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    1. 2022-07-17 lucidd #269

      by , 07-17-2022 at 10:38 AM
      key summaries, detail later

      Tortuous night of not being able to fall asleep after an early (3.5 - 5 hr?) waking.
      Got up moved to other room sat quietly. Slowly got a bit more sleepy. Back to bed. Relaxed and comfortable, but can't make the transition to sleep, remain in a light sleep or very relaxed awake phase. Every time the transition to deeper sleep approaches I can't make it over to the other side. This happens repeatedly for probably 1.5 - 2 hours. At one point get a (REM atonia probably) all-body buzz. Get some weak images that I interact with a bit but don't solidify. Then the following happens...

      + [WILD entry?] tumbling / sliding down a rectangular staircase [DS], thinking "this is an innovative dream entry method," and thought it was quite fun at that!

      + table with food colleagues after party: first cheese, then chips, then, (sushi?) fish, then see container with noodle dish and grab that

      + JH (president company "N") has a skin condition, the doctor is lifting large scales of skin off of JH's hands and forearms, while JH is talking to himself wondering if he can get $860 million for his home. I think it's ridiculous for him to be worrying about that, he's rich enough already.

      + Approach outside-of-city home. I see the green fence has been tampered with and some parts moved aside. I think this means thieves have entered. With this thought I see more evidence of fence tampering. Look into house, see computer devices inside, try to see if anything's missing. Old printer, what's that doing there? Looks like stuff's been stolen, perhaps including my laptop. I'm stumbling through the backyard wallowing in emotions about how horrible this is. Unless.... <RC: nose pinch>... AH! This is a dream!

      (Try to remember TOTS tasks, can't remember anything but elevator and I don't want to try that one again before the others)

      (Many "adult" interactions....goes on for quite a while)

      Toy on the table, ask the "owner" to do some DC magic and summon what I want. He doesn't. I imagine touching a part of a small object farther back on the desk will work. It doesn't. I then turn and walk back into the room searching for what I want.

      Young, elegant, beautiful woman in 18th century dress. She's a bit reluctant, says ("I have a flight to catch" (?) ... "we had that time on the mountainside.." (like, that was it, we're finished). I dare her to get frisky with me right here on the table in front of everyone in the room. This gets her interested, things get going, and ...

      ... fade to awake. Stunning LD. Super vivid, stable, clear, long, immersive. Definitely top 10 of all time, and a candidate for best ever!
    2. 2016-11-06 LUCIDD 218 rock-paper-scissors [TOTM]

      by , 11-06-2016 at 11:47 AM
      + should I disconnect the transponder and trap the guy's soul inside the machine?

      + skating over the floors [DREAM SIGN] in a ranch house with glass walls [DREAM SIGN], punching the button controlling the garage door outside and yelling "WHAT DOES THIS ONE DO!?"


      + With F (from F&D college friends), her look-a-like brother [FALSE, it was son] she looks really pretty with her eye makeup

      + with MA and NI lying next to bed with them our arms entwined, I'm whining about my life, M comes over and gives me a big hug while I'm sitting on the ground, I say "thank you!"

      + Driving my car outside, I see MR outside walking outside the business building, along with guy I remember as "Mark Flamer" [FALSE], I hold out my hand for a handshake but it takes him a long time to take it, he has one extra false right arm hanging off his right arm at the elbow, it's because he has a blind vision spot and so he needs people to shake the higher, false arm in order for him to see it

      + grocery store, ice cream flavor (mint, vanilla), eating the whole pint, the guy then offers tastes from his lunch on a fork held before my face I don't want to put that in my mouth but I do it's one small round thing like a bean and one longer thing like a tiny hot dog, tastes quite good at first, crispy, I say "roasted pork?" he responds "Lion!" I say "Lion!?" he says "Hah you should have seen your face just now!" I see the lion skeleton with the skull locked into its death pain expression then I see smaller little skeleton sections and think these bones are too small for a lion

      +(f) she takes off her shirt, she has brown boobs...

      + LUCIDD 218 LD#218 I'm walking in a mall and people are in my way [DREAM SIGN] I'm trying to go forwards, faster, down a corridor with a sign blocking the way a narrator says the way is blocked because it's an employee smoking area I see them sitting along the very narrow corridor/walkway on the right, see the smoke, walk through it and smell it a bit, encounter another block a microwave oven and jars of things on top of it I'm trying to find a place to put my foot and step over this someone says something about me not making it (?) but I step over and recognize a guy [FALSE] and say "aren't you the guy who made the cabbage chutney?" he hands me a grey sausage I taste it it's good and beefy flavor I ask what it is he says "pork loin", I say it tastes more like beef. I think of something witty to say, I grab the now empty table in front of me in order to stabilize, it feels very solid, I'm slowly getting lucid, I turn to the guy again to say something but he's vanished and I get fully lucid from the shock of him and all the guys around him vanishing. I'm just looking around me for a second and yep they're all gone. I walk on farther down the walkway after a bend and start approaching a group of 3 girls. I stop myself. NO! Must do TOTMs! I think of them and remember rock paper scissors. I approach the girls again with RPS intentions but they get off and start hurrying somewhere to the left. I interrupt them and they say something unintelligble, but they don't want to stop. I grab one's arms and say let's play rock paper scissors and make a game move (rock) but she doesn't respond. She says something silly, they're all giggling "Tee Hee! Tee Hee!" I say again let's play and do the 1-2-3 count and make a rock fist and look down at her hands, she has made two hands, one left and right but I focus on the right and she made scissors, so I win! I say let's play again and this time I do a "paper" hand and she makes some odd gang sign/bull-horns hand with index and pinky fingers extended , I say "what's that?" she says "I don't know! Tee Hee!" So I say "OK, time to [sexual comment], Tee Hee!" and [Sexy Time], I worry a bit about stability but it's stable, but when I stand up to get more points the dream fades.


      + [vivid] in my hotel room, about to take a shower, window to the street, looking at windows, looking for door to room, look out and see a mess of my things as I undressed and came into the room, a container strewn farther down the hallway, how did I toss that there, it's too far into the hallway for me to get to it.

      + JoBis pile of graded papers, what will I do with this big, heavy pile? It is a collection of student's most famous bad papers/cheats/poor scores with funny teacher comments on them. One of them is a math paper and the student wrote as an answer a large matrix full of 0's (like 8x8).

      + mad scientist and the fragmenting rockets falling down. His rockets are too far ahead for the counter-measures to catch in time. I watch them from far away as the lights of the missiles dash towards the ground and the good-guys stuff follows. The bad guy is also a news commentator? He is there and says something but it doesn't matter because it looks like he won.
      task of the month
    3. 2016-10-04 LUCIDD 209 club/clothes/birds/water-cube; ping-pong;

      by , 10-05-2016 at 07:35 AM
      + club / clothes / 3 birds in water / water-cube

      + little living soldiers game

      + scary storm cloud

      + ping pong

      + women playing video games: my name on screen

      + LUCIDD 209 LD#209 in building, get lucid, do TOTM basic pocket summon get handful of tiny coins, 5's and 2's, ask guy what they are, he says "5 drachma", keep looking at them, shake his hand, go outside, kiss girl interrupt her she's talking to some guy, "mm, well, ok" she says, I stop and squat down and look around, then she leans in an initiates a kiss with me, we stand up entangled, things get hot, then the dream fades.

      +(f) in a house with people playing with furry pets (cat?)

      + "RTL" guy in restaurant, lots of food laid out on on the tables, it's a private party

      + return to room, meet family I saw earlier, kids misbehaved so they're going home, enter office, clsoe dor, walk along long narrow table to far end, move to end, make sure there's room for my feet at the end, set up to work there on my laptop

      + middle-aged asian guy sitting at table eating plain-looking dim sum. "Ssssshhhh!" he tells me and motions to a cart of food and drink behind him. I go there and notice cans of beer, and other drinks, I take one thinking it's beer but it's dark, sweet, and I think it's coke. I sit on the other end of the table from him and suddenly a commercial break starts up, an animation of a peanut butter jar appears in the air spinning around with music and a bunch of young Japanese advertising girls appear and I think this is hilarious and pretend to be the announcer caling out "Jiff peanut butter! <etc.>". Then there's a small saucer of peanut butter in front of me and I'm trying to eat a piece but the chunk I'm trying to take is stuck via a strand to the chunk still on the saucer, I'm laughing and hurrying it's all hilarious and there's a guy sitting across from me and I'm shoving the peanut butter to him to eat and it spills and there's a huge stain on the table all the while the nice Japanese advertising girls are trying to help us eat it.
    4. 2016-09-11 LUCID 202 tail, thief, slop, scoot, ski [epic]; elevator, cables/girl, park [semi-epic]

      by , 09-11-2016 at 11:44 AM
      Another great, long dreaming night with 1-2 epics. And a first! Probably my earliest LD ever, somewhere around 2.5 hours in the first (noticed) waking of the night. And not just a weak, low-awareness LD, but a TOTM success LD that included a successful teleport out of the void! I set very strong intention to get lucid tonight. I also prepared 4mg galantamine + 300mg alpha gpc by my bedside for WBTB (but never took it, keeping it in reserve for tonight perhaps).

      @ ~ 2.5-3 hrs

      + lucid 202: I'm hugging my old dog L. He's facing me and hugging me back (in retrospect a bit too tightly and compulsively but in the dream it seemed fine), my face is buried in his chest and my hands are holding him tightly to me, I'm telling him "I love you, I love you!". Then I'm in my CH living room and I'm lucid. Lighting is subdued, like it's dark outside. As soon as I'm lucid I think "woohoo, #202". I'm pacing around between the living room and the entry hallway. I remember TOTM and I remember grow a tail. I'm standing on the corner of the big buffet which has a mirror and I will a tail to grow. I move it around over my right shoulder then I see it and touch it with my right hand and inspect it. It is a flat dark brown color, slightly fuzzy, and feels like the tail of a stuffed animal. I will the tail to move around some more and see its shadow on the floor in front of me, moving, I say "swish! swish!" I now want to do a basic task as well and I know I know the tasks and I feel positive that they will come to me at any instant but I just can't remember them. Next thing I know I'm pacing in total blackness. I decide I don't want to be here and I want to try a portal teleport. I lift my right hand and start to draw a portal in the air in front of me, expecting to see a shining outline appear, but nothing appears. I start over again, still unable to see any portal trail, but now I finish drawing a large oval in the air in front of me. I imagine it leads to <forgotten!>, as I start to step through I think perhaps I should have specified instead that it leads to Amber [Zelazny's fantasy realm] but I decide to keep my original destination.

