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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 2023-08-05 LUCIDD LD#292 camo cars, huge grp of ppl, cruise, taxi/bus ride, DJ, FA

      by , 08-05-2023 at 11:45 AM

      Colors: Lucid, Semi-lucid, Non-lucid
      [comment from waking] in angle brackets
      (comment / clarification from dreaming) in parentheses
      Abbreviations: DS = dream sign, CH = childhood home, S1/S2 = sons, S/O = someone, S/A = something about, [f] = fragment, b/r = bathroom trip, Wn = waking #n, BT = bedtime, OOB = final out of bed time in morning, DO = Disembodied Observer

      Summary of the Night
      • BT: ~23:35, OOB: ~07:39, fitbit score: 86 (7:05 asleep, 0:47 awake, 1:14 deep, 1:15 REM), med right before bed
      • Wakings:
        1. 01:59 b/r, no recall
        2. 05:05, b/r, recall, Super long BTS. Probably 1-1.5 hours. Possible light sleep, but felt awake. Took off blanket, cooled off, put it back on later. Physical relaxation pretty simple, but mental relaxation harder. SSILD cycles to direct the relaxation help somewhat. Need to find a way to release the mind faster.
        3. 07:27 final waking, excellent recall

      W2: Camouflage Cars
      Outdoors, I see what I think are army cars driving by me. I notice that they have white and black spotted camouflage. I think they blend in well to winter. I watch them drive by me. Then I see a large field of people walking towards me, hundreds of people. Many are carrying a Ukrainian flag. They walk towards me and past me as I stand in their midst.

      W2: Political rally
      Observing a political rally. They're talking about their plans? They're rallying against a new law? [Vague/forgotten]

      W3: Boat cruise [vivid, fun, interesting, decent presence]
      Inspecting the naval vessels
      I'm outside on the water (on some ship?) observing a large vessel sailing from my right to my left, I'm quite close by. It is colored naval green/gray, and I think this is a naval / military ship. There are others. Then I see that they are moored all together, I'm looking at them all from the stern, they are sort of knocking up against each other. Then I have a close up view of the stern of one of the vessels. It is covered in military equipment. I'm looking for gun emplacements but don't see any, what I do see are very intricate guidance systems (that are used for aiming missiles/guns?). There are a lot of wires leading all over the place. The guidance system looks sort of like a gun emplacement but there is no barrel, but what seems to be two long telescopes or microphones set in parallel about 2 feet apart upon a swiveling stand. I imagine (see/hear?) that there is a female black navy guard who's job is to say "don't touch things" or "get off the boat", and that she is located in a high place so she can see everything going on at ship level.

      Cruise Begins
      I'm standing on the back of a medium sized boat. It is a boat taking people on a cruise to nearby sights on the bay/ocean. I am a sort of stowaway, I don't have a ticket. I'm standing on the rear left corner of the ship on the "bumper" that is right at water level. There are other people (official passengers) standing to my right on the bumper. I look down as the ship is moving, and I see the churning water from the propellers right there next to me. I think it's quite dangerous, and that anything that falls into that water would be sucked in to the propellers from the (Bernoulli) forces and chopped up. A girl wants to go by me around the perimeter of this bumper so I step aside, and she goes around and there is a bar there and she makes a drink (?), then comes back?

      White Sand Lagoon
      Then I'm observing the water: we're now motoring through a narrow channel, just a few yards wider on each side of the ship, and it's very choppy, like a rushing river, I have some thoughts about this scene. Then we're located in a large, calm lagoon, the water is still and clear. The bottom of the lagoon, about 20-30 feet deep, is shining bright white sand. I didn't know that there was any white sand like this in this part of the world. A girl (same one from earlier?) says: "Let's jump in" ("Let's do a cannon ball?"). I'm a bit hesitant, but I decide what the heck, and I jump in. I think, this is ocean water, so it will be salty. I open my eyes to look around, I see a small sea creature (like a jellyfish) and I again admire the bright white sand on the bottom of the lagoon. I surface and spend about half a minute trying to brush my bangs out of my eyes. No matter what I do they keep falling back immediately, obscuring my sight. After this goes on for a while I sort of laugh, I think the situation is amusing. The girl is still there.

      Buffet Party
      Inside the ship in a large party room, there is a party going on. A lot of people. There is a buffet of various food dishes there. I go to one with the girl and look at it, it is something like chunks of turkey meat with a lot of toothpicks on top. I'm studying this for a while, I'm trying to decide which toothpicks are new and which ones have been used and placed back. I say it's always hard to figure out which ones are new. The girl says it's easy: the ones lying horizontally are used, the ones standing vertically are new. I pick up a vertical one and take up a piece of meat and eat it. A (small boy?) criticizes the dish as being non-vegan (?), and I answer by saying "it is excellent protein!"

      W3: Taxi ride [fairly vivid, present]
      Start the ride
      I've just gotten in to the taxi (at the airport?). I'm sitting in the back seat. I see a small (like 2-seat) propeller airplane taking off on the runway, heading right for us. At the last moment it pulls up and takes off flying over us. I expect the driver will eventually ask me where we're going, but he doesn't. I have a lot of trouble speaking, I feel like I can't communicate my thoughts. I say "Can you go to Pe...ky?" He says "sure!". I know that that is not my final destination, that I have to go further. I'm wondering why I need to take two different taxis/modes of transportation, can't this guy just take me to my final destination? I ask and he says yes, of course. I was wondering if it would be too far out of his way. Might as well go with just one trip. Then we're driving through the intersection next to my CH, I recognize it, but don't say anything. I feel like I should get off here but I don't want the driver to know where I live.

      Lovely trees/flowers
      We're driving on a street, up ahead in the distance I see a huge rhododendron plant/tree. On either side of us are flowering trees/vines, there are many colorful flowers. I comment on how lovely they are. I think they grow so well because of the warm weather here.

      End of trip
      The taxi is now a mini-bus and we're pulling in to a courtyard that is the front yard (vastly expanded) of my CH. (Roundabout?) Some people get off, and I'm a bit slow in getting off and the driver closes the door and is about to drive away, I call out "Wait! I'm getting off here." My taxi driver is a middle-aged white man seated behind me and to my left. I ask him "Do you have a <business card, in foreign language>?" I also think, hey I have to pay this guy, and ask "how much do I owe you?" He says "no, don't pay me, you'll pay next time". Instead of a business card he hands be a small piece of paper with some scribbles on it. His name is "Mihu."

      DJ Critics
      I'm seated at a table outside (indescript location), and I'm shuffling through papers looking for a fresh sheet with room on it for me to dream journal. I can't find any places on any of the sheets. The pieces of paper are all separate. Then I find a place and write a few words (?). There are two guys there, they are critiquing the phrases I've written in the DJ. One guy says the words have "No grammar." I am a bit offended but I know that I'm writing just key words/phrases and that they are not grammatical, but I do not want them to know it's a DJ so I keep quiet.

      LUCIDD LD#292 False Awakening
      I find myself lying on my side in (a) bed. I do a nose pinch and I can breathe!, I'm lucid. I feel myself lying there. Then in a second I feel a "wake up buzz" (REM Atonia ending) and I'm in the same position awake in my waking bed. [very short, but it's lucid! I'm counting it. Lucid is lucid!]
    2. 2022-11-21 [morning of] LUCIDD #274 galantamine WILD/DILD/FA, epic long stable vivid kick ass dream!

      by , 11-21-2022 at 06:32 PM
      Attempt #2 -- long, vivid, stable, super high res, "more real than waking," epic LD.

      Wow. Wow wow wow. 4mg galantamine and 600mg Alpha GPC taken at the 3hrs waking....led to a WILD (in every sense of the world) lucid romp through FAs, more vivid than waking, ultra-stable, high-res, super-realistic, multi-scene, long LD (felt like an hour, definitely 30 minutes or more), and follow-on vivid non-lucids in later sleep cycles. This is the 2nd time I've tried it this year (the first being Nov 2, about 3 weeks ago).
      After taking the supps, it took me somewhere around 30-60 minutes to fall asleep again. I spent the time relaxing body and mind with the idea of falling asleep unconsciously and having a DILD in subsequent sleep cycles. I took it early because of past issues with falling back asleep and I wanted to make sure I fell asleep again quickly after taking the supps. Instead, after that timeframe mentioned, I felt the familiar deepening feeling of sleep, and then WHAM! I was hit with a wave of vibrations the like of which I've never experienced before. I'm not unfamiliar with REM atonia sensations, I've felt vibrations many times before. But these were massive, strong, and accompanied by a sensation like my heart was stopping. I even sort of (maybe in a dream) half-raised up in bed to shake off the vibrations because they were so unpleasant. But I lay back down, they continued for a bit, then subsided, and I tried to imagine entering a scene. I detected slight movement in the visual field, and I tried to imagine a scene on a vehicle, and I shortly appeared in a bus or train moving past a moving landscape. It faded in a few seconds and I thought "wow that sucks, all that time and such a short dream", ... and then woke in a FA on a bus non-lucid, and the dream continued non-lucid for a while, then after failing to fly, I did a nose pinch state test, and got fully lucid, and began the lucid adventure!

      Dream contents, and following non-lucids TBD (20 minutes of voice recording recall, it's going to take 2 hours to transcribe!)

      + LUCIDD #274 after WILD entry (noted above), I feel myself awake lying on a seat on a bus. I feel that I'm pressing up against a person seated to the left of me. I sit up and I'm seated in the 2nd row on the right side of a traditional bus layout against the window. There are sections of a newspaper around me, looks like a Sunday paper, there are colorful sections including a comics section, I move them section by section to the now empty left side of the seat. I create quite a tall pile of these papers, trying to keep them in order (I wonder if this is the newspaper of the two guys sitting in front of me?). My group (2-3 people, including [1st] wife?) get up and it's time for us to get off, I stand up and try to shoulder a backpack, it's heavy with lumpy objects making it uncomfortable on the back, as I stand up some cards/papers fall out and I see that they are very important family sentimental papers, like kid's birthday cards to me, I'm concerned that if I get off the bus I will lose some of them. I pick them up and as I move past the 1st row or seats on the right a guy seated there says "that's what you get for having kids." I respond "just wait, it'll be your turn soon." We get off the bus.

      Sort of a vague scene with a woman and man, both of which have a cloudy left eye (like glaucoma), the idea is that they're from the moon?

      With the group who got off the bus, standing near a busy urban/suburban road, I recognize this as "Stevens Creek" or Santa Clara and say so. We're then in a mall parking lot, very large, there's a car ahead, a woman and kids are moving to it, and the kids run circles around the car. The car is parked back up against a drop off of about 3 feet, I move to it and stand over it looking out over the lower level of the parking lot. I have the urge to fly/glide [DS], but I think I won't fly in this case. I decide to try anyway, and sort of launch myself off the edge, and fall directly down and hit the pavement, getting a bit scratched up on the asphalt. I stand up, and do a nose pinch, and I can breathe. I'm really astonished by this and check a few more times. Yes, I can breathe, I'm dreaming! I'm amazed, it is so vivid, clear, bright, high-res, so waking like, nothing to indicate dream in the quality of the experience.

      I notice a young woman clerk entering a store ahead of me. Brunette, attractive. I move in to the store and see displays of lingerie. She is continuing to the back of the store and I follow her with the idea of getting a fashion show from her in a back dressing room. I lead her in, it is a tiny closet space just barely big enough for one person to stand in, not even move, with us there together it's incredibly crowded. I tell her I want to see her undressed. She resists and says that she can't today. I then counter that "now, it's tomorrow, so you can." I keep trying to close the curtains but can't (someone outside keeps opening them?). I give up and we leave the room, as I walk past her colleagues seated at desks I sense disapproval, and I defend myself by saying "I didn't force her, I just invited her, she came in on her own." A male colleague seated at a desk, with a bread/mustache comments "you're a real piece of work: <accusation #1, 'A">, <something about a backpack>, <some third thing>". I feel these are unfustified charges and a bit confused by them, I'm trying to determine if accusation #1 is true or not, I think not. I didn't understand about the backpack, I asked to repeat that, he repeated again something about a backpack (with the idea of murder?), and says "this information comes straight from heaven." I look at him for a second then leave the store.

      I enter the neighboring store, it is a small front office, with the sign "Steak and (soda?)" on the wall and a door to enter further inside, I don't want steak so I leave again.

      I enter the next store, it is a Vietnamese/Asian (massage? beauty salon?), it is packed with people, mostly young pretty Asian women, some plain, (dressed in white?), I think there is a beauty/modeling contest going on here today. I'm looking at their faces, most have brown eyes. I try to enter deeper into the store through the crowd, but a manager blocks the entrance saying no one can go in. I turn back to the entrance and try to push my way out through the crowd, there's a petite woman in jeans in front of me and I give her a push on her butt to clear a space to leave, she doesn't complain just moves forwards. A security guy blocks the door and says there's no access out that way, I ignore him and leave saying my car is parked right outside. Outside, I don't see my car, I'm looking around for it. A bit farther away I see a car that may have once been mine but has been heavily modified, I hear a group of young guys sniggering behind me, I turn and look at them, I think they probably pranked me by transforming my car and moving it to a new parking spot.

      I move back into the open area of the parking lot, between a couple of taller buildings to the left and right, 3-4 stories, past a group of young men who are hanging out talking. I look at their faces, some are slightly distorted, they ignore me. I decide to fly, try a quick superman take-off, it doesn't work. The dream is super vivid and waking realistic and stable the entire time. I try a frog swim and gain a bit of altitude, but it's slow going.

