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    1. SSEC2016 (Comp) night #7 2016-04-17 3D 1F 1LD LD#181 pts: 16.5

      by , 04-17-2016 at 11:30 AM
      Nice & early bed time. Set strong intention to have interesting and meaningful dreams, and to remember my dreams.

      + (D1) I'm flying / floating high in the air above a bridge, and I'm falling down towards it. I can somewhat control my direction and I'm aiming to land on the walkway of the bridge. I hope I don't miss it! I end up scooting down a long hill and at the bottom I see my ex-GF SB [DREAM SIGN] and her former BF, S(K?). Being all magnanimous, even though I want to go hug SB, I first go up to SK and hold out my hand for a handshake. At this time I hear SB say something like, "Oh, hi, <my name>". Hm, I was expecting a more enthusiastic greeting after not having seen each other all these years. (I get a long hug from her?) She's way shorter than I remember [she was short to begin with]. [Day residue: I saw a very short girl in the evening and thought of SB, trying to remember who was shorter].

      + (D2) ... some stuff going on, then... I find myself in a beautiful isolated spot on the open road. I think I'm on a bicycle: something open to the air. A straight black-top, two-lane highway with a dotted yellow line down the middle extends in front of me, hidden by the rising curve of a hill just up ahead of me. What gets my attention is the beauty of the situation: I feel the wind on my face, and smell the scent of the earth. It is bright daylight with a blue sky and I sense greenery around me, rising hills of grass perhaps, in my peripheral vision. This is what it's all about, right here -- the freedom of the open road. And I don't even have to experience it on a motorcycle, here I am on a bicycle! But, to return to this place from where I live [FALSE], it's a very long ride on a bike. What if I were on a motorcycle? I'd have a helmet on. I could reach up and flip down the visor. I do so and a transparent visor comes down in front of my vision. I can see through it fairly well, but I also see the visor material. I can still feel the wind and the scent of the earth coming to me up inside the helmet I'm now wearing.

      I'm now on a motorcycle [DREAM SIGN], a new one . It doesn't seem to be running, but I'm approaching a long, steep hill leading down in front of me [DREAM SIGN]. I remember my training, and first apply the rear brake with my right foot. It doesn't do too much. So I squeeze the right hand brake, making sure not to apply too much too fast to prevent the front wheel from locking up. I then apply some more rear brake pressure, and the motorcycle eventually comes to a stop.

      Up ahead of me are some buildings. I'm now holding a newspaper, there are articles in here from old-timers, something to do about the (dangers? benefits?) of alcohol. Someone wants to suppress their opinions. As I go, [for some reason!?], I start tearing out chunks of the newspaper and eating it[!!]. I do this several times.

      I'm now in some sort of office, young women are bustling about, it's a newspaper office? There is a story about a black man who died (was killed?), who had a white wife and kid, he was a well-known chocolatier.

      + (F1) Walking along a road, suburban neighborhood, one old man walking his dog meets another old man standing with his dog at the end of his driveway. They greet, they know each other, the dogs get tangled, then they kiss each other on the cheek and then give a quick peck right on the lips. The walking man moves on.

      + (D3) I'm at a gas station, getting gas for my motorcycle. It has a detachable large gas tank, like a large long oxygen tank or the tanks used to hold helium at balloon stores. I'm pumping the gas into the tank and it stops and I want to start it again but I can't figure out how, I wasn't paying attention before. There are levers to push and dials to twist. I eventually figure out that the gas dispensing works from the knob with a kitchen-timer-like control: you twist the knob, choosing an amount of gas that you want, the numbers of the amounts are set on the dial with little marks, like the marks showing the numbers on the dial of a combination lock. I keep twisting it, it starts running and dispensing gas, it reaches zero, and I twist it again to get more. I shake the tank a few times to see how full it is, it's heavy but definitely only about half full.

      There is now a line of people behind me and they're getting annoyed that I'm taking so long. I pull the tank back to my motorcycle and (put it back? think about how to put it back?). There's a control interface on the tank, a small black circle with a doohickey that falls off and down inside?

      + (LD #181) ... some stuff, then I'm in a small office with glass walls [DREAM SIGN] to the outside, like in a stip-mall. It's a police office. A young short blonde woman comes in, she's completely drenched soaking wet like she's been out in a downpour for a long time without an umbrella. She wants to tell the police woman something but the police woman is busy on the phone. So she turns to me and tells me to pass on the message that she found her wallet after all and so to cancel the missing wallet report. I have a vague recollection that I remember her from earlier in the dream and that I remember that she had lost her wallet [false?]. She says she is from Alabama, and writes down the message with her address (I see "Alabama"?), I listen to her speech but don't detect a southern accent. She leaves. The police woman eventually gets off the phone and I give her the message about the wallet and she says "good."

      Then I'm riding in a car with the police woman. She's driving, and I'm for some reason down sitting almost under the steering wheel (a little bit to the passenger side of it. I have my knees on the floor and I'm leaning up against the woman with my head against her chest. (Her shirt is open? No breasts visible though). I look up into her face and see her eyes and eye brows, she has a bit of a Latina look to her.

      Then I start telling her about my motorcycle dream. About how vivid and clear it was, about the beauty of the open road. I ask her, "Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were dreaming while in the dream?" She nods indicating yes. All the while that we've been talking, I've worked my hand up her skirt, and hold it up against her privates there for a long time, feeling the shape of her body. I wonder if she'll object but she doesn't, but I don't make many movements. "Awesome!" I say. "I think that I heard that they call this 'lucid dreaming'". I of course know what it is, but for some reason am trying to hide my intimate knowledge of the subject from her. "I also have lucid dreams. When you are lucid in a dream, what do you do?" .

      She stops the car studdenly and gets out, with a horrified expression on her face like I've done something glastly. "Does your family know you lucid dream?" she asks? "No," I answer..."Uh, yeah, my kids do..."

      We've stopped in front of a (school? some building with people inside). The woman goes off to another building across the street and I hear her making a verbal report on me, like she's putting on a APB on me she says my last name (I don't remember telling her my name?), and that I'm on a red motorcycle. Hah, good luck finding me, I think, I haven't had that motorcycle in years.

      I'm riding down the road, it dips down and there's some stuff on the right. Then it crests in a hill and there's a sudden very steep down hill stretch of road right in front of me [DREAM SIGN] I drive down it and I pick up a lot of speed. At the bottom there are intersections crossing the road, there's no way I can stop, I don't even reach for the brakes, but there's no cross traffic, thankfully.

      Up ahead I hear the sound of children playing. The road becomes an intersection which becomes a play room, a common play room for like an apartment building. There are lots of small children playing there, with mothers and older sisters watching them. All the kids are playing with wooden toy trains on little wooden train tracks [like I had]. They're moving the trains about in figure 8's and I think they're learning about traffic safety when the trains reach the intersections on the tracks. I move back and forth between two rooms, watching the children. I wonder that the mothers haven't complained or noticed me, an unknown person, being here. A little girl comes up and sort of falls into me, and I give her a hug. As I let her go she sort of adorably plops down falling on her butt then moves away.

      There are some hot moms here...I tell myself "If I were lucid and dreaming right now....HEY! I'm pretty sure I'm dreaming, and I take a big breath preparing to do a nose pinch. Yup, I can breathe. I stand up, forgetting my surroundings, and walk forwards into the next
      room. I immediately think "OK, time for ToTM." But nothing comes to mind. Well, if there are no ToTMs to do right now...

      Spoiler for sexy time:

      I wake up.

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    2. 2016-02-17 LD#176 clear night scene, lightsaber fight, sexy time w/hot blonde; strange conflict;

      by , 02-17-2016 at 09:14 AM
      to bed late (not by choice), ~1am

      + team-based conflict. Sabotage: one guy used an incendiary clicking device to attempt to ignite the underground gas lines via the electrical outlets and blow up several city blocks. "You can't escape" he called out. I ran anyway. Through a door, a guy far stronger than me was pursuing, but I had prepared a small pitch-fork just outside the door and picked it up and stabbed him putting him on the ground, and I called for reinforcements and they beat him up on the ground.

      + (f) returning to the cages, a tiny (female?) dog had been rewarded and entered the cage of my old dog "L". L came along later?

      alarm @ 5.5 hrs, very tired, got family member up, back to bed. Alarms are terrible for recall. I had to reach to remember the above.

      eventually summoned the will to stop following random thought chains and implement my Back To Sleep Mojo (tm) with the intent of lucid dreams. It worked again

      BTS mojo: start with deep breathing. Totally relax and let go of everything: tension, thoughts, all trying and effort. There is a very special "sinking" feeling for a moment at the end of a long exhale when you successfully let go of tension and start to sink deeper. What I do then is try to hold on to that "deep sinking" feeling, including during inhales and exhales. While breathing, I sometimes imagine I'm breathing through my "3rd eye" in the middle of my forehead. Breathing in dream energy and breathing out tension and thoughts. HI may begin during this time. Try not to focus on them, but simply remain lightly aware of them.

      + I'm walking outside in an apartment complex (small, 2 story) in between buildings. It is dark (early morning I think). I hear a sound to the left and look up and see a man through a large sliding glass door [DREAM SIGN], he's doing remodeling in his apartment. He's using a scraper on the glass door, and it's really squeaky and noisy, I think it's rude to be doing that at this early hour, it could bother the neighbors.

      The building on the right of me also has a glass wall on the 2nd floor apartment, I know there's a woman in there I'd like to sneak a peek at. I'm staying below the window and trying to remain unseen. (The light comes on?) I sense she's walking around in her robe. I hide under the overhang, and her legs in the reflection of the glass via a building to the left. I think that means she may be able to see me, too.

      At one point my wife comes out and I try to hide but she sees me, she's in her bathing suit I guess she's going for a swim/sauna, but she doesn't suspect me.

      LD#176 (2/10 goal for LDs for remainder of Feb)
      I felt sure I was waking lucid in "my room" in the dark. The room seemed right. I sit up on the side of my bed, and notice vague bits of furniture about, including an alarm clock? [false]. I have a small bit of trouble maneuvering out of bed, but made it OK. Decided to head outside and fly into the night sky and explore the city at night and have fun. Pretty high awareness, and very clear. I get outside and look up at the sky. I think the stars were "beautiful" but in retrospect they were pixelated like computer graphics, and the sky was rather gray not black. The stars were swirling around the sky a bit, interesting. I went to take off flying into the sky and I hear suddenly and unexpectedly a very creepy male voice behind me that startled me and freaked me out a bit, he barked out some statement that I didn't understand. I took off and looked behind me and very very clear and vividly saw two guys on top of the roof of a building. I circled around to go fight them. summoned my lightsaber in to my hand, at first it was the size of a pen with tiny little bumps on each end like a miniature dumbbell from the gym. I reached over with my right hand and "pulled" it which extended it, at first too large, then pushed back a bit and got it to be the perfect size. landed, hit the "on" button expecting awesome sound and visuals (but they were kind of weak like usual), and started fighting. There were several opponents and more coming it seems. Tried force lightning on a 3rd guy who came on me from the right: extended my right arm straight and made a "claw" with my fingers, but managed only a few sparks at best. impaled several guys with the blade at close distance with lunges, one in the chest, one in the face. several good swipes, but just not the vivid blade and effects that I want. There was a bit of resistance to swinging the blade, like swinging a sword in water.
      I'm losing the fight, they're getting their attacks in close to me. The main opponent almost got a swing (he had a lightsaber too I think) to land on me, I had to sacrifice my saber to block it and then jumped backwards off of a pier to escape. In the distance in the water some people are standing on a platform.
      I climb back up on to the pier a bit away from the fight and look at who's here. It's sort of an open area, looks like a party is going on. Right in front of me, my attention is grabbed right away by a lovely blonde woman in a sexy, revealing, white evening dress. Her hair is in a medium-length braid down her back, and her right side is facing me.