      I find myself in a brightly lit city scape full of people, sort of medieval looking, the city is on a hill. I take off flying and I'm immediately surrounded by thousands of little flies or tiny drones, the faster and farther I try to go to evade them, the more that surround me. Lost all lucidity now, I'm talking with someone about what the cost is to (teleport me?) get to somewhere else. The guy says that he does not accept military contracts and there is something about the cost he offers.

      wake up and review dream, check time, about 2.5 hours after bed. I decided it was too early to take the galantamine, and went back to sleep. Very happy with what is probably my first successful intentional teleport.

      (@5-6 hours)

      + CH thief:
      I'm standing on the street looking down the driveway at my CH and I sense something is wrong. The doors of the house are open and the lights are on. I'm looking and noticing open doors. I decide to jump down and surprise the thief if one's there. I "jump/fly" down in one swoop from the street down to the back porch of the house and I detect an intruder in the house who runs away. He runs down the back garden stairs and jumps off the lawn down to neighbor's back yards. I do another big jump/fly down to him and there's a branch on the ground and a pair of long-handled pruning shears which he picks up and faces me to fight, <rest forgotten>.

      + slop:
      I'm sitting/lying on the ground outdoors. A small girl comes up to me and lays across me diagonally and hugs me and I hug her back, I feel love coming from her, she tells me, "Thank you for holding me!". Then I'm lying in some sort of trough and my wife and some other women throw in buckets of what I think is "pig slop", grey and thick and muddy, which I had been expecting but they threw it before I expected it and it splashed on my face. "Great!" I say with sarcasm, "you got it on my face!" and they react with concern.

      + scoot:
      I'm on a bicycle on mixed suburban/urban roads, I approach a busy intersection and use the hand brakes on the handlebars to slow down, I notice that the "turn left" arrow is lit and I'm following a dotted line painted on the ground that leads on to a sidewalk, and I follow it there. There are some cars coming down the sidewalk the other way and I'm surprised/annoyed by this. I continue on the sidewalk, now scooting? Now on inline-skates, I'm coming up on some people who are slow moving so I speed up to overtake them right as a guy is trying to pass me. My new speed prevents him from passing me and we're now running/skating side by side. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were there," I explain to him. Now I'm pushing myself with cross-country ski poles, still on inline skates, and getting some good speed from this. He's running. I wonder now many miles we can go like this, probably all the way up into the hills.

      + epic: ski
      I begin with thoughts and light visuals about a job where I worked at one former job while I worked still at another former job -- this is a (somewhat) reoccuring dream pattern about work. Then (I? someone?) says one of the benefits of the job is the big ski jump hill they build outside, and I imagine a large, wide, slide with alternating steep and level sections. Then someone else talks about the downhill skiing park that was built, then I'm standing at the top of the hill with skiis on and start skiing down. The guy had been saying about how fast you could do. The hill was quite steep but fairly flat. I'm hopping between left ski downslope and right ski downslope skillfully and wondering about just how much time it takes to perform one of these hops once you decide to do it. Then I run off a series of jumps off the left side of the trail, and finally I'm falling about 100 feet or more and think "oops now I've done it" and I'm trying to plan my landing place. I'm anticipating a bad impact really hurting my legs. But then I realize that as long as I land on a steep part of the slope below me there won't be much impact. I land and feel no problem with my legs. I jump again and this time I'm jumping over a river and I need to plan my landing, this time the snow runs out and my skies are clattering along bare rocks but on a smoothed pathway. I thought my skiis would get ripped to shreds but the stones are very smooth and I just slowly glide to a halt.

      Now what am I going to do? I have probably skied somewhere around 20 (kms? miles?) and trudging back up that massive hill that long with ski boots and my skis in hand is just not going to happen, so I resolve to go forwards to see where I am. I quickly come across a building, sort of a cabin, with a sign on it, amidst pine trees, it's a large building like a camp building. But sort of run down, like it's not popular any more. I come across the main camp building which is similar (sort of run-down, out of date architecture), with people milling about. The camp is not in session, it's called "sundowner <something>" or "summer <something>". I talk to a staff member about getting back to where I came from and she mentioned that they had a taxi that I could take. "Taxi! Perfect!" I say and go to it. I'm then standing on a mini-bus holding a pole and I'm thinking about how I'm going to pay the taxi since I don't have any money with me. I then realize that I don't have my skiis with me, and that I don't remember taking them off, or my boots, or putting them anywhere. I just remember that my final skiing portion was near a river/creek and ask the driver to take me by there so I can look for them.

      While standing on the taxi I "remember" that I came here with some friends and they're not all here, we have to find them, I'm confused about where they are. I'm going to have to call my dad to come get us(?) and figure out how to meet him. "Where's Lawrence Y? [boy scout]" I see a double ski holder thing (that you carry skis in on the roof of your car) in the bus and I open it and look at the skis and they're covered with colorful shiny glitter stickers.

      I walking then go through a door and inside CE (my movie buddy when I interned at lab) is teaching a piano harmony lesson. She is going to play improvised scales in D-flat (major?) She begins and starts with something like 6th and 4th chords, then normal ones, I keep listening for a Maj7 chord but never hear one, and feel like I should sneak to the keyboard and hit the Bb key to make her do it, but I never do, I'm listening to her scales for about a minute.

      I'm thinking now that it's too late to take the G. Review dreams, toss and turn a bit, work on BTS and get BTS. Tell myself "the next thing I see will be a dream" and performing the dream-hand nose-pinch RC on exhales once in a while. Tell myself "I will fall asleep and get lucid." BTS

      (9-10 hours?)

      + elevator: there's a problem with the work elevator, I'm talking with the CEO (female) about it. It has to do with the old power board. I walk down the stairs with my son and realize it's a long way down and I head back up to fix the power board. I continue talking and say that the issue is due to the software's access pattern of the various power terminals. We could fix it by making sure the software doesn't use too many of them at the same time. But couldn't we just buy a new power station, "it would only cost, what, $20,000?".

      + cables/work/girl: <a bunch forgotten> also at work and there's a presentation being prepared in some large audience or dining hall. I have cables that are part of the projection system in my hand. We're (taking a break?) and everyone's putting their components of the projection system down on a table in front of a techie guy, and I put two short orange cables as well and say these are important. I'm moving through the crowd and a lot of people are in my say. There's are some young people on the stage and I notice in particular a cute girl with lipstick on, briefly. Then I'm moving back stage and a girl is there and I encourage her to follow me. I see a tent set up and open it and motion for her to go inside. We go inside and make out a bit?

      + (semi)epic: park / basketball:

      ... I'm looking at the newly refurbished basketball level of my CH neighborhood park. They've replaced the concrete/asphalt with a slightly bouncy black material like on modern playgrounds, it is very black. I'm just standing there on the far side facing the main entry side, noting all the changes they've made. They've adjusted the positions of the basketball hoops somewhat, moving the one by the back road fence even more to the left, and the main basket has been raised very high, and there's a secondary basket twice as high as well. I notice that they've also built very tall fences between this level and the middle level (guess so that balls thrown won't go between levels or get lost in the foliage). I continue looking at the tall netting and notice then that there is also a ceiling netting high over the entire basketball level, 50 or more feet up. I hope that it's strong so that if anybody climbs up there, it doesn't rip or they'd fall. I see briefly a circular section of the netting that looks like a 10-foot diameter spider web.

      I take a running leap off the raised pathway and fly/glide low over the courts to the opposite corner (by the bike rack). The entire court is covered in what looks like scrunched up brown paper napkins/towels. They're light and I can easily brush them aside to see the shiny new flooring/ground-cover they've installed. There is some "new plastic" odor. I see shiny markings on the ground, bumpy and extending up from the surface like the stuff crosswalks are painted with, but colorful. I start to run across the ground and pump my legs really fast and wonder about running really fast. Then a brilliant emerald green object on the ground catches my attention, I'm wondering what this beautiful thing could be. As I can see more of it I "remember" [FALSE] that I've seen this before, it's a sort of walkway made from modular pieces that you can put together to make a path, and parts of it are black rubber and parts are that emerald gemstone material, but I think it doesn't look quite as good as I thought at first.

      I notice on the main basketball court on the lower (but still high) hoop there is a sign: "females only". Well that's ridiculous, they've taken two of the courts and made them girls only, hardly any girls play basketball here, what's the point?

      A man/coach is there now and he's getting some guys together to play some basketball. I say I can't play because <I have to do something, forgot>. He's got only 3 guys together to play, that's not enough.

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    5. 2016-07-18 LD#192 TOTM; pl music; CA car trip, lobsters, music; card club; test; principals office

      by , 07-18-2016 at 09:00 AM
      details later
      lucid , task of the month
    6. 2016-02-28 LD#179 ToTM Bonus [fire and ice]

      by , 02-29-2016 at 08:16 AM
      LD 5/10 remainder of Feb. goals. 5 to go, and one night left! Need a marathon tonight!

      + I'm in some living room with friends. There are all kinds of electronic devices plugged in to a socket in the wall. The socket catches fire, Oh Crap! What if the fire spreads in the wall, we'd be screwed! We pull out all all the plugs in a hurry. Should I blow on the fire to try to put it out or will that just intensify it? I realize the wall has no back, I can walk around the edge of the wall and there is an empty area there and I could get at the fire there.

      + walking through home under repair, my way is blocked by construction materials. The walls are being spackled, and I move to the left and touch the table (or wall?) and get some of the wet white spackle on my hand and try to wipe it off. Suddenly the world seems to be moving! EARTHQUAKE! I yell out "EVERYBODY OUT OF THE HOUSE!". I make a run for a door but I find just a small half-width door I can't get out through that. I run back to the front of the house and there are people standing in the doorways, I stand in the doorway with a work colleague (MWP).

