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    1. deleting just looking for someone elses dream

      by , 09-03-2011 at 05:28 AM
      searching for someone elses dream to ask if they will be my Itza dream partner
    2. Quote “Him again“

      by , 09-03-2011 at 12:48 AM
      The email below dropped into my phone while I was sleeping at 1:18 am

      After I read it i dropped off to sleep.

      I saw a drawing of a man on finger tips with elbows bent. He was down on the grownd. He had shoes on and was ballancing on the toe of his shoes with his head turned to his right.

      I was looking at him as he was down on the grownd on toe-tips and finger-tips with head turned to his right, looking in my direction but studying a horrizontal crack, (maybe in a wall). Studying a “space between“.

      That was the visual.

      His right leg was slightly up, and out, knee bent.

      It then seemed to me that he had found a crack, (a space-between) low-down on a wall and was down on the grownd investigating it.

      The this morning as I think about it, the way his right foot was positioned, maybe he was preparing to come through the crack, (the space between).

      Slept, woke.

      Woke to the image of a drawing of a hand with all four fingers touching the thumb. Fingers and thumb pionting up.

      When i do it my hand is too short and chubby. The hand in the dream was longer, slender and artistic.

      I will post this to my dream views dream journal, (minus reference to you) because it is a Chicken Itza shared dreamjng night.

      9 am Saturday 3/ Sept/11 here in Adelaide, South Australia, now

      No, i will post as is because I never mentioned your name.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. After my bad dreams last night.

      by , 08-23-2011 at 03:54 AM
      This mornings dreams make me realise something.

      I used to get mad at my dreams if they were full of crappy day residue and stuff.

      Just now I realized that Our Deep Mind does not just stand there like an ordinary human, talking to me in my particular spoken language, (and my particular dialect).

      Our Deep Mind communicates to me using every thing within my limited sphere.

      Our Deep Mind communicates with, sight, sound, smell, taste, tactile feelings, emotional feelings, day residue, memories, logic, fantasy and anything else it finds in my limited sphere.


      Our Deep Mind don't want me to just get on my knees and verbalise in the dialect of my English language when I try to communicate with it, (Our Deep Mind).

      Instead, The Deep Mind wants me to communicate with it, as it does with me, using everything in my limited sphere. Using, sight, sound, smell, taste, tactile feelings, emotions, day residue, memories, logic, fantasy and any thing else in my limited sphere.

      For example:

      In the 1980s book "Clan of the Cave Bear" an ancient ancestor of ours, a Cromagon girl is orphaned and adopted by a Neanderthal group, The Clan of the Cave Bear.

      The Shaman is trying to teach the 5 year old to communicate.

      The 5 year old Cromagon girl has Cromagon intellect and vocal capacity and they just talk, (verbalise) when they communicate. But the Shaman is Neanderthal. He has limited verbal capacity and supplements his sounds with sign language.

      The five year old tries very hard to learn what he is "saying" but is annoyed at him for waving his hand around, distracting her.

      The shaman begins to despair that she might be mentally deficient cos he is getting nowhere after weeks of daily lessons.

      Then the penny drops and the 5 year old begins to see that the hand waving is part of the language. She progresses quickly after that revelation.

      Maybe I will progress quickly now that I just had my revelation of The Deep Mind using much more than (?) To communicate, in dreams, to me. And wants me, likewise to reciprocate.

      I often get revelations after bad dreams like last nights ones.
    4. bad dreams evoke a bad memory

      by , 08-23-2011 at 12:30 AM
      8:04am woke

      little girl abducted. And there was a little pink blood on the nursery wall. Parents and me feel sad, sad, sad. I didn't like that dream.

      Next dream started off nice but I was feeling bad, bad, bad by the end of that one too. Whyyyy?

      I got long raiils to push several people in wheelchairs. One man in wheelchair but didn't do that cos it seemed not practice.

      Then man was in old coles in-store shopping trolly. Trolly then collapes and was empty. Man was in a heap and in pain on ground some distance away.

      Later I was in trouble. I wanted to say sorry to man who fell through my shopping trolly. I asked room Cleaner, I asked " do you know what room he is in? "Yes" will you tell me? "No".

      Later I was folding cloths, A kind woman warned me I won't be able to get another job in the this industry. And I will be sued.

      I went to my boss to apologize, boss had a blind eye. Then I asked if I could apologize to the disabled man that dropped out of the trolly I was pushing and he snapped at me " No!"