      Spoiler for sexy time, explicit:
      the dream fades.
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    3. 2016-01-20 LD#167 ToTM gravity change DC; epics: the house/soccer field, houses/woman/train; more

      by , 01-20-2016 at 09:48 AM
      Another "ANA" like night. This time influenced by Jamie Alexander's ebooks: "Lucid Dreaming on Command" and "Meditation For Lucid Dreaming". The main thing about his approach is to focus your awareness in your head, forget your body, and "go deeper, let go." I choose his recommendation to focus awareness on HI.

      I felt this is a lot like what dolphin does, staring at the back of his eyelids and waiting for FAs/dreams to appear.

      The first half of the night seemed to take forever before dreams began. I may have been aware in NREM because at one point I moved on to my back and when I felt entirely aware, my wife told me that I was snoring which woke me up and I thought that was strange because I hadn't felt that I was snoring.

      I kept trying to fall asleep to watching my HI and letting go/relaxing. Then the dreams started. Ordering not clear.

      + I'm on my way to get lunch, maybe I'll get pad thai. I encounter a (Round Table?) pizza place and go in, I'd love me some Kind Arthur Supreme! They have a buffet lunch going. I'm skeptical because I want the KAS, but I head that way. "Don't worry, " the cooks say, "we've made plenty of pizza for the buffet." I indeed see large circular clear containers full of pizzas stacked one on top of another.

      + semi-epic?
      I'm watching some presentation. A woman is talking about a piece of real-estate. She's trying to conceal her location, i see location on address on street, I know where this is [false]. House is large, 3 rich families live there. Look for a long time at the column marking the left front corner of the property, it's being reconstructed/rebuild? Around right front corner to side, the buildings are huge, right now just construction skeletons with girders. They're like 100 yards long, the size of a football field, what would be in there, a gym?
      Then my team is playing on the ground level under the construction, it's a soccer field. I stand back and watch for a while, we're scoring goals, they're making good kicks, too. Then I run forwards and start participating. It's not all that easy for me to run, like I'm overweight. We make a run for the goal, and I try to kick but my kick is weak, it's not a soccer ball but instead some small colorful triangle things (paper?). I kick to my teammate, and we make 3 goals like that in a row with me assisting. At one point the goalie is grad school classmate KA, then he's on my team and we're scoring a goal together.

      Enter a restaurant with my team. We're seated at a table. 3 out of 4 of my teammates are overweight.

      + semi-epic
      I'm walking among and looking closely at suburban houses. I recommended a painter to some friends and I'm looking at the results [false]. I observe the colors: deep, grayish blue main building, sometimes an odd variant of raspberry/mauve, very dreamy colors. These painters always do a great and careful job. I'm in the carport of one such house and notice that they've painted the foundation a different color (this one is the blue/gray house with a reddish/pink foundation). They've painted a slightly uneven line between the house and the foundation, but that is because the foundation is bumpy concrete so the uneven line blends in to the texture of the house.

      I pull myself up to look over the the roof and get a quick glimpse in a neighboring yard of a large fluffy dog.

      I then climb fully on to the roof and launch into the air and fly. I gain some altitude, to avoid the dog in the next yard. The dog is barking/jumping at me as I fly over. The dog jumps at me and falls off the roof into the garden. I'm hovering/circling about 30-40 feet in the air, a girl is walking below me, she has notes for me, she's upset about the dog falling off the ceiling. There are letters stuffed in between the pages of books. The girl is my daughter?

      Down on the ground I enter the house. There is a woman and a boy there seated at a table. I get a close up view of her right eye. It is strange. She has parallel vertical age lines above and below her eye on her forehead and her cheek:


      I think this is unattractive. Then I notice her skin on her shoulder and chest. It is exposed (no shirt) and colored reddish-orange and of a very strange texture: the skin is pulled and cut into regular rectangular arrays of flaps about 1/8inch wide that stick up in the air about 1/4 inch. Her entire upper body is covered with these arrays of skin flaps. I notice a wrinkly nipple. The whole thing is a very odd and fairly repulsive sight.

      Our team push starts a train. push hard, run to catch it, jump on. The woman train inspector may catch us. We've been riding around like this for a long time (is the track circular, how can we do that?) Uh oh here comes a end-of-track barrier, we're going fast, brace for impact, we plow through the barrier with no problems, and land in a cushion zone made for cases like this, with large slats of wood and piles of sand. There is a house for sale beyond this area?

      Something odd like a guy opening his mouth around the for-sale sign (?) and indicating that the other guys should stick in their (ahem)s? It's a joke.

      + traveling through town, looking for ice cream/yogurt, some places catch my attention, I go into one. At the counter/register there is a light on the left that indicates you can place an ice cream order, and on the right that you can place a yogurt order. The ice cream light goes off and I try to communicate with the servers but they speak a different language. I go walking around the large store. I see people sitting in booths. Up ahead there are some large, fat, nudist women (lesbians?) sitting in a hallway booth. I walk by them trying to avoid looking at them. Around a corner there is a large room off to the side, with a male rock band and some female groupies.

      + (f) I follow into my jr hs best friend DD's house, his father is there, we're there with friends, we start discussing world history. Something about my dad? Sewer pipe exits? Every fifth pipe has elevated salt levels? I feel my skin peeling off of my foot from the high salt levels?

      + (f) I realize that I've lost my toilet seat shaped pillow for the night, they have reclaimed them. I need to pay for another one before they're all gone. I get one(?) and return inside to the equipment rack?

      + (f) exchange of candy. I wanted M&Ms I leave the area and check the (gas pumps?) the attendants/adult, guards are there but they don't bother me, I have a bag of candy, I turn around and re-enter the area

      + LD#167 ToTM advanced II (change gravity for a DC)
      I look up into the sky and I see some puffy things like giant cotton swab puffs, and to the right a giant advertisement for a chocolate bar with many little bits of chocolate strewn around, I think "this is a dream-like sky, because only in dreams do you get particles like that in the sky". I do a nose pinch and am confused that I can breathe. That gets my attention, I try again and I can breathe. What? Oh! I run forwards and take a leap off of the road over a big drop with a small thought of "is this a bad idea?" but I fly and I'm firmly lucid now. I'm near a major university and think "I'm going to go mess with the students!" The thought of ToTM Advanced II (change gravity for a DC) enters my head. Down on the sidewalk below I see people, I choose a group of 3 walking together, 2 guys and a girl. I point my finger at the girl (who's standing on the right end of the 3 walking together), and will gravity to reverse for her so she falls into the sky. And indeed, she flies up high into the sky, 60 feet or so, when I un-reverse gravity for her and fly to catch her in my arms. Her head is to my left, feet the right. Her face is turned away from me. I turn her towards me, hoping/expecting to see a young/pretty college girl. She seems to be and I immediately kiss her. She's confused and I explain (punctuated by a few more short kisses) that I made a tiny modification of the space/time continuum around her, but that for her it probably felt like a large change. I ask her where she wants to go: New York? Europe? To the <rock band name forgotten> concert in Austrailia [false]? "Oh, the concert!" she answers. Darn, I think, I didn't really want to go to the concert. At this point there's a strange transition and we're outside a secret restaurant in Iran, and I'm now a small, dark-skinned, dark-haired local boy speaking through another local boy through a guy who works in the restaurant, explaining to the girl that I don't speak (Iranian?). The implication is that we're stuck in this situation (she accessed my dream power somehow to make this change?)... and then I wake up.
    4. 2015-11-01 belated Halloween-ish nap, ultra-bizarre, vivid/present mega-EPIC

      by , 11-01-2015 at 04:46 PM
      OMG I may remain officially polyphasic if it weren't for having to live in the world with the rest of the monophasic sleep people. Long nap (2+ hours) dreams are amazing! Perhaps some quick day residue from watching "Snowpiercer" (highly recommended BTW, very dream-like).

      SSILD get me to sleep in minutes. I was pretty tired to start with, however.

      I just woke from one of the longest, most vivid/present, and especially *bizarre* series of scenes I've probably had in over a year (the bizarreness that is). Really strange stuff! Judging time is always difficult, but allowing for the inevitable gaps, it seemed to run at least 30-45 minutes and probably even more. There were some semi-lucid moments, but for the most part I was just observing/experiencing/participating in one really weird thing to the next.

      + outdoors walking rural hilly paths winding around corners with DCs, someone says the event is over and they're going to give a tour of the (outer ring road?)

      returning "home", sneaking through next door neighbor's garden leaning forwards so as not to be seen by them, they're inside the house. There are flagstones on the garden ground?

      important visitors (many) at the large table inside (my house?), passing around a plate of disgusting petrified tiny animals and animal parts. I get passed the plate and am horrified by what I see there, and just pass it on to the next person. I get up and leave the table even though the very important people are holding some sort of ceremony.
      I go to a back room, there's a woman terrified of what's behind the closet door, she's opening it slightly and looking inside, I open the door and look to see what it is but it turns out to be just some puddles of (cat? animal) pee/poop on the floor that I see is dripping from a spot in the the ceiling overhead.
      Return to front room and look for food packages under the table that are left over but most have been claimed

      walking through a gravity transforming 90-degree wall becomes floor area, a very strange feeling as the gravity transforms 90 degrees, almost lucid?

      sitting at a food counter (sushi?) while flamboyantly gay cooks wearing bright, shiny satin underwear under colorful kimono-like robes are jumping around like crazy, trying to shake up (the sauce?, which they're holding). He gets up on the counter and shakes his satin-covered butt up and down right in my face. "Hey, don't point that thing at me! " I exclaim. He asks "What are you looking at!?" and I answer "the cows" (?!)

      looking over at (undressing?) females in the building across and making cat-callish remarks. sexy time (censored, believe it or not, too much even for me to post!). The DC "finishes" and says so dirty-talk-ishly.

      in a very strange vessel with old and young men, I'm trying to find an available toilet (have to pee) but they're all occupied by guys doing weird things with worms. Using them as drugs? Rolled up bizarre creatures, they're going to smoke them live. Like a miniature bat-ray or large lamprey with circular, toothy, sphincter-mouth. The ray is rolled in to a tube in preparation for smoking it, I take a "drag" on the unlit living tube. Others are twisting/torturing strange small doll-sized beings (blue, smurfs?) and getting high off of the dust/vapor that they exude when twisted.

      outdoors in a parking lot, up on a higher second level are guys working at some sort of blast forge that is spewing streams of fire. In addition to the forge workers there's a guy wearing a medieval helmet and I suppose they're forging armor for this customer. I'm talking to people and glancing up at this forge in action and "remember" that I've seen those forging guys before (in person? on a show?). Enter tiny cul-de-sac filled with middle-aged women and teens/20s girls, my small car is there, I can't find my keys in my pants/pockets I'm patting myself down. Then I "remember" that I left the keys in the car. I look down and see them sticking out of the ignition. "What kind of car is that?" a woman asks. "The kind of car where you can leave your keys right in it and it won't be stolen." The women and the girls are crowding around me and the girls are getting very friendly with me, touching/rubbing against me, which I like. Then the older women get suspicious and leave, taking the girls with them.

      I'm trying to vault up over some railings and plan a grand take off to start flying, but some things are in the way and I lose momentum. Then I hop up on top of the railing, which extends straight for about 20 feet then ends high over a nice landscape, so I run along it picking up speed, and launch myself off the end just knowing that I'll fly. Extend my arms out to the sides airplane style. I'm circling around this area. A pretty girl is flying next to me, her shoulder against mine, a woman on the ground gave her some (orange juice? candy?) earlier
      Spoiler for sexy moment:

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    5. 2015-10-05 (LD#150) huge night, recall across multiple REM cycles, short LD, some semi-LD moments.

      by , 10-05-2015 at 12:47 PM
      This kind of night makes all the day work worthwhile. Not a great deal of lucidity, but some lucid moments, but fun Fun FUN dreams: flying, sexy moments, dueling, magic powers, weird/bizarre things/sights, just chock full of awesomeness!