      I fly past (on my right) a restaurant lounge, with a sign that reads "Beef Wellerman", and I see through the glass walls [DS] that inside are people wrapped in human-side "blankets" made of giant cooked steaks, all throughout the restaurant, 10-20 people wrapped in beef blankets.

      I wake in my bed, it's dark, I'm lying on my left side (the side I went to sleep on after taking the galantamine), I suspect a FA, nose pinch, I can breathe, I'm still dreaming. I stand up quickly, throwing off the covers. I get a glimpse of my [1st?] wife lying in bed on my right, I immediately turn towards the window, which is closed by curtains. I see on the floor a pair of eyeglasses, and wonder if these are mine. I pick them up. They have a bright thing brass wire frame and on the right earpiece is a 2-inch length in the shape of a corkscrew. I think these are not mine. I part open the curtains with two hands and look at the window: it is made up of small (6 inch by 8 inch rectangular) blocks of glass held by thin, 1-inch wide strips of dark brown painted wood. The windows are locked with padlocks. I want to go out and so I pull open the left pane, it opens, and I look outside into an open courtyard, like a motel swimming pool courtyard. There are people there, a group of kids. I go down and interact with the people there. A mother there offers to bring another of her kids to me, one that can generate cinnamon (bread?) if you touch her in a certain way. I do this (wanting the cinnamon), and wake up slightly in bed doing that movement. A nose pinch shows
      I'm awake.

      Several vivid non-lucids follow, will record later.
    3. 2015-11-28 LD#155 garden/gangster-house, elevator girl, bowling alley; ice skating, rest stop, drown

      by , 11-28-2015 at 12:13 PM
      + on a driving trip, pulling in to a rest stop area. There are facilities, some are public, some are private, they seem like just lines of closets, some small, some large/long. One has cafeteria, guys with mugs with logos, enter, (talk to woman/), under a tent (wife?) is holding a giant bull penis, about 2 feet long and fist-thick and erect, it wobbles as if made of rubber, I'm standing by a fence, and she throws it at me and I barely dodge out of the way. Later I see the penis thing again with a bloody "bone" spot in the middle of its cross section where it was cut off on the bottom)

      + outdoors daylight, wide open empty plain, a guy is shooting a shotgun into the sky and the pellets are refelcting/falling back down off from the sky onto a large incline full of barrels and hitting the barrels. Then it's night and the guy warns of the jackals coming. I hear growling and see two little green reflective eyes in the distance. Start running and one is near me, I have no gun, it seems to be feigning injury, may be a trick, I'm fighting it off with a stick. The jackals dig into the sand like an arrow and launch themselves at you. Then it turns into a large human baby but I know it's a jackal, it's slippery, I'm at the edge of the sea and know I must down this thing. I get a grip and hold it under the waves, it struggles, I feel very uncomfortable about this as it looks like a human, it turns red, and becomes bloated and drowns and dies, the guy is which me and says "oh man do you think it was a real baby?" I say no, turn it upside down, it is a hollow plastic shell, empty inside except for some straps rolled up and taped against the insides, on the outer rim the words "Human Con" is written in small letters ("human container?"). I say "if this was real, there would be a stomach, heart, lungs, etc. in here".

      + ice skating rink: race (did I participate? I think I could do OK), following girl going counter-clockwise, doing front-crossovers, I'm on hockey skates, girl likes the center ice because it is smooth, it's for figure skating practice.

      WBTB, long BTS, much day dreaming, find determination to sleep/dream more, eventually fall back asleep.

      + FA LD#155 I find myself awake in bed feeling frisky and "ready for action", so I turn to wife and start initiating contact, she seems receptive and we start embracing. Then I notice that across the living room out the window and into the neighboring house there is a figure standing at a window behind a thin curtain I think he's watching us, and very well may see us. So I get up and walk to the wall and close the curtains (the guy turns away as I do this?), return to bed (glimpse of other people walking in other rooms of our house?). I notice that there is a short curtain that has partially closed over the front of the TV set as well and think this is funny/interesting (it's in "solidarity" with the other curtain I just closed). My wife is then up and at the sliding glass door and lets in a little dog, she says something about someone bringing it for us, little dog comes running in, it's supposed to be just like our [deceased] dog L, he lifts his leg and pees on a scooter leaning against the wall near the bed. I think to myself, "now, if that dog looked more like 'L', I'd have to do a reality check!", I do a few nose pinches anyway, determine I can breathe, and get lucid. I immediately head out the sliding glass door to the garden and look around. I immediately see large rock formations against the back of the garden fence. They're very impressive. It is bright daylight outside. I walk to the center of the rectangular back yard, noticing all the stuff lying around, and remember my desire to narrate during LDs. I slow down and pay attention, and I start hearing birds chirping, it sounds and looks and feels *just like* a typical suburban garden. I start saying out loud what I see, "my old red/white/blue basketball [lying on the ground among the wood chips], a lovely BBQ, [turn around look behind me] pink flowers [like lilies, cone shaped] growing in a bush", I see a basketball hoop above the flowers. There is so much to see in this garden, if I narrate everything it will take the whole dream?! I see my wife walking ahead of me in the garden, still feel frisky, should I have sex with her? Decide: no.

      I raise my eyes beyond the garden and see a neighboring house a ways across the hill, super tall (5-6 stories) and non-level sloping roof line sloping up from left [low] to right [higher]. I want to fly up to the roof of that house. I push off against the ground and aim my intention at the top of the roof. But instead, I go straight up very high into the air, several times higher than the roof of the neighbor house. I lose speed and start falling back down, and aim myself to the roof of the house and land there. It is a rich house with lots of security. I want to enter (there are hot girls in there?). The lock on the door seems like a game: you have to request something, do a quest, and return with the answer in order to get in, I think "screw that" and make a "throw away" gesture with my right arm and the door is ripped off its hinges. Inside, video game looking vague bad guys are shooting rifles/guns at me. I run through the hallway straight ahead, making squeezing gestures with my fists and they all "pop" and disappear. Then I know I have to face the boss of the place.

      (discontinuity? Loss of lucidity)

      I turn round a tight corner and enter a very small (one-two person) elevator, I know there's a girl there? There is, and I'm very excited at the prospect of making out with her. She is a petite "hostess" emo girl, not super pretty, with hair hanging down in front of her eyes. She seems annoyed/not welcoming attention. I face her and brush the hair off her face, she's wearing dark red lipstick and has a small mouth. She asks "How long will you want me for/will you be here?" She says that she was with a new customer "and [she] can make a lot of money." I take her in my arms and her whole body is trembling. I understand that the manager sent her to me, but that this interrupted her visit with another customer, I say "you're trembling, are you angry that you were interrupted?", (she indicates yes?), I talk to her and soothe her, tell her it's OK I don't want to take her from her other customer. I kiss her lightly on the cheek. I realize she's stopped trembling, (I say "see it's better now?"), elevator reaches the top, and I give her a light kiss on the lips, we go our separate ways. If the manager sees we're not together, he may get angry with her and she'd have to bring him to me, if that happens, I wonder if I should say she ditched me? No, won't do that.

      Turn around, pass a manager telling waiter next to the kitchen to stop giving out breakfast menus (I see the pile and think I should take one because I want an omlet, but don't), keep going, enter large area (bowling alley?), just before I turn the corner I hear my instrument playing warm-ups, uh oh is it a rehearsal? I don't want to go, I'll tell them my instrument is in for repairs ["remember" this as being true anyway], sit down with group at a table, young guy waiter taking orders, look at menu seems to be pictures of burgers, I ask if breakfast is still available (I want that omelet!), he leaves to ask goes around corner, I say "bet he won't be back for 20 minutes". Briefly see plate of burger and fries on the table (then why did they order if they already have food?)

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    4. 2015-08-09 LD #133 Mega-TOTM, long, vivid, aware, multiple dream saves, saw mom, just amazing!

      by , 08-09-2015 at 04:47 PM
      early sort of vague, long BTS after a short WBTB, followed by a mega-TOTM top-5 (maybe best ever) LD

      Note: I listened to PercyLucid's MILD audio class all the way through this week, and have taken up several of his suggestions and his mantra "I will have lucid dreams TONIGHT, or VERY SOON!" I do his MILD, holding a still mental image of my desired dream scene in my head as I fall asleep. I've been doing it for about half a week at this point.

      Betime: midnight-ish. Glass of red wine some hours earlier (4?) at dinner. One Opti-Men multivitamin around 3-4pm.

      06:11, ~3 minutes of voice notes

      + standing among statue/memorials, where the shape of the stone is a language conveying a message ("Hindu"). In particular the place where the column narrows in diameter and then widens out again has some sort of special meaning. I read "pardo" chiseled into one of the columns (they're about 4 feet high).

      + several big bags of galantamine capsules have arrived from Amazon, and a bag of small round B6 tablets. The boxes were opened (I guess by my wife), and the big see-through plastic baggies (Halloween candy bag sized) are lying there on my bed along with the Amazon invoice. The galantamine capsules are large, about the size of my current Alpha-GPC capsules (which are real horse pills, it takes eating bread/drinking water to get them down). I put some in my mouth and start chewing them? I wonder if I have time left in my dreaming night to take some or if it's too late.

      Looking at the fine, thick, luxurious paper that Amazon uses for printing invoices, and the detailed high quality printing, I realized this is why I use Amazon, for this level of detail & quality.

      + circular cushion, it has to last a lifetime, one kid is jumping up and down and I severely discipline it, it gets progressively younger as I do so until it becomes an infant and rolls off on to the ground; two families different religious traditions are sharing this circular couch thing, it's OK with one family because their attention is usually focused outwards, you're not supposed in their tradition to use the middle part.

      I'm wandering in and out of sleep as I review the prior dreams.

      WBTB, BTS

      It takes about an hour to get back to sleep it feels like. Need to put on a sleep mask as the room is too light now.

      08:51, ~16 minutes of voice notes

      + LD #133 (TOTM advanced I & bonus success): KILD

      I'm in a fairly dark area with people, I hear (students and teachers?) talking about math, I remember hearing "N-squared". I seem to be re-entering this area, and notice in front of me a teacher lady lying on a reclining garden/beach lounge chair, facing me. She's by herself. I go towards her, lean down over her in order to kiss her, and as my face approaches hers I get lucid. I continue in for a quick kiss on the lips and say "I'm dreaming!" I get up and head up a stairway to the left, saying "I didn't go up here last time through". There is a very wide open platform up there. Up ahead along a long wall stretching along the platform is an open door, and I enter.

      Band Practice (TOTM basic I missed opportunity):
      Inside is a large, wide, but not deep, well-lit band room. Most of the room is off to my left (the door is on the right edge of the room). There to the left on a series of risers are the band student musicians (seems like high school aged) sitting with their instruments. I look for a guy playing (my instrument), and see him in the 3rd/4th row up, and call to him to show me his instrument. He holds it up and I nod, "nice. What's your name?" I ask, "Norman," he answers
      (delay not too long, sometimes my DCs don't know their names well!). "I'll be back later" I say and head out the door, starting to think of TOTM.

      Moon (TOTM Advanced-II)-fail:
      I try to remember my TOTM task cheer song, and all I can remember at first is the rhythm. Argh! I finally remember the moon rock task. I decide I will grab a chunk of the moon and eat it. I look up into the night sky, slightly hazy, but with lots of distinct stars, the background is not totally black. I clearly see the stars at high resolution, and notice several satellites lazily making a straight path from one side of the vision to the other. I follow one's progress for a few seconds enjoying the view. I will the moon to appear, several times, but it does not appear.

      I am now in the backyard of my childhood home, still looking up at the sky for the moon. I start to hear my mother's voice.

      I hear her voice clearly, like she was standing next to me. I know she's in the house. I'm now floating fairly high over the house looking down, and am amazed at the clarity and accuracy of her voice.
      Sometimes voices in my dreams do not sound right, but this is perfect. She is speaking coherently but I do not remember anything that she said, she's talking to my father. I'm trying to get down to the house and have some trouble, I have to air-swim a bit. The house is not right: it appears to be a sort of a modern, multi-section compound with rooms of differing shapes from above. Then I'm on the deck at the back door, still hearing her voice, and I enter, go through the kitchen, and expect to see her there and see her walking through the dining room heading towards the living room, her back is to me. I get really happy, finally I'm going to see her in a dream!
      (in waking life she passed away two months ago).
      I follow and enter the dining room, imagining her being really happy to see me. She turns and sees me and I open my arms wide, (I'm wearing a light jacket and quickly unzip it and hold up my arms with the ends of the jacket, kind of like bat wings), and she comes to me and I give her a big hug, kissing her cheek and I tell her "I really miss you!" I see her and her face clearly. She seems young. Either she or my dad answers, and says something like now it is time for me to be with my father.

      Mom saves a FA:

      I find myself waking, and I still hear my mother's voice. If I can still hear her voice, that means I'm still dreaming! I have no visuals and decide to slowly "open my eyes." I seem to be in my childhood home's living room still, with something on my head, like sheets or a blanket. I sit up and stand up. I try for a little bit while walking forwards towards the kitchen to take the thing off that feels like a towel wrapped around my head, but I can't get it off, it's like a really really long sheet is hanging there and I just can't get it off. I decide just ignore it (and then it stops bothering me). My mother is standing at the doorway between the dining room and the living room just on the kitchen side. She looks really young, thin, healthy, and happy. Shes wearing a bright lipstick, orange-ish. I say "you look like you're doing great!" while I stand close to her with my hands on her waist, and something like "we will meet again!".