      Dreams, both of them left me feeling bad.

      Just now I remembered an incident when I was about ... ummm ... less than 9.

      A mother or someone had to go to the loo and I.said that would look after her little toddler in a push chair. She didn't want to leave so young a child in her charge but she needed to go to the loo.

      The woman instructed me that if the infant wakes you can let her out off the push chair but don't put her on top of the top of the sun cover, no matter how much she asks.

      The little girl did wake up and get out of the push chair.

      Then she kept pointing to the sun hood. So l talked with her and understood that she wanted to sit on the sunhood.

      Finally I put her on the sun hood but she wobbled and fell off into the ground.

      She cried a bit and I put her back in the push chair.

      When mum cane back I never told her.

      When ever I think of this, which is almost never, I wonder if the fall led to brain damage.

      I think the two dreams make me feel so bad cos they brought up that bad, long forgotten memory.
    5. Camera and money

      by , 08-22-2011 at 12:45 AM
      Just before I wos woken by a.knock on my door I was carrying a very good camera on a metal stick.

      The stick might have been a tripod. It as tall as me but it was not in the way or an encumberance.

      I got on busses with it.

      When I reached up to look through the camera I saw things very clear and magnified and could gently turn and see a 180 or maybe a 360 view.

      But when I looked without the camera, some things weren't there. Like I saw a nice horse through the camera but when I looked to see why a horse was in the shop, it wasn't there.

      I was on the street, then in a confectionary shop (sweets). Then buying a very unusual cake, two slices. I asked if they could break a fifty dollar note, they couldn't. I gave them a $5.

      That made me aware that I had too much money. I went outside to catch a bus so I could look through my.spiffy camera (on the tall, slim tripod), at my sacred beach, (Henley-Grange beach).

      Looking in my bag for my bus ticket I found I had too much money.

      Every purse and compartment, in my bag had $50s and $20s and $10s and $5s even Commemorative coins from Ireland.

      I let a bus go by as I tried to put all the $5s in one purse or compartment, the
      $10s in another, $20s in another and $50s in another.

      But, I swere, more and.more notes were appearing. Then I woke. Some one knocking on my door. It was a nice guest telling me that he changed his mind about leaving and he wanted to stay.

      Now I remember that before that dream I woke in a dream bedroom. It had nothing but a bed in it. I got up and was kinda turned-on, full of energy, totally comfortable in my skin and ready for what ever the day might bring.

      It is now 9:03am Monday 22/August/11 here in Adelaide, South Australia.
    6. Future City hipnagog was Developing (!!!)

      by , 08-21-2011 at 04:46 AM
      Wow, about an hour after reading every ones dreams I stopped my cleaning and hurried back to this phone to check something, Ug! It wasn't there.

      This morning when I first typed my dreams into this note application on this phone. I went to post, here, but my phone wouldn't connect.


      I closed the phone, took the battery out, put it back in and turned the phone back on to try again.


      When I went to copy my note from my note application, the note wasn't there. Bum, I hadn't saved it.

      I quickly re-did it and posted, here, but I forgot to mention my waking hipnagogic image.

      It was a white round ball. Then the white round ball developed faint creases. The creases were mauve, (soft, light, purple).

      That's all.

      But, with great excitement, I declare (!!!)

      That white ball was gradually turning into the image of your future city, WakingNomad.


      It didn't get very far


      I will slow down and gently hold-on to my waking hipnagogic images from now on.
      Tags: hipnahog
    7. Brocken into

      by , 08-20-2011 at 02:57 AM
      I told someone in "chat" that I would record alll my dreams in my dream journal. Kinda regretting that already cos its tedious. But here goes. It's Saturday and I've slept-in.

      I got into a bus and sat on a sideways seat. I looked up and directly across on a sideways seat was a 27ish brown man, bit heavy in work-like old black t-shirt and corderoys.

      I was surprises cos I suddenly remembered he was on the same bus as me this morning.

      He knew I was thinking, 'amazing sync' so said to nip that in the bud he said, "We work the same shift". (l woke)

      Back to sleep.

      False awakening (very tedious). My room felt same but as I questioned the position of things they changed to the right place and I took that for granted.

      When got up i felt strange and did a drunk-stretch type dance then wanted a poo. Got some newspaper to poop on cos felt too lazy to go out to the loo. Then didn't want a poop.