      + library, librarian unlocks collection of super rare books, the last in the world, "it's like Farenheit 451" as I caress the large, square, thin books.

      + freeway path gets progressively rougher. Sandy, hills, bumpy. They're doing construction on the road while we're driving on it. Large machines are stamping the sand in front of us. Then they turn into tall skinny naked male giants with huge flat feet and hairy butts which are fiercely stamping down the sand as we walk behind them. I don't like being so close to their hairy and smelly butts [don't actually smell anything]

      + SuBu, hold, stomach, sits chair, look in her fridge, empty but lots of stuff for making sandwiches; book report: I must gather oil from the pages (accumulated over years of fingers touching them), must scrape the oil off with something with a long thin edge like a ruler, I ask for an empty bottle with a stopper to gather this oil, I think this will take forever to gather together by scraping it off the pages.



      + (LD#150) in office, people are gathering boxes, packing up their offices to leave, I look for the pile of flattened cardboard boxes, see a small pre-assembled boxes (sized for video tapes), keep looking, find pile of flattened boxes, pick up some (are missing some of the flaps?). Head back to my office. Catch sight of a pretty blonde girl sitting to the left among the offices/cubes. Something goes "zing!"and I'm (weakly) lucid as I walk over to her, bend over, and plant a kiss on her lips. Signature "lip pulling" as I stand up, feeling the contact, amazed at the sensations that a dream can produce. I then imagine I'd like some attention from her and sit down and bring her over
      but it's vague from there, lose lucidity, or just transitions.

      + on bus S2 cracks tasteless joke, I'm sitting in middle row of bus, girl in the front (dark, middle-eastern looking with short dark hair) laughs. Turn back to look at S2 he's surrounded by girls on the seats all around, the bus is full; girl on bus playing with barbie-like dolls: one in each hand, she looks really intense, and plays like one of the barbies is shooting the other one, and shakes the hand of the shooting barbie and makes boy-noise gun sounds: "tut tut tut tut!…"; the bus is approaching the big stadium (university?), I think the driver should get much closer before he lets us off.

      + batteries outside of store, I'm working in front of the steps, blocking left entrance, a woman tries to go by, I say just use the right door. Guys sitting to my left, they say "I fucking hate batteries." I look down and I'm working on some electronics project with a lot of batteries, I echo shortly thereafter "I fucking hate batteries."

      + (vague, impressions, fragment) playing squash, serving, changing service boxes, lose count of score, playing a few points

      + I'm in a car, sitting on the front passenger seat. Then there are two investigators there standing also in the passenger seat area, rifling through the contents of the glove compartment, I'm in trouble for something I'm stashing in there? Wake up and relieved that my life is not ruined.

      + In some area with a girl dressed only in panties and a bra, maneuvering along a seated/bench (sort of like a car front seat? Related to above scene probably). In the left compartment is her stuff included her graded papers, in the right compartment is my secret stuff and I don't want her digging around in there. We're exchanging positions shuffling by each other closely and I say "don't worry I'm not trying to touch you" or something like that. I do notice her sexy butt in those patterned panties and wonder if maybe I should...


      + (semi) high on cliff over rich beach houses (hundreds of feet blow), I think I should return to this spot in future dreams. I fly/dive down to a high patio on one house, the patio is empty of people, but I see a big party going on on ground floor, jump down, move to hostess,
      Spoiler for sexy time, don't read if you don't like explicit descriptions:
      , I pull back and hold her in my arms and I'm walking backwards through the party main room, I'm giving her quick kisses and asking her something like "did he kiss you like this?" but she never answers. I do this until we reach the far edge of the room and then stop and talk to some people.

      Spoiler for sexy contents, don't read if you don't like explicit descriptions:
      The blanket is now all wet in my hands, and I pull it up out of the water and mention to the guy to my right, "don't worry, it'll dry out quickly."

      I head outside: we're near the coast of the ocean, there is fairly heavy flog/clouds but there are some breaks showing sun/blue sky, and I think that I should fly up through it to determine how thick it is.

      + magic: create mac 'n cheese factory
      I'm walking by some (kids?) and someone kicks a couple of plastic gallon milk jugs, one of them floats up in the air and I immediately use my TK power with a hand gesture to "push it into space". It starts going really high and far away. Then I'm working with it in the air above me, trying to force it to become brighter (and hotter?), it is a sort of blue and gold lattice. I decide I should make the golden stuff into mac 'n cheese sauce, which starts dripping down. I call for the kids to come and eat it. Then the whole thing changes into a floating factory with whirring gears that automatically makes mac 'n cheese and dispenses it down a conveyor belt.

      + duel, "I'm old enough to Shreve!"
      In some building, some vague moments with people I'm in conflict with. Move around to different rooms. Leave, then return. It's a deserted looking industrial building. I look to the far side of the room and expect a platform elevator to descend. Instead, it comes falling down quickly and crashes in to the floor, and an oldish man falls off, he appears dead. I say "Mormont's dead!" (I think he's my father?).

      Outside on the street a young man wearing armor jumps down and confronts me. He says "I'm not too young to Shreve!" (I think this means killing a family member). He's killed father. I pull out my sword. He is standing over me and is wielding a white makeshift mace with many spikes on it. We engage. I block the mace and take many slashing blows at him. In between our clashes I lunch forwards and stab him solidly with the point of my blade, this will cause wounds that will gradually wear him down. He's not hitting me. I think that he has become frozen (?) and I start hacking at his arms and hands and it's like hitting thick ice, little pieces slowly chip away. At one point we're scrambling up onto a raised platform and I loose the grip on my weapon which at this point is like two round concentric shields. My opponent reaches for them but I manage to grab them back.
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    6. 2015-09-04 LD#139, dog, towel basketball, helicopter/wedding/funeral, crazy racquetball, follow girl

      by , 09-04-2015 at 07:45 AM
      bedtime a bit late, but natural waking at 08:30 on schedule

      didn't record earlier dreams, mostly lost. Felt a bit bad that recall wasn't great at earlier waking. Better recall later. Short late "waking" LD to end the night.

      later waking had good detail, vivid/present dreams, middle dream mostly forgotten

      1. +(f, unsure) flying an airplane?

      2. + crazy basketball [ds]
      Playing basketball. Guys are making lots of long 3-pointers at the beginning of the game. During a free throw one guy comes up from the back and makes an amazing high shot that zips through the hoop so fast and and such a funny angle that no one is sure if it is actually a basket or not. Slow motion replay shows that it is. Taking the ball out from out of bounds.

      I'm trying to make layups with folded up towels. This is a layup class. I'm standing RIGHT THERE under the basket but none of my shots gets even close. This is frustrating. At one point I use two hands and the "ball" (wadded up towel) goes farther but still doesn't score.

      3. +(f) dog
      Leaving house with wife and others, the dog starts whining loudly, wife says something like "man up." I'm annoyed by this. I go to the dog (German Shepard looking) and try to put on its collar, which is in two semi circles with round things on each end of the arc. I try to put the leash on to the collar ring and finally get it in place.

      4. + uneven pavement SUV
      I'm riding in a big SUV in the front passenger seat. (The driver is a guy who IWL our building is having problems with). We're bouncing over uneven pavement. The car's suspension has reached a bouncing frequency that makes the front wheels hop up just at the right time to get over the large uneven sections in the street which are bound with metal on the edges. I say "good job" for avoiding the bumps. I "remember" that on another street parallel to us there is another crack and talk about it. I can't remember the name of the street, I know it is located by turning left then right. I say "what's the name of that street that leads to A. hill?" A guy (in the back of the car?) answers "Crawdad Street(?)". The crack on that street also needs to be avoided.

      5. + military presence, wedding/funerals

      Standing outside urban environment, we're heading to the church to get married(us? kids?). Other groups are also heading to the church for funerals. A large group with a lot of caskets are approaching, individual men are carrying each casket. Are the caskets empty? That must be heavy. We should hurry, where's my wife? If they get to the church ahead of us we may have to wait all through the funeral service before the wedding. It's bad luck to be married at the same time a funeral service is going on.

      There are military helicopters flying just past the fence which is made of poles. The tail section of one helicopter I notice is gradually approaching the fence where it can/will get caught. It does get caught and the helicopter goes down on its side. I have a feeling we should rush the cockpit while we can.

      To the right down the street a big company of soldiers runs up. They're wearing red uniforms. I think it's pretty funny that this huge force was sent to deal with us, we're just standing around waiting for the church, ooooh, how scary we are!

      6. + crazy racquetball
      Playing on a somewhat dark court against a lot of guys. I'm serving and scoring points. I alter my service location between the left and right back corners. I'm serving standing on the right of the service area and serving towards the left back corner, score, count (it seems my score is a bit low for how long I've been here winning points), then I quickly step to the left side of the service box and serve towards the back right corner which completely takes them by surprise and they don't even go for it. One serve/shot comes back off the back wall fast and they can't catch up to it, another point for me. One one point I score by a corner shot against the left front corner.

      Another guy comes in to play against me. "Another one?" I say? I think the court is getting really crowded.

      There is a woman wearing glasses sitting down on a chair on the right front area of the court beyond the service box. I'm annoyed by this. I tell her she's in the way, and that she could get hurt. "The ball moves at 200mph and your'e not wearing safety glasses." I think I may be exaggerating but on some shots the ball could go really fast, if you put a speed gun on it to measure it it may be closer to 100 mph. She and I get into an argument. "Well you're not wearing safety goggles either!" she says. "Yeah but <something>" I say, I'm getting really angry and she's backing out of the court. She says "I'm a journalist and I'm going to write a story about you" (and your behavior). When she's gone I'm in the service box and start justifying myself to a guy playing. "She did not respond to reason in the beginning, <so things got out of hand>". I'm a bit concerned about the article she's going to write is going to present me in a bad light and people will think poorly of me, even though they don't have the whole story.

      (wake and recall dreams?)

      7. + LD#139
      I'm outdoors in an urban environment. I had to go get something at my car. I start jogging back to the racquetball game. I feel very light on my feet, like I've lost weight. I feel the rub of the jeans on my legs every time I raise them up to jog another step forwards. I think I'll need to change into my shorts back at the court, I hope my racquet is still there.

      Up ahead I see girls in uniforms entering a University. School is in session again. They look nice. I do a nose pinch to see if I'm dreaming ["If I were dreaming right now…."], and I am! I debate where I should go. On the one hand I'd really like to play racquetball lucid, I've been looking forwards to that for a long time, I should keep heading back to the courts. On the other hand: girls! I decide to follow the crowd in the right door. There is one girl with long blond hair right in front of me and I go up to her and face her and start talking to her. I ask her what year she is. The dream fades and I'm awake.

      2. fairly reliable DS. I've played basketball with wadded up towels for balls before in dreams. Can't make a simple shot over and over again.

      3. this was a longer dream, forgot a lot of it

      4. poor memory and reaching for something I think I should know it is a fairly reliable dream sign, need to catch these.

      5. lots of odd things here. "How odd is this?" should catch this. Especially the huge company of soldiers running up to our group.

      6. Major dream sign, I will catch this one day and play lucid racquetball!

      7. Happy that pretty girls got me lucid fairly quickly . Unfortunately, no stabilization, and I should have grabbed the girl and taken her to go play racquetball instead of just standing there staring at her hoping the dream doesn't end which of course made it end. Goals! Narrate! Lucid Lab!