      Dinos! (TOTM Advanced-I success):
      After seeing my mother, I go out on the deck and ask my sister to take me to show me where the dinosaurs are
      (asking DCs to do stuff for me is fast becoming my favorite dream control method).
      She takes me to the corner of the deck and I look down and see weird beasts walking down the stairs to the backyard lawn (in particular notice one big black quadruped freaky looking thing walking down). I go down off the end of the deck and mount some small furry thing that I think is actually a movie monster of some sort. I'm a bit concerned about this not counting since I don't think this is a dinosaur. I ride it down the stairs to the lawn. There I imagine and see a medium-sized Trex there battling with a medium-sized King Kong. They're both between 15-20 feet tall: definitely big, but not immense. I jump and land expertly on the back of the T-rex. I imagine a faintly strange beastly odor. I'm sitting fairly high on its back/lower neck, and urge it forward to run up the stairs because I'm concerned about Kong. I urge it and imagine it running really fast, I'm "pushing" it forwards by "pushing on the reins" and it's leaping up the stairs towards the street but it just doesn't get going fast enough to please me, Kong is still chasing. Up on the street Kong attacks and I jump/fall away...

      Black Hole (TOTM Bonus, success):
      ... and (am in the void? Rub hands for a while, feel them, dream is solid, visuals return), I'm in a garage (childhood home?), I exit and turn to the right (180 degrees) and there is a large open plaza full of college-aged young people ahead of me. I try again to remember the full TOTM cheer song and I again can only remember the 2nd half (advanced) and "...Black Hole! Black Hole! Raa raa Raa!" I've already done one advanced, so why not? I decided to summon a black hole and jump in. I walk forwards a bit to get where the crowd starts, I hold out my hands straight in front of me and pull them apart quickly, imagining a massive black sphere appearing: instead something big dark and round flashes and disappears. OK, again! (I wonder what the students will think of the black hole!) I put my arms together, pull them apart quickly, and this time a large sphere appears solidly before me which I know is the black hole. Only it's partially reflective mirror-surfaced, which I think is fine because everybody knows that light plays funny tricks around black holes. I dive forwards into it and try to feel the sensations. I don't feel much, after a brief disorientation I find that I'm inside a sphere sort of like a one-way mirror, I can see out but people can't see in. There is a filtering effect looking out like sunglasses. The party is going on all around me in the plaza still and everyone is ignoring me. The black hole is about the same size inside as outside (about 8-10 feet in diameter, tall enough to stand in). There's a girl standing near the edge of the black hole on the outside and I pull her in (and kiss her?). The dream wavers/I enter a bit of the void and call for a DC to take my hand and pull me out, and "John" does just that, and the dream continues from there...

      John and boobs:
      I asked for a DC to take me by the hand and lead me from the Black Hole sphere, and a guy does grab my hand firmly and lead me out. We start walking together, I decide his name is "John." As we're walking through the crowd, a girl comes towards us .
      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      Eventually I have John take my hand again and lead me back into the dream, works again, visuals return. I look at and touch briefly the edge of the table. Then I leave them both and move on down the path.

      Girl outside:
      I've lost a bit of lucidity, I'm standing outside a door to a building, as I move towards it a girl sitting on a bench calls to me "<redacted>" which gets my attention.
      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      and this brings me back to full lucidity. I stop with her and enter the door in to the building.

      Girl inside:
      Inside is a large mostly empty space, I spot two girls sitting at a desk not far away. I head right for them and sit down, noticing the girl on the left and give her my attention.
      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      I move my gaze to look back up over my shoulder to the my left so as not to stare at her too long, I catch a scene of some busy detail outside the door I came in through.

      I stand up quickly and take her hand and lead her away, just desiring to be in motion. I'm holding her left hand with my right, and I start swinging our arms while we walk. <Something about a vending machine?> The dream starts to fade and I use contact with the girl to come back and continue a bit:

      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      This brings me back into the dream. I then get the great idea to
      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      and the dream fades, this time it feels like for good, so I start gathering my recall and prepare to record.

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    5. 2015-07-28 LDs #129, #130, sexcapades, semi-epic at neighborhood park (fencing, dog, cookies)

      by , 07-28-2015 at 11:56 AM
      Really? I haven't posted here in 4 days? Wow I'm slipping! A fairly great night, finally, both LDs and fairly good recall.

      00:00 (approximate) bedtime

      02:00? (unknown) get up to pee
      takes a while (10-15 minutes?) going back to sleep, I repeat "the next time I'm dreaming, I realize that I'm dreaming" to myself while falling asleep


      + LD #129 (first recalled dream of the night is a lucid, that is a first for me I think!) I'm in an international airport connecting flight area/border control, some of our group is down the long (curving?) hallway at the border control. I see my other travelling mates with their suitcases, I don't have mine, I realize I've left my suitcase on the previous airplane. I panic, what will I do, there is only 15 (25?) minutes for the connection, and I'd have to re-cross border controls/customs, they may not let me through. I decide I must go back for it, and start running fast. I think without the suitcase I'll have (no clothing?) for the (camp?) we're going to. I'm running really fast and am really concerned, when I get the notion that maybe there's no reason to worry if this is a dream, I do a nose pinch while running and it clearly indicates dream. I'm lucid and still running, part of what got me lucid perhaps was the fast speed I was running, completely effortlessly, and I'm amazed for a moment at this.

      Spoiler for sexually explicit:
      the dream ends/transitions.

      + LD #130 FA in bed (false dream home), on a high bed-stand next to us I see a white sleep/lucid dreaming mask with little LED lights on stalks, my wife reaches for and is handling/talking about this her "favorite" of my sleep masks, I'm concerned that she'll see it's more than just a sleep mask. I'm starting to suspect, then when I see my wife, who's still looking down at me, is floating up to the ceiling and bouncing around there I get lucid and a clear nose pinch confirms it. She's really bright, clear, shining, and beautiful. I notice/say "Hey you're young and hot, let's (get it on) like we used to" and I
      Spoiler for sexually explicit:

      About this time I notice out the window on the street below (we're about the 3rd floor) across the street a military/security vehicle, white and cube-like and open like a jeep with some triangular insignia on the driver door (facing me) is pulling up and stops, I look away so that this will not distract me from the sex. During the sex I look down again and see there's a man and young woman in the jeep, I meet the eyes of the young woman and decide to show off, I point to my sexual activity and give the woman two thumbs up, she nods and returns a gesture and makes a kind of humping motion to indicate she understands.

      My "wife" at this point seems like some sort of mechanical construction and the sex is unsatisfying, and then another of my wife enters the room with some things in her hands and indicates we need to choose some poster to put in to the plastic folder hanging off of the bed (it's somehow to please our cat?).

      +(f) kissing a DC (redacted)

      + semi-epic multi-scene long: at the basketball level of childhood neighborhood park:
      1) watching fencing competition, I'm standing on the sloping road leading down to that level looking down. I admire the performance of a friend of mine, the fancy thrusts he makes. Afterwards, I go down and want to meet him and imagine holding his foils in my hand and what sort of grip they have (there are two of them). I then move to the far side of the level and want to enter the hot tubs with the other competitors, at first there is force/gravity/wind that blows me a bit to the exit road leading down to the street but I recover and enter the hot tubs and have an animated chat about something.

      2) a vicious angry dog is gripping the back of my pants on the belt, I'm trying to placate/distract it to get away. I reach around to pet it (nervous about getting bitten), pet it, speak soothingly towards it, I'm walking up the path to the middle level. Back down on the basketball level there are containers of (breakfast cereals?) on the retainer wall and I scatter some treats down on the ground and this distracts the dog.

      3) I'm walking back towards the road to the middle level and see along the right a table of free cookies and other things, I think how great it is to work here to have these treats all the time. I'm looking at the cookies and take some into my hand, some look like big round really dark chocolate brownies, they're soft. Across the table I see a chocolate and red velvet muffin that looks awesome and I go around to get it, but some guy reaches for it as soon as I get there. Next to it is a full chocolate/red velvet cake so I quickly pick it up and put it on my (dirty with chocolate crumbs/sauce) plate to cut a piece before anybody can grab it, and I push it round a bit with my finger to get it in to the right position. The red velvet dude chastises me for touching the cake with my fingers which I thought I wouldn't have had to do if he hadn't have grabbed the muffin I wanted in the first place.

      + I'm moving down S avenue towards HC childhood home, the house on the left at the big right turn is being demolished and I'm surprised to see only the brick skeleton remaining among the ruins. On HC facing my childhood home, I see both the L's house to the left and the G's house to the right have new construction on them (new dreamsign, 3rd, 4th time this has happened recently). The L's house has new levels and some towers added on top, and the G's house is not much higher but the front has been completely redone and is has a lot of fancy details and decorations on the exterior walls. I'm looking carefully to see if new levels have been added and it seems like about 1/2 of a level has been added on the left wing. I'm amazed at how fast that appeared because this is the first time I'm seeing it, I ask my parents when did that happen, how did it change so quickly?


      +(f) with financial advisers and parents, tell dad he should sell some stocks or other investments, he's hesitant

      +(f) stuck in some stairway exiting a parking garage at a security station, there's a flat wide locked metal barrier (sort of like an ironing board but rectangular) a guy helps me out, a small lift lowers down I put a foot on it and ride it up, he says I stood on the wrong part of the lift, I don't care

      +(f) (vague) (DO?) guy says to parent "you're the one who's going to kill him, so go you go first" (gesturing to the Tribes inventory station)

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    6. 2015-04-17 the universe owed me a couple semi-epics and a sex-fest after 2 no recall nights

      by , 04-17-2015 at 11:24 AM
      Finally back to some semi-epic dreaming!

      early (late morning epics overwrote a couple more early ones):

      + I turn myself in for something and get arrested, they send a construction guy to clear away the thing we were building, he leaves all the building materials neatly stacked

      + dipping a stick into the ground, picking it up and eating the dirt/sand, do this several times before I realize I'm eating dirt and stop

      + I'm in nature outside in daylight, start walking down a 2 meter-wide path of short mowed grass, I know this is in an Ent forest. I wonder who mows the grass or if it is just grazed on by animals. I think about Ents walking around (but don't see one).

      I'm wading along a clear stream, about a meter wide, standing in the middle, it is located under trees closing above blocking the sky. I look down in the water and see saucer-sized & shaped flat fish (like sole) that are light colored, almost transparent. They're friendly and swarm around me tickling my legs. I think they're easy to catch, and I grab hold of a few and lift them out of the water in my hands briefly. (One bits my finger and I have to pull it off?)

      + round table of <foreign language> teachers faces, several of them are my nationality (so how good are they if they're not native?), one is a blonde female missing some teeth (and is named "Jacky?")

      + baseball play: two runners both reach 2nd, collide, they both run for 3rd, really digging up dirt as they run, the throw is to 3rd, the first guy at least dives for the base and is safe. I think somebody must have been out, I'm not sure entirely what happened.


      + (false?) WILD transition, feel a fast atonia buzz/vibrations, yelling for my dad to "pick me up!" (into the dream), feel partial separation of dream mouth and dream body

      + I'm in a house high in the hills overlooking bay in the distance (like childhood home). Looking out the window at the water along the coastline in the distance, I see shapes of a large school of large things I decide are dolphins moving underneath the water. I see a very large animal as well and decide it's a whale. I watch them swimming around for a while and call to my family to come and see them. I keep repeatedly trying to point out the whale to my wife but she can't see it. The whale transforms into a massive dinosaur-looking fish whose back extends up out of the water. I'm becoming frantic with frustration amazed that my wife can't see the huge fish which is right there IT'S RIGHT THERE!

      Then I'm floating in the very blue water in a seated position, body upright, my upper body is out of the water. I'm moving at fairly fast speed, like I'm holding on to a rope in the water being pulled by something. A bunch of people are moving along with me. Our path is an arc moving out into the deeper water, then curving to the left and heading back towards shore. We pass some people floating there in the water who are not moving, I think they've become stranded. I see some people are swimming along with the current to go faster. There are some large but gentle rounded waves at one point.

      The water is now like a turbulent stream heading uphill, I see the owner/creator of the theme park for which this river is the entrance ride, he's saying something about the park. I briefly flow through small tunnels then emerge onto the descending entrance stairway into the park. I see a ball (walnut?) bouncing down the steps one by one. We're then there in the park (me, wife, kids [smaller age]). I look around and am not impressed. It's very large/huge for a playground but very small for an amusement part, more like a neighborhood park. The jungle gyms look boring and like everything is for very small children, I think my kids will be bored here.

      Then I'm at the entrance again, which is like a deep empty swimming pool, I can't find the way up to enter the park. (Something opens?) and I see a way in? My glasses fall off and hit the hard cement ground and I'm afraid they're broken. I pick them up and indeed a see a big crack running along both lenses in the middle. I'm looking closely at the glasses for a few seconds and notice where the glass has broken away from the frames in places. I think these are expensive glasses ($XXX), and wonder if I can get just the lenses replaced. I do go sit down on a bench next to my wife and think more about these glasses.

      + in a building, someone's throwing something down a long hallway to us, we toss it back

      I'm walking through a sports complex looking for a racquetball court. The courts are on the left, they're all bizarre: the walls are paneled with colorful, odd materials like those "solar street panels" [watched a video about these yesterday]:

      The courts have glass front walls [DS] and are oddly-shaped. Too small, not deep enough, one extra-small one has 4+ guys in it playing handball, I watch one of the guys hit the ball off of the back wall in a big smash. One of the courts is "on the corner" and has a large corner inside the court itself.