      + JT and DT are having a domestic conflict because JT struck one of their sons, she hits him over the head with something and knocks him out, DT goes and hugs a son

      + FA in parent's bed in childhood home, dark, view of the opposite wall, I realize I'm in their bed, I think I'm sleeping in the spot where my mom used to sleep [false, it was dad's side].

      + LD#179 ToTM bonus: fire and ice
      I realize that I'm lucid suddenly (no prior dream memories, maybe a start of dream DILD). (Nosepinch confirms?). I'm standing in some townhouse complex with 2-3 story buildings of some dark tan color, there are windows on the buildings. Across the way from me is a store with a sign that reads "Lflierwir". I stare at it a while to see if it changes, and while it seems static I get the impression that I can look at a letter and read it clearly, but when I look at the word as a whole it's somewhat fluid. I think of March TOTM and start to review the tasks, and the fire/ice bonus jumps out at me [as it did in the voting]. I hold up my hands so I can see them and cup them before me and will fire to appear. An approx. 6" globe of fire flickers in and out a few times then solidifies. I feel heat, but it doesn't burn me. I walk a bit more around the complex, looking up at the buidings at one point and noting the color and the windows, like a modern generic townhouse complex, the buildings look like this:

      I decide to do ice as well. I raise my hands up again and start feeling for a block of ice. At first there is nothing, then I feel a lump of something in my hands and an running my hands over it, feeling for temperature sensation. I get a few bursts of an impression of cold. Satisfied, I let it go and continue on.

      I'm now in my childhood home. This dream is *extremely* vivid and clear. I'm in the living room looking at the fireplace mantle, and it looks very accurate. I see my and my sister's Christmas stockings hung at either corner. The stocking on the left is a very pale lime color, almost white. Above it on the mantle is the word "choce", I know this is the word "choice" just missing an "i".

      With no other goals in mind, I decide to look for some girls .
      I head up the stairs to my sisters room and expect some to be there. I expect TZ will be on the bed, and she is.
      Spoiler for sexy time, explicit:
      and I wake up

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    7. 2015-02-15 LD#174 Tsunami/call; epic "Sand Castle" farm; mini-car; garden bees; waffle wrap; boy;

      by , 02-15-2016 at 12:34 PM
      + [EPIC!] "Sand Castle" farm

      standing in fields, looking in to the main building, I choose 2nd floor office with great view of the fields as my office.

      officers come by, they run off to catch a deer, they identify its breed

      walk into office, odd lock on door, ceiling falling in sharp heavy glass everywhere, very dangerous almost trapped and cut to shreds. Boy this place needs work, extremely shabby. We spent over $300,000 on this place.

      wake up in bed, my body is covered with red spots like mosquito bites. This place is infested obviously.

      The place is called Sand Castle by the locals in a derogatory way, because the soil is poor and sandy. If it was put on the market, it would get no offers for months. We won't get our money back.

      we become a couple's destination retreat for gay black men speed-walking marathoners. There's a competition held, it involves a huge slide on the course and someone must judge, I jump down this slide and end up by the pool. see couples walking, tents all around the place. This is how we're going to save the farm, and I tell somebody about this.

      pool: I see fish in the clear water [DREAM SIGN!], an owl dives in to pick up and eat a dead pigeon lying on the right side of the pool. There's a salt-water flatfish (like a sole) on the bottom, who put that there? There are other fish around. My work manager set up a low sun-blocking shade on the left back corner of the pool area.

      go investigate the land, craggy and rocky, tall excavated almost-cave. Inside smaller cave, there is an ancient line marking the passage of the sun. pick up the fence, looks better now. I find the spoon from my boy scout fork/spoon/knife kit, but a small boy wants it and takes it.

      the passport inspectors come and my sister and brother in law watch how the immigration officers in this country check out my passport and residency document
      wake, amazed at this long vivid epic dream. recall it for a while. eventually gather the will to apply my "fall asleep fast" approach. more dreams follow

      + mini-car
      There is a small red sports car, a man is driving it. He is a jerk, he's knocking people out of his way on the path, he's zipping around twisting mountainous paths. On the back of the car are the words written "range; 10 minutes on a charge." I think that's a pretty useless electric range and say so, have a discussion about how this could be used: maybe it'll help you reach the gas station if you're out of gas, or maybe if you take this little car with you on a road trip on a tailer (it's really small, so that's quite possible), it's enough of a charge to get you to a store and back. It's practically the size of a child's push-pedal car.

      + garden bees
      Down on the steps leading to my childhood home's back yard, I see that there are about 6 large circular planters arranged on the left side of the garden by the fish pond. I'm looking at them and I see that they're messing up the grass. I'm walking among them, and I think that they've been put over the place where I had planted mint [false] last year, I can't find the mind, there are some leafy plants growing, though. I should have put stakes where I planted the mint so I'd know where to look. I'm lying now on the grass with my head towards the right end of the yard, looking at the various flowering bushes growing on the left edge. One bush has a few grapes growing on it, "good, I could eat those before they're gone" I think. There are bees buzzing all around the flowery bush with the grapes. Some of them are on my shirt, a few on my stomach and a few on my chest. I brush them away but am concerned that they'll get aggressive. One of them flies into my ear and starts buzzing like crazy and I start shaking my head like crazy to get it out and I wake up.

      + waffle wrap
      I'm with my wife outside on a sidewalk doing something. I "remember" [false] inside there are tasty marzipan cakes available at a counter. I go inside and ask the girl at the counter but there are no more left. There is a man at the counter perpendicular to hers who starts offering me things. I have trouble understanding him perfectly, he's speaking a foreign language. He switches to English, and this surprises me [missed it!]. My wife is offended at his speaking English and leaves me on my own. I wonder how I'll get the order right myself. One of the things he offers is a waffle wrap with syrup, and sun-dried tomatoes on the inside. I decide I might as well get this.

      + boy with the hair, deja vu
      I'm in some public place and spot a boy I recognize. He has blonde and multi-colored dyed hair. He tells me about the situation he witnessed with me and some friends before, where one guy behaved very badly. I "remember" the scenario [false, probably]. Something with my wife correcting my pronunciation.

      + LD#174 Tsunami / call another planet ToTM Feb 2016 Advanced (i)
      In my childhood home, looking out at the view of the bay below. The water is in very close. All of a sudden, the water pulls far back very quickly. I recognize this as the sign of an approaching tsunami. I go running around the house screaming for my family to all get out immediately, stop what you're doing and run out and let's drive away! I'm running around and go up to the 2nd floor, into my old bedroom and look out the window. The scene is quiet and tranquil, the city lights are flickering in the distance and everything looks normal. Hmm. Is everything OK now, or is the tsunami still coming? I decide to fly out to sea and check if I can see a tsunami coming.

      I wonder if I'll be able to fly. I'll try to fly out the window to make sure. Maybe I'll just fall flat on my face. But if I can fly, I'll be dreaming. I feel entirely awake but am open to the possibility that I can fly [DREAM SIGN]. I take a few steps back and do a quick running take-off. Am I going to fall on my face? No, I'm floating towards the window now, slowly. I pull myself through the blinds and continue flying, slowly, I do a "superman with a go-pro" first-thrust to gain speed.

      I realize I'm dreaming, and I can do anything. There are people floating in the sky with me. I do a quick "B.E. S.T.R.O.N.G." just-got-lucid ritual, really rushing and missing most, remembering goals. Remember ToTM and call another planet, I decide to do this one.

      I decide I will summon my phone by doing by feel-only all the same gestures I perform in waking life: I reach down with my hands and lift up the flap of the pocket in my waist bag where I keep my phone. I pull the zipper open. I reach in with my thumb and forefinger expecting to feel the side of my phone, and I do! It feels completely like how it feels when I take out my phone when awake. I bring it up before my face and tap/push the button on it. Beforehand I decided I'd use an imaginary "voice activated calling" feature to avoid troubles with dream-dialing. "Call to another planet!" Just a ring or two and then an answer. I say "Hello! Please tell me your name and the name of your planet!". I hear the guy's voice clearly. Sounds like a young man, early 20's, with a wise-ass sarcastic tone. I understand him perfectly, he's speaking clear English. The planet was named (memory not perfect here) "Abbu Wabbe" or "Arab World", and his name was "Defeated Terrorist." He apparently really hated Arabs. At this point I was flying over the bridge and looked down and said "well, I bet there were Arabs on the bridge when the tsunami hit it, you're probably happy about that?" I then saw a replay of the tsunami hitting the bridge, it was just tall enough to hit the roadway, I thought it would be taller. It really smacked in hard and knocked everything/everybody off. I wanted to confirm the planet name and the guy's name, so I called back again using voice activation. I say "Hey, it's me again. Did you say your name was Defeated Terrorist of Defeater of Terrorists?" Another guy says "Oh, sorry, he went to lunch."

      At this point I'm probably losing lucidity, and see the remains of a nice-looking lunch of some acquaintences seated at the table next to me, some young boys who say "I hope he calls again." I pick up a single small bit of bacon from his plate and eat it, it's delicious...and wake up
    8. 2016-02-05 train, LDs#171(ToTM B:II) ufo/blimp, LD#172 paralyzed, LD#173 kiss, girl, pizza

      by , 02-05-2016 at 11:52 AM
      dreamviews/safari ate my ENTIRE DJ ENTRY for today. Only re-posting one-sentence summaries for now:

      bedtime: midnight

      ~ 5 hrs:

      + train

      WBTB: 45 mins to 1 hour

      + LD#171 blimp ToTM Basic II (sky)

      + LD#172 paralyzed, sucked into sky, cartoon bridge

      + LD#173 "L" science museum, girls, kiss, ask to dance, kiss


      + (f) offering pizza to friends/guests in a house

      + caveman: oral attention to girl
      lucid , task of the month
    9. 2016-01-20 LD#167 ToTM gravity change DC; epics: the house/soccer field, houses/woman/train; more

      by , 01-20-2016 at 09:48 AM
      Another "ANA" like night. This time influenced by Jamie Alexander's ebooks: "Lucid Dreaming on Command" and "Meditation For Lucid Dreaming". The main thing about his approach is to focus your awareness in your head, forget your body, and "go deeper, let go." I choose his recommendation to focus awareness on HI.