      6 framed pictures were on the wall. They were like TVs with living, moving picture in them. I wondered where I got them and how long I had them.

      Then I went to open my door. It was open. Oops how can that be? I tried to shut it but it wouldn't stay shut. I used my key hoping that locked, it would stay shut but it didn't.

      Went to tell other boarding house guests that my room was broken into while I slept. Nothing stolen and I wasn't attacked. I guess after they broken in and saw me sleeping they realized they had the wrong address.

      I didn't recognize any if the guests.

      They were not rude but they weren't interested.

      I'm not good at description but I now think they might have been you guys (and gals) visiting Chicken Itza.

      Then I had that poo in the loo. I could hear someone cleaning there teeth outside the toilet at the sink. There was an upturned jug that I remember turning over to drain but it had drained a pool of yellow cleaning fluid onto floor. That's ok, I will use it in a minute when I start the cleaning.

      Then there was red seepiage coming out of the wall tiles. I wondered where it was coming from. Didn't matter, I would just clean it up then I clean.

      Going back to room a kind curly white short-wavey haired man was vacuuming yellow shag pile rugs in my room. He vacuum Wet blue shag pile rug too. I wondered where I had got them and how long I had them.

      When I passes the guests in my way to the loo I noticed two men drinking. As I pass them going back to my room they were asleep, mouths open, sitting opposite each other, heads on the table.

      I think even inebriated folk can stil make it to Chicken Itza, Hahahahaha.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    8. dream collarge 6am Sat 20/Auge Adelaide, South Australia

      by , 08-19-2011 at 10:09 PM
      6am Dream made of bits like a collarge.

      Walking home to where I really live in physical world. When I arrive home both sides of my place are being demolished. My place is safe but getting to it, this yellow metal arm is playing with me by coming down around me and in front of me. I wonder if a person is controlling it or if it is a mindless automation. I hope it has senses and don't crush me. Then it just comes to rest so I get past it to my place.

      Inside my place is ten times bigger than it looked from the outside.

      It looks like a warehouse.

      My landlady asks me if I want any of the wooden curtain rails or table or bed parts that are being taken away to be recycled.

      A guy wands a specific type of bed. Bedbase is leaned on something at about a 90 degree angle. I try it out. I lay it the wire Bedbase. It is interesting.

      Oh, somewhere in the dream collarge I'm taking frozen food out of an old fridge. Seems there is a new fridge some where for the frozen to go.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Darlik image in one of 3 very bright Moon/stars

      by , 08-19-2011 at 02:22 AM
      I'm Mary Poppins without shoes.

      There bright moons and very big, close stares in black night sky.

      Boy said one moon had an image of a darlik on the surface. I looked at a photo on a wall of Thai big round moon/star and it did.

      Boy wanted me to go with him to shed, across lush, cold, dew wet grass.

      I was barefoot and aware that my feet were tender. I said, "dont make a bare foot Mary Poppins run over the cold wet grass. I am just getting over a cold and this might re-ignite it".

      Then a man was there and supported me against this very active and robust young boy.

      I forgot why the boy wanted me to run across the cold, wet lush grass at night, to visit the shed. It was very relevant.

      I was not lucid. I do have soft, tingerly, neuropathic feet and I am getting over a cold.

      Oops, just remembered, I got to get my chores done and see my doctor about the chest cold in less than 3 hours.

      Got to stop trying to remember dream and get up.
    10. my waking life memory invaded dream

      by , 08-18-2011 at 08:18 PM
      4:09am woke, with sight headache so didn't go straight back to sleep then remembered unusual dream.

      Lady came and told me and others, she said I married GM 40 years ago. In the dream I went along with it for a while cos I couldn't remember where I was or what I was doing 40 years ago. She seemed to know so I trusted her memory.

      Then, within the dream, I remembered something of who I was and what I was doing 40 years ago.

      I said, "Wow, I didn't marry GM. I remember getting the news of his marriage when I was among the hippies in Cairns.

      The marriage was emblazoned over the front page of the morning paper and I dropped to my knees in the front lawn.

      Oh, you've got the wrong person.

      I walked off with a couple of friends, in the dream. I hoped the journalists woman would find the right woman who married GM, but I clearly remember now, where and who I was 40 years ago, and it isn't me.

      In the dream I was amazed that my memory came back to me. I wasn't expecting that cos it was a dream and, don't I usually go along with the dream scenario, memoryless?.