      Farther along, I'm hoping at least to find a challenge court so I can play soon, I wonder about my ability to play though at my age and shape. I come across what I think is a challenge court, there are about 8 people milling around outside, inside I see that they are playing doubles (2 on 2). I'm losing hope of finding an empty court or of being able to play. I turn around and walk back towards where I was before, some courts are now open but they're really weird: some sort of tent-structure is on top and a basketball hoop and I know these are "fighting" courts where there is real violence. One guy is going up to the upper part of one of these courts and wants me to join but I don't go in, it's not to my taste.

      I walk further into the structure and emerge outside into a dark bleak landscape, there's nothing here, maybe another building in the distance. I turn around to go back but now I'm far up a steep hill above the exit where I came out, I see some people milling around there, I jump and float down, trying to aim for this door, but I'm gaining speed and I miss the door, trying to grab on to some poles as I go by and not get hurt.

      + semi-lucid girl-grabbing sex-fest, starting outside and moving into a public restroom, ending with (2?) FAs.

      Spoiler for sexy time, 18+:
      false awakening , memorable
    7. 2015-02-25 (LD #101) epic adventure, friends & family, weird buildings, caught FA (bed eject)

      by , 02-25-2015 at 01:52 PM
      24-min focus on breathing meditation during the evening
      bedtime: 20 breaths, followed probably by at least 30 minute intention setting, visualization, dream sign review, and pep-talk before bed. Hard to sleep, I'm so worked up. Take 2mg melatonin

      I'm pretty sure I had earlier dreams before the epic, but the epic clobbered them

      + epic futuristic adventure: tram ride, guy takes my seat; real virtual reality system with 2 friends; "the meadows": floating castle in the sky is closing down for security alarm; poison attack, can I drink from this glass?; blasting bed with bazooka; DeForest Kelley acting presentation, he's doing a great job for such an old guy; dinner with the president: 2-foot long juicy BBQ beef sandwiches, large pitcher of fresh fig juice [how long did that take to squeeze!?]; heading towards "The Meadows", travel agency "cream colored cubic building in a fancy mall", attacked by thugs; conflict outside of building: the elders have "saved" aside us young people from the battle in order to rebuild the empire later

      (The order of the scenes may be somewhat jumbled, there were so many)

      tram: I'm riding a tram/train (to "the Meadows?"), it stops and the doors open, and voice says we must disembark and get back on. I do this, and when I return there's a guy/guys sitting in my seat. I'm confused, I'm looking at the seats relative to the door to see which one was mine. A bit frustrated I plop down in a free seat with an audible, annoyed "Humph!". A guy offers me the seat back, I say it doesn't matter.

      real virtual reality: I sit down into a large "captains chair" (like Star trek), in a large room I'm with 2 friends, they're also sitting in identical chairs, both to my right, one a few feet away one about 15 feet away. I see that the system is engaging: VR masks/goggles are closing on my friend's faces. I sit in my chair and wait for my awareness to be sucked in to the system, because this is a "real" system where your mind is projected into a system. I feel my arms on the chair and try to make them comfortable, I think when my awareness is returned to my body I'll feel this chair again. Then I feel that my awareness is launched forwards plunging through a void, I keep waiting to emerge in the VR world but never arrive.

      "The Meadows": I'm outdoors, I glance up into the sky, there is a huge floating technological looking castle/mansion there. There are security doors sliding shut all over the castle closing over openings, the building seems to be in a state of high alert/emergency.

      I'm in a group of people outdoors. Someone arrives with a spray bottle/thing and begins spraying poison on people who immediately die. I'm far enough away from it (I'm on the poisoning side?) that I'm not affected. I'm standing in a room later, and grab a glass which is upside down from a counter and fill it with water and wonder if this is far enough away form the poison spray to be safe. I see that there is some sort of film/dirt floating on top of the water. Someone in the room says it's better not to drink so I don't.

      bazooka bed: There is some (destroyed) small room with no walls outside. There is a bed in that heap of debris that must be destroyed. I'm holding a bazooka/rocket launcher on my shoulder and trying to find a vantage point to get a good shot. I'm moving around a while trying to get a clear shot (never shoot).

      DeForest Kelley: in a half-lit room, people are sitting in a semi-circle on chairs. In the middle of them is DeForest Kelley, and old man with white hair. He's a famous old actor. he's laughing and giving a monologue. I think he's doing a great job.

      dinner w/president: A group of people are sitting down on two long rows of chairs that face each other (like seating in an airport boarding gate). I'm sitting next to the president. I then get on a chair in-between the long rows and scoot away from and back to near the president. I make room next to the president because the #2 in command has arrived. Besides the rows of chairs is a small table with food and drink. On the table are several really juicy & delicious-looking 2-foot-long subway sandwiches bursting with circular slices of BBQ beef. Several people return their uneaten sandwiches to the tray and take one of the awesome new sandwiches. I'm standing by the table and pick up a large glass pitcher of a drink: I look at it and pour myself a glass, I see "bits" of fruit inside, it's dark, and think it's fig juice, and think wow it probably took a long time for the cooks to squeeze that much juice out of a ton of figs.

      I'm on my way to the presidential palace called "The Meadows" (the floating one?), I'm describing the local of the (travel agency?) which will plan the rest of the trip for me. I'm "remembering" the location, and I say "it's in a cubic-shaped, cream colored building, in a fancy mall". I arrive and I'm not well received until they realize I'm a friend of the president then they treat me with great respect. I'm outdoors beyond this building and a truckload of thugs jump out and we fight: I'm blasting them with energy and awesome fight moves, we engage in some banter (which I forgot).

      There is a large conflict outside a large building: us young folks were "tricked" by the elders and not allowed to participate, they're saving us in case the battle is lost, so we can rebuild the empire -- (this shouldn't be too hard because we have a floating castle?)

      + searching for my room in a weird club/hotel: hot tub, jump down a level, follow signs, my room is a public porta-potty in a noisy crowded area outside, I'm outraged

      I'm in an indoor/outdoor location, like a resort, I hear a young woman laughing and see there's a hot tub nearby, I move to it, I see only a guy there, there's a girl hidden by the wall of the hot tub but I don't go closer to see.

      I need to find my room, the number is something like "8901". I'm on an upper level of the club, and I go to the lower level by jumping off of a ledge, holding on to a bar over my head and slowly stretching my feet down and then drop, it's only about a foot left to go so it's not hard to land. I can't find my room, I go back to the upper level and a guide points the way, I go back to the lower level and follow signs "to the garden" outside, outside there's another sign that leads through an employee and guest only entrance (a sign says so), I see some staff there doing stuff, I move on and am back outside, it's in a busy public area and quite noisy. I find my room finally and am outraged, it is a public ports-potty. I have my key in my hand and think "should I open the door?" I'm embarrassed to have such a sucky room. I do open it (the structure is a cylinder) but there's nothing there inside. Someone says "you have to go through the glass door" I don't see it, some guy "activates" it by pulling on a large lever.

      + I want to wash/rinse/brush my hair but my friends ( MK, AK, others) are lying in a tight row blocking the faucet, kid passing in a car grabs my hand holding my brush

      Outdoor/daylight scene, I want to wash/rinse/brush my hair, I have a brush in my hand. I see that our friends MK and AK and others are sitting down on the ground with their backs against a fence, the faucet I need to wash my hair is blocked by my friends, I walk up and down the line to try to find a way to the faucet. A car drives by and a kid in the back seat grabs my hand with the brush in it (my left hand) through the open car window. I'm trying to claw his face/shake him by grabbing his hood but I have no strength, all I can do is just stand there. [I wake up and my wife is pulling the covers, my arm is on top of the covers and it's getting pulled along with the covers]

      + I see cousins sitting down indoors (red interiors?), move to hug KR, turns out it's my sister and mom

      Indoor, half-lit, red upholstery? I pass some of my cousins who are sitting down on chairs, I don't want to talk to them. I see cousin KR standing and I know we haven't been on the best of relations but go to her, she seems very warm and we move to hug, I realize then that she's my sister and my mother is standing right there with us. Some notion of people arriving in a minivan(?).

      + wife driving, I'm observing weird building after weird building, false memory deceives me, one looks like a giant flat screen TV, one is straddling a depression and is cracking in half, I'll return to inspect it later, one at the top of the hill has a great view, sit on bench with 2 small kids climbing all over me, I explain why I'm going back to school

      I'm sitting in the front passenger side of a car/minivan, my wife is driving, we're heading up in to the B hills. I see a large building to the right that I don't recognize, I think that a large area of trees has been removed and that's why it looks different, I turn my head to the right to look at the building as we drive past, it's a company building.

      We then pass a strange building which is built over a little gulley, the entire building is sagging in the middle like it's collapsing into the gulley. I ask my wife to slow down as we pass so I can get a better look. I look to the right and see a large flat driveway/parking area, I resolve to return to this place and look at it more closely.

      Continuing to wind up into the hills, I see a HUGE building which is REALLY strange, it is very tall (5-6 stories) but extremely thin, I say (to my kid in the back seat?) that "that place looks like a giant flat-screen TV!), I turn my head around and look behind the van at the building as we pass.

      We reach an area at the top of the hills and I see a house built into the hill, they have a patio build on an upper level were they can stand and enjoy the view. I look forwards out over the vista to the water but it's hazy/foggy and can't see any details in the distance.

      I'm out of the car and sitting on a bench outside. A small boy and girl are sitting with me and climbing on me and playing all around, I'm hugging them, they're related to me and I feel great affection towards them. Someone comes and sits down and I discuss why I'm going back to school, the point is "to get an education, an education helps with….getting a job, and being, … a useful person."

      + my private room is also a utility closet, another guy comes in his room plays loud music, I grab a DC and move to a corner to make out (semi?); a repeating story is told about me, a famous opera singer walking through the crowd

      I have my own room in some larger structure (community center). I'm entering the room and I see that the split door (bottom part / top part) top is open, I go out to close it, and back inside my room, I realize that I share this space with the center's utility closet so maids may enter(?). In the room I see a DC (indeterminate sex), take it into my arms, and walk towards a back corner, kissing it several times, and when I arrive in the corner kiss it more deeply for a longer while.

      I'm outside the room (with wife?) and a man who works there, he's going outside in just a towel, his privates are visible, he doesn't care. Another man comes in (a Russian?) sort of short and hairy, he heads into his room which is next to mine, and starts blasting some really loud music, I move to see the source it seems to be almost from within my room.

      I hear some narration that repeats several times about "the huge guy who's the famous opera singer who was moving through the crowd leaving the theater, and all the people turned to look at him[me], ignoring the scene playing on the stage". The voice also makes (a snarky?) comment about me kissing that DC.

      + (FA, LD #101) lying in bed listening to loud water rush through pipes in the walls, bed ejects me, get lucid, climb out window, look for girl, find one, undress her, count to 5 to calm down, wake up on "..3…"

      I wake up in bed looking up at the ceiling in a white walled room and hear a strong flow of water like moving through pipes, I look up and "follow" the progress of the water through the pipes with my eyes, along the corner of the room and then the corner of the wall with the ceiling. I expect the water to burst through the ceiling at any moment. Right then, my bed heaves itself up from the head end and I'm ejected out on to the floor. As the bed lifts up I realize this is a dream, and I'm thankful for having such an easy-to-spot FA. I realize this is a dream again because my "body" has no pains in it whatsoever. I hear something outside, and jump out the window. Outside is very bright daylight and there are lots of colorful things all over the place, I'm on the side of a house. I continue around the corner and pick up a male DC with a sort of moon face and will him to become a hot girl, or for a girl to appear. I then see a bunch of girls seated on a bench a bit farther on in the garden and move towards them, pick one, undress her (take off her top?) and then count to 5 to calm my self before engaging, and I start "1….2….3... … then I wake up! Ah crap!
    8. 2014-11-23 EPIC! beauty/bed, barfing sister, squash valley, child stealers; LDs #84, 85 TOTM

      by , 11-23-2014 at 01:24 PM
      + summary: EPIC!: closing window against rain, comforting hot girl in bed, chatting with her vomiting little sister in bathroom, vivid squash valley, chess concert, they're stealing our children, suicide slave, the doomed teen loves the queen, discovering a new cleanser

      Over 30 minutes of amazing vivd "I'm there" dreaming action. The swirling water valley gorge was absolutely stunning.

      Closing window against rain:
      I'm in a room and it's dark and pouring rain outside. There's a small window that is open and the rain is really coming in. I think I'm on a ship and this could sink the ship. I go to examine and close the window, there are two sliding rectangular panes of glass (it's a small window) at first I try sliding the front one shut but water is still coming in, then I see the back one has a screen on it and also moves so I close the screen to the left then the front pane and it seems to have worked.

      Something about a cat in the hallway?

      Comforting hot girl in bed:
      I'm in a room (sister's bedroom of childhood home) in a twin bed lying on my left side. There's a beautiful girl there lying on the next bed or next to me on mine, she was upset about something and I put my right arm across her to comfort her. At some point I decide to bring my arm under the covers, I maneuver my right arm under the covers and place it across her naked torso/chest just below and pressing up into her breasts, it feels fantastic . She does not complain. Across the room lying on the floor underneath a desk in darkness is another girl and I think my wife. The girl on the ground disapproves of my actions. I think this is a bit risque pushing into her boobs so I run my hand/arm down her tummy and rest my hand on her left hip. She thinks I'm going for the "special place" and objects, "Don't touch me there!" I say I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by it. She's now getting really into me and I think my wife is faking sleep to spy on me. I look over at her in the darkness and think I see the gleam like the reflected eye of an animal at night (day reside from WL walk in park at night, saw animals' reflective eyes), so I'm getting nervous. At some point I say to her in a seductive voice "do you like this?" and she indicates yes, and I feel quite naughty and tell her in a seductive slow voice, "I like it, too!" Girl I'm lying with gets bold and makes some risqué comment out loud about what we should do, and I instantly say "SSSshhhhhh!!!!!" so that my wife won't hear. The girl has fairly dark skin.

