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    3/5/18 - 4/5/18

    by , 05-09-2018 at 10:02 AM (279 Views)
    Head - Today at 8:00 PM
    I'm trying to work, I'm in an office, but there seems to be an issue with the woman that work at the office with me, and the argument is getting more and more heated. I sigh, lift my head out of my work and walk next door, the first woman is saying what a stupid cow the second woman is, because she just went and dumped that actor, David boreanaz, and he seemed to be perfect in every way, but apparently he told her he kissed a guy before and she became disgusted, turns out she is a giant homophobe. I tell the first lady to cool off, and try to talk some reason to this second lady, but turns out she is a moron ! She cannot be reasoned with
    2 I'm speaking to #stranger through this messaging system, and he is at an airport going somewhere, I send an image to him as a joke , a meme, and my Grandma suddenly appears and asks what it is, so I have to explain to her all about Memes

    End of the world
    There are zombies everywhere, and they have us corned in a small warehouse, then only way to get out of this is to launch the nuclear missiles and destroy everything, we are convinced that we will be spared for some reason. SO we launch the missiles and in slow motion everything is obliterated , but the 5 of us survive , somehow. But then we turn to the camera (all wearing hood for some reason) in where our face should be is nothing, we have been killed. But then, suddenly, we are bought back to life. I then get up and switch off the tv because this is really a bad story for a film lol

    Dreaming talk
    I am around my friends house talking to him about Dreaming, his mom is there, and pops her head around the corner to make sure she is making a sandwich for me . As he's making the Sandwich he is talking about having come to a point in dreaming, where now he lives day and night the same, he is lucid all of the time, and that is how he cracked being lucid all of the time at night.

    Transparent boobs
    A man is in a nightclub, I think is a game show host, and he is poking this girls transparent dress, but she pushes him away, and it turns out she had transparent boob implants

    Dreamt about eating a Crepe that had honey and nuts in them - mmmm

    - another dream that my wife started smoking again
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