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    1. 2020-09-18 enemy garage, restaurant, cube, car

      by , Yesterday at 08:47 AM
      bedtime: ~1am? (celebration yesterday, and generally messed up day running errands, my schedule was thrown off)
      First noticed waking:
      out of bed: 9:45am

      I have grogginess sufficient to fall back asleep and eventually do, try body scan, mouth & eye relax, visualize quiet scene, river with sounds, lake scene, and start floating in/out of wakefulness


      + A garage area roll-down door is closing, there is a guard stationed there, I block the door at the last minute and crawl underneath. There is a whole gang of bad guys in there and I've infiltrated. I have a key and mess with the floor-locking mechanism on the door. I get up and start walking resolutely. Bad guys are all around me but are going about there business, ignoring me because they assume I belong. I walk through different rooms & areas (washing machines in one?) and keep walking ahead, not making eye contact, wondering how long this can go on before they discover me.

      + restaurant table woman arrives drops something, should I pick it up as a gentleman would? I dither on the decision

      + moving restaurant table, I go from a multi-person table to a smaller table so as to make room for a larger party at my first table.

      + work setting, woman hears man talking thinks it's bad about her throws a cup of water at him through a hole in the cubical walls, scene shifts to see that guy in his cube, angry and raging about that he just uses that whole to talk to his cube neighbor, he starts ranting about "pubes" and shows his pubes (big bush) to his cube neighbor, keeps ranting "pubes! pubes!"


      + I'm on the downhill slope of FL (neighborhood CH to the left and down) approaching the corner at AV, rolling (ball?) with a friend who is ahead of me, the ball rolls down and to the left on to AV. A bright turquoise blue car (Mercedes?) (the color is really striking and gets my attention, the rest of the dream seems greyscale, it is dark-ish, evening time) drives by me closely on the left, stops, and now comes almost directly at me, I wonder if he's trying to hit me, it seems like it, should I get out of the way? I stand in place and the car's left side (heading up hill now) brushes my left leg. I think the driver is just going to keep coming at me. I see the driver inside the car (light, white/cream colored upholstery) seems to be lying down in the front seat, I see a bottle, I assume he's drunk.

      + (f, vague) feeding the cat? water bowl is dirty with bits of food in it?

      + in PTL, move from MB to S1's room, one guy there, I'm naked, being a bit of an exhibitionist, the other guy pulls his pants down, I toss a wad of paper into the top of his pants like a basketball hoop, want to show it to those around, another guy comes (relative of the first) and first guy mentioned what I did, I think I should get dressed, I pull a pair of rainbow underwear out, rainbow striped shaped like women's bikini bottom, put it on, the size is a bit off, I say "this is a large"
    2. 2020-09-16 random short scenes

      by , 09-16-2020 at 06:39 AM
      bed-time 12:15

      wakings: ~02:00, ~04:00 [long BTS despite still being groggy, g/f very noisy, some 4-7-8 breathing and breath focus, quick tense/release, "don't think", exhale all tension on exhale] 07:30
      out of bed: 08:00

      early wakings:
      + (f, vague) chess position thoughts

      final waking:

      + baby blue, tank-like garbage truck lunges out of the parking lot into the street, I hop out of the way, it has a "cow catcher" front, totally closed, no windows

      + pulling off the highway (to exit?) to the shoulder, the shoulder quickly becomes loose wet sand with ditches, we'll get stuck if we go farther, I call to the driver to stop

      + naked (and excited [clearly visible]) male wrestlers trying to hide the fact from the (coach? ref?) that one of them has climaxed during the bout. One of the wrestlers is smaller and weaker than the other and has thin arms

      +(f) walking along some ledge in a cave

      + time to board an airplane, the counter agents are calling out the boarding order, I'm not in the first class but I'm towards the front of the line, so I'm wondering if it's my turn yet, we go forwards towards the plane, and [DJ-time recall:] through a large concessions area there there are a lot of gooey and tasty looking pastries, and I'm thinking that people will buy these and take them on the plane. Other tourists are talking about / thinking of buying fur (mink?) stoles (?)