      Barfing little sister:
      I'm out of bed and looking for the girl I was just lying with, I think she's in the next room, I go into to bathroom (also in retrospect the upstairs bathroom of my childhood home), there is a long multi-colored shiny (like tinsel) dress looking thing lying on the floor with part of it in the open toilet. I reach down and lift up the part in the toilet and there's a girl in the dress! Her head was in the toilet. She's the little sister of the girl I was just in bed with, she has dark blonde long permed hair and fair skin, she's been vomiting in the toilet. She turns over and is lying face up on the ground with her body propped against the toilet, she puts her right arm up over her head and apologizes for her stinky pits. I note she doesn't shave there and has a small growth of light hair. I do indeed clearly detect an unpleasant odor, but it is neither vomit nor body odor, I can't place it. Some large matronly woman comes in and is cleaning about, and taking things out on a small cart down the hallway to my parent's room.

      Squash valley:
      Some kids enthusiastically lead me to see the view. We're in some ship/building? We come up to a large open window (no lower pane you could just step/fall out) up high and we're overlooking a stunning view down a wide, steep hillside, one side of a very deep and wide gorge, at the bottom of the gorge is a violently swirling body of water, and cliffs rise up on the other side. (This image is the closest match I could find of my perspective, but my side had more of the hillside on it and the vegetation was much farther away/shorter)

      I have a strong feeling I should step out and flly/glide over this amazing view, but don't. Some children and adults climb down and walk among the greenery. My wife is admiring the vegetation and thinks it's edible, my son also agrees that it looks quite delicious. I say "are you crazy? Who knows what those plants are? I look closely at them and they seem more like wild palms than lettuce plants. But I keep looking to the right and the ground seems to be more cultivated in rows, more like a lettuce plant, and then as my gaze keeps panning to the right I see a large area of tall plants with what appear to be giant yellow squash growing there. I say to my wife, "Now look there, there's some squash!" She ways "where?" I say "there! there!" (this goes on for a while). I think about harvesting these squashes which are about the size of a man, and I wonder if the pirates on our ship will eat them at all? I look to the right in the room and see one pirate seated at a counter facing me eating, and I see nothing but big hunks of meat on his plate.

      I decide I *really* want to fly over that scene so I take a few running steps towards the window and start to dive out but am blocked, somebody has put up a big screen over the window, I'm bummed by this (DARN that would have been an awesome flight!).

      I move to a window on the other side of the ship/building and look out another window, I see the people walking back up the hill who had climbed down earlier. There is a group of royalty unrelated to us blocking the way, and they consider taking our people hostage. The scene transitions into:

      Chess Concert:
      I'm walking in a large open room/theater, and I come across two <my instruments> lying on the ground, and recognize them and say "Hey, <my instrument>s!" I see the players: one is sitting on a bench (the principal) and one is standing (the 2nd). I offer my hand to both of them and say I'm a <my instrument> player, too! The first is slow to take my hand and the second one leaves me hanging, I don't like that. I talk about my instrument is a <manufacturer>, sort of a high end student instrument / low end professional, how it has beautiful tone, but that the F# trill key on the right hand doesn't work right, and demonstrate by flicking my finger in the air a bit, then realize, OOPs, no, it's the C# trill key hole ring on my right hand that doesn't work. I ask the principal what make his instrument is and it's the same as mine. The show is about to start up so I have to move on, I walk across the room and up the bleachers to the exit at the top, walking past lots of little kids with chess sets out. This is some sort of chess concert where they discuss a chess lesson and the audience plays along on their own boards. The lesson today is "bishop battle": two nights against bishops? There is some short visual of chess pieces all mixing together.

      Child stealers:
      I'm standing outside on a remote wooded road with a group of adults including my wife, there's some activity going on, they're loading the children into a truck whose canopy/trailer is entirely made from opaque green cheap plastic, a bit brighter green that army green. Everyone is happy and looking forward to the activities. I get a terrible suspicion as the parents and the children are about to be moved to the destination location: who are these guys with the truck? Where are they taking the kids? We may never see them again! I jump on to left outside and hold on to a round tube as the truck takes off. My wife looks scared and runs after the truck too, I help her up to the other side. There is a guard at the back of the truck and I'm sure he sees me doing this but he takes no action. We move through a compound of theirs and through a check point, and some group of guards calls to the truck to come up and eat with them. I think they see us but our guard indicates to them not to raise any alarm. I'm wondering why and he mentions some sort of large pay off I will need to make to him.

      Slave suicide:
      Our truck pulls up to the destination compound where children are slaves, there is a large outdoor area filled with what looks like shiny wooden coffins. Something about the "PhD fields" (!?). I move to see where one very talented slave girl, dark skin and dark eyes, is being forced to read a scrolling text on a screen and compose a rap song to go along with it. She's very talented but is struggling, there is an overseer and a "teacher" sitting with her goading her on. Her performance is not perfect, and there's some mention of her wanting to "push the button," the overseer disagrees but she goes ahead, she picks up (it's hanging around her neck?) a short sharp thing like a dagger and plunges it into her jugular vein, and bleeds and dies. I think it's sort of a nasty sight. But it was her escape.

      The doomed teen loves the queen:
      (DO) In a large outdoor stadium, football field sized, rectangular with vertical walls, we're up high on the walls, the "field" is far below. At my back (along the short "endzone" side of the field) is a row of the royalty including the queen. I drift forwards along the left long wall, and there is a long line of condemned prisoners each bound to a holding contraption. As I get close I notice the deception: their arms are in fact bound inside long black cloth tubes [like a straight jacket], and fake stuffed arms in white are hanging down: they are in fact bound, not with loose arms, like the crowd thinks they are from the view, with bound arms the have no chance to save themselves.

      There is a young man at the end of the long row, he loves the lonely queen, he wants to call out to her (maybe she will pardon them?), his position shifts around the corner and on to the short wall opposite the field from the queen. I look back towards the queen and she can't hear him, her position is shifting down the long wall towards us.

      Discovery of a new cleanser:
      Back on the boat (space ship?) where the dream began, I'm inspecting up close a very intricate combo jacuzzi/shower with lots of jets and drains, I'm tracing with my finger one drain that has an area that has become "whiter than white," it is totally new and clean, I'm brushing aside the residue of the cleaning there are lots of soap bubbles around, though. I'm holding in my hand a very complicated looking jet mechanism roughly the shape of a cube, and it looks shining white and new. It's because of the secret cleanser that was used, I hear the ship's crew discussing whether they should tell anybody about about this discovery. (It's an alcoholic drink?) Dream closes with me singing an advertising jingle, "Iiiiitt's liiiike aiiiiirplaaaane fuuuuuel..." (my WL phrase for bad/cheap alcohol).

      ----------------end of dream-----------

      Awake, amazed as the scenes from the above dream came in one by one. There was earlier recall but the above epic totally overwrote earlier minor recall.

      I feel like there's some more dreaming left in me, there's an appointment to get to but since I didn't sleep half the prior night, my wife said I should just rest today, so that's what I do, I can *feel* the lucid in me, just waiting for another sleep session to pop out. It's not easy getting back to sleep, I change positions a number of different times, do breathing relaxation, see lots of dreamlets, and finally get a short actual dream:

      + OS class teacher at his desk, I'm looking at my coin collection
      A man is sitting at a desk, he's JoSv my OS teacher from college, he's taking some questions. I want to show him something, I'm holding my coin collection (false memory) in my hand and inspecting a particularly interesting coin, he's calling for final questions, some other guy gets in to talk. I figure "oh well" and put down the box with my coin collection on the desk and think that's where it belongs. I have my special coin in my hand and look at it and walk away.

      I know I have more dreaming in me and relax and fall asleep...

      + summary: (lucid #84 TOTM leaves) get lucid, try to gather leaves, fail, fly looking for leaves, bounce off of some guy's bald head, find leaves, fly/jump through pile, guy wants me to clean it up, kids in a cage, I deny writing on the wall, lose the dream when I realize kids are another TOTM and go back to ask them the question

      I'm flying a large UFO vehicle and land with a hard crash on the street outside my childhood home. I'm walking through my childhood home talking to my parents: the dining room, the living room, and out the front door. I call to my parents that I need to pick up the UFO I flew in on. I slowly get lucid as I'm running up the front steps to the street, I know my UFO is shaped like a gigantic motor home and there it is just as I'd imagined. I gesture towards it with my left hand, I want it to collapse into a tiny package and fly into my hand. At first nothing, then it collapses into a small thing, and I will it to fly into my hand, and it does, it's the shape of a coin. At this point I think TOTM leaves, and look around on the street and on the pathways to our neighbor's houses. There are a few leaves scattered on the M's walkway, and a few on the G's driveway, but not nearly enough for a pile and I don't want to jump on to just a few leaves on top of bricks. So I close my lucid eyes [never done this before!] and summon a large pile of leaves, nothing. Then I imagine using my "lucid power" to gather up with the wind all the leaves in the area into a pile and make whooshing gestures with my arms, but nothing happens. OK, I'll go flying to find a pile of leaves. I have to be careful though to stay lucid and remember to land again. I jump up into the air, and there's a white plastic platform hovering about 15 feet up, which I grab with my arms and use to catapult myself higher into the sky.

      I fly over the G's house, and I'm then in a false location, there's a bald (hispanic?) man walking along a tall fence who asks me for directions to something, I ignore his question and want to ask him (or ask him telepathically) where a pile of leaves is. I don't wait for an answer I'm hovering right over him, I use my hands and push off his bald head with my feet to change direction and keep on flying, I feel a little bit bad about this .

      I soon land and "remember" (an actual false memory, not a pretend one) that there are lots of piles of leaves around here (in WL my neighborhood and the park are full of them now). I see a wooded dirt area in front of a house across the street and know there are piles of leaves there, I see them, and get a running start and launch myself superman style into one of the piles. I bash into it and out the other side and fall to the ground. I look back at it and notice that it must be a biology experiment because there is steam rising up from the decapitated mountain of leaves. The man who is the owner of the yard asks me to put the "XYZ" back. He then walks by me from left to right and I notice there's a small metal cage with two kids in it, a boy and a girl, the man opens the cage and leaves. I'm amazed not that the kids are in the cage, but that he would leave a stranger with his kids. Kids come out and they mostly are little girls. I get deja vu at this point and think I was here in a dream before. They accuse me of being the one who wrote on the column, I deny it (I don't want to be determined to have been the one who was here before), they insist I did, I look at it and say I didn't, but I clearly see my initials in cursive in my handwriting next to one of the number "7"s written on the column, I say "I didn't write that pink seven" (but I think I did).

      I get up then and say "I need to fix the pile" and go there to do so, then I stop in my tracks and think "KIDS! The other TOTM, argh, I missed it" and turn around to go back worried about the dream ending, which of course then it does.

      I don't want to give up. I'm (in bed? The void?) rubbing my hands vigorously to return to the dream. I feel the friction, I feel the heat.

      + summary: (lucid #85 TOTM) back in a dream, people walking on street, find a teen girl, ask her what's it like to be a DC in my dream, she pulls away and says "go away"[/COLOR]

      (lucid #85 TOTM) And then I'm back in a dream. I'm on some random street with people walking around busy doing their thing. I go across the street and say/will people to tell me where some kids are, but I instantly see one of the people is a teen girl, I reach for her to turn her to me, she pulls away against my grip, I start to ask her how old she is but see she's about 14, so I ask her "What's it like to be a DC in my dream?" And she answers something like "Mmmpph!" or "Go away!" and the dream fades.

      I'm "in bed" vigorously rubbing my hands again. I'm lying in the same position where I last fell asleep (on my right side), I'm rubbing my hands vigorously, I so clearly feel the friction, feel the heat, I have some small thought in the back of my head that this is not quite the position I was in when I fell asleep, this may in fact be a dream, but I'm so intent on the rubbing that I don't even think to do a simple nose pinch. It was probably a FA and I missed it.

      But another dream arises:

      + summary: in a gym, lying on ground, checking out hot girl in spandex, banter with young black guys, locker's open, letter from mother, standing confused in front of mirror with shorts on yet naked

      I'm in a crowded room, it's like a gym, fairly small. There's a wall length mirror on one wall, and a wall made up of lockers on the other. At some point I find myself lying down on the floor looking up, just as a beautiful girl, sweating profusely from exercise and waving her arms around, comes up (to look in the mirror?), I think "woohoo by chance I chose the right spot!" and I'm looking up at her, a bit self-conscious but I want to check her out.

      Then I'm standing and chatting with a group of young black guys, they're talking about a scam method of theirs where they answer someone's question and they coerce/trick the mark into paying them money, they ask me how I / if I do that too, and I answer is, "Nah, man, I'm 'hood!" To which they respond with beat box, "Bow Chi Bow, 'Get out Da Waaaay!'" and I respond by rapping "Get out Da Waaaay!" as I turn towards the lockers and do a little dance and imagine they'll make fun of my poor white man dance moves.

      I go to my locker and feel all of a sudden like I haven't locked it because I didn't lock it. There in big giant numbers on my locker are the numbers X-Y-Z arranged vertically, my WL code for my gym locker. I open it and it's not locked, and I look through I see a backpack and white athletic shoes, it could have all been stolen but nothing appears to have been stolen.

      I'm putting a large envelope into the locker, it's from "MiSe" (whiny female colleague from company "3") and my mother, there's a handwritten note and something that looks like a plastic embossed card (like a credit card), it's something important.

