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    Hotels and airships

    by , 05-18-2012 at 09:17 AM (326 Views)

    Hotel Biff

    I am back in my old home town where I grew up - Finedon, me and my wife are visiting an old childhood friend of mine, for some reason we are going to stay at his dad's house. I pay 'Biff' the money so that we can stay in his house for the night. The next thing that happens is blurry, next thing I know it is morning, I am in my old parents house and I need to get to school!! I figure I can get the bus with my little sister, but it takes me too long to get ready, so instead I decide to take the later bus - but what time does it arrive? No matter how much I think about it I just cannot remember - I take this bus everyday though - it was just yesterday that I took this damn bus! What time does it arrive? (in reality it's been nearly 14 years since I last took that bus lol!)

    Room 28

    I am staying at another hotel, I seemed to have booked it on my own, without my family (perhaps they are coming later) it's a grand old hotel with many floors, and my room is right at the top! As I walk out the front door into this dark town I do not recognize I head toward the car park where I meet my wife - she reminds me that I forgotten something in the hotel room - I head back, it takes me a LONG time to reach my room, right at the top in the attic - I cannot remember what I went to get :/ What I do remember is that the room number is 28

    Airship fun

    I am sitting on the top of an airship with my wife and daughter (who is 3) the top of this air ship is flat and suitable for sitting on, but it has no barriers and I am scared that my daughter will fall off of the side. While my wife is playing with a ball with my daughter a man behind a kind of turret on one end of the top of the airship is firing smoke missiles at my wife and daughter - I have to keep catching the smoke pellets and throwing back at him while trying to keep my daughter from falling of of the side of the ship every time she goes after a ball that my wife is throwing - this has got to be the definition of STRESSFUL!

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