      + [fairly vivid] clearing snow from the streets (in Seattle?). There's a crew with a lawn-mower sized snow/ice breaker/plow, and they're moving it along a long, straight (waterfront) area with cars parked on the right. An older man is running the snow breaker, he puts it over a chunk of snow and it has grinders inside that chew up the ice/snow (and spit it out?)

      + getting our tickets punched by the conductor, the location of the punch on a large red and white card indicates somehow the location of the seat? He says "oh so you're all together?" I'm standing and looking at the large laminated red/white seat map and wondering about the meaning of the punch location. One of the punches is made on the border

      + discussion with a young woman about the weather properties of "some burrough of New York?" and I keep making incorrect statements like "it is located along a large body of water, that's why the weather is moderate" that she contradicts and corrects; ) overhead, [DO] scene of a map of street arterials between regions, then the scene shows a foot-path moving into a building (fast food restaurant?) where people walk to stand in line to buy tickets, brief impression of a ticket buying transaction at the counter
    3. 2020-09-11 another overflow night over several wakings :)

      by , 09-11-2020 at 09:10 AM
      Meta: bedtime before midnight, 100mg of sweet dessert wine around 9pm, didn't watch any videos before bedtime (yay).
      Took my zinc, magnesium, and multi (1) about 8pm. Took 1/2 of a 100mg B6 tablet at bedtime. No relaxants (valerian, melatonin) or nootropics (Hyp-A, galantamine, AlphaGPC).

      Final waking: 7am, consolidated recall, tried for some continued relaxation, visualization (V-WILD), got up about 8:45am

      Real Reflection making an appearance! I acknowledged a DC as speaking in English, and I asked my DC son S2 "what's up with your head!?"


      + with son S2 in present day home, earwax buildup on his mobile, he's making a massive pile of noodles in a bowl in the kitchen (I want some), back in my room facing him I notice his swollen, misshapen, balding head, and way "What's up with your head!?"

      + outside food truck (sausages with lots of toppings) on the street, the vendor woman I notice is speaking in English [DS!], she has weird teeth [DS], the sausages are tightly rolls of thinly sliced lunch meat, around front with son S1 to order, there are vats of toppings like guacamole, and various sweets to order

      + lots of activity with a Boy Scout group on a dark (snowy?) hill, there is a luxurious looking clubhouse with lights on inside and a round dome roof

      + (f=fragment), faces, (mother?) saying something about some woman living in "Eckerly" or something like that.

      + at a traffic light, pull up to left lane to turn left beside cool car, some guy from the other direction (right?) pulls in front of me in a giant cool car, I decide not to mess with him, light turns green, but I realize too late while in the intersection that the light is green only for straight not turning left, and I'm going to run into problems with cross-traffic


      + in a canoe on a large body of water, my mobile is out and I'm filming, find a nice spot to land but have trouble and get advice from the guys already landed, I make several attempts, get out, want to get naked and swim (I'm wearing a swimsuit?), the others want to go but I say "give me time to swim!"

      + woman pushing a hotel luggage trolley, another woman is riding, they make out (?), I take over, get to the destination where the woman's husband is, woman and I quickly kiss, and I start discussing their travel plans, they're from the south and only flying to a neighboring state, a map of the south comes up and I'm eyeing it closely trying to make sense of it and name the states

      + (f) in some indoor location with tubes, some man makes some comment (he's a celebrity?), I think about the air flowing through the tubes

      + [vivid, present] in a pharmacy, I see (and narrate?) indian spices, the store clerks pop their heads around the aisle corners a few times and make random comments, I get really fascinated with the stevia, and try to decide what to buy: large size pellets, medium size, tiny size, there are so many different options I'm overwhelmed; I also look at the tooth flossers because I should bring some home for my kids, I pick up a few and carry them with me
    4. 2020-09-10 lions, boars, and bears, oh my! Prophetic dream of wet firewood

      by , 09-10-2020 at 06:25 AM
      Got to bed before midnight, yay! Still ate right before bed, boo, need to work on that.
      More dreams and more awareness (much more) at the ~3hr waking than the ~7hr waking, an upside-down recall night.



