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    00:00 Tuesday 2014-08-12 LDs #48, #49, caught FA

    by , 08-13-2014 at 01:32 PM (420 Views)
    read the dream yoga section (after reading the introductory parts earlier) of "The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep", very excited about the practice.

    00:00 Tuesday 2014-08-12

    00:17 pre-bedtime. day memory review, set strong intention to LD

    00:35 bedtime

    03:00 ? awake, hear sounds coming from wife and son in other rooms, a bit concerned about sounds from outside, take off mask and look out the window, BTB.


    +(f) something about a farm?

    05:46 LDs #48 and #49, they were awesome

    + in my room in the night, the door to my room was open, my wife and son (S1) were making noises and they came into my room and turned on the light. S1 wanted to do something with my computer which I needed for work, he wanted to install his own 3d chip into my laptop, I'm upset what are they doing here in the middle of the night, I'm tired, it was like 3am, I didn't want to let him do it, this is my work computer anything you do to it could ruin it. I feel a bit bad about rejecting him so I say "ok you can do it, but for one thing don't come in here at 3am." Then I get a *creepy* phone call, I answer it and I here a voice say "Hey, <my full name>, <something>" (I don't remember what they said but I understood "they" were watching me and weren't friendly), kind of laughing at me, I wondered how they did that. I returned to my bed and saw a low cabinet/closet open in the wall, there were pillow and sheets there, I was taking out some pillows. I'm back in bed and starting to get lucid?...

    + ... I'm suddenly in my sister's room in my chldhood home looking out into the hallway and am instantly lucid, I went out into the hallway, and started down the stairs. I started thinking about what to do and I decided to summon a DDGSHG I had seen before, and the dream ends...

    + I'm standing in a hotel lobby in just my underwear because I had locked myself out of my room. There are people in the lobby, the front desk is a circular island in the middle of the room, there are clerks there, I go to the front desk and say I locked myself out of my room. I felt a bit awkward being there in just my underwear (but not very much), they didn't respond to me so I go back to the elevator. The buttons were strange and I wasn't sure if it was actually an elevator or not, it seemed to open into a bathroom, the buttons were all located very low to the ground, they were all lit, I couldn't tell what was going on. I got out and walked through a dining room, I knew it was late at night, there were people eating, at a table, food on a buffet, I saw what I thought were sushi sandwiches, I continued walking by, I walk past a woman who whispers to her companion "that man's in his underwear!" and I angrily respond "Yeah, I know, that happens when you get locked out!"

    + ... and I'm in bed, "awake", in a dark room, but I thought I could be dreaming still, nose pinch showed that I was still dreaming. I tried to get up out of bed, I could move my arms and legs which went up into the air a bit but my body wouldn't move. OK, if I'm stuck in bed lets summon KS my highschool sweetheart. Should I teleport to the swimming pool where we were on our awesome swimming date? I feel my heartrate start to increase dramatically (either dream or actual, I don't know) at this thought, I know I have to calm down so I decide "forget that." I am able to roll out of bed and I'm standing in the room. It's a small hotel room with a wall-sized window running from floor to ceiling, covered with closed blinds. The orange lights from the city street lamps are leaking through the blinds. I know I'm in a room up high off the ground and there is a city outside. I'm sure I'm dreaming, but I don't want to fall and die so I do another nose pinch, and I step back away from the window to the wall at my back and take a few running steps and stretch my hands out superman style and fly right through the window and blinds out into the orange-tinted cityscape, I'm way up above the ground look down and see people/cars moving on the street, there are other tall buildings all around, I turn towards my right and fly in that direction.

    There was another big window approaching. I was doing "superman with a go pro" style power bursts of speed by thrusting my fist forwards forcefully, I could feel the acceleration of motion when I did this. There were people around, some were flying, some were on the ground, they were *very bright and vivid*, I was amazed at the visual quality. I do a power fly through this large glass wall, it's into a crystal clear but dark night scene with shining snow falling down. The city scape starts to head up into hills in front of me. I think I should be looking for a woman and I turn around in the air and I see a big bulky woman approaching me, I reach for and squeeze her breasts and she turns into a man with man-boobs, I think "no no no be a beautiful woman" and he turns into a young beautiful woman, her right breast is exposed, it is firm and lovely, I reach to take it into my mouth
    and I wake up.

    Takes a long while to get back to sleep but I want more lucids! I feel them in me, just gotta get back to sleep. Takes all my sleep kung fu and concentration but I eventually sleep again.


    + going into a small convenience store. I do something wrong or have stolen something, the store owner gets mad at me, I'm kicked out, I feel lucky to escape with my life.

    I order lunch at the pizza place (LV) I order the lunch special, one guy goes on an on about how LV is better than the other place LV has the original flavor, I place the order with a guy who's outside. Then I return to this place and I sense it's been a long time since I placed the order but I know that my lunch must be ready, I have the guy I ordered with go and pick it up I think that's better because he has more authority, I hear him talking to the counter, apparently it's not ready yet and that they have to make a second one and give it to me free.

    Scene inside a house, a small boy is a servant/slave, I see his small boy face, the young man master is preparing to murder the and place him into a box. The slave boy didn't do anything wrong, the master man says "it's just that kind of a thing." I'm observing. The master is wrapping the boy up in tape. Then a guy (from the convenience store gang?) comes up stealthily behind the evil master and sticks a long knife deeply into the bad guy's side, he does that several times. The young master freezes in shock and pain. The young man's family enters at this time into the dining room (on a level above the room we're in) it's a very wealthy family they're shocked at the scene in the living room below them.

    +(f) PA vs. K (cities)? There are two houses and I see their addresses and say them out loud.

    +(f) With MR parking a car on HC. Getting something out of the back of his car.

    + on a floating (in the sky?) boat there's a party prepared for one guy by his gay lover, he walks up the stairway to his lover who is the host and they're going to get down to business.

    + I see a convenience store mafia guy again in my parents house at a party our eyes meet he has a goatee I nod to him in recognition he doesn't acknowledge me back. Later there's something to do with money, if he gives me back all the money he'll kill me and he starts to give me money and I start to freak out but he only gives me a few coins and decides not to kill me.

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