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    tall buildings

    by , 11-16-2011 at 04:43 PM (468 Views)
    dream 1 - I am 'watching' the scene but it's described as letters. the sentences appear on the scene like a book.

    I see Vincent from Ergo Proxy and the gloomy background behind him. I think he's driving Centzon. he says " 'D' was my cousin all along..." and I recognize that 'D' is Vince's crush, and visualized her as Moa from Keroro Sergeant or Monad. and I think, what about Re-l?! wait.. if D is Monad then she is Re-l because they are cloned! then I see Re-l's countenance....

    dream 2- I am floating in the mid-air. there are really tall buildings like chocolate square densely located in the city with blue sky. I am worried that the buildings are gonna fall, thinking about those collapsing like dominos. as I turn around I see big apartments from Korea.

    dream 3 - I am in my room wearing clothes. my mom gives me the new camisole she bought(in reality) and I have to put my shirt off to wear it. but somehow I cant becuase my hair is wet for some reason.

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