      + woman suicides outside church, I see her lying on the ground and liquid (clear at first) and blood pumping from a large puncture on the left side of her neck

      + driving at high speed through intersections, and freeway on-ramps, trying vainly to read the signs and find the right route to get home

      + people talking about the amazing huge cave discovered on the shore line, it's a nearly a religious experience to visit it, I think I know where it is and what they're talking about

      + the library books are due soon, I spoke with the librarian (in a library setting) and I was pretty sure I had more time since I just recently checked them out

      + I hear a political discussion while I'm inspecting a large stone/crystal spherical structure

      + [long, vivid] lots of construction in our area, people move in across the street, they have a massive mansion and property filled with wild animals, I particularly note the lions (and wild boars), tell people about them, try to avoid them and the owner, there's a large social event at their place


      + my firewood is covered in plastic but it's raining and the water has risen several feet, it's too deep to walk through clothed so I go to change into my swimsuit, younger son is throwing apples (shooting with a slingshot?) with a friend and (my parents?) say he'd better not or he'll get in trouble, as I go inside to change


      + [long, vivid, multi-scene] I'm observing a large truck leaving our area (outside the city) among the trees [area is not waking area]. I turn around and notice new construction has popped up all around, partially built houses where I do not recall seeing them before, 2-3 story narrow houses. I'm walking outside on the street and I notice that a new property has been constructed, they're just moving in, and they have installed paneling on the "hump" of ground on the sidewalk outside their property. I climb to the top of this hump and look at their property, it is large, and I begin to see wild animals. There is a large mountain lion (or female lion) not too far away facing away from me and I make a hasty retreat heading back across the street. I tell (someone?) [in foreign language?] about the lions, wild boars, (and bears?) roaming their property.

      There is a (social?) event at their property, I'm holding something wrapped in a (red?) towel that I want to return (something about the lions?) which I give to a (maitre d' ?) station at an outdoor restaurant, I hope that the lions don't detect me doing this, after dropping it off I turn to go and am walking through tables at the outdoor restaurant , and I recognize the owner of the lion property seated alone at a table facing me, and do not want to attract his attention so I move past him quickly.

      I'm with a woman and we're standing in some alcove in the mansion.

      I'm parking my car at the property, there is a dirt road leading down to a lower parking level, but there are trees blocking the path and I'm trying to see how I can get my car on to that path, there is a female parking attendant standing by.

      + I'm outside standing among my piles of firewood covered by a tarp to protect it against the rain, and the water level has risen so high, it is several feet already. I'm wading through it in between the piles and it just gets deeper, and I'm concerned about getting soaked through since I'm dressed. I comment [in a foreign language?] about the water getting deeper. I need to do something with the firewood (make sure it's covered?), so I plan to go inside and change into my swimsuit. I head towards the entrance to the house (up some steps and through a sliding glass door, like in PTL's side door?), and my son S2 and a friend as young kids are shooting little apples with slingshots (?), I know my parents (or somebody's?) are inside, and they're commenting about how S2 better not be doing that, I calm them saying it's OK, he's not hurting anything.

      Something about a backpack?

      [Interesting note: in waking life, I wake from this firewood/water dream, and hear wind & rain outside, get up to check, and indeed the tarp had blown off of the firewood and it was getting soaked in the rain, so I ran outside to cover it up again, I did several RCs while doing this!]
    5. 2020-09-08 Susan Sarandon is my neighbor; lay parts cosmetic surgery;ransacked, vandalized apartment

      by , 09-08-2020 at 07:27 PM

      + I lived next door to Susan Sarandon, she had a son named "Matt" who was my son S2's friend, I see Matt is home and tell S2 to go play, I go along, we pet Matt's cat who raises it's butt when I pet it in the way cats do

      + Some narrated commercial about a service that provides plastic surgery for a lady's private parts, to provide just the silhouette she desires when wearing yoga pants.

      + [long, vivid] son playing outside with radio controlled car, our apartment was ransacked, flooded, and covered with nasty graffiti spray painted on the walls, curtains, and ceiling, I'm worried about where we'll go next, I look closely at the graffiti, my ipad's been pummeled with a small sharp object, we uncover a kid's toy pinball machine that some girl appears and plays, and the scene moves into the machine and it chooses an activity for the kids to do.