      I felt this is a lot like what dolphin does, staring at the back of his eyelids and waiting for FAs/dreams to appear.

      The first half of the night seemed to take forever before dreams began. I may have been aware in NREM because at one point I moved on to my back and when I felt entirely aware, my wife told me that I was snoring which woke me up and I thought that was strange because I hadn't felt that I was snoring.

      I kept trying to fall asleep to watching my HI and letting go/relaxing. Then the dreams started. Ordering not clear.

      + I'm on my way to get lunch, maybe I'll get pad thai. I encounter a (Round Table?) pizza place and go in, I'd love me some Kind Arthur Supreme! They have a buffet lunch going. I'm skeptical because I want the KAS, but I head that way. "Don't worry, " the cooks say, "we've made plenty of pizza for the buffet." I indeed see large circular clear containers full of pizzas stacked one on top of another.

      + semi-epic?
      I'm watching some presentation. A woman is talking about a piece of real-estate. She's trying to conceal her location, i see location on address on street, I know where this is [false]. House is large, 3 rich families live there. Look for a long time at the column marking the left front corner of the property, it's being reconstructed/rebuild? Around right front corner to side, the buildings are huge, right now just construction skeletons with girders. They're like 100 yards long, the size of a football field, what would be in there, a gym?
      Then my team is playing on the ground level under the construction, it's a soccer field. I stand back and watch for a while, we're scoring goals, they're making good kicks, too. Then I run forwards and start participating. It's not all that easy for me to run, like I'm overweight. We make a run for the goal, and I try to kick but my kick is weak, it's not a soccer ball but instead some small colorful triangle things (paper?). I kick to my teammate, and we make 3 goals like that in a row with me assisting. At one point the goalie is grad school classmate KA, then he's on my team and we're scoring a goal together.

      Enter a restaurant with my team. We're seated at a table. 3 out of 4 of my teammates are overweight.

      + semi-epic
      I'm walking among and looking closely at suburban houses. I recommended a painter to some friends and I'm looking at the results [false]. I observe the colors: deep, grayish blue main building, sometimes an odd variant of raspberry/mauve, very dreamy colors. These painters always do a great and careful job. I'm in the carport of one such house and notice that they've painted the foundation a different color (this one is the blue/gray house with a reddish/pink foundation). They've painted a slightly uneven line between the house and the foundation, but that is because the foundation is bumpy concrete so the uneven line blends in to the texture of the house.

      I pull myself up to look over the the roof and get a quick glimpse in a neighboring yard of a large fluffy dog.

      I then climb fully on to the roof and launch into the air and fly. I gain some altitude, to avoid the dog in the next yard. The dog is barking/jumping at me as I fly over. The dog jumps at me and falls off the roof into the garden. I'm hovering/circling about 30-40 feet in the air, a girl is walking below me, she has notes for me, she's upset about the dog falling off the ceiling. There are letters stuffed in between the pages of books. The girl is my daughter?

      Down on the ground I enter the house. There is a woman and a boy there seated at a table. I get a close up view of her right eye. It is strange. She has parallel vertical age lines above and below her eye on her forehead and her cheek:


      I think this is unattractive. Then I notice her skin on her shoulder and chest. It is exposed (no shirt) and colored reddish-orange and of a very strange texture: the skin is pulled and cut into regular rectangular arrays of flaps about 1/8inch wide that stick up in the air about 1/4 inch. Her entire upper body is covered with these arrays of skin flaps. I notice a wrinkly nipple. The whole thing is a very odd and fairly repulsive sight.

      Our team push starts a train. push hard, run to catch it, jump on. The woman train inspector may catch us. We've been riding around like this for a long time (is the track circular, how can we do that?) Uh oh here comes a end-of-track barrier, we're going fast, brace for impact, we plow through the barrier with no problems, and land in a cushion zone made for cases like this, with large slats of wood and piles of sand. There is a house for sale beyond this area?

      Something odd like a guy opening his mouth around the for-sale sign (?) and indicating that the other guys should stick in their (ahem)s? It's a joke.

      + traveling through town, looking for ice cream/yogurt, some places catch my attention, I go into one. At the counter/register there is a light on the left that indicates you can place an ice cream order, and on the right that you can place a yogurt order. The ice cream light goes off and I try to communicate with the servers but they speak a different language. I go walking around the large store. I see people sitting in booths. Up ahead there are some large, fat, nudist women (lesbians?) sitting in a hallway booth. I walk by them trying to avoid looking at them. Around a corner there is a large room off to the side, with a male rock band and some female groupies.

      + (f) I follow into my jr hs best friend DD's house, his father is there, we're there with friends, we start discussing world history. Something about my dad? Sewer pipe exits? Every fifth pipe has elevated salt levels? I feel my skin peeling off of my foot from the high salt levels?

      + (f) I realize that I've lost my toilet seat shaped pillow for the night, they have reclaimed them. I need to pay for another one before they're all gone. I get one(?) and return inside to the equipment rack?

      + (f) exchange of candy. I wanted M&Ms I leave the area and check the (gas pumps?) the attendants/adult, guards are there but they don't bother me, I have a bag of candy, I turn around and re-enter the area

      + LD#167 ToTM advanced II (change gravity for a DC)
      I look up into the sky and I see some puffy things like giant cotton swab puffs, and to the right a giant advertisement for a chocolate bar with many little bits of chocolate strewn around, I think "this is a dream-like sky, because only in dreams do you get particles like that in the sky". I do a nose pinch and am confused that I can breathe. That gets my attention, I try again and I can breathe. What? Oh! I run forwards and take a leap off of the road over a big drop with a small thought of "is this a bad idea?" but I fly and I'm firmly lucid now. I'm near a major university and think "I'm going to go mess with the students!" The thought of ToTM Advanced II (change gravity for a DC) enters my head. Down on the sidewalk below I see people, I choose a group of 3 walking together, 2 guys and a girl. I point my finger at the girl (who's standing on the right end of the 3 walking together), and will gravity to reverse for her so she falls into the sky. And indeed, she flies up high into the sky, 60 feet or so, when I un-reverse gravity for her and fly to catch her in my arms. Her head is to my left, feet the right. Her face is turned away from me. I turn her towards me, hoping/expecting to see a young/pretty college girl. She seems to be and I immediately kiss her. She's confused and I explain (punctuated by a few more short kisses) that I made a tiny modification of the space/time continuum around her, but that for her it probably felt like a large change. I ask her where she wants to go: New York? Europe? To the <rock band name forgotten> concert in Austrailia [false]? "Oh, the concert!" she answers. Darn, I think, I didn't really want to go to the concert. At this point there's a strange transition and we're outside a secret restaurant in Iran, and I'm now a small, dark-skinned, dark-haired local boy speaking through another local boy through a guy who works in the restaurant, explaining to the girl that I don't speak (Iranian?). The implication is that we're stuck in this situation (she accessed my dream power somehow to make this change?)... and then I wake up.
    10. 2016-01-11 LDs#164,#165 all night awareness

      by , 01-11-2016 at 06:57 PM
      I went to bed around midnight quite tired, but my awareness just would not let me fall into unconscious sleep. My wife came to bed late and woke me up. In retrospect it felt like I was WILDing from bed time. A case of dolphin's "all night awareness" I believe.


      + I'm standing in a house, on a stairway, I see my father walking up from a higher landing up other stairs. He is naked, and his "stuff" is vaguely visible, so I turn away to preserve his modesty.

      I'm in my parent's bedroom, my mother is talking to me, she wants me to take a look at some letter that my sister brought by. I'm upset at her for talking to me because I'm trying to fall asleep (!). I take a look at it and there are some cards and a piece of paper but it seems not to be of any importance.

      + (f) I'm viewing a scrolling list of some sort, reading it, it's important.

      + (f) I'm thinking about fitting into zero area spaces between lines and the intersections of planes.

      I waken and realize these were dreams and spent some more time floating in "awake" awareness until the next bunch of dreams:

      + I awaken in bed to a sudden "bang" sound. I'm in my adult home, but sleeping in my son S1's bedroom but with my head by the window in the corner. I pull up the covers and try to feign sleep. It's son S2 who's up and making noise, coming out of the master bedroom into the hallway. He announces: "Guess who's going to Prom!?" This is odd since I know he's University age.

      + There are two young men, there is a narrator voice, it is vaguely sexual in some way, the young men are singing, something they say sounds like "fantasy." There is a track from where they are that runs along the right wall of the room, and little round things are rolling down this track. They are very small (1/4 inch) round thumbtacks with tiny x-rated scenes painted on them. There's a bunch of them stuck on to the wall by my bed. I'm pulling them out and seeing the holes left behind. Son S2 comes in and starts looking at them and I'm trying to hide them. I pull the bed away from the wall and there are more there stuck in the wall running along the floorboards.



      + LD#164 I'm the same bedroom as the previous dream (adult home son S1's bedroom), it is dimly lit. My wife is there and there are the same x-rated little thumbtacks stuck in the wall again, she is looking at them and saying "what are those?" I'm trying to pick them up and hide them, piling them on the bed, I ask her some question to distract her, then I have a feeling that this is an absurd situation and didn't I already deal with this? and get fully lucid, quick nose pinch confirms. The dream gets a bit unstable right away, dizzy/fading but quick hand rub brings it nicely back into focus. I remember TOTM basic I (read the title of a book) and go to the bookcase up against the wall and pull off a book and look at it, reading is difficult but I see "winnie". Then I'm looking through some book flipping through the pages and I see a bunch of colorful complex stick figures. No matter how fast I flip the pages there is always a clear picture there, I'm amazed that my mind can produce the images so quickly.