      Yesterday IWL I started working on being aware of my path, location, and *how I'm moving*. I paid attention to my legs and the feel of my legs walking, looking down to see them and my feet. I paid attention to changes of direction, location transitions, and transitions in the material the ground is made of. This "feel of my legs inside my jeans" in the dream may have come from that!

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    7. 2015-08-31 comp night #14, LD#138, car sex with SB, tall tree, seashore, fail TOTM fart

      by , 08-31-2015 at 08:38 AM
      + I'm driving in a town and see up ahead a (wagon?) with soaking wet guys and girls, like high school students, (narrator?) commends them for completing the task and sticking with it after others have left.

      I'm driving by a house and look at it there are people mulling around the front, I wonder if this is the Halloween party I want to go to.

      I pull up in front of a house with a Halloween party going on. There's a girl on my lap, sort of vague/hazy.
      Spoiler for explicit sexual stuff:

      Apparently, however, she does not like it, because she sits up and seems shocked/mortified. I'm miffed and decide to start the car and back out / start driving. She opens the door and gets out. She is now a different unknown girl, long dark hair, quite pretty, there seems to be a contact sheet of images floating around the windshield and her image is also there. I command her "get back into the car!" but she shakes her head and doesn't get in. I get angry and drive away in a huff.

      WBTB. Long BTS. I feel myself slooooowly sinking deeper into sleep, but it's really slow and with many thoughts arising that I need to continually let go and focus on relaxation. Finally "call in the nukes" and turn on to my stomach (position of last resort), and fall asleep.

      + I'm at the base of a tree so tall it's upper branches are shrouded in darkness. For a long while I'm just looking up the length of its branchless trunk, straining to see any upper branches but up high there is only darkness and shadow. There is a woman and her daughter there too, the girl is sitting near me, maybe leaning a bit on me. I ask the name of the tree, the woman answers "a red <something>." I say in a foreign language, "it's very tall."

      My back is to the tree and my wife is there, I want to go to the glacier, but in the dream I can't remember this word, I ask her "what's that place <with snow, in foreign language> called?", she refuses to tell, since she doesn't want to go there. I ask her several times and get frustrated both that I can't remember the term [glacier], and that she's not telling me this word.

      +(f) walking along a shoreline, seeing people swimming / bobbing in the fairly large waves [gee it only took almost 3 weeks at a seaside resort location to get one of these]

      + (LD#138) I'm in a store/gym, I'm walking and stepping my way among some stuff on the ground, I feel funny/dizzy like I'm losing my balance, I suspect, despite feeling *completely awake*, pretty much lucid now, nose pinch confirms. The people around me mostly vanish, there's one clear DC in front of me, I reach for it, and take each one of its hands in mine, we're facing each other and looking into each other's eyes. I start to transform it into a girl of my desire, saying "You look a lot like <xyz>". But I stop myself. I think of TOTM. I try to remember my chant/cheer and come up with "fart bus." Fart is easy/fast so I decide to do that, there are people still around me. So I stand up tall, stick my butt way out behind me and push a bit, but get no sensation or sound, but regardless I stand up and jump up and down and shout out "It was me! It was me!" Satisfied that I completed the task, I grab my DC again, and tell it
      Spoiler for sexual stuff:
      but then I wake up.
    8. 2015-08-09 LD #133 Mega-TOTM, long, vivid, aware, multiple dream saves, saw mom, just amazing!

      by , 08-09-2015 at 04:47 PM
      early sort of vague, long BTS after a short WBTB, followed by a mega-TOTM top-5 (maybe best ever) LD

      Note: I listened to PercyLucid's MILD audio class all the way through this week, and have taken up several of his suggestions and his mantra "I will have lucid dreams TONIGHT, or VERY SOON!" I do his MILD, holding a still mental image of my desired dream scene in my head as I fall asleep. I've been doing it for about half a week at this point.

      Betime: midnight-ish. Glass of red wine some hours earlier (4?) at dinner. One Opti-Men multivitamin around 3-4pm.

      06:11, ~3 minutes of voice notes

      + standing among statue/memorials, where the shape of the stone is a language conveying a message ("Hindu"). In particular the place where the column narrows in diameter and then widens out again has some sort of special meaning. I read "pardo" chiseled into one of the columns (they're about 4 feet high).

      + several big bags of galantamine capsules have arrived from Amazon, and a bag of small round B6 tablets. The boxes were opened (I guess by my wife), and the big see-through plastic baggies (Halloween candy bag sized) are lying there on my bed along with the Amazon invoice. The galantamine capsules are large, about the size of my current Alpha-GPC capsules (which are real horse pills, it takes eating bread/drinking water to get them down). I put some in my mouth and start chewing them? I wonder if I have time left in my dreaming night to take some or if it's too late.

      Looking at the fine, thick, luxurious paper that Amazon uses for printing invoices, and the detailed high quality printing, I realized this is why I use Amazon, for this level of detail & quality.

      + circular cushion, it has to last a lifetime, one kid is jumping up and down and I severely discipline it, it gets progressively younger as I do so until it becomes an infant and rolls off on to the ground; two families different religious traditions are sharing this circular couch thing, it's OK with one family because their attention is usually focused outwards, you're not supposed in their tradition to use the middle part.

      I'm wandering in and out of sleep as I review the prior dreams.

      WBTB, BTS

      It takes about an hour to get back to sleep it feels like. Need to put on a sleep mask as the room is too light now.

      08:51, ~16 minutes of voice notes

      + LD #133 (TOTM advanced I & bonus success): KILD

      I'm in a fairly dark area with people, I hear (students and teachers?) talking about math, I remember hearing "N-squared". I seem to be re-entering this area, and notice in front of me a teacher lady lying on a reclining garden/beach lounge chair, facing me. She's by herself. I go towards her, lean down over her in order to kiss her, and as my face approaches hers I get lucid. I continue in for a quick kiss on the lips and say "I'm dreaming!" I get up and head up a stairway to the left, saying "I didn't go up here last time through". There is a very wide open platform up there. Up ahead along a long wall stretching along the platform is an open door, and I enter.

      Band Practice (TOTM basic I missed opportunity):
      Inside is a large, wide, but not deep, well-lit band room. Most of the room is off to my left (the door is on the right edge of the room). There to the left on a series of risers are the band student musicians (seems like high school aged) sitting with their instruments. I look for a guy playing (my instrument), and see him in the 3rd/4th row up, and call to him to show me his instrument. He holds it up and I nod, "nice. What's your name?" I ask, "Norman," he answers
      (delay not too long, sometimes my DCs don't know their names well!). "I'll be back later" I say and head out the door, starting to think of TOTM.

      Moon (TOTM Advanced-II)-fail:
      I try to remember my TOTM task cheer song, and all I can remember at first is the rhythm. Argh! I finally remember the moon rock task. I decide I will grab a chunk of the moon and eat it. I look up into the night sky, slightly hazy, but with lots of distinct stars, the background is not totally black. I clearly see the stars at high resolution, and notice several satellites lazily making a straight path from one side of the vision to the other. I follow one's progress for a few seconds enjoying the view. I will the moon to appear, several times, but it does not appear.

      I am now in the backyard of my childhood home, still looking up at the sky for the moon. I start to hear my mother's voice.

      I hear her voice clearly, like she was standing next to me. I know she's in the house. I'm now floating fairly high over the house looking down, and am amazed at the clarity and accuracy of her voice.
      Sometimes voices in my dreams do not sound right, but this is perfect. She is speaking coherently but I do not remember anything that she said, she's talking to my father. I'm trying to get down to the house and have some trouble, I have to air-swim a bit. The house is not right: it appears to be a sort of a modern, multi-section compound with rooms of differing shapes from above. Then I'm on the deck at the back door, still hearing her voice, and I enter, go through the kitchen, and expect to see her there and see her walking through the dining room heading towards the living room, her back is to me. I get really happy, finally I'm going to see her in a dream!
      (in waking life she passed away two months ago).
      I follow and enter the dining room, imagining her being really happy to see me. She turns and sees me and I open my arms wide, (I'm wearing a light jacket and quickly unzip it and hold up my arms with the ends of the jacket, kind of like bat wings), and she comes to me and I give her a big hug, kissing her cheek and I tell her "I really miss you!" I see her and her face clearly. She seems young. Either she or my dad answers, and says something like now it is time for me to be with my father.

      Mom saves a FA:

      I find myself waking, and I still hear my mother's voice. If I can still hear her voice, that means I'm still dreaming! I have no visuals and decide to slowly "open my eyes." I seem to be in my childhood home's living room still, with something on my head, like sheets or a blanket. I sit up and stand up. I try for a little bit while walking forwards towards the kitchen to take the thing off that feels like a towel wrapped around my head, but I can't get it off, it's like a really really long sheet is hanging there and I just can't get it off. I decide just ignore it (and then it stops bothering me). My mother is standing at the doorway between the dining room and the living room just on the kitchen side. She looks really young, thin, healthy, and happy. Shes wearing a bright lipstick, orange-ish. I say "you look like you're doing great!" while I stand close to her with my hands on her waist, and something like "we will meet again!".

      Dinos! (TOTM Advanced-I success):
      After seeing my mother, I go out on the deck and ask my sister to take me to show me where the dinosaurs are
      (asking DCs to do stuff for me is fast becoming my favorite dream control method).
      She takes me to the corner of the deck and I look down and see weird beasts walking down the stairs to the backyard lawn (in particular notice one big black quadruped freaky looking thing walking down). I go down off the end of the deck and mount some small furry thing that I think is actually a movie monster of some sort. I'm a bit concerned about this not counting since I don't think this is a dinosaur. I ride it down the stairs to the lawn. There I imagine and see a medium-sized Trex there battling with a medium-sized King Kong. They're both between 15-20 feet tall: definitely big, but not immense. I jump and land expertly on the back of the T-rex. I imagine a faintly strange beastly odor. I'm sitting fairly high on its back/lower neck, and urge it forward to run up the stairs because I'm concerned about Kong. I urge it and imagine it running really fast, I'm "pushing" it forwards by "pushing on the reins" and it's leaping up the stairs towards the street but it just doesn't get going fast enough to please me, Kong is still chasing. Up on the street Kong attacks and I jump/fall away...

      Black Hole (TOTM Bonus, success):
      ... and (am in the void? Rub hands for a while, feel them, dream is solid, visuals return), I'm in a garage (childhood home?), I exit and turn to the right (180 degrees) and there is a large open plaza full of college-aged young people ahead of me. I try again to remember the full TOTM cheer song and I again can only remember the 2nd half (advanced) and "...Black Hole! Black Hole! Raa raa Raa!" I've already done one advanced, so why not? I decided to summon a black hole and jump in. I walk forwards a bit to get where the crowd starts, I hold out my hands straight in front of me and pull them apart quickly, imagining a massive black sphere appearing: instead something big dark and round flashes and disappears. OK, again! (I wonder what the students will think of the black hole!) I put my arms together, pull them apart quickly, and this time a large sphere appears solidly before me which I know is the black hole. Only it's partially reflective mirror-surfaced, which I think is fine because everybody knows that light plays funny tricks around black holes. I dive forwards into it and try to feel the sensations. I don't feel much, after a brief disorientation I find that I'm inside a sphere sort of like a one-way mirror, I can see out but people can't see in. There is a filtering effect looking out like sunglasses. The party is going on all around me in the plaza still and everyone is ignoring me. The black hole is about the same size inside as outside (about 8-10 feet in diameter, tall enough to stand in). There's a girl standing near the edge of the black hole on the outside and I pull her in (and kiss her?). The dream wavers/I enter a bit of the void and call for a DC to take my hand and pull me out, and "John" does just that, and the dream continues from there...