      I'm standing in front of the mirror looking at the full body view of myself. Then I realize to my amazement that I'm naked from the waist down! How could this be? I'm wearing shorts, but my shorts start at around my chest and only cover down to my navel, how'd that happen? I reach down and "adjust" the shorts sideways and that somehow covers up my stuff.

      I've never gotten lucid from a mirror, despite ALWAYS doing an RC whenever I look into one in WL, and today was no exception. Sorry for any typos, I was typing at top speed for like 1.5 hours to get this all down.

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    9. 2014-11-13 LD #83 (flying into ocean sunset), also semi-almost-lucid airplane crash, missed concert

      by , 11-15-2014 at 07:19 AM
      8:30pm zonk out, yes I'm weak, very tired, couldn't hold out for "normal" bedtime. Melatonin production starts around 5pm now, it's dark and cold and will be this way for the next 5 months....I love it! Excellent for long stays in bed, dreaming

      10:30pm family comes home, have to get up a few times, had some recall here but forgot

      early batch:

      + missed the concert! I'm trying to find the time, it's 7:30 already, the concert is beginning, I can hear the music (on the radio), this is terrible I've only ever missed one concert before in my life, maybe if I hurry I can get there in time for the 2nd piece, I'll have to walk on stage all by myself. I put on a gaudy purple lapelled tux. Lying down on the ground a cute girl walks over some of us she's wearing a white billowing dress and I notice she's panty-free and get a clear view of her (ahem).

      + semi/short lucid watch a plane explode, break apart and crash right outside my window, the roof of the fuselage is blown off and the edges are glowing red hot, I see the rows of seats and perhaps some people, I say "no way this is waking" and I think I do a nose pinch but forget about being lucid, after the crash I go to the left to see if there are people, I see some weird strange cartoony guy

      + enemy base infiltration in darkness, the doors are open I see, I must take advantage of this while I can, I enter a long dark hallway and I see the outlines of guards down at the end of the hallway, they're looking my way, I get down on my stomach on the floor and glide/slide forwards slowly, this will make he harder to see, then send a toy train sensor down the hallway to search for intruders, it runs right by me on the right, I hear them saying "caught another programmer," it's like now, I stand up and wait to be discovered

      + held prisoner, leader asks me how the treatment is, I say (one guard) shoots some prisoners in the head, he says "yeah have to do something about (him)." writes a note for me but shouldn't be needed if existing s laws were enforced

      + teaching a little girl how to bind together little toy rings made out of thatched straw, her dad is watching

      + dinner with the T family, drinking? I only have a few days left before the end of this trip so I'd better hurry to wrap up my project goals

      + trying to find a cab?

      3am wife comes to bed? do some mental recall of the above


      + JG is standing naked at the top of the stairs, I climb up behind her admiring the view, one "feature" is exposed clearly and I make a note of her shaving practices

      + meeting with some guys in a club, exchange contact information, someone's complaining about short palestinians in leather jackets who are self-proclaimed law enforcement

      + I'm chasing a little spider that I have to catch with another guy, it will allow me to do something. Can't catch it. We're in some crawlspace. I look up and see a large crack open area extending up with tons and tons of spider webs and dead spiders, I see a live one. I continue looking on the low ceiling further and I start to see larger and larger and juicier/thicker live spiders with stripes and dots, "ugh!" I think and just get the heck out of the there in a hurry

      + 1st person shooter base assault. I'm at the enemy base and view one of (our guys?) the strikers flying / jumping in. We attack the generators, and the turrets, the enemies are dismayed that we're making progress on trashing their base. We put a special marker on an enemy target and one of our guys follows the signal in a flying craft and torches it with a flamethrower.

      + (lucid) I'm on an outdoor large patio that wraps around the corner of a building which is on my right, as I turn the corner and see the expanse of patio stretched out in front of me and the nature in the distance and I'm lucid and I think "FLY!" I take several steps and then a few running steps then take off superman-style. I want to fly to the ocean. I extend a hand forcefully forwards and I fly faster and higher, but no ocean yet, just more nature on the horizon. Another spurt of speed forwards and I catch a glimpse of water in the distance, "ah, there we go" I think. The trees are beautiful, and I fly down low to fly through the leaves of one tree, as I approach I feel the sensation of the leaves dragging on my left shoulder and back just before I actually fly through the tree, and think this timing mess-up is funny/interesting. Back up higher I notice the sunset is the purest orange that I've ever seen, it's amazing. I think that on the hills below me must be a house with a girl in it, I look for it and start to land and the dream fades.

      I'm then talking with someone (a woman?) about how, yes, it's trite and everyone says it, but that was probably my best flying dream ever to date.
    10. Epic! Where's Sensei? Stunning outdoor scene, bed-eject to the slide (twice), LDs #58, 59, 60

      by , 08-28-2014 at 07:23 AM
      Well this is what happened, none were "attempts" per se:

      I had 3 LDs last night, assisted by galantamine and Alpha-GPC.

      At 4am I took the supplements, along with a banana and a piece of rye bread for "dreaming fuel" (and to help get the 300mg alpha-gpc capsules down, those things are horse pills!)

      I spent the next 4 hours or so in a brain-busting battle to fall back asleep.

      The HI (only blobby shapes and colors) were bursting in front of my eyes like fireworks most the entire time -- if only I could get to sleep I knew those would be awesome dreams.

      My only goal was to get to sleep unconsciously and DILD.

      After about 4 hours (having been in bed for 8 hours) awake, both my hips were getting sore and distracting me (I'm a side sleeper), so I decided to try my back (I don't think I've fallen asleep on my back in years, but I was desperate not to have a wasted supplement night)

      At one point I think I had a near-WILD. I thought I saw before me a small portion of a concrete floor (I interpreted this to be the floor of a garage), it became a bit clearer, but stayed as within a black frame, which did not extend to fill my vision. I thought about rubbing my hands but it didn't seem that I had any dream hands yet, this vision of the concrete patch of floor stayed about 10 seconds and then faded away. I tried to relax and let it form but it just didn't turn into a dream.

      Later I found myself seated in a room and "felt" the dream feeling, I guess that was a start-of-dream DILD, I later flew through a stunningly beautiful dream landscape.

      I "woke up from" (transitioned out of) that DILD and was lying in bed on my back in darkness. I was thinking lightly of the awesome scene that ended that DILD, then all of a sudden:

      It felt like the foot of my bed was suddenly heaved 5 feet in the air, leaving the bed at a 45 or 60 degree angle with my head pointing down, and that I quickly shot out of my bed head-first on to a steep wide slide: head first (pointing down), on my back, going fast down this slide with no visuals. I was fully conscious and thought this was great fun and wondered when the dream was going to begin.

      After maybe 10-15 seconds of this I wondered if this was the dream, or merely a transition and I had to work to make a dream begin. I thought about turning over to my stomach, then I imagined I was in a dark room at the end of the slide, and cut my way out, and began the dream (I lost lucidity or forgot the lucidity, and was non-lucid at the finish of that dream).

      I found myself awake back in bed again on my back, and again in just a few seconds I experienced the SAME transition all over again: foot of bed raised up, I flew out headfirst on my back down the dark tunnel. I do not recall if I simply fell out of the tunnel into the dream or if I willed it, but I found myself in a courtyard and continued lucidly for a minute or so before waking and worked on recalling all 3 LDs and the non-lucid parts.

      As best as I can figure the two tunnel experiences were both DEILDs. I have never experienced anything like that and greatly look forward to it happening again as it was a real hoot.

      I'm wondering if the tunnel experience was a dream or just a transition (or "noise?"). It's conceivable they were FAs instead of DEILDs and it was all a single long dreaming sequence into and out of lucidity, but looking back it seems most like DEILDs.

      edit: I remembered: during one of the trips down the slide I very carefully lifted my dream hand to my dream nose and did a nose pinch, both arm and nose felt fairly insubstantial, not solid like in "full dream" -- proof that the tunnel wasn't just "noise?"

      Interested in any thoughts/comments about these experiences.

      And I'm wondering if it's possible to experience all this craziness without galantamine+choline. Maybe it just takes being awake for 4 hours starting in the middle of the night?



      + I appear in a room sitting at a desk in a chair, I suspect I'm dreaming, check the "dream feeling" for a few seconds, and decide yes, I'm dreaming. I rub my hands and look at them before standing up. I stand up and turn to the left, I feel sort of propelled forwards but I remember: slow down, engage, Sensei! I look around the room and notice a large, bright yellow stuffed pooh bear on the be to my left. I do not look as deeply as I want to my mind is not settling down. I remember Sensei, I go to the door ahead to my right and and look around the corner expecting to see him, nothing except some purple splotches briefly appear before my eyes. I call out "Cmon Sensei, buddy, let's get going!" Should I behind-the-back summon him? I decide to move on down the hallway which is out the door. I reach the next room to my right and enter it, the way is blocked by an office desk it looks like a very cluttered room, I turn to the right, walk around the desk and face the window and look out: I'm astounded at the bright vivid beauty out there: twig trees (no leaves) of brownish color, in a landscape extending into the distance. I decide to fly out and see it better. I fly out through the glass window effortlessly and am outside and I'm blown away: more real than waking, vivid, clear, beautiful landscape, maybe a city in the distance? I fly slowly through it for a few seconds before I "wake up".

      + I'm lying on my back in bed in the dark thinking about the beautiful scene I just lucidly visited, when suddenly the foot of my bed heaves up into the air and my bed is at a very sharp angle with my head pointing down, I eject/shoot out of bed onto some huge slide, I'm head-first on my back shooting down this slide and know this is a dream or a transition into one. It is a TRIP I'm whooping mentally (at least), HELL YEAH this is awesome. After about 10 seconds I wonder where the dream is, do I have to create it myself? I imagine myself in a dark box at the end of the slide and I should cut myself a hole with a light saber. I see a weak translucent thin beam waving around in front of me, I think about cutting a hole on my left side an enter into the dream and lose lucidity (or forget this part if I remained lucid). There are 4 main moments that I recall of this dream, it was fairly long with a number of diferent moments, I'm probably forgetting a lot:

      I'm in an outdoor courtyard there's a large table there I see an old TV there I push/pull the on/off knob a few times.

      I'm among a thick crowd of young people, mostly young women, we're standing at a door, it's a talent show, we can't go through the door because the show hasn't started, someone says there should be more guys here. I just want to get back to my table but I can't because people are blocking the door and I don't want to go through it prematurely. I'm getting anxious about getting through, I eventually decide to grab the door knob and go through the door, saying I just need to get back to my table. (Some announcer is announcing the show?)

      I'm walking/flying through obscure outdoor structures, I hear a female contestant start to sing, her voice is TERRIBLE she can't carry a tune, she's singing for 20 seconds or more.
      I see in the distance my wife scooting off to return to the table? I want to join her.

      I'm approaching a large outdoor field flying up in the air, there are a bunch of people on t he field, I think "Ronald Reagan was insane."

      + I'm on my back in bed in the dark, and before I can think of much of anything, I experience the raised-bed-slide ejection AGAIN exactly as I did before. This is freaking awesome! 3rd lucid! This time the slide ride is short, and I'm deposited into an open area inside a building made of reddish brown bricks everywhere. (semi-lucid) I feel compelled to offer my services, so I say "I can do security work, or entertainment work." I see a man standing in front of a medieval-looking curved-pointy-top door
      CRAP-medieval_door_by_nub4sh.jpg and I'm lucid again and I ask him, "Show me the door leading to the beautiful naked teen girl!" He just stands there looking at me. Another man appears, and I ask him "Show me the door with the beautiful naked teen girl, NO, GROUP of teen girls!" He asks me, "what age range do you want, 20-18?" I say yes that will do, I'm anticipating it and getting very excited and I wake up with an elevated heart rate.

      Spoiler for NSFW, 18+:

      I realize I don't remember much about the 2nd LD, and decide it was mostly non-lucid after exiting the slide/tunnel. I know I had 3 LDs and the first is not immediately on my mind I'm getting nervous that I forgot it but then it comes back to me, whew! I decide the 2 bed-ejection LDs were DEILDs (later decided they were FAs after some feedback from Sageous).

      Trying to get back to sleep. Awake an hour? At some point it's 10:00?

      + I'm in a hardware store looking at a small device hung on a hook on the wall. It's a small batter-operated device and I want to place a battery I'm holding into it and watch it work. A store clerk walk up behind me and says something like "if you touch it you buy it" I wait for him to leave and continue my examination. I'm looking deeply into this device it is a battery of some sort, there is inside of it an odometer-like counter on value "75" or so. I reach for the reset button and the counter goes to zero, I flip a little activation switch and it starts working, I see the numbers on the meter start to increase again. I turn it over and there's a little toy train that starts moving forwards and backwards.

      I look up and I see a young boy watching me pointing something at me (a camera? Looks like a pen?), I turn away from him because I didn't want to be observed, and realize I know him and look back at him, then a middle-aged woman is there and I recognize her she is his mother, she looks older, we start talking about something, I know her from the homeschooling park event. I say I didn't recognize them at first.

      12:30 final waking, I had more dreams! Unaware and non-lucid though

      + I hear a group inside ribbing some girl, they say "You don't live in <my city>, you live in BORING-VILLE!" I arrive at a room they were waiting for me the tell that to a girl. I had been in the room earlier, I was outside picking something up (whiskey?) There was more here, forgot it.

      + young disadvantaged black boys were given hot dogs which they decorated with toothpicks and played pretend-airplane-dogfights with these toothpick-hotdog-airplanes. The man who gave them the hot dogs showed them a video about fighter plane dogfighting, he used to be a pilot. The boys were supposed to line up, raise their right hand ,and the man rhythmically placed the hot dogs into their hands (in buns) and shoot the hot dog forwards. I see several of the "planes" they're bristling with toothpicks. Two boys are playing fighter pilot, one says "turn right 3 degrees!" and makes "boy noise" machine gun sounds, I see a toothpick sticking forwards like a forwards gun.

