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    Floatinghead's dream adventures

    Finding Vincent.....

    by , 12-03-2011 at 09:15 PM (483 Views)
    WILD again!

    I lift my dream body up, roll down from my bed. I turn into Re-l from Ergo Proxy, but from then I dont remember what I (did) at all....I try to find Vincent.(to exlpore the world of Ergo Proxy)

    I am at the backyard checking from my mom(?) if I turned into Re-l. I say

    "hey mom did I transform?"
    I do my tranformstion jutsu again.
    "oh! you have transformed!"
    "have I? do you see the blue eye shadow around my eyes? "
    "yea you have something blue"

    I can feel I'm wearing Re-l's white coat and gloves.
    my voice was still mine and do voice transformation jutsu. lol my voice is Re-l's/

    "Vincent! Vincent! Vincent!"

    I go to the parking lot and find Re-l's car. it looks similar to one in Ergo Proxy;it has wheels...and it looks a lot like 1900s British car. it was black. anyway I get in and imagine Iggy coming in. He comes in and we go to find Vincent.

    Idk why but I am out of car. I recall the changing scene in dream method in DV; falling back, so I try it, but it doesnt work then I recall other method which is back-flip but this doesnt work either. so I imagine a portal over the field. I find some kind of water? filled puddles. I jump into the puddle and I sink. then I float up. I'm all wet. even my hair. but with my lucid power, I dry it.

    I dont know what happens here.

    I go to a top of building and I find Vincent and Pino. they were having dinner. I remember Pino's face but I did not see Vince's face. I sit together and laugh for no reason ....I think the whole situation is kinda funny. lol then I wake up

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