      John and boobs:
      I asked for a DC to take me by the hand and lead me from the Black Hole sphere, and a guy does grab my hand firmly and lead me out. We start walking together, I decide his name is "John." As we're walking through the crowd, a girl comes towards us .
      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      Eventually I have John take my hand again and lead me back into the dream, works again, visuals return. I look at and touch briefly the edge of the table. Then I leave them both and move on down the path.

      Girl outside:
      I've lost a bit of lucidity, I'm standing outside a door to a building, as I move towards it a girl sitting on a bench calls to me "<redacted>" which gets my attention.
      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      and this brings me back to full lucidity. I stop with her and enter the door in to the building.

      Girl inside:
      Inside is a large mostly empty space, I spot two girls sitting at a desk not far away. I head right for them and sit down, noticing the girl on the left and give her my attention.
      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      I move my gaze to look back up over my shoulder to the my left so as not to stare at her too long, I catch a scene of some busy detail outside the door I came in through.

      I stand up quickly and take her hand and lead her away, just desiring to be in motion. I'm holding her left hand with my right, and I start swinging our arms while we walk. <Something about a vending machine?> The dream starts to fade and I use contact with the girl to come back and continue a bit:

      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      This brings me back into the dream. I then get the great idea to
      Spoiler for sexy stuff:
      and the dream fades, this time it feels like for good, so I start gathering my recall and prepare to record.

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    9. 2015-07-29: tennis date with O, pizza cousin, Mega-Epic: returning home

      by , 07-29-2015 at 10:27 AM
      Another mega recall night: no lucids but dayum the detail. Lost the early (considerable) recall due to laziness (didn't record), and a late morning multiple waking continuous epic occupied almost all my dream memory space apparently, clobbering the earlier recall.

      Another two Opti-Men day: one in afternoon, one an hour or so before bed. Lots of wakings, and lots of recall. Sort of a day off at the lake.


      (so much more forgotten, damn!)

      + who's that guy wearing the full-body "Coke" advertising outfit and baseball cap? The letters C-o-k-e are huge and spreads sideways from his shirt down to his pants. The letters are gold and the outfit is red. The same gold "Coke" is on the front of his red cap. Oh, it's my cousin P, I guess he's moonlighting as a pizza delivery guy, there's the boxes of pizza right there with my family to the right at the table (took a bite)

      + tennis date: started playing on the court with with Na (clarinet from the childhood neighborhood), she makes a shot which lands near the baseline, I get down and watch it hit the ground. There are two lines there very close together: one is the singles baseline, and one is the doubles baseline. The ball landed right between these two lines. I tell Na "your shot was out for singles, but in for doubles" (I repeat this again?). I think about hitting back a zippy forehand with lots of topspin.

      To my right a crowd has entered the court: I see a middle-aged Chris Evert has come and she's giving a master class on tennis serving. She tosses, swings, and follows through, commenting on what she's doing. At one point she "glitches" and fast repeats a movement several times. I'm glad we got to the courts before this or we may not have gotten a court.

      Na is now O, my wife's student (the goofy/cute/hot/sweet one) and we're on a date here playing tennis, now watching Chris Evert's class. We're getting closer and more and more cuddly with each other, more touchy, it's really exciting. Chris Evert at one point says something meant for the "couples" in the crowd and O jabs me that I didn't respond, but I was lost in thought about her (O) and say so. I'm standing slightly to her right and behind her, and lean around to her face and kiss her, I'm semi-hard and pressed up against her leg and I imagine she can feel that.

      I'm wondering what my wife will think of me marrying O? I "remember" my wife's said before that I'm free to go, but with O may be too much.

      O lies down in pain, she says "Oh, it hurts!" and she puts her right hand (I'm on her right side) on to her lower abdomen/lady parts area. I think she may be having female cramps. I'm saying (in various languages) "What is it? What's wrong? etc" Her legs are spread (she's wearing black leggings) and I massage the tendons of her inner thighs at the pelvis (pretty much right on top of her (ahem) but this is not sexual), and say to her she probably strained these running while playing tennis.


      + multiple-waking epic: we've returned to our California adult home

      Why are we here? Where are the new owners (the house is empty)? Why can't I remembe this? How long can we be here? Did we buy it back? If so, that would be awesome, I really miss this place. I'm standing in the kitchen and see the beautiful malachite-colored counter tops and the pale maple cabinets. I walk down into the living room and see two colorful Christmas trees there: one just a bit to the left of its normal position, and one smaller one over by the entertainment center.

      Brief scene with son S1 as a young boy. Something about playing/rewinding a VCR tape?

      Huge doctor bill:
      At the dentist/doctor's, when we moved away before, we left a huge (10's of 1000's of $) unpaid bill, for what, look at the itemized list with huge costs for each procedure (what could be so expensive?), what should we do (I say ditch it!)? It would take us years of saving to pay this. I say (and think if I should say this out loud) that "we only manage to net $2000 per month" (I think what's the right word, net or gross?). The people around us in the waiting room turn and look at us in pity for only clearing such a small amount.

      Emotional scene with young song S2. I say we should go shopping and buy and wrap the Christmas presents, don't you want to do that? He is sad and says no. I think "oops have I ruined the magic of Christmas?" I struggle with what should I answer if he asks me about Santa Claus: should I be truthful or maintain the magic? I weep/sob hysterically while looking at a couch and thinking about my son and my own lost Christmas innocence.

      Cleaning out the yard:
      I want to just hang out but my wife wants to get rid of the big old cabinet standing there in the side yard under the tarp. We carry a long piece of it into the garage, I want to place it right next to the garage door so that when I bring the van it's convenient to load up after opening the garage door, my wife disagrees, I'm frustrated at her disagreement. In the garage, I spot a vicious stray dog squatting there, he's large and looks like pit bull. I see a small dirty thick mattress that he sleeps on under a set of shelves.

      In room blasting spider nests and a daddy-longlegs off the wall with a water gun (I think it's actually shooting bullets?) while son S2 watches. Through a opening in the wall between the kitchen and the garage I see a lot of spiders in a space behind the drywall: we'll have to remove this and clean them out.

      Standing between the kitchen and the garage, I look into the kitchen and notice an area with missing/peeling decorative red-shiny-reflective tape. We'll have to replace this. There are also what looks like very sooty white fuses on the wall, we'll have to clean these. Are we preparing this place to sell again?

      The dog:
      My wife is down in the garage and I'm at the door to the kitchen, and I see the stray dog crouching below some shelves, I yell to my wife "come here now!" she comes, and the dog lunges. I block the dog with something, I'm holding a barrier up at the dog's neck the dog is extended up on its hind legs. I make friends with the dog, petting it and talking to it soothingly, it gets very friendly, I take it to show my family, it's more like a curly-haired big poodle now, it lies on its back and we rub its tummy, it looks more like a bigger version of our old dog now. It gets up and walks and I see that someone has painted a heart-shaped big purplish drawing around it's butt based on "My Little Pony."

      The daughters / will:
      I see a picture/video/live scene of two cute young girls dressed up in frilly dresses, about 4 and 6 years old. Are these my daughters? Did we have two girls and I can't remember it? Such a major life event, why can't I clearly remember this? I go ask my wife about this, are these daughters hers from her previous marriage? She indicates yes, but they're both degenerates now (as adults), one is a vegetable in the hospital, and the other is a useless low-life. I do not want these girls messing with my sons' inheritance. I consult an expert about this, can I write a will that clearly gives everything 50/50 to my two sons that will withstand any late challenge? People tend to come out of the woodwork at probate/inheritance, they may somehow hear about it and show up to claim something. The guy says it's important to get an official copy stored with a trustworthy person in case someone presents a forgery. I think who would work for this, who's the right age, and decide on my sister. "She's totally trustworthy" I say. Mmm Hmm he says.

      The party: (this is like a sub-dream within the "returned home" dream, many scenes):

      Cup throwing game: I'm tossing plastic clear drinking cups to (girls) across the room. I'm spinning the cups with both hands and they're flying like tube-frisbees. One cup is crushed and I try to unwrinkle it. It doesn't have a cut out bottom, it won't fly well I think, I try tossing it and indeed it does not fly straight. I toss to a girl across, she tosses back to me, I toss to another girl, she tosses back to someone else? My wife says no, I must be the one to get the cup and re-throw it.

      In a group of people at the table the M's (british schooling former friends with the annoying chidren) are there. KM and RM. They look very old, gray hair, old faces, grayish like covered in a layer of flour. KM reaches a hand and I shake it. Them RM and I shake hands I have to lean really far forwards in order to do this. RM has a big deep chunk missing from her nose around her left nostril, it's very red. The M's say "but what about the property?" referring to the daughters/will situation. I get upset and say they shouldn't talk about such things.

      At the table, we need to put away the glasses, I say the ladies should do this (they object a bit?) my sister puts a glass into the display case, some (green?) liquid oozes out and I catch it cupping my hands together, it wasn't washed properly.

      The party is moving to the park across the street! A few people are walking but most (seemingly all girls?) have piled into one of the two cars. They're really packed in sitting on top of one another. There is a clean place left for me in the driver's seat. I get in and we take off. This is in the middle of a large city at a hexagonal roundabout at the top of a hill. There are two exiits I could take to get out of the parking lot onto the street, but the one on the right is crowded with cars so I take the left one. I need to turn right, but the direction signs painted on the ground only indicate left-turn allowed. I ignore this and turn right. For several turns I move my way around to the left of each of the exit roads of the roundabout. I enter a (tunnel?) inside. Then we're walking in a mall near a movie theater and I'm looking for someone who works here to ask directions to how to get out of here.

      In a boat on the water by the pier. I'm looking down into the murky water, trying to see something. The sunlight is streaming down into the water and then I can see it is revealing the ground, this is the first time I've ever seen the ground here it's about 20 feet deep (day residue from the day at the lake, observing the pattern of the sun through the water and on the sand). I imagine one can see fishes, and then I see them: the water is thick with them, medium sized. What about sharks? Yes there are some larger fish clearly sharks. A second boat has a boy/girl leaning too far over the side I shout to get back in, I think he/she might fall in and get eaten by a shark. He/she throws something like a sock into the water which lands on the head of one of the fish, I yell not to throw stuff.

      At an ice cream stand high above the water, my father chastises the kid for not listening to me in the boat.
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    10. 2015-07-28 LDs #129, #130, sexcapades, semi-epic at neighborhood park (fencing, dog, cookies)

      by , 07-28-2015 at 11:56 AM
      Really? I haven't posted here in 4 days? Wow I'm slipping! A fairly great night, finally, both LDs and fairly good recall.

      00:00 (approximate) bedtime

      02:00? (unknown) get up to pee
      takes a while (10-15 minutes?) going back to sleep, I repeat "the next time I'm dreaming, I realize that I'm dreaming" to myself while falling asleep


      + LD #129 (first recalled dream of the night is a lucid, that is a first for me I think!) I'm in an international airport connecting flight area/border control, some of our group is down the long (curving?) hallway at the border control. I see my other travelling mates with their suitcases, I don't have mine, I realize I've left my suitcase on the previous airplane. I panic, what will I do, there is only 15 (25?) minutes for the connection, and I'd have to re-cross border controls/customs, they may not let me through. I decide I must go back for it, and start running fast. I think without the suitcase I'll have (no clothing?) for the (camp?) we're going to. I'm running really fast and am really concerned, when I get the notion that maybe there's no reason to worry if this is a dream, I do a nose pinch while running and it clearly indicates dream. I'm lucid and still running, part of what got me lucid perhaps was the fast speed I was running, completely effortlessly, and I'm amazed for a moment at this.

      Spoiler for sexually explicit:
      the dream ends/transitions.