      I walk out into the hallway, and there seated on the floor next to son S2's bedroom door are my sons, aged about 3 and 5. I call them to me and get hugs from both of them, that was really nice. I walk down the hallway and turn into the family room, I walk to the bookshelf to check out more books since I want to make sure I get TOTM and I just want to try reading books. I decide I can order some food from the kitchen. I walk back to the family room entrance looking into the kitchen and am about to formulate an order and decide I'm rather just summon it myself directly. At first I call for pepperoni pizza but decide I want a Round Table King Arthur Supreme [my favorite chain pizza…mmm]. I think about extending my arms into the "aether" and grabbing it like Merlin does with Logrus magic in Zelazny's Amber books. My hands don't come back with a pizza but I glance down on to a table and see an open pizza box with a pepperoni pizza in it. I take a slice and eat. One of my kids comes in and eats some as well. I have the thought that this is a long, stable LD and that this is due to my daytime mindfulness work.

      Back to the bookshelf, I take a book from the middle section and open it and can't make any sense out of the title or the contents. I rationalize this via thinking "oh this is from my wife's German books collection" [false]. Then I go to the right section and think I see my old college Astronomy textbook. I take it out and open it, and at first I get the impression that I can understand words, but then everything seems to be abstract geometrical shapes.

      I've had enough of reading so I walk towards the living room. On the way there I get the idea to summon MaSt for some "fun." I'm calling out her name "M St…., M St…, M St…" and am walking around the (totally empty) living room. I walk by the light switches and try to operate them to make the room lighter. It doesn't work and I continue walking around the room, but give a quick thought to "be lighter" and notice that there is a bit more light.

      Then I notice that the wall on the side of the entry way is all glass [DS] and I can see two local neighbor kids outside, a boy and a girl. I make a gesture for them to approach. I then see them again and their faces are a bit different. I go outside and there are a few more people here. Another man/woman pair whom I think are also very young / kids at first but as I approach them they seem more like fully mature adults but are just very short, they walk away from me. I turn back towards my house and there is a woman there whom I see in passing has a very large dark birthmark on her face. I will her face to be clear and briefly notice it happening but head back in to the living room.

      There is a young man there now seated on a bench and we exchange a few words. I decide to tell him what's going on. I walk past him and say "you are a dream character within my lucid dream!". He says "What!? NO!" and comes at me aggressively. I push him back and decide we'll fight and I pull out my lightsaber from my "utility belt" and turn it on. Sigh, weak translucent colors again. We both have light sabers and are vaguely swinging them around. I tell him to turn up the opacity on his as I want to do to get fully operational light sabers. Then he backs into a TV in an entertainment center cabinet and disappears into the picture tube. I stick my saber in there and swish it around, I want to see the TV set ripped apart in molten metal effects but instead I just get a bit of static popping up on the screen.

      I go back to walking in a circle around the empty living room and calling for M St… to appear, holding my hand behind my back, but the dream slowly fades.

      I feel myself in bed, with something on top of my eyes. But I don't want to open my eyes for fear of fully waking up. I try to slowly open my eyes. Then suddenly…

      + a new bright scene instantly appears. I'm lying on my back on a medical table against a wall in a very brightly lit medical procedure room. There is a black female middle aged nurse at the food of my bed, I'm pulling her on top of me and down for a kiss, I manage a quick kiss and want to make out with her but she pulls away, saying that I don't look good from my condition, and that "we've already done it today anyway". She walks along the side of my bed around to my head. She asks if I've decided to go ahead with the treatment, and asks me for the diagnosis. I notice I'm in a medium-large sized room with many patients on medical tables and many people attending to them. There is a person on a table nearby with someone standing next to him. I hear myself mumbling some medical terms that seem nonsense except I recognize the word "cortex."

      The nurse then inserts some thick needle object slowly into the area beneath my left eyebrow and above my eyelid. It feels like the skin the needle is going through is very thick and it moves very slowly, it's quite painful. It also feels like there is some sort of hard clamp placed over the needle holding in it place. Something clicks and I roll off of the bed/cart and am lucid, a quick nose pinch confirms. I'm in caveman right away and looking for a suitable female. Everyone in this room seems old/ugly. I'm walking out of this room and the black nurse is pursuing me but I call back to her "you already had your chance."

      I think what to do/where to go and I realize there must be a particular kind of doctor nearby and see an entrance to a waiting room and enter. There are a lot of people here too. I find a suitable DC sitting in a chair and kneel down in front of her. A male relative/friend of hers has his arms firmly around her shoulders.
      Spoiler for sexy time:
      while I'm reassuring her that the doctor knows exactly how to treat people like her so it will all be fine. After about 10-15 seconds,
      the dream fades.

      I wake happy at the very nice sequence of LDs and achieving TOTM.

      I just want some restful sleep at this point and try to release any lingering awareness so I'll fall asleep quickly.

      I sleep and dream some more. A number of scenes, mostly fragmented, some excerpts:

      +(f) walking in a hallway I realize I'm walking along former colleague DeHo, who lives in SC. I say "hi" and lean over to give her arm a friendly bump but instead I brush her breast by mistake. I feel a bit embarrassed and she leans a bit away from me. We talk about the weather a little bit?

      + (f) I'm trying to get an ice cream vendor to explain something to me and they're not cooperating.

      + (f) at my kid's birthday party, there are a lot of kids, how shall we ferry them all to the next destination? We'll need several cars, I can't see how this is possible. Also something about serving them ice cream.

      +(f) traveling with a girlfriend? She slides up to me on a seat and it's very cozy.

      + (f) I'm sitting down in a dim location on a bench with a girl I know is ElWa (grad school colleague). I sense her husband GrBa is watching us from the shadows. I put my arm on her bare leg and feel some stubble. I wonder what else is hairy. I know it's her but saying her name would somehow ruin the situation.
    11. 2015-12-05 A New Level of Dreaming! (LDs #158, #159, #160, #161), TOTM basic I & II

      by , 12-05-2015 at 08:50 PM
      Last night was an astonishing night. Not just that I had 4 LDs, but that the quality of the dreams were leaps and bounds ahead of almost any other LD I've had, except some on galantamine. I did a few things differently this night:

      Bedtime: approx 1:30am. Final out of bed: about 1:50pm (yup you read that right), wife woke me up because we had an appointment. Some time awake before post-lucid dreams.

      Lucids occurred approx 8 am.

      + Moderate exercise a few hours before bed.

      + I got off the computer about an hour before bed.

      + I read about vipassana meditation ("Mindfulness In Plain English"), doing calming breathing while reading the book, before bed, including reading through some Universal Loving Friendliness recitations.

      + At bed time, instead of setting strong intention to recall dreams, get lucid, pay attention to the night, for a long time like I sometimes do, I took a different approach: I had a "conversation with my SC":

      I know that you [my SC] knows how to dream. I do not need to "spend effort" to "make myself dream." Dreaming will happen naturally. All I have to do is notice it when it happens in order to get lucid. I would really love to be lucid in my dreams tonight!

      Thank you for my dreaming experiences! Tonight, I would like to have beautiful dreams. Lovely landscapes full of beauty. [and maybe a request or two about romantic encounters , but mostly focusing on beauty]. Fun, beautiful, interesting dreams.
      Also, I work on falling asleep using sivason's mantra breathing. I tell myself "I am…." on every inhale, and "…dreaming…" on every exhale. I really really try to let go of all tension and totally relax along with this, because typically reciting mantras keeps me awake.

      So there was a strong current of both mental and physical relaxation involved. I fell asleep initially fairly quickly.

      I had 4 phases of dreaming:





      I had longish wakings just before and after the Lucid period, but didn't get out of bed, I remained in bed and did recall. I went to sleep again using the mantra breathing "I am….", "dreaming." And "Remember, I am…", "…dreaming…"

      I thought I had forgotten these entirely, but some just came back to me now as of this writing (in the evening).

      + outside building, trying to get in, I need my math books. MaEd (husband of CamEd, friend at work in college) brought them to me. There are also lots and lots of papers to read. I look through them and see words on the paper. Kind of blurry like a bad photocopy, but definitely visible. I think if you do all this reading you'll get a lot of extra credit. [Possibly day residue from watching "Modern Educayshun" video before bed].

      There were more, but forgotten for now.


      + the road
      (walked too far, sit across from field up against a stone wall on sidewalk, dirty backpack, dirty (grass clippings) hat, brush it off, think people will consider me a hobo I'm so dirty. Crazy guy who works in the fields comes out, saying "HEY THAT'S MY SPOT" farmer in filed across the way says "yeah he always sits there to eat lunch." I don't get upset, I imagine sitting with him and having a conversation, [I think a result of Loving Friendliness recitations].

      + the mural
      an artist is painting a mural on the wall. I think it is a rendition of human inner connective tissues, it is red and white, and it is lovely. Artist (woman?) runs her fingers along the lines of the paint, red paint in between white boundaries (or the other way around?), smoothing out the paint, making long curving lines. Then she is drawing artistic features at lightning speed. With a few strokes of her brush in a second, she can draw a full "heart", she draw several.
      Then at the end, she submerges herself in the pool of water beneath a decorated Christmas tree, I have a top-down view of her sinking down and the reflections of the lights on the tree sparkle on the water.

      + sports field, conversation
      There is a sort of party outside, young people are milling around. Someone was supposed to get the beer. There was a mixup? Someone had left it up to "the Mexican."
      Approaching a sports field. Some even happening there? I stand above it.
      There is a procession of beefy male football players down a narrow strip of field below me. One of then is really huge and fat. I think he's over 500 pounds. Man, how'd you like to play against a 500 pound opponent?! I walk around the corner and run along the other side. I make a running leap on to the long seat/couch on the lower side of the "field"/walkway. A girl up ahead to my right calls out "Seismic event!!" when I land. I say "hey!", I think it's rude of her to commend on my weight like that.

      I'm lying there and some people come up to me. Women in their 30's they seem like. Several come up and there are some conversations. Then MiSe (conductor, undergrad university orchestra) is there. He's wearing a knit cap that is pulled down just over his eyes which are slightly visible beneath the cap. His eyes seem red and kind of weird. I wonder if they're stuck to the hat. I want to boast to these women we're talking to about me playing in the university orchestra, but I don't say that.