      + [fragment] some sort of (beauty?) contest involving a lot of people mulling around
      excerpt from the major dream of the night.

      Details of vanadlized apartment:

      + I'm returning home to our first floor apartment, and I'm worried that we didn't lock the door. I want to call my wife but she's at an event (concert?) The outer door opens without unlocking, and there is a second inner door immediately next to it, and it opens easily as well, not locked. I enter, concerned we may have been burgled. I am not sure right away, I see piles of objects strewn around, and I get the impression everything is wet, like somebody has brought a garden hose inside and sprayed everything. I see my ipad in front of me and pick it up, it is wet, I turn it over and look at the back, it is covered with pencil-eraser sized dome dents, like it was pounded repeatedly with a small blunt object.

      Looking around I see piles of stuff. I look around the room and see graffiti on the walls, curtains, even part of the ceiling. I look closer at it. It looks like it was spray painted, it is a brown-ish color, and the walls are a vague tan/off-white. On the wall in front of me is a caricature of a butt-hole with the telltale wrinkles in a ring, on the wall to my left is a figure of a person in distress (being tortured?) upside down, I take a moment to appreciate that it was drawn well. There are "X"s drawn on other parts of the room like the curtains.

      There is a child's toy (among row of them), I remove the plastic cover and it looks like a little pinball machine. A little girl walks up and starts playing it, I follow the play inside the game and the view transforms to a place where the ball hits (?) and it starts a transition to a new scene(?)
    6. 2020-09-02 roof tiles, flying saucer, parking, judge/tattoo/office, army

      by , 09-02-2020 at 09:13 AM
      + Walking outside, I see different kinds of roof tiles lying on the ground: older ones, and newer ones made from a composite of small stones? I think the new ones will be better.
      I realize my former PTL neighbor Mar. is changing her roof tiles, we (me and older son) surprise her with a visit, I enter her presence and wait for her to notice me and son#1, she does, and we we briefly hug her and her daughter with a peck on the cheek in greeting

      + in CH, in parents' room, leaning out the side window looking to the front yard, speak to (woman?) giving her directions on how to take off in her flying saucer from the front yard so as not to scorch the surrounding garden. She should take off exactly vertically and not veer to the side so that the engine exhaust will not burn the plants. I give her permission to take off, go out to the street above the house to see her off, think about a farewell with her but she just takes off directly. I am chagrined a bit and wonder why she didn't say goodbye, she starts to circle around, I think to wave at me?, but flies off.

      + sitting in a car (driver seat?) by a bus stop by LL park, I'm double parked there is another car parked on the curb, the front of my car is aligned with the back of this other car. Every time I look at the bus stop sign I see that there are different digits/numbers recorded there, sometimes in faint reddish paint, I know that these numbers are messages to me/us. I want my friend to come out of his car and get into mine, I move forwards/backwards (honk?) to get his attention. I think that a cop will come over and say that we can't park here. I drive down the street a bit, pull a u-turn to park on the other side of the street. There are places with meters but I don't want to park in those, there is one spot between where the meters begin and driveway, right across from the entrance to a hair salon, (my friend is urging me?) to park right there where it's free. There is white paint with some writing along the sidewalk and I think this may not be a legal parking place, and I'm concerned that the hair salon manager will come out and say this is a reserved spot.

      + at work(?), I'm with tall lady friend, blonde, my arm is around her, she's a designer, something about clear window dividers low down so that our legs can be seen. Lady friend has made a computer animation, I see sort of cartoony version of dark old-style PCs on a table, and they rotate and tumble around and fall. There is a judge (of the animation?) telling a story (words forgotten, but it began "It was not in English"?), I see his arm, something materializes there, turns out he tattooed the message onto his forearm (looks red, his blood? and white stuff around it), and we're amused because he tattooed this message to his arm to remember it while reading it because it wasn't in English, while the message says that it is in a foreign language, it is in fact in English.

      Long BTS. Took about 1-1.5 hours. slept another 1-1.5 hours

      + the army doing training exercises arrives back just as a foreign (alien?) attack begins, good timing!, the army leader non-chalantly gives the command to attack, some thought about parrying going on. The army uses spears.

