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    1. 2020-01-03 Weird workout, office

      by , 01-03-2020 at 08:50 AM
      +(f) (early) Walking with L through some open air seating area, I'm leading her to show her something, across some water there is a dock and we're heading there?

      + workout with Rip on a strange rack in a private gym room, weird rack don't understand how the barbell is unracked and reracked, Rip wants me to squat my first set at 85kg even though that's way beyond my current weight, I fail at even unracking the bar, so I pull the plates off each side and drop them by hand to get out of the rack, in the room everything's tagged with yellow post it notes, it's also a faculty lounge they come in ask me what I'm doing there, lots of people come in and I'm concerned they'll walk off with my stuff so I try to keep an eye on everyone.

      + getting help from colleagues setting up my blackberry-like device, they're moving icons around to sett up email, sit at desk in chair recline back against wall head hits something bumpy on the wall there's a direct view from my chair at my desk in my office of the boss in his office sitting at his desk, I think I should look more busy

      +(f) running some sort of arcade for kids where the prizes are small little squishy balls (IWL ate some caviar with dinner) that they can trade in for prizes

      +(f) looking at plates of prepared food, my mom has raw pork and she doesn't want it cooked for some reason
    2. 2018-09-05 refrigerator, people coming home, dishes

      by , 09-05-2018 at 07:17 AM
      +(f) standing at a sink with dish drainers

      + some people (a couple) are coming home, we are in their home

      + a man is standing in front of a refrigerator and it is spewing water out of the two upper corners
    3. 2018-08-25 some late fragments

      by , 08-25-2018 at 12:05 PM
      Woke around 5am with no recall, couldn't get back to sleep. Took some valerian and hopped online. Got back into bed around 8 and slept until about 10:45. Had a few bits of recall.

      +(f) I'm skiing down a hill starting from a completely vertical slope. I'm commenting to (my parents?) about the risk for avalanches and the need to stay ahead of the avalanche.

      +(f) I observe a woman moving a man off of a bench and she's really pushing him around, he's submissive.
    4. 2018-08-19 nice collection of vivid dreams

      by , 08-19-2018 at 06:10 AM
      + beach, strong tide, watching the water as it recedes back, it moves very quickly, nice clear sandy spot, think this is a good beach to visit, "hey let's get nude" (to girl on area up above beach), she doesn't want to, I tease her about this

      + burgers: first double burger was great, beef nicely well done how I like it, second burger I chose a single cheese burger, but it was too raw. Looking at the meat while eating it. Very thin patties. I definitely felt the burger taste while eating it.

      + theater, looking for seats, they're quickly filling up, trying to find one with a good position for the screen, the seat rows are at odd angles, once I sit an reserve space for my friends, a guy asks if a seat was taken, both I and the guy next to me (stranger) says yes it is, discussion of orchestras with the strangers sitting to my right and in front of me, I state "I play the <my instrument>", it takes me a little effort but I recall correctly the name of the last community orchestra I played in.

      + zooming down hill (bike? car) trying to turn left at intersection but going too fast. Miss first intersection, and also can't make the 2nd one.

      + discussion of wine, can't remember the name of the wine

      + Sitting in group of friends, see KH (childhood neighborhood crush), think she's beautiful but maybe not very nice

      + more, forgot...
    5. 2018-06-09 quite a bit of vivid dreaming!

      by , 06-09-2018 at 07:04 AM
      Transcribed for the first time using smartphone voice to text:

      In the basement with Wife she's communicating with me through a paper in the deck

      to dream number to flying past the fire elemental in the evening he chases us we fly into my house asking for safety the thing tries to break down the door another dream

      observing people climbing very steep mountain side

      In the (work-N) cafeteria and someone is holding meeting some tables walking around observing looking at the tables

      Walking through food court I do a spin move and come back to account every think there are burgers but I look at them and they're basically their food is all run out I continued floating down further think I'm going to get probably some tacos

      Loading a short little go cart with multiple boxes on the childhood home on driveway

      The flying skiing teleporting kind of video game sequence room trying to double click on other Scears in the area and teleport to their position there was a magical key which involves 45 particular kinds of beer cans in order to get to that particular place

      There was a mess hall from eating homework or is the students had to eat in groups by time also in the snowing area and then went outside and was looking in through a window and there were like two girls there, topless, brief s-time with chest.