      The man went into the house and came out with a curious twirly pencil device. It was a pencil with with two broken match sticks placed half-way up broken 90-degrees and placed so that they were little rocket motors propelling the pencil around and around in a fast circle balanced on its eraser on the ground like a top. I thought this was awesome.

      Then I'm standing at the back of a car with a few other guys and we're looking with great interest at the registration sticker on the back license plate in the upper-left-hand corner of the plate. We're looking at the numbers, and there's a transparent stick plastic film over the sticker and we (I?) peel this off and put it back on. I suspect this sticker is illegal. We're talking about the numbers. It's something like "243" with a small subscript 3 at the end.

      I'm under the back of this car on the ground trying to reach for something. I feel a spot of wetness on my shorts on my leg like in a pool of water. I think of some explanation (my girlfriend dropped something and i was looking for it) to give in case the owner of the car comes back and finds me in this position.
    11. 00:00 Monday 2014-08-18 Home Run! 4 LDs: #50, 51, 52, 53

      by , 08-18-2014 at 07:41 PM
      23:18 pre-bedtime 3mg melatonin
      00:00 Monday 2014-08-18

      04:00 alarm, 2 x 4mg Galantamind, 1x 300mg Choline Bitartrate, 1x 300mg Alpha-GPC, 1 large rye cracker, 1 banana, immediately back to bed

      (no recall, just vague impressions, not even fragments)

      05:00 still awake

      05-06? very stimulated, familiar body buzzing feeling on G + Ch, difficult to get mind to stay at rest, "relieve tension," BTB

      fall asleep somewhere around late 05? or perhaps 06?


      + I'm lucid sitting on a bus, feel unstable, turn around to my right and see a guy sitting in the seat behind me smoking, I grab a strap that runs vertically along his body with my right hand and hold it firmly and say to him, "NO SMOKING ON THE BUS!!". I'd like to stabilize and get deeper into the dream but I can't take my right hand away (like if I did the dream would end) and I can't reach the right hand with my left. I lose visuals and I'm holding both hands on the bar on top of the seat in front of me. The bus starts pitching up and down violently like a ship in tall ocean waves, I feel the bus pitch down sharply and my body lifts up off the seat, still holding on to the bar in front of me, I wonder if the bus is going to start flying into space.

      Transition: I'm now a DO flying above behind and to the right of a bus that's driving on a road. The world is a flat-shaded cartoon world: a lot is white, and it's very blocky. The bus turns left at an intersection and them pulls over to a building and stops. I call out "Hey are there any cartoon girls in there?" I see a little guy get off the bus and head in to the building, I follow him and call to him "are you going to show me your cartoon <ahem>?"

      + In a house, in front of a mirror, I pick up an electric toothbrush and turn it on. The sensation in my hand gives me an idea and I place the fairly strongly vibrating toothbrush in a NSFW way in several different positions looking for the best sensation.

      + (I may have been walking through my kitchen at one point). I have a shirt with a large red food stain on it, I feel generally kind of nervous/edgy. I'm outside my kitchen (on a patio?) looking down at my shirt every once in a while, when my friend MR appears in my kitchen looks at me picks something up in his hand and says "Hey <my name> why aren't you eating these pancakes?" I'm thinking those pancakes were cooked some while ago and may not be very clean. He takes a bite and says "pancakes are great for digging out cavities!"

      + colleague JT is holding a joint press statement with the police, they've found his kidnapped son after a long search, he's calling for leniency on the kidnapper -- his wife is hot and busty I see her topless with her arms over her head, get lucid, and enjoy the view and perhaps think about leaning in for some contact for a few seconds before waking up.

      + I'm standing in a hallway (feels like a house) and am immediately lucid. At the lucidity I notice the walls change from uncolored to colored in a modern color scheme: muted warm colored rectangles, smoky translucent glass arranged in patterns. I turn to my left and walk ahead slightly, my attention drawn by incredible colors and patterns. On a (bed?) in a room there I see a pile of cube-shaped pillows (about 4-6 inches on a side) that have a mixture of many different colors in various patterns (mostly straight/triangular lines). I'm astonished at the vivid colors and look at the scene for a few moment to make sure I can remember it. I remember TOTM basic (I) (foreign word) and turn back to where I started expecting to find some people. Just ahead I see the hallway open into a large open area and DCs are mulling around there. I walk up to one and try to say "tell me a foreign word and what it means," but I can barely open my mouth and can barely make any sound. I try again with another DC and the sounds are severely muted like trying to talk under water, the DC just walks away, I try once more and the DC looks at me with a quizzical "say that again?" look, and I slow down and try to speak very clearly. I think it comes out better and the DC answers something like "fribblety-splat". I repeat it back to make sure I heard it correctly. Then I ask her what it means, and she answers "the kakashka is in the F. U." Despite the success I go on to ask a few more DCs in the area and now I can speak clearly and freely. I'm eyeing some DC girls as they walk by, like one, then pick another (long curly blonde hair),
      Spoiler for NSFW explicit:
      I wake up.

      awake, recalling dreams, trying to get BTB, jerks are playing loud music outside somewhere

      09:10 ? receive phone call, stand up answer it

      Back to bed. I'm quite awake. Should I just get up for the day? NO! I feel I have at least one more LD in me and I'm probably still on the fumes from the G. Boy, I'm awake. OK, if you want it, you have to work for it. You've worked for this, you know what to do, DO IT!

      So I do counting breathing up to about 50, that's not helping much, the counting is keeping me too aware. Do my classic sleep kung-fu: on every exhale, sink deeper into relaxation, let EVERYTHING go: mental, physical tension, on EVERY breath, let more and more go, let everything go! And in a short while .... I sleep!

      + I'm lucid in super crowded indoor space like a bookstore. I don't remember anything before this moment of lucidity. YES made it, 4th LD!, Start to to stabilize by rubbing my hands, hey, ... why not rub that cute girl's butt instead? I reach for her butt but she somehow knows what I'm doing and scoots off away from me really fast, I decide not to chase, I think it's pretty funny! Wow this is crowded, mostly young people, cute girls, push past them through a doorway and turn to the left. OK, NOW it's time for a girl! Wait...no, stabilize! I stop and rub my hands, and pound my chest with my fists a few times. At the pounding a DC who was sitting down next to me is startled, and gets down on the ground and scuttles/runs away like an insect. She was wearing a dark/black burka, like a muslim. I thought that was sort of funny/weird. Ah ha, I want to carry a bottle of water with me to stabilize! I think I'm holding a bottle of water and look down at my hands. WOW TRIPPY, my hands and parts of my arms to the wrist are not fully rendered yet by my brain, it looks like I'm wearing black translucent long gloves with bright lines circling all over and sparkles all over them, then I see the "paint" of my skin color creep quickly into my hands. Looks like a computer graphics effect! I'm now holding an empty bottle of water. I will for it to be filled with water. Wait a minute, no, Beer! Be filled with Beer! I see it fill with liquid. I upend the bottle to take a drink with my head back and my mouth open, and a few modest sized splashes of water (darn didn't get beer) hit my tongue and the roof of my mouth at the back of my mouth, the sensation is entirely realistic. I move the water bottle to my left hand. I remember my goal of chewing dream gum to stabilize and stay in the dream, I reach my right hand into my right pants pocket expecting to get some gum there, I feel a lot of coins and something like a wrapper, I bring my hand out and see some coins and an empty wrapper, ah well. I walk forwards (back the way I came) and people are still everywhere, I see a petite girl sitting in a chair
      Spoiler for NSFW explicit:
      I wake up. I'm quite pleased that I got in my 4th lucid in one night, I'm really happy about this. I'm in a hallway in a large area and I look up and see a big analog clock and see that it shows 11 o'clock, wow I've slept quite late! Then I get a dream transition feeling and think "Hey maybe I can DEILD back in!", but I feel more awake, now I'm in bed, really awake, and realize I just missed a FA/transition to non-lucid, ARGH!

      10:20 now really awake

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    12. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-08-12 LDs #48, #49, caught FA

      by , 08-13-2014 at 01:32 PM
      read the dream yoga section (after reading the introductory parts earlier) of "The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep", very excited about the practice.

      00:00 Tuesday 2014-08-12

      00:17 pre-bedtime. day memory review, set strong intention to LD

      00:35 bedtime

      03:00 ? awake, hear sounds coming from wife and son in other rooms, a bit concerned about sounds from outside, take off mask and look out the window, BTB.


      +(f) something about a farm?

      05:46 LDs #48 and #49, they were awesome

      + in my room in the night, the door to my room was open, my wife and son (S1) were making noises and they came into my room and turned on the light. S1 wanted to do something with my computer which I needed for work, he wanted to install his own 3d chip into my laptop, I'm upset what are they doing here in the middle of the night, I'm tired, it was like 3am, I didn't want to let him do it, this is my work computer anything you do to it could ruin it. I feel a bit bad about rejecting him so I say "ok you can do it, but for one thing don't come in here at 3am." Then I get a *creepy* phone call, I answer it and I here a voice say "Hey, <my full name>, <something>" (I don't remember what they said but I understood "they" were watching me and weren't friendly), kind of laughing at me, I wondered how they did that. I returned to my bed and saw a low cabinet/closet open in the wall, there were pillow and sheets there, I was taking out some pillows. I'm back in bed and starting to get lucid?...

      + ... I'm suddenly in my sister's room in my chldhood home looking out into the hallway and am instantly lucid, I went out into the hallway, and started down the stairs. I started thinking about what to do and I decided to summon a DDGSHG I had seen before, and the dream ends...

      + I'm standing in a hotel lobby in just my underwear because I had locked myself out of my room. There are people in the lobby, the front desk is a circular island in the middle of the room, there are clerks there, I go to the front desk and say I locked myself out of my room. I felt a bit awkward being there in just my underwear (but not very much), they didn't respond to me so I go back to the elevator. The buttons were strange and I wasn't sure if it was actually an elevator or not, it seemed to open into a bathroom, the buttons were all located very low to the ground, they were all lit, I couldn't tell what was going on. I got out and walked through a dining room, I knew it was late at night, there were people eating, at a table, food on a buffet, I saw what I thought were sushi sandwiches, I continued walking by, I walk past a woman who whispers to her companion "that man's in his underwear!" and I angrily respond "Yeah, I know, that happens when you get locked out!"

      + ... and I'm in bed, "awake", in a dark room, but I thought I could be dreaming still, nose pinch showed that I was still dreaming. I tried to get up out of bed, I could move my arms and legs which went up into the air a bit but my body wouldn't move. OK, if I'm stuck in bed lets summon KS my highschool sweetheart. Should I teleport to the swimming pool where we were on our awesome swimming date? I feel my heartrate start to increase dramatically (either dream or actual, I don't know) at this thought, I know I have to calm down so I decide "forget that." I am able to roll out of bed and I'm standing in the room. It's a small hotel room with a wall-sized window running from floor to ceiling, covered with closed blinds. The orange lights from the city street lamps are leaking through the blinds. I know I'm in a room up high off the ground and there is a city outside. I'm sure I'm dreaming, but I don't want to fall and die so I do another nose pinch, and I step back away from the window to the wall at my back and take a few running steps and stretch my hands out superman style and fly right through the window and blinds out into the orange-tinted cityscape, I'm way up above the ground look down and see people/cars moving on the street, there are other tall buildings all around, I turn towards my right and fly in that direction.

      There was another big window approaching. I was doing "superman with a go pro" style power bursts of speed by thrusting my fist forwards forcefully, I could feel the acceleration of motion when I did this. There were people around, some were flying, some were on the ground, they were *very bright and vivid*, I was amazed at the visual quality. I do a power fly through this large glass wall, it's into a crystal clear but dark night scene with shining snow falling down. The city scape starts to head up into hills in front of me. I think I should be looking for a woman and I turn around in the air and I see a big bulky woman approaching me, I reach for and squeeze her breasts and she turns into a man with man-boobs, I think "no no no be a beautiful woman" and he turns into a young beautiful woman, her right breast is exposed, it is firm and lovely, I reach to take it into my mouth
      and I wake up.

      Takes a long while to get back to sleep but I want more lucids! I feel them in me, just gotta get back to sleep. Takes all my sleep kung fu and concentration but I eventually sleep again.


      + going into a small convenience store. I do something wrong or have stolen something, the store owner gets mad at me, I'm kicked out, I feel lucky to escape with my life.

      I order lunch at the pizza place (LV) I order the lunch special, one guy goes on an on about how LV is better than the other place LV has the original flavor, I place the order with a guy who's outside. Then I return to this place and I sense it's been a long time since I placed the order but I know that my lunch must be ready, I have the guy I ordered with go and pick it up I think that's better because he has more authority, I hear him talking to the counter, apparently it's not ready yet and that they have to make a second one and give it to me free.

      Scene inside a house, a small boy is a servant/slave, I see his small boy face, the young man master is preparing to murder the and place him into a box. The slave boy didn't do anything wrong, the master man says "it's just that kind of a thing." I'm observing. The master is wrapping the boy up in tape. Then a guy (from the convenience store gang?) comes up stealthily behind the evil master and sticks a long knife deeply into the bad guy's side, he does that several times. The young master freezes in shock and pain. The young man's family enters at this time into the dining room (on a level above the room we're in) it's a very wealthy family they're shocked at the scene in the living room below them.