      + LD #130 FA in bed (false dream home), on a high bed-stand next to us I see a white sleep/lucid dreaming mask with little LED lights on stalks, my wife reaches for and is handling/talking about this her "favorite" of my sleep masks, I'm concerned that she'll see it's more than just a sleep mask. I'm starting to suspect, then when I see my wife, who's still looking down at me, is floating up to the ceiling and bouncing around there I get lucid and a clear nose pinch confirms it. She's really bright, clear, shining, and beautiful. I notice/say "Hey you're young and hot, let's (get it on) like we used to" and I
      Spoiler for sexually explicit:

      About this time I notice out the window on the street below (we're about the 3rd floor) across the street a military/security vehicle, white and cube-like and open like a jeep with some triangular insignia on the driver door (facing me) is pulling up and stops, I look away so that this will not distract me from the sex. During the sex I look down again and see there's a man and young woman in the jeep, I meet the eyes of the young woman and decide to show off, I point to my sexual activity and give the woman two thumbs up, she nods and returns a gesture and makes a kind of humping motion to indicate she understands.

      My "wife" at this point seems like some sort of mechanical construction and the sex is unsatisfying, and then another of my wife enters the room with some things in her hands and indicates we need to choose some poster to put in to the plastic folder hanging off of the bed (it's somehow to please our cat?).

      +(f) kissing a DC (redacted)

      + semi-epic multi-scene long: at the basketball level of childhood neighborhood park:
      1) watching fencing competition, I'm standing on the sloping road leading down to that level looking down. I admire the performance of a friend of mine, the fancy thrusts he makes. Afterwards, I go down and want to meet him and imagine holding his foils in my hand and what sort of grip they have (there are two of them). I then move to the far side of the level and want to enter the hot tubs with the other competitors, at first there is force/gravity/wind that blows me a bit to the exit road leading down to the street but I recover and enter the hot tubs and have an animated chat about something.

      2) a vicious angry dog is gripping the back of my pants on the belt, I'm trying to placate/distract it to get away. I reach around to pet it (nervous about getting bitten), pet it, speak soothingly towards it, I'm walking up the path to the middle level. Back down on the basketball level there are containers of (breakfast cereals?) on the retainer wall and I scatter some treats down on the ground and this distracts the dog.

      3) I'm walking back towards the road to the middle level and see along the right a table of free cookies and other things, I think how great it is to work here to have these treats all the time. I'm looking at the cookies and take some into my hand, some look like big round really dark chocolate brownies, they're soft. Across the table I see a chocolate and red velvet muffin that looks awesome and I go around to get it, but some guy reaches for it as soon as I get there. Next to it is a full chocolate/red velvet cake so I quickly pick it up and put it on my (dirty with chocolate crumbs/sauce) plate to cut a piece before anybody can grab it, and I push it round a bit with my finger to get it in to the right position. The red velvet dude chastises me for touching the cake with my fingers which I thought I wouldn't have had to do if he hadn't have grabbed the muffin I wanted in the first place.

      + I'm moving down S avenue towards HC childhood home, the house on the left at the big right turn is being demolished and I'm surprised to see only the brick skeleton remaining among the ruins. On HC facing my childhood home, I see both the L's house to the left and the G's house to the right have new construction on them (new dreamsign, 3rd, 4th time this has happened recently). The L's house has new levels and some towers added on top, and the G's house is not much higher but the front has been completely redone and is has a lot of fancy details and decorations on the exterior walls. I'm looking carefully to see if new levels have been added and it seems like about 1/2 of a level has been added on the left wing. I'm amazed at how fast that appeared because this is the first time I'm seeing it, I ask my parents when did that happen, how did it change so quickly?


      +(f) with financial advisers and parents, tell dad he should sell some stocks or other investments, he's hesitant

      +(f) stuck in some stairway exiting a parking garage at a security station, there's a flat wide locked metal barrier (sort of like an ironing board but rectangular) a guy helps me out, a small lift lowers down I put a foot on it and ride it up, he says I stood on the wrong part of the lift, I don't care

      +(f) (vague) (DO?) guy says to parent "you're the one who's going to kill him, so go you go first" (gesturing to the Tribes inventory station)

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    11. 2015-07-23 LD #128, night baseball, app with "wife", mom's ghost recording (LD), later random stuff

      by , 07-23-2015 at 05:32 PM
      Lots of pee wakings, drank a full cup of water before bed, but it was actually probably the two cups of green tea a few hours before bed that caused me to wake up a lot.

      earlier, about 5 hrs.

      + night baseball: I observe some fielding, (the 2nd baseman ran all the way to left field?). I'm heading out to the pitcher's mound, I'm taking 3 (softballs?) with me to the mound. I think I should give the other team one of the balls so they can practice, I hold it up and gesture towards them, and toss it to them.

      I pick up a bat (I'm still on the pitcher's mound?) and prepare to swing at the pitch, I feel weak like I can't swing strong, I hit the ball but it's a weak line drive, I run for first base and just barely beat the throw but it's not clear where first base is, the lines are not clean and there's no bag there. I may in fact be off the base. The firstbaseman and a coach (sounds like Kyle Chandler?) are discussing this but I just ignore them and nobody tells me I'm out so I prepare to run for second. I think that I should be running as soon as the pitch is thrown. (I'm thrown out at second?)

      + doing an app with "wife" (not waking life wife): we're in a small office, wife's upset because the app is not going so well, I think it was probably a bad idea to go into the app business together with my wife. I speak in a reassuring manner and try to calm her down.

      + LD #128: childhood home, start in sister's room?, walk to parent's room, I think my dad is sleeping here by himself while my mom is sick, I notice he's moved the TV and other things to block off the deck-side of the room, I walk back in to my sister's room, my mother says that (some person's name) went to the Soviet Union and didn't like it, and her tone of voice suggests it was a stupid thing to do. I ask her what year he went, she answers 1987, and I say "well of course, if he had gone later he probably would have liked it a lot better."

      I see spread out on the bed for me is my old GoodWill cheesy disco shiny/rayon fish shirt and a bright red patterned tie. I think I do not want to be wearing this shirt when I hear of my mother's passing away, if I'm at work when I hear the news I'll have to take it off and wonder what my coworkers will think of that.

      (Entering the room again?) my mom tells me that she wants me to listen to a recording. I know it's a recording she made at night and probably shows ghost sounds. It begins with a loud sound and this is shocking. Then Then I hear a voice say something like "take this stack of books" and I get full-body goosebumps: I think I've heard this somewhere before and it must be a ghost talking! I get a vague impression of a ghostly transparent stack of books floating at me and I think I may have tried to take a book from the stack.

      Then the recording becomes too quiet/unclear, and I ask my mother to turn it up, she doesn't answer, and I sit up on the bed and I keep practically screaming for her to turn it up, that I can't hear it. I notice my mom is not in the room. I start to stand up and suddenly stop and get the idea I may be dreaming. I'm pretty sure I am. I do a slow, methodical nose pinch and I can breath easily.

      Now fully lucid I leave behind the whole ghost recording scenario, giving it a final fleeting thought as I leave the room and start to plan what I want to do. As in most dreams I immediately head down the stairs. As I walk down the stairs I think of trying more TOTM, then I suddenly remember my long-term LD goal: narrate the dream ala ~Dreamer~. I'm so happy that I've finally remembered to narrate the dream! Then I forget all about doing it haha. I'm more concerned about stabilization and engaging the dream. I rub my hands and look down to see them rubbing but there's not a strong sensation.

      I get down almost to the bottom of the stairs where I can see into the living room. It's quite dark, like early morning, about 30% light. I think about using dream control to brighten the dream but don't. I decide to engage the environment and reach out and place my hands on the stair railing, and it comes into a clearer focus and I start to look at it closely and experience the feeling of it
      and then I have a slow fade to awake. Argh!

      Awake for a while. Trying to sleep for about an hour, not making any progress, go online for about an hour. The cat is jumping around my room in a frenzy because it sees birds flying outside the window, so I banish it to the porch and try to get back to sleep. I'm doing a slight bit of SSILD, mostly just relaxing breaths going deeper each breath, and soon I fall asleep again for between one and two more sleep cycles! BTS success, yay yay yay!


      A really odd series of situations. They went on for a while but memory is mostly fragmented. Almost all happen in some vague large open room.

      +(f) I'm looking at a magazine. It's not NSFW . But some girls come in to the room and giggle at me, thinking it is a NSFW magazine because I'm turning it sideways some of the time. I think they're annoying.

      +(f) I wake up in bed(?) in this room and my (wife?), a few friends, and my best friend MR is there. I'm really surprised to see MR, what's he doing here? It's my birthday?

      +(f) I'm trying to crawl back to this room, I'm in a house's attic crawlspace. There is construction material piled in places around. I'm holding on to the rafters pulling myself along. I think the room's been blocked but I manage to make my way back.

      +(f) bunch more stuff going on in this room, forgot...
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    12. 2015-05-12 friends, cousins, pie, vacuum, root beer, purring woman, guests, climbing blanket hill

      by , 05-12-2015 at 12:00 PM
      Finally, a proper FM night again, could have dreamed more but noise at home stopped it

      Mental journaling all night long. Spent a long time (30-60 minutes?) in morning reviewing earlier dreams before final BTS and last two dreams.

      +(f) FA: woke in shock to my wife scratching lightly the back of my shoulder with the back of her fingernail and sort of giggling, very out of character for her must have been a FA

      + summary: black girl, 3 men in neighborhood (titan-like?)
      I'm outdoors (climbing over roofs), thinking about girls with afros, wonder what it would be like to be with one. I see 3 fairly tall scary looking guys approaching, they're walking in a straight line, they have tall hairdos, (one?) is faintly smiling, I sense they are menacing, they're walking through people's gardens, this is in my childhood neighborhood. I think about following them, but I don't want to be seen, one of them does see me.

      + summary: airport, bag, pilots work 30 hours in a row, bathroom with drinks in cooler (search for and find root-beer, see a more classic can but it's red cream soda and I want root beer)
      I'm in an airport on a trip, I'm thinking about how the pilots who fly the 15-hour flight have to turn around and fly right back, that means they must work 30 hours in a row, but they probably get to use the auto-pilot and catch a nap. I have my bag, then there's an airport employee walking around returning people's bags to them, but my bag is there, and I realize I must have left it somewhere, I go into the (bathroom?) looking for it.
      In the bathroom there is a large cooler full of cans of sodas. I'm digging through this and find some A&W root beer, I take the can out and intend to take it with me. I keep looking then I see a really large can with of some high-end, natural soda and think it's a better root beer, but I look at the can more and see that it's a red cream soda, and I put it back since I want root beer. I open the root beer and drink it while walking around.

      + reunion with high school friends: (DD?), N., CB, BD, CB's brother AB, shake everyone's hand, really glad to see BD since I haven't seen him since the end of high school, realize that this is true of N. as well but I didn't tell him this maybe he feels bad about that. This takes place in a restaurant (or a wine bar? DD has a glass of wine?)

      + Playing checkersy-chess with MR. The pieces look like checkers but I think they're pawns. The colors are red and black. I'm looking at the several pawn captures that are available and evaluating which ones will lead to a better position for me. I make one and MR responds by making this move by flicking a large checker (red?) with the number "30" written in the middle down to one of my pieces. I say "Hey, don't move like that I can't see what the pieces were before and after". Nearby on a trail, the (orange?) (animal? deer?) on the path reaches the end, you can touch it to cause things (the dream?) to end

      +(f) outdoors with cousins: GL is a photographer, taking slide shots of athletes, I wonder about color correction and she says that it's all done in photoshop anyway

      + vacuum: outside the (concert?) hall, white stone sculpted benches, powerful vertical vacuum with multiple hose ports on the side, I detach the main body from the base and takes several tries to reattach it, go to next room and work on cleaning assigned area, the attachment is not right for the floor (it's a couch attachment), it's too small, lots of cards and flyers get sucked into vacuum and I try to pick them out, I work on a spot on the carpet for a few seconds.