      A sequence where there is some kind of a conflict in a room with circuitboard is a an enemy arrives trying to blow up the place with the Bomb board and we deal with him forgotten most of the details there
    6. 2018-06-04 several dreams over different wakings

      by , 06-04-2018 at 06:28 PM
      + in a kitchen, visuals vague, some guy is there, I'm handling and observing a clear plastic package of foot. It is like Orzo or rice crispies (small eliptical shapes) packed in a two-part clear plastic container. I'm wondering if it's spoiled. I pry the two plastic sides apart and some of the pieces of food are a different color. I try one and I think it has indeed spoiled.

      + walking the path / ducks. On a (covered?) slightly curving dark path with family. Come across a duck pond, there are new ducklings there. I point them out to my kids. My son S1 is about 9 years old or younger and is gushing over the ducks, "Thank you so much, Dad, for taking us to see the ducks!" he's saying over and over. The duck pond area is dark and on a tight curve of the path.

      + tennis inside a court surrounded by a high nets all around (all 6 sides), I'm encouraging my deceased wife and I to just hit the ball as hard and high as we can


      + in CH garage, look up the driveway, a girl (or 2) are driving away in a small car, I call out to them not to do, but to wait for me. Up on the street I'm looking at the L's house modifications, trying to understand the changes they made, it's like they made the house longer. Around the side on F street, I feel like I could fly to look more closely around the side, the back side of the house seems entirely open now

      + Cousin Sus and her card of all her cards and gifts for me, showing kids how to nail and screw wood, Sus again shows me her kid's electronic experiment kits and I observe them and talk with (unseen) kid about (TTL?) chips, input/output signals, power & ground, I'm looking at the sets and see a bread/patch-board full of wire connections, I think these are not 5V circuits but might be full-power line voltage circuits and I doubt that I know how to work with them.

      + I'm talking to a guy who I'm going to prank, he's a complainer (about safety?) so I tease him about all the stations that are set up around the place. I jump with him from the 2nd-floor deck down to the ground below and some famous guy is there and I'm still pranking this guy with the help of the famous guy, I'm saying how he's not hurt we didn't jump down from too high up
    7. 2018-05-31 some more recent dreams

      by , 05-31-2018 at 10:33 AM
      last night:

      + in the bog/need grass, I say there's tons of it available (in the middle of the country?) fields of it, it will be used to build houses

      + in the house/fence repairs, built-in wall soap dish. It is just a crappy wooden fence around a square piece of land, I'm thinking about the repairs I'm going to do on it. I'm looking at the fine details of the dish, it is roughly shaped wood but quite artistically done.

      + citizenship reception? with NI, repeat visit, just to re-register, say address near grandparent's house in B. Arrive there lots of buses waiting, there are guards beyond rails and I think certain ways are closed. I'm sitting in a side bunch of bleachers and NI is coming I know it's him but his face isn't right.

      previous nights:

      + buying the VW bug "Der D...?" race the woman up the stairs, the seller is talking on the radio, he has several to sell, the phrase "Der D...?" is painted on the side of the car I'm trying to read it.

      + jewelry dealer after climbing down the bin with no food left

      + saving Trimmings from the Christmas tree

      + At the Olympic ski venue, walking up the wide long path up the hill, on the left is a massively long line of people (I'm hoping not for the restaurant, which is where I'm going). At some intersections I wait for the olympic athletes to cross. In the restaurant I find my table with friends from grad school, the food is middle eastern?
    8. 2018-02-13 concert

      by , 02-13-2018 at 09:50 AM
      I recalled several dream/fragments but only one survived a cursory review, the final one:

      + I'm in the seating area of a concert hall. I "remember" that normally I'm not on the ground floor here but now I am. I'm walking a row of seats and there is someone seated there reading a book(?). I turn and look towards the stage, I choose this spot so that I could see the performers, it is going to be some sort of chamber concerto (several instruments). The view is not straight-on but someone to the side. There is a glass wall [DREAM SIGN] placed in front of the soloist' podium on the stage.
    9. 2018-02-12 lake/crayfish/bear, hiding in the field, crazy miniature golf

      by , 02-12-2018 at 11:18 AM
      +(f) There is a team of people working in a large corner of an (abandoned lot? Public park?). There is a large pile of sand/earth there. They are hiding themselves and their equipment under sand-colored tarps?

      + Miniature golf: it is a timed game I'm playing simultaneously against some guy. The final move is to take a can of (refried beans?) and to slam it down across the finish line. I'm rushing like crazy but manage to finish first.