      Overall presence and vividness: low to medium.
    7. 2020-09-01 No recall

      by , 09-01-2020 at 12:42 PM
      Very rare zero recall night. Flutterings of fragments from middle of the night wakings, but nothing solidified. Failed BTS at about 5-6 hours, got into deep relaxation but just could not fall asleep, thus missing the major dreaming phase of the night.

      Got to bed late (1-1:30am). Going to bed after midnight fairly reliably means less recall. Need to establish a regular bed time.

      Tonight! I remember my dreams!
    8. 2020-08-28 <ahem> pizza, coins&cards, math class, "gorgeous", magic edge/lecture

      by , 08-28-2020 at 06:34 AM
      ~3 hrs: no recall

      ~4.5? hours:

      + math class: in a classroom, I'm wondering which math class
      where's building C, ask admins, it's via underground tunnel

      I'm in a class room (high school) wondering which math class I'll be assigned to, wondering how I sign up. A middle-aged man, spanish-looking, ruddy complexion comes up, and as he says which class he has assigned me to, I'm hoping it's Calculus, since I'm in 12th grade it should be the highest level of math available. Then I wonder how I'm going to get there, someone tells me it's in "building C," but I say it's been years since I've been here so I don't know where building C is. I make my way to the school office and ask the admins there, they start giving me directions including walking through block-long underground corridors.

      ~6-7? hours:

      + <ahem> pizza, what size, toppings each as crust, jive guys come in, guy & girl, with female genitalia pizza, pry it open, show the inner stuffings, I decide yeah that looks good, we should order that.

      In a small cafe/restaurant, sitting at a counter on a stool (or observing a guy doing so?), there is a small round "pizza" in front of him, he's trying to decide what to order. There is an option to buy different sizes: normal, 2x, 4x, 8x, and so on. These options are not typical: they magnify the size of the pizza by making each major ingredient its own "crust" covered with cheese: the first is bread crust crust, the second type is sauce crust, and these can be folded over and are crispy because of the baked cheese. He/I am not sure of what to order. Then in comes a jive-talking couple, a guy and a girl, with large boxes of pizza, and open them up. They have taken the deal and are promoting it. The pizza is very large, and looks just like large, dark, female genitalia. It is multi-layer. They pry the it open via the outer lips, and spread it out, it is like a calzone with an upper and lower crust levels with the filling inside. I decide that yeah, this is what we want to order.

      + coins and cards: [DO] my dad wants a quarter, I'm going through my coins, I find an "English" quarter with the inscription "to the queen", and one old (silver?) quarter that we don't want, digging through piles of coins, dad points out another drawer nearby, yeah I see it it has some quarters in it and I hand him some. Then I see a drawer with old business cards in it, from the various companies where I've worked. I recall our practice of pinning our business cards from previous companies outside our cubes. I rifle through them, thinking about the companies where I've worked. I see 3 different variants from company "N", dating back to my first day of work, and a 3rd person view of me standing outside the headquarters' main entrance wearing this badge around my neck (false memory). I then see a woman walk with white hardcase travel luggage walking purposefully out of the main entrance towards the parking lot. I think she just got back from a business trip, and that she travels for business a lot.

      + something with my (adult) kids? Taking pictures?

      + class/lecture/pool w/ girl, "gorgeous"

      In school, enter classroom, there is a particular man there sitting at a desk. Then I've arriving at a lecture in a large auditorium. That man is giving the lecture. I arrive at a front row desk/seat, (prepare to take notes?) and he comes there, the lecture is over, I've missed it, he makes some comment.

      I get together with a young female attendee. We're holding each other close and kissing. We're now in a pool. I need to go off with my friends/family, I don't want to part with her, but decide to, so with a final kiss I gently push her away and she floats a bit away in the water, I wave to her, and she says, "'bye gorgeous!" I'm a bit embarrassed about this. I get out of the water and complain that my dad is late, but he starts ranting about all the things he's had to deal with that day.

      final waking:

      + game show/lights/monitors, naked flight sim put on shorts

      In a large outdoor setting, computer/screens monitors are all around on columns. People are standing at them looking at the screens?