      + cousins: I say my son S1 is studying the same profession as PR, PR is there and I think about asking how is his job at S? I walk towards the entrance to the room and I suddenly see KD appear in in slinky black leather outfit, she's wearing a lot of make-up, she looks really hot, I'm a bit shocked when I see her suddenly. I turn back into the room and say I'm looking for some pie to give to KD, but I don't think there's any pie left, and I make a joke saying "I think there's only one type of pie in this room!" (referring to female *ahem*), and only KD gets the joke and chuckles. I find a plate of cheesecake with a few slices left on it, it's white with some cherry-red topping, and I give it to KD along with some small plates of (blueberries?). I notice that KD has changed her outfit to a normal one and removed her makeup all in a matter of seconds while I was getting the pie. KD's daughter comes to her sleepy from bed, I think I should go so they can interact, KD tells her daughter not to eat all her food.

      + with a group of people (on street outside childhood home?) I'm lying down across the front seat(s) of a car, head on the driver's side. An (Asian) indian woman comes in and climbs on top of me to lie down, my waist bag is in the way, and I reach up with my left hand and pull it to the side, then she fits perfectly lying right on top of me with her head on my chest. She starts purring, her whole body is warm and vibrating, it's quite cozy, I put my arms around her in a friendly way. Her man comes up and says "Heeeeyyy! What's going on!?" I lift up my arms into the air [DANGIT! Saw my hands! I've been trying to make that a PM trigger] to show I'm not groping her -- it's a comforting scenario, not an erotic one. But the man hangs around to watch and make sure. I don't want her to get off because the purring thing feel really amazing.

      late morning drifting BTS:

      + guests coming for dinner, the table is prepared, sliced grapefruit, they arrive, can only stay a minute, I go to the door and say come and eat, the guests can't stay long they say "5 minutes max", I hear in the dining room that a guest sees a picture of a famous person and talks about how he's his favorite, back in the dining room is my language class, we're preparing a special ethnic birthday party for IM, IM comes in and we quickly close the box of special chocolates so that it won't spoil the surprise.

      + climbing up a hill made of blankets and sheets, I seek foot holds, a girl is with me, I tell her to be careful, there are slippery parts, we're on the very right edge of the hill. Another family (man an woman) is to our left climbing up a more difficult part, we reach the top and look down to the floor below, about 10-12 feet below us, I say "this is the area with a (gravity anomaly?) that we don't understand," I know this is an area of power, my wife is in the next room waiting to consult the couple on some mystical matter, they ask my wife to divine the problem with the man's tooth and I think that's a bad idea because my wife knows nothing about dentistry, [waking world noise wakes me]

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    13. 2015-05-05 LD #110, flying, attempted conversation, caveman binge, fairly bizarre night

      by , 05-05-2015 at 09:36 AM
      17:00 very tired, head in for "quick nap" but don't set alarm
      21:00 final wake up, oops! Must have been underslept


      Only mental journaling all night. Almost forgot one dream at final waking, late dream details vague, LD quite clear & vivid. I'm pretty happy with my developing ability to accumulate and remember dreams across multiple sleep cycles.

      01:00 (?) bedtime. Not very tired, take 200mg valerian tab, 1mg melatonin tab
      02:00 fall asleep?

      07:00 (?)

      + I'm with my wife in a very dark outdoors open area. It's so dark that at times I completely lose the sense of all vision entirely and I vaguely think this is dreamlike but don't get lucid. We approach a school building which we're supposed to go through, our usual route, but I say no, it's too dark and scary, so we go by it. We're now at a street which goes down, so we hop on a bicycle and start coasting down. We're then in daylight and cars are coming the other way on the road we need to avoid them. Then I realize my wife is in front of me on the bicycle and she is naked, I have my arms around her and am holding a breast in each hand, covering her up, I think about her nakedness a bit and that this could distract oncoming cars.

      + I'm in a room, talking with somebody, I see that on the walls (projected?) are animated screens displaying a computer graphics program, it looks like a view of a floor from the game "DOOM" or "quake." I look at these screens and inspect the colors. I'm then starting to play the game: first I select the difficulty (choice is from 1-3, I chose 3: max difficulty), which I know will mean less armor and ammunition available, and then there is a choice (1-3) of starting location which I think is a bit strange, I don't remember this from the game.

      I start playing and "know" immediately that I must pick up a backpack of ammo/weapons and see one, I'm spinning around a bit out of control. I encounter monsters and select the shotgun weapon and shoot several. I hear monster sounds and see in front of me a DOOM-lizard thing (that breaths fireballs) and I shoot it. I'm a bit out of control and say something about that. At some point I encounter some wise giant slug thing with an imp handler, kill them both, don't remember them as part of the game later, think killing may have been a mistake, that part seemed more "lifelike" than part of the video game.

      + (lucid LD #110) I'm having sex with ex-GF SB on the ground in a room, I'm on top of her, feel it a bit, she says "but this means we're not NOT dating", I reply s.l. "who cares about not NOT dating," I see to the left and beyond us 3 guys enter the room, I quickly reach up behind me with my left arm and "pull over" a sheet covering us. I watch through the sheet their feet and I hope they will just move past us but they've seen us so they stop to watch. SB and I are not moving and are quiet. The man says "come on, keep going". I reply s.l. "hit the road, get out", this makes man gets angry, he thinks I want to steal another guy's skateboard, they push the skateboard to me in an offering, I think they've misunderstood, and push it back to them slowly along with other stuff and make a motion for them to leave the area. They don't leave so I stand up and take SB with me out of the room.

      We're on a ledge of a house outdoors at night, it's fairly dark, I without hesitation tell SB to "jump on!" and take off flying, I'm now lucid. I'm swooping and enjoying the scenery of flying over suburban houses among hills. I right away talk to SB who I still feel holding on to my back, things like "Hey, do you know this is a dream? This is a dream! How do you like it?" But I get no answer from her. I get impatient & annoyed because I really want to hold a conversation with her DC. I say "HELLO! S! Do know this is a dream!?" And I anticipate her answer and recall her real voice and think what it would sound like. SB-DC answers a weak sounding "yes" once or twice. I'm disappointed in her voice, it's totally not accurate, in fact it sounds like a guy faking a girl's voice using falsetto. I reach up behind me and pull her face in front of mine for a quick kiss, this destabilizes the dream a bit and makes my flight wobbly, I think I should avoid that and just concentrate on flying to keep the dream but it soon transitions.

      Spoiler for caveman, 18+, NSFW, explicit:

      Someone says we need to do something in the back part of the store.
      Lucidity pretty much gone at this point. Go back towards the back of the store and now there's a whole new section beyond where the back wall used to be. I see two guys with their faces pressed up against a book shelve, I think they're trying to hide while they kiss each other.

      Moving back to the front of the store a young man starts talking about economics, about how to determine when to buy and when to sell, I think we've just made a huge purchase (a new house?) and that this guy is implying we made a big mistake. My wife is sitting by him and misunderstanding what he's saying and she's confused and is asking me a question about only somewhat-related things.

      awake a while reviewing dreams, BTS


      + party, multi-group, large area, (water balloon fights?), entrance area (toll booth?), others say no, we don't clean up

      +(f) arrive to building, up stairs, suitcase, open door, person there upset to see us, go down stairs, should I go back up?

      +(f) with groups of big guys outside

      +(f) guys getting into car in garage, I push shut driver's door with foot, old guy getting in right side passenger

      +(f) in library w/wife and group, yes, go downstairs, there is slide reading area, trying to choose a table with enough chairs, there is another group already using a table, but several are free.
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    14. 2015-03-12 (LD #104, TOTM basic-I & II), stakeout, accident, taxi-guy, TOTM-adventure, kiss doll

      by , 03-12-2015 at 04:36 PM

      Turns out it was a pretty epic night of dreaming. LD #104 is definitely the best of 2015
      and perhaps rivals my September 2014 TOTM LD in awesomeness.

      01:30 bedtime (WTF!? come on, 2.5 hours late)

      visualization of lotus flower w/flame in throat chakra for a while wall falling asleep

      Unknown dream times, mental only recall (no recordings until 09:13 after LD) multiple wakings up to WBTB time

      + I almost mess up a stakeout with repeated offers to give the bad guys more cash after the initial contact

      In an outdoors area with parked cars, I'm one of the good-guys in a stakeout against bad guys: I hand cash in entrapment scenario to bad guys, they take it. Comes a question should I give more: I walk forwards offering more money to the bad guys, but my colleague quickly motions/says "no" and I realize that, having already taken the initial money, if I offer more and they accept then by law the bust would be nullified.

      + (f) people in an outside park-like area with a tall tower?

      + wife drives off the edge of the highway, I go DO, the car rolls, she's OK, inside a mechanic's shop?

      Driving in car with wife (wife is at the wheel) on highways, I see that we're approaching a large turn to the left and there is no barrier off the right edge of the road, there's an abrupt drop to a long sloping hill doing down to the right. I say to wife "Careful! Look out for the edge!" Instantly the car veers and the right wheels go over the edge. I'm now DO flying behind and above the car following it as it leaves the road, heads down the hill, rolling over several times. I'm in a panic about my wife, screaming and zooming to the car to see if she's OK.

      i'm in some internal location (mechanic shop?) we're talking about (our?) car(s).

      + picking up (wife?) at airport on crowded holiday in foreign country, taxi guy gives me advice, walk with him, path turns dark and woodsy, he pees in the dark off to the side, Americans are camping up on hillside starting a campfire & I hear them practicing <foreign language> words.

      I'm heading to the airport to pick up (my wife?) It's incredibly crowded with tons of people coming and going, because this is the beginning of <this foreign country's> vacation period. I meet a taxi driver who is telling me about how to use a taxi to (fool the traffic?) to be able to approach the airport.

      We're walking down a road, it's night time, there are dark woods with leafless trees/tall shrubs off to the right, the guy goes off into the dark trees to pee, I keep walking, I wonder if he'll rejoin me or not. The road ahead is dark and uninviting going off in to the forest. I notice up the high, fairly steep hill to the left about 15 feet off someone's starting a small campfire, and I hear children's voices, they're American tourists practicing some local <foreign language> words.

      06:45 WBTB
      1x 4mg galantamine (Galantamind)
      Back to sleep
      Takes about 5x "20 down to 1" counting of relaxing breaths to fall back asleep
      Major success: focused only on relaxation, rejected thoughts of waking/work/life concerns, made it back to sleep fairly quickly! Could it be I'm finally mastering BTS?


      + (LD #104) I'm lying in bed on my stomach [same WL position I think] with ex-GF SB. I'm looking at, modifying with my finger a picture of people we were in grad school together with, "Oh, I've erased T.A." I notice/say at one point. We're lying close to each other she's on my left, we're falling asleep, I lift my head up and kiss her right cheek near her right eye, this annoys her a bit because it wakes her up. I lift my right hand up and place it under her left cheek, this also annoys her a little. Just continuing to lie there, she drapes her right leg across my butt, it's a lightly erotic sensation, I like it a lot.

      Her foot approaches my face from the right side, bottom first. I think about "having sex with her toes" and insert my finger between her very tightly packed toes. I then notice that the entire bottom of her foot is covered in a white fungus. "Oh! You have athlete's foot just like I do! You need to scrape that stuff off with a scraping stick, and get a pedicure." I'm standing up now next to the bed and she's looking at me blankly like she doesn't want to acknowledge this. I head to the bathroom, then walk back to the bed, SB has pulled the covers up over her head. "Dang" I think, I was hoping for some sexy time, but she's going to sleep.