      + DILD, LD#158 TOTM basic II (laugh in a DC's face)

      I walk into kitchen of childhood home [don't realize it yet]. It is dark/night. As soon as I step on to the floor I glide slowly across the room. This grabs my attention. I think the floor must have been recently oiled. I realize this is my childhood home's kitchen, I'm looking down at the floor and it seems a bit too large, missing some items, like things were taking away to clean the floor. The linoleum has random dots/drops on it for decoration. I'm just really liking this gliding: I take one step forwards and I glide all the way to the other side, slowly. How can this be happening? I step out of the kitchen into the living room Oh, I know: I'm dreaming! (nose pinch confirms). I'm very happy to be lucid. I think about narrating the dream but don't. I think of TOTM: laugh in a DCs face. My parents are right upstairs! I'll do the laugh one. Dream only slightly unstable at first, but solidifies. Go upstairs and down hallway to my parents' bedroom, the door is closed. Hey, I'll be able to see my mom! I open the door and say "Mom? Dad?" in a sort of little boy lost voice. Two people are in bed, they both sit bolt upright and look at me in surprise. Instead of mom and dad, through, there are two of my dads there. I think briefly this is because my mom passed away and I can't therefore see here. The duplicate dad disappears. My dad is sitting on his knees upright in the bed. I go right up in bed next to him, his face close to mine. He appears 20-30 years younger than he is now. I start laughing with a sort of high-pitched voice, looking into his eyes. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…" for about 10-15 seconds. He looks sad and a bit confused. Maybe says something once. When I stop laughing, he flops back down into bed on his face, exasperated. Satisfied I've done the ask, I leave and go downstairs.

      At some point approaching the dining room I lose visuals. It's like visuals are "stuck" at a scene in the upstairs hallway. I can still feel things in the location in the house where I know I am. I consider going back upstairs so that my location matches the stuck image in my mind as a way to unstick it. I go into the kitchen again and look at the floor and the visuals are back. I'm gliding across the room, and I notice that the pattern on the floor has changed: long lines now arranged in groups at right angles. I turn around and glide back towards the dining room and notice that there is also a new color suddenly on the linoleum [peach, pinkish?].

      I go out the sliding glass door onto the deck. I notice with satisfaction that the view of the city lights below looks very accurate and stable. I see that up and to the right in the night sky [blocked by some trees], is the sun. There are black clouds covering the sky. The sun is shining a weird yellow light into the night sky. Sort of like an eclipse sun? I walk to the left on the deck to get a direct view of the sun. The trees are still sort of in the way. So I do a jump into the air and go up about 50 feet. The sun is amazing and multicolored. It is shining multicored light onto the houses in the area. Red, purple, blue bits of light, I gasp at the beauty.

      Spoiler for frequent sexual content for the rest of this dream:

      the dream fades...

      DEILD, LD#159
      Spoiler for pretty much all sexual, explicit language and situations, some nasty bodily discharge, I'm warning you!:
      the dream fades.

      DEILD, LD#160:
      I'm back in the hallway bathroom, sitting on the floor.
      Spoiler for sexual encounter:

      … and the dream fades.

      [Wake, recall, BTS mantra breathing]

      DILD, LD#161 Fish, task girl, restaurant
      I appear about 10-15 feet up from a fairly large expanse of water. It is grey and slightly dim. I'm sitting with fogelbise. He says he's burned out of fishing. I look down to the water and am astounded. There are *so many* fish visible in the fairly shallow and clear water. Big round ones, straight ones, over to the right some large shark-sized fish. They are slowly swimming about. I exclaim "man the fishing would be *great* here!" I'm looking at these fish and something strikes me and I do a nose pinch and I'm lucid again. I go down to the water level. I think of the TOTM basic I, ask a DC for a TOTM task. I look up to where I was sitting before but fogelbise is gone. There's nobody around. I wade out into the water and see a girl with her head (eyes?) just above the water line. I go up to her and take both her hands in both of my hands and lift her up out of the water. I ask her, "tell me a task!" She doesn't answer. "Tell me a task!" I say again. She mumbles something. I take her in to a building, there is a waiter there with paper cups and I want him to pour me some champagne to drink. I take the girl against a wall and put her on a table and ask again, "tell me a task!". She answers, "invest your cash register, freeze." I repeat it slowly to make sure I have it. "Invest your cash register, freeze?" I again repeat, "Invest your cash register, freeze?" She nods yes. I lean down and
      Spoiler for sexual encounter:
      I move on deeper into this building and encounter an older man, 50's perhaps, a bit overweight, wearing a white uniform, like a chef, and he's asking me for the remote control. We go into the next room and I"m looking around, forgetting him, and he again says he needs the remote control. We're near a chef's kitchen shelf (where they put up the finished plates) and I decide to reach around some appliance and expect to feel a small device with my fingers. I do feel such a device, but then an anonymous hand from the other side of the shelf shoves forward a small grey remote control. I pick it up and give it to the chef guy. I think of apologizing for it being missing, but I sense that I'm the boss of this place so that would look weak. I walk with this chef guy out towards the entrance, and want to have more fun, so I ask him to take me to the champagne, then...
      … the dream fades.

      wake, recall, BTS


      + appear in home, kitchen, a party's going on with guests over. fogelbise is sitting at the kitchen table in the dining nook, my wife is nearby in the kitchen. I want to indicate to him I had four lucid dreams just now, so I hold out my left hand with my thumb tucked in near his face slyly so no one else can see (I don't want to talk about the LDs where my wife could hear). fogelbise sort of shrugs not understanding and holds up about 8 fingers on two hands with a question on his face. I again indicate the four fingers to show I had 4 lucid dreams. There's a small boy (with an afro?) at the table also.

      + overlooking conference hall with military table different color, flags at each position , wife with me on upper level, computer, party, this is the place for action I say, she leaves angry, go get her?, go after she's still there by restaurant window, take sliced-in-half oranges from restaurant window, thers a cup there, we'll squeeze into a cup for fresh orange juice.

      + walk down street, big city, cross street, see son coming other way, want to cross to meet him, major gasoline lines being installed at this corner, overhead. Police block the crosswalk, I wait for green light and cross even through it may be blocked but nobody stops me.

      Spoiler for sexual content, bodily fluids:

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    12. 2015-11-30 LD#156,#157 strange stuff on sand, in houses [TOTM], weird animals, vague encounters

      by , 11-30-2015 at 11:43 AM
      Standard procedure for my nights: I do not record at night, I do mental recall only, reviewing the accumulated dreams briefly (sometimes for a long time) on every waking, and record only after getting up.

      non-lucid, notes
      fully lucid


      + (impressions of doing lots of things with a team of young people) a house on fire?

      + (f) in the sand, stretching out a red tape, this is a very powerful


      + LD#156
      In and out of lucidity, semi-lucidity.
      A number of scenes, order a bit unclear
      I'm lying on a couch in a room, there is another guy on the couch and a guy across the room
      squishy spiders, cat eats one, I'm batting the other one away, see dense spider web (built for just the night!?)
      See dog L, it's been so long, he looks very thin, need to feed him, get lucid, go outside, think "yay, #156", think of TOTMs, go back in ask DC to tell me a joke, first one like "and I fell down", said "tell me another one", he tells another one also sort of gibberish. To cement the TOTM I bite him (on the arm I think), then I'm walking to a room around a corner I want to go somewhere else, he follows? I go in a bathroom close the door and think when I come out of here I'll be in a different place. Then I think of summoning a girl by making believe we're having sex and start making motions. I then "wake up" in a dark room lit as if by a fire in a fireplace lying down in a corner and self-pleasuring, and stop thinking someone else in the room can see me.

      Lying on ground in garage, girl's brought her new moped (looks like a bicycle) to show her friend who's there, I'm stuck by two cars, girl keeps shoving this bike right on top of me almost, I keep shoving it away, I eventually say "Hey I don't want that gasoline sloshing on me!". girl backs out of garage and I think hey why not kiss her, and I do, and a waking up lucid moment as I make kissing motions on nothing

      Then I'm back in the original scene standing over a bed in the living room of the same house and there's a man lying there with blue eyes, crew cut and bright red hair, and we're talking. I realize I'm dreaming again and go outside and try to find my way to a different neighborhood [rest forgotten].

      I'm in a bathtub. I'm writing really interesting things on the side of the bathtub with dry erase markers. But every time I raise my hand up to write something else I smudge/erase what I wrote before and this eventually starts frustrating me. I'm naked in the tub, and the tub is in a small enclosure just barely bigger than the tub (room to sit up), it's in an office and there's a window into the tub. I scoot down to the bottom of the tub and estimate that if someone looks in they won't see my (ahem), just barely. But there's a door on the end and they could open it and see me there.

      riding in back seat of huge truck (driven by JaEi [VP company "R"]), pat JE on shoulder saying "you're doing a great job driving this thing!" then he drives off some edge and we're in free fall for what seems like 4 seconds, I'm anticipating an unpleasant impact, we hit but we're not destroyed or hurt, I look behind us and see the cliff we just rode down. I'm feeling around my lap for my waist bag and can't find it. I keep searching front and back, and eventually feel it and am relieved.

      In room with young man, I'm trying to write on the side of a pen like I was writing on the side of the bathtub earlier, I was telling him about my dream of driving in the cliff-jumping huge truck, and he said, "I was there too, " and I said "You mean that was *real*?" But then I thought back to it and didn't remember there being any girls in the truck and said so. I think he was in a different truck that didn't go off the cliff like we did

      + I'm walking on some street, come to a stop light, waiting for the go indicator, and I see two guys I worked with (AM and Ch. from [company "B"]), and say s.l. "hey the guys from 'B'!").