      I.wake, then cos this slight headache stopped me from just dropping back to sleeo, I remembered this remarkable dream incident, of getting my real memory back within the dream.

      4:29am Friday 19/August/11 now and I will post this phone not, in my dream journal now.
      lucid , non-lucid
    11. Grang Final

      by , 08-14-2011 at 12:46 AM
      The Grand Final
      At 6am I woke out of a dream where I was in a department store cafe with people who felt like co workers.

      I was scribbling numbers, in pencil on a slip of newspaper.

      A good looking young man in a trendy suit came over to our table. Looking at me, he smiled, and tapping his clip-board, said:

      "You have won the Grand Final"

      I turned to those at the table with me and said:

      "I will share half with you"

      A young woman leaned toward me and said:

      "It's not just the final that you won, He, said you won the Grand! final".

      I woke, relaxed and happy, and slipped back to sleep.

      Then I was with Mr Humphreys and that nice gay guy in "are you being served".

      3 or 4 nice stylish suite's with trousers and shirts were arriving on strong coat hangers all crisp and clean from the dry cleaners.

      Mr Humphrey's was happily trying on what fitted him and the nice gay guy was helping him.

      I woke up at 8am happy.



      Mr Humphrey's IS the nice gay guy.

      The other guy in my dream was:

      Mr. Ernest Grainger, a 40-year veteran of Grace Brothers who often fell asleep on the job.
    12. first attempt

      by , 08-12-2011 at 08:35 PM
      It is 3:33am and just woke from first nightmare in decades.

      Was walking home through back streets of (unknown) city.

      As I was climbing outside stairs to my apartment I noticed groups of 2 and 3 standing around on street, glancing at me.

      As I came inside I was feeling a little scarred and said to my family of many wearing blue tops, "please! Don't go out side tonight. There are teams of people in red spoiling for a fight. Please just stay inside till it passes.

      But, somehow, it didn't sunrise me that all of my very big family left the large highrise apartment building to fight the red's on the street.

      Then a.third gang, all Negro's, male and female came into my families highrise, (after all my family had gone). They didn't want much. They all just wanted me to join there black-gang, and fight on there side as one of them.

      I felt my only choice was to say "No" and stick to my guns. If I wavered I'd be stuck among a group of people that I didn't want to be with forever. Like, if I.pretended to join them, just to stop them hurting me then I'd be permenately stuck in a war with this darkskined gang and would have betrayed my own family.

      I had a gun in my hand. It was from Sean Lee's blog, "timeisnotlinea.com".

      I visited there for the first time last night.

      I used the butt, cos I didn't want to shoot or kill anyone. I kept sacking the skinny brown shoulders of this Negro. He was being hurt, and I felt.sorry for him, but he was not going to quit.

      I realised that, sad as THEY were about it, they were determined that I join them or Die. Them was the only options.

      They pushed me higher and higher up the scaffolding of this building, till I was very alone and scared.

      I looked down. It was a long way down. They intended to murder me.

      I knew I had to die to stay free.

      God, was my freedom worth dying for (!!!!!?!!!!!)

      No! They were not going to force me to join them and fight with them, as one of them.

      They were sad for me but them's the rules and I was bundled into an open cart and the cart was sent hurtling down a long steep rocky mountain to a.dump.

      Then I was watching me on the cart, hurtling to my doom.

      Then woke-up.3:33am.

      This was my first attempt at dreaming off being with you guys at the pyramid

      It is now 4:39am Saturday 13/ Aug/11 here in Adelaide, South Australia.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    13. Taxi

      by , 06-25-2011 at 01:25 AM
      3:50am (Sat 25 June)Taxi, I say something, gangster gets out, driver lies on me like a protective blanket as I sleep he tells me what he'll say when gangster returns, he asks me to say,..., and take something, a sealed tin, out of the glove compartment, then he will say, ...

      Gangster opens door and sits beside me I try to remember what to do and say.

      Gangster takes what he is offered and leaves.

      He is bad boss of taxies now. Must cater to him or leave the taxi business. That is not an option so give extortion stuff to him or he might kill.
    14. debraJane is trying (i am trying)

      by , 05-19-2011 at 02:43 AM
      Try 1 Thursday 18-May 6 am woke (garden variety) dreams.
      WakeBackToBed, (garden variety dreams). "garden variety" means, nothing interesting so nothing to report. I'll go again tomorrow.
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