      +(f) PA vs. K (cities)? There are two houses and I see their addresses and say them out loud.

      +(f) With MR parking a car on HC. Getting something out of the back of his car.

      + on a floating (in the sky?) boat there's a party prepared for one guy by his gay lover, he walks up the stairway to his lover who is the host and they're going to get down to business.

      + I see a convenience store mafia guy again in my parents house at a party our eyes meet he has a goatee I nod to him in recognition he doesn't acknowledge me back. Later there's something to do with money, if he gives me back all the money he'll kill me and he starts to give me money and I start to freak out but he only gives me a few coins and decides not to kill me.
    13. 00:00 Friday 2014-03-21 competition #17 night #14 LDs #27, #28, FA fight with an orc

      by , 03-21-2014 at 09:04 AM
      23:18 bedtime. Yay!

      00:00 Friday 2014-03-21 competition #17 night #14 LDs #27, #28, FA fight with an orc


      5) scene over the ocean high on a cliff/hill by a house. I'm just standing there observing. There is a little house to the left in front of me. There is a planter there on the ground near me to the front and left. I look at this planter and think about it. There is a table at the end of a ramp also in front of me, I think this is for the house owner since I "know" he's in a wheelchair. You can't see the ocean (out to the front and right) because of the fog. I know my brother-in-law has told me about this spot and recommends climbing down the path to the ocean that is to the front and right of me.. There is also a road off to the left through the trees.

      6) I'm outside old college house, I see NI friend there, there's a row of computers, 80's style PCs, I'm looking for mine but can't see it. NI is using a computer. I think I have returned to the house after a long absence but my room should still be available.

      7) Keeper of the amber. I'm in a room with big huge slugs of amber. I know that we can forge these slugs of amber into powerful swords. I imagine that we can also imprints the names of people allowed to use these swords on to a stone. People knock at the door trying to come in, only the people on our team are let in, I'm guarding the door.

      8) bizarre star paths in the sky. There were lines of stars in the skies following paths, and you could follow them walking underneath. The stars were moving along these paths, it was very beautiful.

      Takes a little while to get back to sleep, perhaps the dark chocolate bar in the afternoon was kicking in to nudge me alert. It may have helped with the lucid: (!)

      05:18 LD #27

      9) I'm in my parent's bedroom of my childhood home, it's dark night, vision is grainy/faint in the room. I'm sitting in a recliner chair next to the bed, my younger son at a younger age is lying in the bed. I'm looking at him in the bed, his eyes are creepy/wrong and watching me, it's hard to tell in the dark for sure, then I think he's not looking at me. He's holding something in his hand, I take it out of his hands, it's a little box, I open it, I see on the left side under the lid his passport and the rest is a bunch of his favorite small toys, I give the box back to him. I say "that's OK." His eyes are looking at me and they're really creepy, I'm kind of freaked out, I do a nose pinch and I'm lucid. I'm a bit surprised but not very much, I forget my "son" and feel no fear. I'm downstairs now walking from the dining room to the living room. My vision feels clouded. I recalled a technique of imaging veils in front your eyes and pulling them away, I do this and I see the veils and I easily pull them aside resulting in super HD clarity. I'm in the well-lit living room, I'm amazed at the clarity. I see books on a bookshelf and I can clearly see the writing on their spines: different colors of text. I wonder how realistic things will feel: I reach and look down and inspect "the equipment" and yep, things look and feel realistic. I don't read them (and not sure if they're letters or not) but I could have they were so clear. I go out on the deck, it's night still outside, and take off flying over the trees. I sense my wife has come out on the deck behind me and I don't want her to see me, so I urge myself to fly faster to get into the cover of the trees, "come on! faster!". I keep flying and remember my goal of really wanting to see myself flying, and look down and see trees and houses with lights on passing underneath me. Then I "wake up"

      ...and my alarm is going off. It's not my alarm ringtone but I don't catch that. I get up from bed in a white room (dream sign, common in FAs), my wife and I are captives, I'm thinking about how to save us, I ask her for some advice and she makes a snide remark about solving problems myself, I then see an Orc in the room with us he's holding a long but kind of dull-looking sword. I engage with him, I have no weapons, I avoid the blade and close in and manage to twist the blade out of its hands and I stab the orc, my wife is impressed. I then go to the next room, there is an orange large evil orc/caterpillar/snake thing there with a little head on top of a long neck, I run at it and make a two-handed overhead strong blow with the sword with intention to decapitate / smash its head but my sword bounces right off.

      This raises an alarm, the beasts are gathering, I head outside and I pass by an area where there are lots of human captives, I see them and they are very cartoony-looking, like hasty/rough drawings of cavemen with scraggly beards. Then I'm at some sort of bus station with the beginnings of a resistance, about 8 young strong men are gathered, and more come to our group, I name them as they arrive. I think we've avoided discovery because of all the activity at the bus station with lots of prisoners. They're all lifelike at this point.

      Takes a while to get back to sleep

      07:08 LD #28

      10) I get lucid walking down the steps from my childhood home's garage down to the back porch. I stop on the stairs, feel like I have to "hold" the dream, I rub my hands, and recite my name and state that I'm dreaming competitively (nod to StephL for this idea). But I "can't hold it" and the dream fades.

      07:40 alarm for breakfast duty. No one's actually getting up today, eat breakfast myself and head back to bed for some more dreaming and to make up for the extra awake time.

      08:30 (?) back to sleep

      Daydreaming, looks like I got an incubation effect given the next dream. Finally got a handle on myself and forced myself to head for relaxation, and eventually slept.


      Spoiler for sexy time, somewhat explicit:

      2) buying a gift at a gift store, the guy asks all kinds of questions, I"m not sure why he's asking them so I answer. It turns out the questions were so he could engrave the answers on the pressent, but because of this misunderstanding of the questions and their purpose the present was engraved with the wrong name of the recipient and the wrong information, I'm quite puzzled as to how this could have happened.

      3) I'm lying outside in a sort of tall tent outdoors, daytime. My dad is talking to some guy he called a "communist hippy freak." We're in some sort of park, but the hippy dude is part of a project to plant vegetables/food in public places, we're trying to figure out what his plan is, when they get enough food growing in public they will send some sort of signal and the people will arise and be free.

      F1) And older woman is walking looking for an older man for romantic actions and finds him.

      F2) Weird face masks, one young boy has a mask and a wasp is walking across his upper lip giving his mask some sort of power. Another boy is highlighting his eyebrow and sewing some thread into his skin on the eyebrow as a decoration. Then I'm swimming up the sidewalk outside my adult home and come upon a big wasp floating in the water and think it's 'dream residue' from the boy's face mask, and splash it off to the bushes.

      F3) some friends and their kids are playing video games in a house, they have to earn their time in the video game room.

      4) I'm entering a store looking for a hardware store that has been taken over by some oppressive company. I go in and someone tells me this has happened. I turn to the right and enter that area, a store within a store. I look around and think this is not want I want. I leave then go back and say the heck with it if they're evil I need to buy <something>

      In the far corner of the store my mom and dad are doing something. My dad is installing some new room there and carrying walls/windows.

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    14. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-03-18 competition #17 night #11, missed FA

      by , 03-18-2014 at 03:24 PM
      1 hour swim, 2150 m., moderate sprint lap every 250m

      23:06 bedtime

      took a while to get to sleep -- deep drowsiness but some room distraction, sleep time maybe 23:30-23:45

      00:00 Tuesday 2014-03-18 competition #17 night #11


      1) I'm in a large open luxurious apartment with (fake?) wife, another adult woman, and a child. There are floor-to-ceiling walls and I'm positioned so that I see the full panorama outside. I see that a huge wind is starting I can see the wave of massive wind blowing trees over on their sides horizontally, I say "Get away from the windows! The trees are going to fall!" and I see huge massive trees falling towards our place. The people won't move away from the glass, I'm yelling but my voice doesn't come out well. Some other trees fall on the other side of the house behind my back and this breaks some other glass walls we have. "See!?" I say.

      2) In my parent's house, my mother is showing my wife and me some cabinet. She gives us the choice to see the old one or the new one, let's see the new one. It has doors that close down to the bottom. She has two pictures of short-haired 30ish women on the bottom of the cabinets, their name's start with "K". I think my wife might be jealous that my mother has those pictures there. My mother opens a giant trunk to display a huge set of files, 2 meters by 1 meters packed with files and papers. I'm impressed at the amount of correspondence she has. My wife is talking about how she confirmed our wedding date in November (false, it was another month).

      3) I am configuring a can of Coke. It has lots of electronic controls. It takes quite a while to get the can correctly configured. When I finish, I look up and see an Asian man, he's expecting me to continue. I think this is going to take a really long time if we have to configure every single can by hand.

      F1) G and the cousins spending money for something

      F2) the celebrity singer did not want to come


      4) I'm in a small room with a window looking out over a city street. I look outside the window and there is a procession in the street. A car like a limousine is driving very very slowly from left to right. The passenger's side door is open and I see inside. There are some adults and some children there. As the car passes I see that there are bicyclists on the far side of the car to the back and riding behind the car. They are harnassed in some way to the car so that they are pushing it. I think that's a hard job probably and explains why the car is going so slowly. I look farther to the left behind the vehicle and see a topless attractive young woman on a bicycle. I look away in embarrassment at first, then I think what am I doing, take a picture at least! I think I need to find my iphone or my iPad, and run ahead of the procession and take a shot of her. As I go inside to find them I feel like get lucid or start to get lucid but the dream fades and I feel like I'm waking up...


      ...into bed in a very large open white room with very tall ceilings everywhere except for right over my bed which is on a raised platform. I have forgotten the previous dream scene. There is a normal height ceiling over my bed. I sense that my bed area is is on a raised platform. There are no furnishings at all. I sense that the main room is all around and below me to the right, straight ahead, and left, situated on a corner. I look up above across this opening to the wall near the far ceiling and see "windows" (flaps of wall on hinges) that can open and I think people could probably see me through those (dreamsign). I'm looking through one of them which is propped open and I see an industrial looking unfinished space with a long bright white flourescent light tubes on the ceiling of that room on the other side of the wall. I hear what sounds like a circular saw and I suppose they're doing construction to build that space, maybe they're building a restaurant there, but if they do then there will be a lot of people there and they could see me. The vision into the other room with the flourescent lights is extremely clear and bright.
    15. 00:00 Saturday 2014-03-08 competition #17 night #8, LD #24 (FA)

      by , 03-15-2014 at 10:40 AM
      23:50 bedtime, a bit late but OK

      00:00 Saturday 2014-03-08 competition #17 night #8, LD #24 (FA)


      1) flying in to Country1, I'm flying over landscape, I land in a large building complex up high. The Country1's have set a trap for me, but Country2's commandos have prepared a way out for me. I make my way back through Country2's front lines and clasp hands with a young Country2 officer and exchange some words of greeting/thanks.

      2) Calling S2 on the phone. I'm on a tent on the lower level, and S2 is sleeping in a tent on the upper level on an out door platform. Then my wife and I are going to go to him and check on something, to check on his reading progress, I try to call him while I"m walking up the stairs with my wife to give him a head's up that we're coming to him. We reach him and he tells us the books he read are on the table under the coins. There are about 4 books on the table and a 5 inch tall stack of coins are placed on top of them. One of the books is really think. He said he'd just read portions of that one.

      F1) I'm calling someone and saying that the weed was AMAZING (IWL I don't touch drugs, weird), that was some AMAZING stuff!

      F2) buying a Honda and waiting for it, other people are waiting for cars to emerge from a building where they've bought them.

      F3) S2 is with his friend S, S2 has his shirt off, he's air-chopping with a katana, S is telling S2 he's doing a good job.

      Can't get back to sleep.

      06:00 out of bed, eat breakfast
      07:00? BTB

      between 08:00-09:00?

      3) FA LD #24. I'm in and out of sleep, dozing for a long time, seeing dream images start to work and then fade away, I see several times what appears to be a wall of bathroom tiles, so I imagine I'm in a shower or the bathroom. Eventually I get up to use the bathroom, I'm using the toilet in a bathroom where the walls are white tiles, after finishing I turn away and head towards the door at the opposite wall, my head feels really heavy/dizzy/drowsy I think I should get right away back to bed and I'll certainly lucid dream. I realize this is not my bathroom, this is a false awakening, I'm dreaming, then I'm awake.


      F4) Horror Hotel -- I'm walking around a bed trying to make it and pull the sheets across, the staff are talking amongst themselves and saying that they can't imagine that I would be staying here after I've heard all the stories. I think I should go farther on down the road to the next hotel.

      F5) Singing up the mountain. I'm walking up the mountain in a big group, I break out into a strong song. I think my voice is pretty good but not perfect.

      4) Battling the cyber demon, sliced leg. Lightsaber trident I'm showing it off to a woman before the fight, it has a long shaft, I ignite the blades, they're lightsaber power blades curved like horns of a bull in the shape of a trident they're white. In the fight some guy slices me on my left leg on the side /back just above the knee, I reach down to feel the wound it doesn't hurt, am I bleeding? but I feel a long cut I can't tell how bad it is I look to my hand and I see blood but not a lot it's not pouring out like I thought it might be.

      F6) dance with the really tall celebrity women. I have a view like standing partly up a stairway looking down. Very thin/tall women are dancing (and doing handsprings?) in a big room.

      5) french crinkle fry / dinner suggestion they say what to eat, I'm on a diet dipping a crinkle fry into ketchup and eating it then want to go out I'll go to keep company but won't eat much. They decide that they're just going to order to go, and I say "no, never mind then" and I leave the group and head towards the door.

      Lots of detail lost here, there's a ton more action that's just beyond grasp.