      + I'm looking out over a lake scene, lake Tahoe. It is pretty choppy and there are large waves, like in the afternoon. I'm telling someone how my favorite time there is in the morning when the lake is completely calm. I see that the wave has washed over the side of my canoe at the water's edge and a container full of potatoes is starting to float away. There is another container of something also floating away and I need to choose which one to save first. At the water's edge I see things moving in the water. I look down and see some small crayfish. There is a huge boulder here where they are hiding. I look more and see more and more crayfish [DREAM SIGN]. I mention that there are some really large ones here, the size of lobsters. As I turn away I catch a glimpse of something on top of the boulder and someone exclaims "It's a grizzly bear!" I look back and see the bear tussing with my wife. I'm trying to extricate her from the bear's clutches (the bear is about the size of a medium-sized dog), and I notice the bear is doing some really strange gestures like compulsively wiping its eye.
    10. 2018-02-10

      by , 02-10-2018 at 10:54 AM
      +(f) room, group, some spilled water on the floor

      +(f) tall statue, see it up close, construction, I think there must be metal internal frame to hold all that concrete. I'm floating around it and observing it, my dad(?) is there? My kids as they were small are running around. I see a photo of them. It needs to be printed out

      + I'm approaching an escalator with a bunch of people. Large crowd. Some sort of official presentation. There is a large chalkboard. I'm trying to move through the crowds of people, there is an official at the top of the escalator (down escalator) registering people(?). Cameras, things on my (his?) belt getting in the way. Someone is finishing a presentation, then people need to put their names on the board to form a line for making individual presentations. Everyone crowds the board. [For purposes of DJ, assume my name is Joe Dreamer]. There are a lot of people writing my name (Joe) on the board. There is not a lot of room left to put my name when I get up so I put it a little bit to the left. I say "there are too many Joe's here!" Then I see someone else write "Joe" on the board. So I decide to add my last initial, "D" after "Joe". Then another guy comes up and writes "Joe D" on the board, and I say "there are too many Joe D's here!"
    11. 2018-02-06 just a few

      by , 02-06-2018 at 12:14 PM
      + I enter a house -- standard suburban ranch-style. The owner/occupant is a man lying on a couch in the living room. We exchange some words, he has some advice for me? In his house is a large collection of red-felt covered billiard/pool tables. They are mostly odd sized, far smaller than regulation. Some are stacked on on top of the others. I'm looking for a more or less regulation sized tabled, but don't see one. We're sitting at a counter and talking and I notice through the glass walls/windows [DREAM SIGN] that the next door neighbor's yard is completely flooded. It's a medium-sized rectangular yard and there is about a foot or more of standing water there. I point this out to the billiard table guy.

      + driving around looking for an open taco place, but it's only 9am, I'll probably have to wait until at lest noon before one opens. I'm looking in through the front from the parking lot but I don't see any lights on.

      + at F&D G's house, there's a kid playing video games on the couch. I go and sit with them and look at the controller he's using.
    12. 2018-02-02

      by , 02-02-2018 at 05:38 AM
      + birthday party envelope over the wire this was the second time more involve than the first: S2?

      + warehouse tons of stuff left going out of business? bowling the bottles broken glass everywhere alcohol walking the lower flow, pick up and stare at a 3-4 inch crystal ball, browsing the mugs

      + singing the coke song older people are doing it (kiosk where guy hides?)

      + bidding against FG [WalFiPal] for a large potato omlet he bids $190 I say forget it, I see DD, CL, NI faces.

      + guy chasing another guy because he messed up his phone? car gets in way, chase on sidewalk, shooting shotguns. hide in a kiosk Big fat dude with a butthole drawing on the outside of his pants a girl mimics shoving her arm up there on the outside of his pants and he reaches down and gives her a gift, it's a play-act like she's pulling it out of his butt. He raises his shirt as I walk by and see his stomach is covered in tattoos, line art style

      + picking up kids from house, guy likes to lay his clothing out on the bed ahead of time, there is a check involved in leaving his place of business, but I don't have compensation for my tools [waking memory], he says pick up the kids at 2am and I'm incredulous, that will never work, I'll just take all the kids home now.
    13. 2017-12-03 lots of scenes

      by , 12-03-2017 at 09:59 AM
      + in the metro, many platforms, running to make the trains, don't make it in time

      + with cousins who lost a son, I want to hug her but she (and they all) move away from me

