in an oversized tub, almost like a hot tub mixed with an overly large Victorian footed porcelain tub. We're all sitting around the edges. There is a squid like octopus swimming around. Everytime it touches me it latches onto my hand, the suckers kind of hurt and it doesn't want to let go.
    15. Spidey, Fireworks, Wartime, Imposter Syndrome

      by , 12-04-2020 at 12:31 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am with a group of people who all feel like outcasts of some kind. Marc Ruffalo is with us and at one point he throws a bus as hulk with us on it for rapid transportation. We are a sort of mutant club with all varying abilities. I can shoot web from my wrists like Spidey but I don't believe I have any of the other abilities. There is a part where the goblin is attacking me and I keep shooting web at his face. Only the web is thin and spindly like a normal spiders web and not doing anything besides making him webby, not like thick Spidey web. Goblin is somewhat inconvenienced but not overly upset with me.

      I am at a general country store and notice they have fireworks for super cheap. Like 1˘ bottle rockets and 5˘ firecrackers. I want to buy some but don't have any money. It's such a great deal.

      I am watching a movie with some mother, I think it is someone I used to work with. Her
      son gets home, he bought a pack of fireworks.
      When he hands them to me I notice they are burning like an ember. Out of caution for them not exploding I douse them with water. While by the sink I accidentally turn on a burner on low and burn up a towel that was sitting on the oven. It smokes up the house but no one noticed until just the corners were remaining. There is a plasticy synthetic smell in the air.
      The father of the family gets home, he doesn't know I am there and sees me before his family and isn't very happy to see me. He offers to drive me home, I am grateful. While driving the mood was somewhat tense and I noticed we get off on the wrong exit driving towards the city rather than my neighborhood.

      Wartime we are being shot at. I am with friends and we have a goal to accomplish by setting certain checkpoints. They are small white buttons on the battlefield that we need to active one at a time. The last one my friend gets shot up pretty bad he can't move very well and I am tearing apart some raw chicken over the button but cannot set the checkpoint. A guy is standing maybe ten feet away shooting at us. I have no more bullets so I pull out a chef's knife and yell like a crazy person while charging at him. He gives up before I get to him and throws his gun away. We set the checkpoint and the war is over. I bump fists with the guy who gave up as a sign of good faith. My friend is fine. My arms are shot up and really sore but everyone lives.

      I am in an older elementary school after-hours. There is some sort of biden campaign event going on that I am not totally connected to, I don't see anyone involved but know it's happening.
      When helping clear up one of the classrooms I go into a small supply closet
      My parents are in there as well as other workers. My coworkers from the spa I used to work at come in all in the same uniform.
      I say hey old fam but none of them recognize me or acknowledge me really, I am wearing blue jeans.
      My old boss who I had a falling out with walks in she has a mask on and a sideways red painters hat. I am wearing a mask and realize we are all in too close of quarters. She starts talking to my father and I excuse myself out of the small room.
      I accidentally knock her knee with my backpack when walking around her, she rubs it like I hurt her and I leave the room without her recognizing me.
      I had fallen asleep in another room and was very drowsy when collecting my things, and I kept picking up other people's things. There are three hispanic black girls who are my friends in the room. I keep trying to leave but keep going back into the room because I seem to think I forgot something.
      I remember where my phone was, only when I pick it up it is purple and has a girl's name on it. It is the same as my phone but looks like someone else's. I am confused. When looking for it the girls are gathered around helping me they are confused too. Then I notice my phone outline in my jean pocket. I don't tell them and put the phone back in its place telling them not to worry about it. I am sure I will find my phone somewhere.
      I am very drowsy and nothing is making sense. I go to leave again and the older woman teacher tells me to give my jacket back to the other girl. I am confused but then realize she had given me the tight fitting jacket to wear because I was cold. I apologise again and take it off to give back to her. I also have a backpack on I am not sure is mine. Severe imposter syndrome combined with heavy 'i just woke up' drowsiness. They all like me, like they look up to me but I am acting like an idiot. One of them thinks I live in texas. I tell them where I'm from is not far from here. I spend a while looking for my car in the parking lot though I know I rode here with my parents.
      At a certain point I am chasing my cat through the hallways, only it's dark and I don't think it's my cat once I catch it.
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