      I notice in her mouth is some sort of tooth tray/mouthpiece. I think this holds the teeth in the proper position for sleep. Looking again at her I notice she now has a transparent horseshoe-shaped brace supporter running down both sides of her face. I mention that this reminds me of a childhood toy, the magnetic yoyo that so fascinated me as a kid:

      All of a sudden her braces structure appears on the bed: clear plastic trays on each side, and in the middle a number of metal wire pinball-chutes with metal pinballs moving along on them. Some other object also appears suddenly on the bed (forgot).

      This jolts my awareness, and I say s.l. "OK thats odd/dreamlike" and I do a nose pinch. It's inconclusive [I'm lying on my stomach in WL perhaps, nose pinches are less clear then] I say, "OK, if I'm dreaming, I'll levitate now" and lie down on the floor of the room on my stomach. I look down and see that my upper body is hovering over the ground by about 1/2 inch. I'm now fully lucid. I stand up and whip out my (ahem), which is pleasantly dream super-sized, in order to present it to SB for attention, but she is gone, the bed is empty. I think about looking for her/summoning her, but abandon this idea quickly. I look and see the door to the room [it's like a small motel room], see the doorknob, and decide to head outside.

      I open the door and head outside, it's night outside and I'm in just my underwear. I move my attention to feel for the temperature and detect nothing, so I'm completely comfortable. I think of goals and notice that the building here is like a two-story motel in a "U" shape. Some of the rooms have open doors, I decide to enter one for TOTM basic (II).

      On my way in to the room I remember my rehearsed LD acronym: BE STRONG [Breathe, Enjoy/Engage, Stabilize, T[private, the name of my LD "mascot"], Remember, O[private], Narrate, Goals]. I start with B[reathe] and I take several breaths, perhaps the first time I've ever consciously breathed in a LD other than for nose pinch, it felt completely natural.

      I enter and open room, and it's half-lit and entirely empty: not a single piece of furniture and the walls are entirely bare, no decoration. It's sort of run-down looking. It's a small two-roomed area, a front room with a short narrow corridor leading to the back room. I enter the room and head to the back room. As I'm walking I remember "S[tabilize] and I start rubbing my hands. I really feel the warmth and rub them for a little while. In the back room, I remember "T" and briefly visualize my mascot appearing but nothing happens.

      I leave this room and outside it is now daylight, the area has opened up and there are small buildings in the distance and a gently sloping hill before me heading down and to the right. I remember TOTM basic (I) and reach into my right pocket with my right hand and feel for a capsule, I feel one and bring it out, it looks like a small white tic tac. I swallow it and call out "REVEAL TO ME THE TRUTHS OF THE UNIVERSE!" with arms upraised to the skies. I wait for a few seconds, nothing comes to me and I move on.

      As I head down the hill to the right a guy drives up in a 70's muscle car and gets out, he's sort of threatening looking. I decide to take charge of the dream narrative and call out to him in a firm, demanding voice, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY GIRL, 'GILDA'!?". He's a bit shocked and looks at me with a puzzled expression.

      There's a TV screen/painting on the ground to our left, in it are depicted 3 bad guys. (Two males, one female?). They have deteriorated/painted faces. "Man," I say, "they look terrible." I decide we must fight them, this guy and I. We dive into the TV and emerge in their place [too bad it wasn't a mirror….hmm….no, don't think it was, dangit!]. I immediately reach for my lightsabre with my left hand, and ignite it. The beam is weak/highly transparent, but I wave it around and get very accurate sound, I'm pleased with the sound. Not much of a fight, I just wave the lightsaber around a bit, things are getting vague, I decide to leave, and turn off the lightsaber.

      Leaving the building I immediately remember my long-term goal of facing Sensei in a lightsaber duel. I ignite my saber again. I start calling out "Sensei! <Sensei's name!>, come on!" I'm walking towards a garden, I hold my hand behind my back and expect to feel Sensei taking my hand, but he doesn't. I call him several times but he never appears.

      I'm marveling at the quality of the dream environment. I'm trying to detect dream-like artifacts and cannot detect any. It is an entirely convincing rendering of waking existence. The green grass on the lawn, the textures of the dirt and the ground.

      At some point in this sequence I see an open field and think of TOTM bonus, but I don't want to mess with zombies so quickly move on.

      I see beyond the grass some people on horses. The dream slowly fades to grey, I try to hold it but
      it ends.

      Back in a dream, similar woodsy environment, I see two girls sitting down on a bench, one is "Lucy" and has short dark black hair, looks boyish, but I know it's a girl. Two boys approach from the woods and say they've found <some guy's name>.

      I bit in the distance I see a (picture?) of a doll-sized girl. I'm interested and go to her. I command her to become real and to grow to real size. She becomes 3D and a bit larger, I give her a quick kiss. . Around this time I'm fully lucid & realize whas going on and I say "be larger, more real!" and she gets a bit larger and more realistic, I give her a longer kiss, but her lips are still cartoony & not waking realistic. I say again "larger! More real!" and I think she gets a bit more life-sized and realistic, I decide to stop and just make out with it/her because her lips feel good, and do so for a few seconds before waking up.

      + parking meters, ethnic banquet, cruising food table, not much food left, "my friend" recommends his ham rolls which are excellent

      Outside on a street, we're trying to figure out where to park. Parking meters line this area of the street. I look at them and you can only use them for 2 24-minute periods, this is not long enough for us.

      Inside a building there is a <ethnic> banquet. I walk along the long table, there is not a lot of food left and what is left looks not all that appetizing. Down towards the far end there are some little triangular cabbage pies that look not half bad but a middle-aged guy comes up (I "recognize"/"remember" [false memory] him), and he directs my hands to his meat rolls which I try and they are indeed quite good.

      + spying into neighbor houses with telescope, enter and see the two ladies there in the kitchen

      I'm sitting outside on the left side back steps of my childhood home. I have a small spyglass and I'm looking down the hill with it. I'm also looking left into the neighbor's house. I see a woman come to the window and don't want her to see me looking so I put down the glass. Suddenly I'm inside their kitchen and see two young blonde women sitting at a table, some adult is milling around them.

      + throw something down on to my friend MR who's sleeping down in the garden in the dark [he signals me?], woman asks me to teach her son soccer, I decline and want to go back to sleep

      I'm on some high balcony, several levels down below me on the back lawn my friend MR is sleeping in a sleeping bag. I can't see him well, it's too dark/foggy. I think at one point he's moved to the left. I throw something down as a prank to land on top of him (a small pebble). I'm looking and looking to try to see him but don't. At one point I think I see two small lights (like animal eyes reflecting in the dark) but I'm not sure.

      A mother comes to me with a small blonde curly-haired young boy and wants me to train him in soccer. I don't want to. I say come back later and roll over in bed.

      +(f) more people, places, situations….forgot

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    15. 2015-03-08 LDs #102, #103, amazing vivid building, stunning garden

      by , 03-08-2015 at 06:39 PM


      + CS got fired because he broke the build with a one-character change (an exclamation point) during a critical demo; I'm making myself breakfast in the open kitchen (ice cream/Cheerios, tall guys)

      I'm walking through an open area/office, I encounter CS. He asks me if I've heard that he got fired (by the CEO) after he made a one-character change (adding an exclamation point to the code) (I'm thinking about this a long time after waking up, about how CS should have done proper testing before submitting his change!).

      I'm in a kitchen, looking for breakfast. I open the freezer and see a number of open ("freezer burn, yuck") very colorful ice cream containers. Across the room a very tall [DS] guy drops a box of Cheerios on the ground. I pick it up(?), pour myself a bowl.

      (Awake until around 08:00?, just can't sleep, take 1mg melatonin around 6am)


      + (LD #102) dazzlingly vivid/bright huge (5-6 stories, 100 meters long) memorial structure: trying to read the huge inscription so I can remember it when I wake up; fly up to top of structure, cement french fries; sex with giggling/slightly objecting girl "there are not nice people here"

      I'm outside, daylight, the visual quality is astounding and my memory begins already lucid. There are lots of people milling around. To the left is an enormous open area, and I see there a Huuuuuuge memorial structure, about 5-6 stories high, 100 meters long, with Huuuuge lettering on it. I try to read it and pronounce it and really really study the lettering so I can remember it after waking: it is stable, but it doesn't seem to be recognizable words. There is a larger first line and a smaller-font second line below it. I'm astounded at the clarity of the structure, it is perhaps slightly orange and made of stone.

      I fly up to the edge of the roof of this structure. I want to summon a girl(?), I get in my hands instead a cup of what seem to be cement french fries. I start sucking them a little bit. I see a girl to my right a bit, I go to her/bring her to me, and
      Spoiler for explicit:

      + (LD #103) (long, lucid at end) See "people I know" in family room [false memory], trying to decide whether to take a shower with a girl upstairs, go downstairs and leave (think about threatening to kill the guys who will tell on me) to garden, at end of garden start flying & get lucid, magical blue sky, green grass, apple tree, return through neighbor's garden to original garden, it's raining hard now, wake up.

      I'm walking through (my?) family room, a downstairs room, and see leaning against the wall a man whom I recognize [false memory] as a friend of mine, I walk a bit farther and see a woman I know to be his wife also sitting down against the wall, "Relax, guys, rest!" I say. I walk back the other way to the start of the room and see a third man whom I recognize as a colleague (of the first man?) and also greet him.

      I walk up a (spiral?) staircase and I'm on an upper floor. There is a glass shower stall there and there's a girl taking a shower who wants me to join her. I see a young man lying in a bed near the shower and sort of recognize his fall (its distorted). All of a sudden there are about 20 guys milling around and I want to get them all the heck out of here so I can join the girl in the shower. I manage to shoo them all down the stairs. I then take off my shirt and slacks (I'm in dress clothing), and am about to enter the shower (the girl in there is clothed?) and realize that at any second my wife could walk in, this is way too risky, so I get dressed again. I go up to the shower and say "well I can wash your back I guess," (I'm concerned I may get wet), and she says "buuuut I waaaaant to *seeeee* yoouuuuu!" (so I think about getting undressed again?) at some point she's out of the shower and we kiss briefly and there's some sudden transition/shock.

      I'm walking down the spiral staircase, at the bottom I hear the guy I saw on the bed by the shower gossiping to another guy that he saw me with the shower girl, and I think about going up and telling them I'll kill them if they talk. I say "Let's go!" (I want to get out of there fast).

      I'm walking through the garden, there are lots of objects there, I must walk over them. At the far end of the garden is a lovely place, green grass, a small barn/large shed, trees, blue sky, and I decide I want to try flying just a bit, and I put out my arms and to my amazement I glide/hover above the ground and realize I'm dreaming. I do a nose pinch and I can breathe. The garden area is *beautiful* the colors are vibrant. I see a stunning apple tree with green green leaves and red red apples, amazing against a blue sky.

      I start returning to the original garden. There is now a large neighbor's yard in the way. I'm thinking of girls. I see that there is a celebration in the garden, there is a line of "hoops" on my side and a guy is making a running/sommersaulting dunk (basketball) move. I see that the women are middle-aged/portly/unattractive (in the distance). I decide I should just go back to the original garden because there are a lot of people there. I walk through this neighbor garden and apologize for the disturbance, and say it's too far to go around, they say that's fine. There's a guy swinging a bat at a ball and he says careful or he may hit my head.

      I move through a fence into the original garden and someone from the neighbor group comes with me on my right. There are tents here in a covered area, and he puts his foot through a canvas tent, ripping a small hole in it. I say "be careful of their tents!". I see that it is raining very hard now, and say in a foreign language "this started suddenly", and I am lifting up tents to get through
      and the dream ends.


      I think I slept again, but no recall

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