      + computer (programming) competition: I'm waxing poetic about the rules, wondering about how those without computers will do, the referee thinks my thoughts are very wise, I go outside and find my computer on the streetcorner and try to gather all my things together, people are walking by and one guy stops to talk to me, I'm dropping lots of pamphlets/papers on the ground and can't seem to pick them up [DREAMSIGN], I'm thinking I should get a backpack to carry them all, the computer's quite heavy and I"m wondering how I'll be able to move it


      + crossing the river which is now dried up a lot, jumping over the streams of water so my feet won't get wet, climbing hill of trash/equipment (including computers) and I get a strong sense of deja vu, enter the bus with trash/garbage, clouds of flies buzzing around abandoned mini-fridges, one guy starts singing, I think I have a better voice and start singing too, someone comments that they like the other guy's voice better

      + outside with a group of elves facing a group of (orcs?), the lead elf (in elaborate armor) launches a pile of flowers/roses like a spear at the other group and I have a "target eye view" of the incoming rose flying straight like and arrow and I think wow it's really flying straight. I look onto a distant hill and see big pits/holes dug there

      + inside a small shower stall the wall is too close it interferes with my movements, I get out and there is a young girl there and we discuss something

      + falling/top-down view on top of a big truck that is landing in a large complex parking/area I'm trying to figure out when I can jump off but it's too high so I have to wait for the truck to fully land/park before jumping off. Sense of deja-vu, I think I've done this before.
    14. 2017-12-02 long night,medium detail

      by , 12-02-2017 at 11:22 AM

      +(f) crawling through an underground bunker, we'll surprise them when we surface


      + playing chess, planning combinations, I have the opportunity to win some material with check, the question is if he castles queenside will I be able to castle or get my king to into protection in time

      + 3 girls outside in sunlight (at a bus stop?) they talk to me, I "accidentally" kiss one of them on the arm lightly, they lead the way to their table, their grandparents are there (I'm leery of them?) then there's a laundry drying rack, I take off my shirt and I don't want to give them my best shirts to wash, there is also my robe but I want it to be ready for me to wear in the morning

      + work meeting: everyone is talking at once and I can't understand anyone, so I should "ONLY ONE PERSON AT A TIME" and "quiet!" again later when I can't understand still

      + exercise cafeteria: like sushi boats but women are sitting around the table, I take a piece of fish in sauce on bread and eat it, the attendant (hidden under the table) places another long piece of brown bread for me to take

      + girls with odd/exaggerated eyes, I believe this is because it's a show on TV and the editors have used photoshop to manipulate the eyes to be exaggerated in size. Go outside and there are two very cute girls in boats/bicycles parked on the side of the road. I see our white minivan is across the street and down the hill. Our group is walking/stumbling to the van across the street, one of the adult men seems to be very drunk, I'm looking for a way to cross the street to get to them.
    15. 2017-11-29 angry tennis, parking, Christmas tree lot

      by , 11-29-2017 at 07:32 AM
      Trying to get back into DJing, regardless of the quality of the night's recall.
      Just some short fragments today. Late bedtime messes up recall...

      + there is a spot near an intersection where I need to park my car. The question is: do I park the car longways along the street or back in perpendicular to the curb? There is a traffic light nearby and I need to cross the street / U turn from where I am to get to the parking area

      + playing in a tennis tournament, I'm concerned about the quality of opponents I will be facing. I know I'm not very good, it's possible the match will be very short, with me just barely being able to return serves. I'm imagining a point at the net where the ball falls short (drop shot) on my side, and I rush the net and am trying to decide whether I should try to drop it back, lob it high, or try to pull off a full swing. Then I'm playing a point, it's very long and I'm running around a lot and i finally win the point. I had lost the first point. I go to the referee but he's not paying attention, nobody is -- because I'm not a very good player. I scream "THE SCORE IS 25-25!!! 25-25! This game is really important to me!!!"

      +(f) [last-minute recall] at the dentist: there is a new type of drug? The dentist asks me that if I get to participate in the trial, would I write up support of the dentist in favor of it's use

      + (f) on my way somewhere with friends, I find myself walking through densely packed pine trees. I know that this is a commercial Christmas tree lot, but I'm forming a joke to tell my friends where I say we should return here and just take one of these trees. I come out from the pack and see people mullin around the lot. Some of the trees I see in front of me are very small and pathetic-looking.
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