      + LD #157
      I'm in my childhood home living room, it's dark/night, I suspect a dream, then I see an unknown short old man in flowing robes walking quickly towards the front door as if he just came downstairs and I decide (perhaps with nose pinch), yes, lucid dreaming again. I head to the sliding glass door and open it and walk out on to the deck. The night sky is filled with silvery moon-lit clouds. I see some patterns in the sky that look sort of like faces. I just stand there looking up at the sky in awe for several moments. At some point I hear a screech coming from the stairs, I decide to try TOTM advanced (i) and crumple the scene. I hold my arms up to the sky and start making gathering motions, but I feel no physical traction, don't notice anything visually changing, then I decide I really should go investigate what's going on upstairs. I run for the stairs and I take out and ignite my lightsaber, which shows a weak translucent beam that is lighting up the wall in a jumping around pattern as I run up the stairs. Decide no, switch to physical sword, so I "reach for the hilt" and "draw" it expecting it to be there. It's dark and I vaguely see a blade before me, I reach up my right hand and pinch the blade and feel it to verify its presence. I'm with some friend and we run in to my parents bedroom, and my parents are there and my mom and I trade sword blows for a while.

      wake, recall, BTS:

      later, vague short scenes, in and out of sleep:

      + in a house, strange small creature pets crawling into holes, brightly colored huge grasshoppers/shrimps(?) clustered under the slats on the deck

      + clearing out my room (at music camp?)

      + a guy's criticizing my chess, my moves were strong then suddenly (on move 16?) I started playing poorly, my explanation was that I was late with my wife to a party and so had to offer a draw instead of playing on for the win.

      + see two owls: first one owl (outside childhood home?), then it sees me and it flies to its nest which is in my childhood home garage? I think these owls perhaps ate the little lizard pet from the earlier scene and that's why nobody can find it

      + (f) with ex-gf SB, her face close to mine, kissing her forehead

      + some girls are coming to visit. I had to remove all the centerfolds I had put up inside the cabinets. I hope I did. We're walking through and I open the cabinets carefully and see I did remove them, and feel relief.
      lucid , task of the month
    13. 2015-08-31 comp night #14, LD#138, car sex with SB, tall tree, seashore, fail TOTM fart

      by , 08-31-2015 at 08:38 AM
      + I'm driving in a town and see up ahead a (wagon?) with soaking wet guys and girls, like high school students, (narrator?) commends them for completing the task and sticking with it after others have left.

      I'm driving by a house and look at it there are people mulling around the front, I wonder if this is the Halloween party I want to go to.

      I pull up in front of a house with a Halloween party going on. There's a girl on my lap, sort of vague/hazy.
      Spoiler for explicit sexual stuff:

      Apparently, however, she does not like it, because she sits up and seems shocked/mortified. I'm miffed and decide to start the car and back out / start driving. She opens the door and gets out. She is now a different unknown girl, long dark hair, quite pretty, there seems to be a contact sheet of images floating around the windshield and her image is also there. I command her "get back into the car!" but she shakes her head and doesn't get in. I get angry and drive away in a huff.

      WBTB. Long BTS. I feel myself slooooowly sinking deeper into sleep, but it's really slow and with many thoughts arising that I need to continually let go and focus on relaxation. Finally "call in the nukes" and turn on to my stomach (position of last resort), and fall asleep.

      + I'm at the base of a tree so tall it's upper branches are shrouded in darkness. For a long while I'm just looking up the length of its branchless trunk, straining to see any upper branches but up high there is only darkness and shadow. There is a woman and her daughter there too, the girl is sitting near me, maybe leaning a bit on me. I ask the name of the tree, the woman answers "a red <something>." I say in a foreign language, "it's very tall."

      My back is to the tree and my wife is there, I want to go to the glacier, but in the dream I can't remember this word, I ask her "what's that place <with snow, in foreign language> called?", she refuses to tell, since she doesn't want to go there. I ask her several times and get frustrated both that I can't remember the term [glacier], and that she's not telling me this word.

      +(f) walking along a shoreline, seeing people swimming / bobbing in the fairly large waves [gee it only took almost 3 weeks at a seaside resort location to get one of these]

      + (LD#138) I'm in a store/gym, I'm walking and stepping my way among some stuff on the ground, I feel funny/dizzy like I'm losing my balance, I suspect, despite feeling *completely awake*, pretty much lucid now, nose pinch confirms. The people around me mostly vanish, there's one clear DC in front of me, I reach for it, and take each one of its hands in mine, we're facing each other and looking into each other's eyes. I start to transform it into a girl of my desire, saying "You look a lot like <xyz>". But I stop myself. I think of TOTM. I try to remember my chant/cheer and come up with "fart bus." Fart is easy/fast so I decide to do that, there are people still around me. So I stand up tall, stick my butt way out behind me and push a bit, but get no sensation or sound, but regardless I stand up and jump up and down and shout out "It was me! It was me!" Satisfied that I completed the task, I grab my DC again, and tell it
      Spoiler for sexual stuff:
      but then I wake up.
    14. 2015-08-09 LD #133 Mega-TOTM, long, vivid, aware, multiple dream saves, saw mom, just amazing!

      by , 08-09-2015 at 04:47 PM
      early sort of vague, long BTS after a short WBTB, followed by a mega-TOTM top-5 (maybe best ever) LD

      Note: I listened to PercyLucid's MILD audio class all the way through this week, and have taken up several of his suggestions and his mantra "I will have lucid dreams TONIGHT, or VERY SOON!" I do his MILD, holding a still mental image of my desired dream scene in my head as I fall asleep. I've been doing it for about half a week at this point.

      Betime: midnight-ish. Glass of red wine some hours earlier (4?) at dinner. One Opti-Men multivitamin around 3-4pm.

      06:11, ~3 minutes of voice notes

      + standing among statue/memorials, where the shape of the stone is a language conveying a message ("Hindu"). In particular the place where the column narrows in diameter and then widens out again has some sort of special meaning. I read "pardo" chiseled into one of the columns (they're about 4 feet high).

      + several big bags of galantamine capsules have arrived from Amazon, and a bag of small round B6 tablets. The boxes were opened (I guess by my wife), and the big see-through plastic baggies (Halloween candy bag sized) are lying there on my bed along with the Amazon invoice. The galantamine capsules are large, about the size of my current Alpha-GPC capsules (which are real horse pills, it takes eating bread/drinking water to get them down). I put some in my mouth and start chewing them? I wonder if I have time left in my dreaming night to take some or if it's too late.

      Looking at the fine, thick, luxurious paper that Amazon uses for printing invoices, and the detailed high quality printing, I realized this is why I use Amazon, for this level of detail & quality.

      + circular cushion, it has to last a lifetime, one kid is jumping up and down and I severely discipline it, it gets progressively younger as I do so until it becomes an infant and rolls off on to the ground; two families different religious traditions are sharing this circular couch thing, it's OK with one family because their attention is usually focused outwards, you're not supposed in their tradition to use the middle part.

      I'm wandering in and out of sleep as I review the prior dreams.

      WBTB, BTS

      It takes about an hour to get back to sleep it feels like. Need to put on a sleep mask as the room is too light now.

      08:51, ~16 minutes of voice notes

      + LD #133 (TOTM advanced I & bonus success): KILD

      I'm in a fairly dark area with people, I hear (students and teachers?) talking about math, I remember hearing "N-squared". I seem to be re-entering this area, and notice in front of me a teacher lady lying on a reclining garden/beach lounge chair, facing me. She's by herself. I go towards her, lean down over her in order to kiss her, and as my face approaches hers I get lucid. I continue in for a quick kiss on the lips and say "I'm dreaming!" I get up and head up a stairway to the left, saying "I didn't go up here last time through". There is a very wide open platform up there. Up ahead along a long wall stretching along the platform is an open door, and I enter.

      Band Practice (TOTM basic I missed opportunity):
      Inside is a large, wide, but not deep, well-lit band room. Most of the room is off to my left (the door is on the right edge of the room). There to the left on a series of risers are the band student musicians (seems like high school aged) sitting with their instruments. I look for a guy playing (my instrument), and see him in the 3rd/4th row up, and call to him to show me his instrument. He holds it up and I nod, "nice. What's your name?" I ask, "Norman," he answers
      (delay not too long, sometimes my DCs don't know their names well!). "I'll be back later" I say and head out the door, starting to think of TOTM.

      Moon (TOTM Advanced-II)-fail:
      I try to remember my TOTM task cheer song, and all I can remember at first is the rhythm. Argh! I finally remember the moon rock task. I decide I will grab a chunk of the moon and eat it. I look up into the night sky, slightly hazy, but with lots of distinct stars, the background is not totally black. I clearly see the stars at high resolution, and notice several satellites lazily making a straight path from one side of the vision to the other. I follow one's progress for a few seconds enjoying the view. I will the moon to appear, several times, but it does not appear.

      I am now in the backyard of my childhood home, still looking up at the sky for the moon. I start to hear my mother's voice.

      I hear her voice clearly, like she was standing next to me. I know she's in the house. I'm now floating fairly high over the house looking down, and am amazed at the clarity and accuracy of her voice.
      Sometimes voices in my dreams do not sound right, but this is perfect. She is speaking coherently but I do not remember anything that she said, she's talking to my father. I'm trying to get down to the house and have some trouble, I have to air-swim a bit. The house is not right: it appears to be a sort of a modern, multi-section compound with rooms of differing shapes from above. Then I'm on the deck at the back door, still hearing her voice, and I enter, go through the kitchen, and expect to see her there and see her walking through the dining room heading towards the living room, her back is to me. I get really happy, finally I'm going to see her in a dream!
      (in waking life she passed away two months ago).
      I follow and enter the dining room, imagining her being really happy to see me. She turns and sees me and I open my arms wide, (I'm wearing a light jacket and quickly unzip it and hold up my arms with the ends of the jacket, kind of like bat wings), and she comes to me and I give her a big hug, kissing her cheek and I tell her "I really miss you!" I see her and her face clearly. She seems young. Either she or my dad answers, and says something like now it is time for me to be with my father.

      Mom saves a FA:

      I find myself waking, and I still hear my mother's voice. If I can still hear her voice, that means I'm still dreaming! I have no visuals and decide to slowly "open my eyes." I seem to be in my childhood home's living room still, with something on my head, like sheets or a blanket. I sit up and stand up. I try for a little bit while walking forwards towards the kitchen to take the thing off that feels like a towel wrapped around my head, but I can't get it off, it's like a really really long sheet is hanging there and I just can't get it off. I decide just ignore it (and then it stops bothering me). My mother is standing at the doorway between the dining room and the living room just on the kitchen side. She looks really young, thin, healthy, and happy. Shes wearing a bright lipstick, orange-ish. I say "you look like you're doing great!" while I stand close to her with my hands on her waist, and something like "we will meet again!".