      We're sitting down into flight simulator pods at an arcade-like place for some (competition?) I realize I'm naked and that probably nobody will want to sit at the seat after I've squirmed around on it with my naked butt. So I put on some underwear, and sit down in the chair.
    9. LD #253 (sexy time), mushrooms & Sensei

      by , 08-24-2020 at 04:03 PM

      + Green hills against a blue sky

      + Entering a barbershop in a city that I "know" is actually all a large film set. I'm amazed at the accurate life-like lighting. I catch a reflection of a "wrinkled" section of the dome covering the set that is supposed to be a sky.

      + I see the remnants of large (meter-long), wilted/old mushrooms lying about outside, draped over the base of statues/monuments. I know that Sensei has been finding these mushrooms. I find a fresh meter-long mushroom and I'm going to (give it to Sensei?).

      Brief MILD at 5-ish hour waking. Stubborn back to sleep with tongue relaxation (my new favorite relaxation focus, in addition to the classical eye/jaw, all-body relaxation).

      + Enter a men's bathroom, and there's a cleaning lady there, so I leave. She follows me and accuses me of taking pictures of here and comes after me. I insist that I was not taking pictures, bring out my mobile phone to show her, bring up the photos, and there were tons of pictures of her, so I admit that yeah, I guess I was taking pictures of her.

      + Walking down a road and encounter a woman lying there (the cleaning lady?). I engage for sexy time. I realize as I'm doing this that I'm dreaming.
      Our legs are tangled and it's very awkward. I sort of pretend that things are going as hoped. I tell her to say <something sexy>. She blurts out in response "EIGHT O'CLOCK!".
      I'm looking down at her body and wondering about stability, but the dream is stable enough for a short while
    10. 2020-01-03 Weird workout, office

      by , 01-03-2020 at 08:50 AM
      +(f) (early) Walking with L through some open air seating area, I'm leading her to show her something, across some water there is a dock and we're heading there?

      + workout with Rip on a strange rack in a private gym room, weird rack don't understand how the barbell is unracked and reracked, Rip wants me to squat my first set at 85kg even though that's way beyond my current weight, I fail at even unracking the bar, so I pull the plates off each side and drop them by hand to get out of the rack, in the room everything's tagged with yellow post it notes, it's also a faculty lounge they come in ask me what I'm doing there, lots of people come in and I'm concerned they'll walk off with my stuff so I try to keep an eye on everyone.

      + getting help from colleagues setting up my blackberry-like device, they're moving icons around to sett up email, sit at desk in chair recline back against wall head hits something bumpy on the wall there's a direct view from my chair at my desk in my office of the boss in his office sitting at his desk, I think I should look more busy

      +(f) running some sort of arcade for kids where the prizes are small little squishy balls (IWL ate some caviar with dinner) that they can trade in for prizes

      +(f) looking at plates of prepared food, my mom has raw pork and she doesn't want it cooked for some reason
    11. 2018-09-05 refrigerator, people coming home, dishes

      by , 09-05-2018 at 07:17 AM
      +(f) standing at a sink with dish drainers

      + some people (a couple) are coming home, we are in their home

      + a man is standing in front of a refrigerator and it is spewing water out of the two upper corners
    12. 2018-08-25 some late fragments

      by , 08-25-2018 at 12:05 PM
      Woke around 5am with no recall, couldn't get back to sleep. Took some valerian and hopped online. Got back into bed around 8 and slept until about 10:45. Had a few bits of recall.

      +(f) I'm skiing down a hill starting from a completely vertical slope. I'm commenting to (my parents?) about the risk for avalanches and the need to stay ahead of the avalanche.

      +(f) I observe a woman moving a man off of a bench and she's really pushing him around, he's submissive.
    13. 2018-08-19 nice collection of vivid dreams

      by , 08-19-2018 at 06:10 AM
      + beach, strong tide, watching the water as it recedes back, it moves very quickly, nice clear sandy spot, think this is a good beach to visit, "hey let's get nude" (to girl on area up above beach), she doesn't want to, I tease her about this

      + burgers: first double burger was great, beef nicely well done how I like it, second burger I chose a single cheese burger, but it was too raw. Looking at the meat while eating it. Very thin patties. I definitely felt the burger taste while eating it.