      Dinos! (TOTM Advanced-I success):
      After seeing my mother, I go out on the deck and ask my sister to take me to show me where the dinosaurs are
      (asking DCs to do stuff for me is fast becoming my favorite dream control method).
      She takes me to the corner of the deck and I look down and see weird beasts walking down the stairs to the backyard lawn (in particular notice one big black quadruped freaky looking thing walking down). I go down off the end of the deck and mount some small furry thing that I think is actually a movie monster of some sort. I'm a bit concerned about this not counting since I don't think this is a dinosaur. I ride it down the stairs to the lawn. There I imagine and see a medium-sized Trex there battling with a medium-sized King Kong. They're both between 15-20 feet tall: definitely big, but not immense. I jump and land expertly on the back of the T-rex. I imagine a faintly strange beastly odor. I'm sitting fairly high on its back/lower neck, and urge it forward to run up the stairs because I'm concerned about Kong. I urge it and imagine it running really fast, I'm "pushing" it forwards by "pushing on the reins" and it's leaping up the stairs towards the street but it just doesn't get going fast enough to please me, Kong is still chasing. Up on the street Kong attacks and I jump/fall away...

      Black Hole (TOTM Bonus, success):
      ... and (am in the void? Rub hands for a while, feel them, dream is solid, visuals return), I'm in a garage (childhood home?), I exit and turn to the right (180 degrees) and there is a large open plaza full of college-aged young people ahead of me. I try again to remember the full TOTM cheer song and I again can only remember the 2nd half (advanced) and "...Black Hole! Black Hole! Raa raa Raa!" I've already done one advanced, so why not? I decided to summon a black hole and jump in. I walk forwards a bit to get where the crowd starts, I hold out my hands straight in front of me and pull them apart quickly, imagining a massive black sphere appearing: instead something big dark and round flashes and disappears. OK, again! (I wonder what the students will think of the black hole!) I put my arms together, pull them apart quickly, and this time a large sphere appears solidly before me which I know is the black hole. Only it's partially reflective mirror-surfaced, which I think is fine because everybody knows that light plays funny tricks around black holes. I dive forwards into it and try to feel the sensations. I don't feel much, after a brief disorientation I find that I'm inside a sphere sort of like a one-way mirror, I can see out but people can't see in. There is a filtering effect looking out like sunglasses. The party is going on all around me in the plaza still and everyone is ignoring me. The black hole is about the same size inside as outside (about 8-10 feet in diameter, tall enough to stand in). There's a girl standing near the edge of the black hole on the outside and I pull her in (and kiss her?). The dream wavers/I enter a bit of the void and call for a DC to take my hand and pull me out, and "John" does just that, and the dream continues from there...

      John and boobs:
      I asked for a DC to take me by the hand and lead me from the Black Hole sphere, and a guy does grab my hand firmly and lead me out. We start walking together, I decide his name is "John." As we're walking through the crowd, a girl comes towards us .
      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      Eventually I have John take my hand again and lead me back into the dream, works again, visuals return. I look at and touch briefly the edge of the table. Then I leave them both and move on down the path.

      Girl outside:
      I've lost a bit of lucidity, I'm standing outside a door to a building, as I move towards it a girl sitting on a bench calls to me "<redacted>" which gets my attention.
      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      and this brings me back to full lucidity. I stop with her and enter the door in to the building.

      Girl inside:
      Inside is a large mostly empty space, I spot two girls sitting at a desk not far away. I head right for them and sit down, noticing the girl on the left and give her my attention.
      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      I move my gaze to look back up over my shoulder to the my left so as not to stare at her too long, I catch a scene of some busy detail outside the door I came in through.

      I stand up quickly and take her hand and lead her away, just desiring to be in motion. I'm holding her left hand with my right, and I start swinging our arms while we walk. <Something about a vending machine?> The dream starts to fade and I use contact with the girl to come back and continue a bit:

      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      This brings me back into the dream. I then get the great idea to
      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      and the dream fades, this time it feels like for good, so I start gathering my recall and prepare to record.

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    15. 2015-07-2 LD #127, beer garden, tent, shiny boots, flashlights, bacon, talking with coatrack

      by , 07-21-2015 at 03:12 PM
      The dream recall leading up to the LD were not really anything exciting or long. But the LD more than made up for it despite being a slightly bit unstable: it lasted a good long time (by my standards) with 3-4 different scenes, girly stuff, accomplished TOTM, some flying and some breaking through walls, some lightsaber action.

      + at a beer garden choosing (4 choices) what I'll have for the next round consulting with the woman sitting across from me. I'm thinking of a really pale beer next round, something with almost no taste. (Don't remember the names but some had some), (decided on a house special?)

      + I'm at the far end of a long snaking narrow camping tent, a friend is outside. I see and say that there is no zipper/way out on this side, so since the tent is so narrow I don't have room to turn around, so I start crawling out backwards. I notice some dirty spots on the floor of the tent and wonder if they're wet spots from dirty boots. I finally make my way out of the front where my friend is waiting for me (the boot guy below?)

      + There's a man who says he must cover his metal-tipped boots when he's outside or else the reflection will blind people. He gestures to his boot tips and I see a chunk of metal near the tip. Someone discusses how "hard" your boots you want, if you get them too hard they'll make a lot of noise on wooden floors.

      + walking through some sightseeing place with people, fairly dark indoor environment, turning corners (going up sloping pathways?) need flashlight, I have one or two in my hand, then there are hundreds strewn all over the floor to choose from.

      + Walking down the main stairway in my childhood home, my dad is talking about the nurses at the hospital, how they used to have a thing around there neck that expanded, it was called a (???), I see one and how it expands, but they wear something different now. My dad has to go to the hospital, I'm now in the living room where my mother has set a breakfast table (for me and my dad?), I sit down and eat, there is a bacon and egg sandwich and more bacon and some other things. It all looks really good and I start with the bacon. (I pick a piece of bacon out of the sandwich?) my mother says not to pick the bacon out of the sandwich but I say "hey it's bacon, it's OK" but I fully intend to eat the sandwich properly.

      At some point I wake up, pee, recall dreams, and head back to sleep, the exact place I re-enter is not clear.

      I see the breakfast table again and it's messy (piled with cereal boxes?), it's still in the living room because my dad's going to the hospital so we need a segregated breakfast table (WTF?). My dad is now concerned about being late even though he got up really early in the morning. I walk to the kitchen through the dining room and I hear my dad talking and coming towards the kitchen from the back porch.

      I don't want my dad to find me in the kitchen because (then I'll wake up?)

      I fly out the living room window
      and immediately I realize I'm dreaming. It is a solid realization, I'm very happy I got lucid. The scenery is daylight, bright and clear. I'm flying low over a Eucalyptus tree coming up ahead, and as I pass over it I lower my right hand and let my fingers run through the leaves to establish tactile senses. I feel very little, maybe 25% or even less, I'm somewhat surprised, touch is usually not less than 50% and usually full. I grab a bunch of the leaves and form a fist with my right hand, squeezing them, and I start to feel them a bit better.

      I then experience a slow, interesting transition (sort of a "pan"-effect) back into my childhood home's living room. I think of TOTM and am happy at having decent waking like memory. But then I just can't remember the basic tasks, for about 30 seconds I'm pacing around the living room saying "Right, let's do TOTM, the task is....the task is....it's...uh.." and just can't come up with either of the basic tasks. I recall at last the advanced II task of having a conversation with an object that doesn't make sound.

      I walk into the dining room, crouch down in front of the marble-topped cabinet/drawers, and say "Hi! What's your name!?" I imagine face forming and it responding to me, but instead a black rectangle whooshes in from somewhere, replacing the cabinet, then vanishes, leaving them both gone.

      Not upset by this, I just stand up and move to the living room where I see a coat rack, I immediately approach and say, "Hi! What's your name?!" (I think a face forms?) and it says "I'm Hank, and my son is Frank!" (I think the rack is covered with a string of lights, and wonder what they look like turned on?).

      I go out (the front door?) and see a sloping hillside in daylight of exposed dirt and some plants (ivy?). I wonder if I'm still dreaming, if I am then I could fly, I take off flying and am happy that I'm still dreaming. I turn to face downhill, and see through a window of the house into the living room where Hank is still standing, he looks sort of humanoid at this point with a very large head, like a small Ent or a large mushroom man. I think/say "turn on your lights!" but Hank looks at me, shaking his head "no," and holds up his arms containing the string of (Christmas tree?) lights. I think he must be done working for the day and has already taken off his lights, I do not want to force the issue so I forget him and fly forwards.

      Ahead of me (still flying) is some building, down below me a few floors down I see some girls standing at an ice cream stand. I can see down their shirts and there's some nice cleavage showing there. I land and watch them as I approach, there are 3 girls, young & pretty, one of them has dark sort of bushy eyebrows.

      Spoiler for sexual activity:

      Now I'm in a stairwell and I think the authorities are coming because of my taking liberties with the girls. (See/hear some security guys?) I'm running up the stairs and decide to break through the wall, I run my finger in a circle on the wall and push out a section and jump through.

      I'm in some non-descript alley/corridor between very tall buildings, and I decide as I approach a corner that I need a weapon, so I hold up my left hand and imagine there's a lightsaber handle there. I look at my hand and it's sort of fuzzy and transparent but I see it. I hit the "on" button and imagine/say that the blade will be green. I see sort of a 50% transparent green blade.

      I walk by a guy DC and swing the blade through his body 2 or 3 times, (he falls down?). Then I see a kid walking with an assembled clarinet, and step up to him and slice the clarinet into 3 or 4 pieces, haha.

      Up ahead on a higher floor (floating?) is a group of uniformed security. I prepare myself for a big jump to go up there and fight, I'm setting my feet just right and fidgeting then I notice a hot girl is floating down towards me, I imagine she wants sex, so I direct her to a bench and she starts taking off her clothes, then I
      wake up...
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