      + theater, looking for seats, they're quickly filling up, trying to find one with a good position for the screen, the seat rows are at odd angles, once I sit an reserve space for my friends, a guy asks if a seat was taken, both I and the guy next to me (stranger) says yes it is, discussion of orchestras with the strangers sitting to my right and in front of me, I state "I play the <my instrument>", it takes me a little effort but I recall correctly the name of the last community orchestra I played in.

      + zooming down hill (bike? car) trying to turn left at intersection but going too fast. Miss first intersection, and also can't make the 2nd one.

      + discussion of wine, can't remember the name of the wine

      + Sitting in group of friends, see KH (childhood neighborhood crush), think she's beautiful but maybe not very nice

      + more, forgot...
    14. 2018-06-09 quite a bit of vivid dreaming!

      by , 06-09-2018 at 07:04 AM
      Transcribed for the first time using smartphone voice to text:

      In the basement with Wife she's communicating with me through a paper in the deck

      to dream number to flying past the fire elemental in the evening he chases us we fly into my house asking for safety the thing tries to break down the door another dream

      observing people climbing very steep mountain side

      In the (work-N) cafeteria and someone is holding meeting some tables walking around observing looking at the tables

      Walking through food court I do a spin move and come back to account every think there are burgers but I look at them and they're basically their food is all run out I continued floating down further think I'm going to get probably some tacos

      Loading a short little go cart with multiple boxes on the childhood home on driveway

      The flying skiing teleporting kind of video game sequence room trying to double click on other Scears in the area and teleport to their position there was a magical key which involves 45 particular kinds of beer cans in order to get to that particular place

      There was a mess hall from eating homework or is the students had to eat in groups by time also in the snowing area and then went outside and was looking in through a window and there were like two girls there, topless, brief s-time with chest.

      A sequence where there is some kind of a conflict in a room with circuitboard is a an enemy arrives trying to blow up the place with the Bomb board and we deal with him forgotten most of the details there
    15. 2018-06-04 several dreams over different wakings

      by , 06-04-2018 at 06:28 PM
      + in a kitchen, visuals vague, some guy is there, I'm handling and observing a clear plastic package of foot. It is like Orzo or rice crispies (small eliptical shapes) packed in a two-part clear plastic container. I'm wondering if it's spoiled. I pry the two plastic sides apart and some of the pieces of food are a different color. I try one and I think it has indeed spoiled.

      + walking the path / ducks. On a (covered?) slightly curving dark path with family. Come across a duck pond, there are new ducklings there. I point them out to my kids. My son S1 is about 9 years old or younger and is gushing over the ducks, "Thank you so much, Dad, for taking us to see the ducks!" he's saying over and over. The duck pond area is dark and on a tight curve of the path.

      + tennis inside a court surrounded by a high nets all around (all 6 sides), I'm encouraging my deceased wife and I to just hit the ball as hard and high as we can


      + in CH garage, look up the driveway, a girl (or 2) are driving away in a small car, I call out to them not to do, but to wait for me. Up on the street I'm looking at the L's house modifications, trying to understand the changes they made, it's like they made the house longer. Around the side on F street, I feel like I could fly to look more closely around the side, the back side of the house seems entirely open now

      + Cousin Sus and her card of all her cards and gifts for me, showing kids how to nail and screw wood, Sus again shows me her kid's electronic experiment kits and I observe them and talk with (unseen) kid about (TTL?) chips, input/output signals, power & ground, I'm looking at the sets and see a bread/patch-board full of wire connections, I think these are not 5V circuits but might be full-power line voltage circuits and I doubt that I know how to work with them.

      + I'm talking to a guy who I'm going to prank, he's a complainer (about safety?) so I tease him about all the stations that are set up around the place. I jump with him from the 2nd-floor deck down to the ground below and some famous guy is there and I'm still pranking this guy with the help of the famous guy, I'm saying how he's not hurt we didn't jump down from too high up
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